Tuesday 5/8/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 5/8/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Amber texts Caroline to say she and Rick are going to preview some of their first line and would like her objective eye. She sets it up with the model, Margo, to botch the job and then Rick takes the bait and models the dress himself on the runway. Of course as intended, Caroline walks in and see this. She is aghast at Rick’s feminine side and politely brushes him off. Liam tells Hope that he loves her and that will never change. She’s happy but she wants the entire truth. He tells her that stress is part of every day life and she can’t go popping a pill every time something bad happens. It concerns him that instead of turning to him that she always turns to the pills. Maybe she needs help in giving them up. She assures him that she does not need re-hab or drug counseling. The press was just the catalyst. She promises she will never take another pill or keep things from him again. Steffy confides to Taylor and brother Thomas that she thinks even though she gave Liam the annulment papers that he will come back to her. She also fills Ridge in more with what happened in Aspen. She tells him too that she signed the annulment papers. He’s proud that she made the sacrifice. Now Liam has torn up the papers so he’s not sure what comes next. She does – she knows she and Liam belong together. Hope tells Liam that moving out doesn’t mean goodbye or that it is a step backward. She is now going to plan the most extravagant wedding in southern Italy. She warns him not to get used to living alone as she will be back very soon. They kiss goodbye. Liam looks devastated.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Everyone showed up at the pub for a wake for the people at the safe house.  Victor was determined to make Stefano pay for what they did.  Maggie didnít want him to seek revenge.  Victor didnít want him to get away with killing his son.  Maggie wanted him to remember and celebrate the time they had with the people who died.  Victor agreed, but said he would go after Stefano tomorrow.  Kayla didnít want him to do it.  She wanted him to let the police handle it.  Victor said he was waiting for years for the police to handle Stefano, but it hasnít happened yet.  Chad tried to tell Victor that Stefano could be innocent, but Victor believed that he was guilty.  Victor said that he knew Stefano was guilty and he was going to do what he had to do.  He warned Chad to continue to keep his distance from Stefano if he knew what was good for him.  Melanie walked in and heard Victor and Chadís conversation.  Melanie thought that it was understandable for people to think that Stefano killed the people in the safe house.  Chad needed some air.  At Madisonís hotel room, she and Brady talked about him threatening to kill Stefano as well as John.  Billie went to see Austin who was upset at Carrie.  Austin figured that Carrie wasnít at the safe house to help her family.  He thought she was there to be with Rafe.  Billie didnít want him to talk like that.  He reminded her that Carrie had feelings for Rafe.  He thought she couldnít stand to take herself away from Rafe.  Now that Carrie was dead, he wasnít supposed to be angry.  He was angry and he missed her.  Will went to the DiMera mansion to confront Stefano.  Will asked if Stefano was surprised to see him.  Stefano said he was expecting him.  Will asked why Stefano killed his family.  Stefano said Will was being a classic Brady by blaming him when something goes wrong.  Will told him that six people were dead so he had blood on his hands.  Stefano started to tell Will that he had nothing to do with it, but Will cut him off to yell at him.  Stefano warned Will not to yell at him.  Will continued to yell at him until Stefano grabbed him and threatened to kill him.  Stefano said he had nothing to do with killing his family.  EJ was at the doorway when Will after everything he did for him, he didnít think twice about killing his grandmother.  EJ wanted to know what Will was talking about. 

Lucas comforted Sami when she was crying over her family.  Sami was determined to make things right with Will.  EJ wanted to know what Will was talking about.  Stefano said Will was talking about the work he did for the family.  EJ said Will worked for him and not Stefano. Will considered it the same.  Will asked if EJ knew about what happened at the safe house.  EJ said he didnít.  Stefano said EJ didnít know about it because Stefano didnít do anything.  Will didnít believe Stefano.  When Stefano left to take a call, EJ wanted to know what he was talking about with Stefano.  Will told EJ the same story Stefano told him.  EJ hoped Will wasnít lying to him because if he were, he would find out.  Will told him to shut up and reminded him that he lost six people.  Before Will left, he told EJ to find out from his father if he wanted to know what he was talking about earlier.  When Will left, EJ and Stefano got into it about EJ not being his son.  EJ was glad not to be loved by him because it means a death sentence.  Sami was afraid to go to the pub because she made life miserable for the people at the safe house.  Lucas convinced her to go in.  The wake started for the people at the safe house.  EJ took Stefano to the wake EJ wanted Stefano to see all of the pain he caused.  Stefano wondered when EJ became so sanctimonious.  Stefano walked away.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Starr is arrested for attempting to murder Sonny. Starr canít believe Michael turned her in. She tells him that she thought killing his father would bring her peace. He asks her what she thought it would do to him. He says he regrets trusting her. She tells him that she really does care about him. He doesnít believe her. He thinks she was just using him. He says she will never believe that his father is innocent. She says he will never believe that Johnny Zacchara is innocent and that they canít both be right. He suggests that neither Sonny nor Johnny caused the accident and that it was an unknown other person. She asks him who. Sonny goes to General Hospital after receiving an urgent request from Jason and finds Kate there, under arrest for assaulting Dr. Keenan. Sonny doesnít want to talk to her or look at her. She tells him that she has been acting strangely because she has a split personality. He doesnít believe her. She tells him that her other personality has been telling people that her name is Connie Falconeri. She tells him that Connie manifested to keep Kate and Sonny apart. Sonny asks her if she is saying it is his fault. She asks him to believe that he caught Connie bed with Johnny, not her. Sonny still doesnít believe her. She begs him to believe her and help her. He asks her why she waited until after she slept with Johnny to tell him all this. She says it was hard for her to talk about it. She tells him to ask Dr. Keenan. He tells her that it is too late; they are over.

At General Hospital, where Lulu is being treated for a gunshot wound, Dante tells Elizabeth that Ronnie is holding Sam hostage a the Haunted Star and that John McBain is keeping Ronnie at bay. Lulu says Jason is probably there too by now. Elizabeth is certain that between McBain and Jason, Sam will be fine. Lulu encourages Dante to return to the Haunted Star. Luke and Anna arrive at General Hospital to see Lulu. Luke tells Lulu that she behaved like a real Spencer. Lulu says she would be in a lot of trouble were it not for Dante and John McBain. Dante says they also have to acknowledge Padilla for getting him out of lockup. At the Haunted Star, John has already shot Ronnie and rescued Sam. Jason enters and sees McBain holding Sam and Sam telling McBain that she will never be able to thank him enough. Jason tells Sam that he saw Dante and Lulu at the hospital. He asks her if she is really ok. She tells him that both she and the baby are fine. She tells him that she fakes a fainting spell and McBain killed Ronnie when she fell. Jason is irate about McBain taking a shot while Sam was in the line of fire. Sam tells Jason to leave McBain alone. Jason wonders how she came to be kidnapped. She tells him that Ronnie was holding Lulu in the same hotel that she checked into. Jason wonders if Sam called McBain. McBain reveals that he is staying at the same hotel. Padilla and a crew arrive at the Haunted Starr. Sam is taken to the hospital. John McBain tells Padilla the details of the standoff. She asks him to come to the station and make an official statement. Dante receives a message advising him that he has been reinstated and that Ronnie is dead. Padilla goes to check on Lulu at the hospital. They all thank each other for their parts in catching Ronnie and forgive each other for all the misunderstandings all the way. When Luke says he doesnít know what he would do if he lost Lulu, Anna thinks of Robin and cries. Anna and Elizabeth bond over their lost children. Anna asks Elizabeth how it is going with the doctor she was interested. She tells her that Dr. Keenan is in the ICU because Kate Howard attacked him. Luke apologizes for bringing Anna with him to the hospital. She says she couldnít avoid it forever. She says Robin saved lives there and she has to honor that. Luke tells her that she doesnít have to go through it alone. She says she knows she has him. He thanks her for keeping him from going to a dark place.

Jason tells McBain that he doesnít like him hanging around Sam. He says that he knows that he is the way to get to Sonny and Sam is the way to get to him. McBain tells him that Sam is not a part of his investigation; he was just there to pick up the slack in Jasonís absence. Jason tells McBain to go home to his girlfriend and child. McBain says he intends to go home as soon as he puts Sonny in jail and that if Jason doesnít stay out of the way, he will go to jail with Sonny. Jason tells him to talk to his lawyer and that investigating Sonny will be a waste of time. Sam goes to the hospital. Elizabeth asks her about her ordeal. Sam tells her that John McBain killed Ronnie and saved her life. She adds that Elizabeth doesnít have to go running to tell Jason about it because Jason already knows. Elizabeth says she never ran to Jason with anything; Jason came to her and asked her. Sam is annoyed that Elizabeth knows things that she hasnít told her own mother yet. Elizabeth says she does not intend to come between her and Jason and that in fact, she has been on Samís side. Sam says she doesnít need Elizabeth fighting her battles. Elizabeth say what Sam needs is to talk to her husband. Jason goes to the hospital. Elizabeth tells him that he just missed Sam and that Sam and the baby are both fine. They discuss Jake and that this would have been his fifth birthday. She invites him to go with her to the cemetery. Sam runs into John McBain in the motel hallway. She tells him that she is fine. He returns her ceramic dragon that he found on Ronnieís motel room floor.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jill says a tearful good-bye to Cane and Lily who give her a get well care package for Philip and ask Jill not to worry because they will take care of things while she is gone. Ashley is in shock at seeing Tucker with Harmony and heads to Abby’s house to talk. Tucker goes to Jack’s to look for Ashley. Jack tells Tucker he never should have lied to Ashley but he is talking about Tucker’s friendship with Genevieve. Tucker thinks Jack knows he cheated on Ashley. Jack wonders what Tucker is talking about and admits he cheated on Ashley. Jack tells Tucker that he hopes Ashley divorces him and never sees him again. Ashley interrupts a working meeting for Abby with Devon but waits until Devon leaves to tell Abby that Tucker cheated on her with Harmony. Abby is angry and stays behind while Jack takes Ashley back to his place where they both have a stiff drink. Tucker calls Sofia and tells her what happened. Sofia thinks that it could make Neil realize he should stay with his family instead of acting on his feelings for Harmony.

Harmony heads for an AA meeting where Nikki and Katherine hear her say that she was with a married man from her past. Katherine confronts Harmony later because she suspects she slept with Neil. Harmony tells her that the man she slept with wasn’t Neil, so Katherine guesses she was with Tucker. Katherine then orders Harmony to leave the mansion. Devon asks Neil why Sofia was crying when she ran out of the coffee house. Neil admits he never loved Sofia but just found out that she loved him shortly after he admitted to her that he has feelings for another woman. Devon doesn’t want to know the name of the other woman, but Neil feels he has to be honest and confesses that he has feelings for Harmony. Harmony’s words at the meeting inspire Nikki to put the past behind her, so she heads to Victor’s to talk to him. Nikki is shocked to find Victor and Sharon just finishing a romantic dinner together. Nikki thinks Sharon is lashing out at her because Nick is engaged to Phyllis, but Sharon tells her that never even crossed her mind. Nikki heads for the door and tells Victor things are finally over between them. Victor asks Nikki to say hi to Jack for him. Once Nikki is gone, Victor tells Sharon he had a good time, and she gives him a kiss on the cheek.

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