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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

This time, Bill knocks on Liam’s door instead of just letting himself in. Hope is not there. She is with Brooke, having left the house before Liam woke up. She would like to know what happened in Aspen after she left. Brooke asks, but Hope is not sure she wants to move out of Liam’s without being married first. She made a lot of promises that now seems to be a pattern that she caused and then doesn’t deliver. So she needs to do something about it. Suddenly she makes up her mind – she is going to move out. When the divorce is final, they will marry and do it right this time. Steffy fills Stephanie in on what happened with Hope in Aspen and that it was Liam that found and rescued her. And the best part is she had an epiphany; she signed the annulment papers. It didn’t matter because she saw how he stayed with her on the mountain and at the hospital. She knows he will always love her and eventually come back to her. Stephanie quips that she needs a drink; when is this man going to make up his mind? Liam agrees with Bill that Hope did a lot of things, including taking a feel-good pill and then skiing, that she shouldn’t have. And it wasn’t a Dear John letter, but she left a note on the door and went back to L.A. He stayed at the house for a while with Steffy. Brooke is giddy with wedding plans, even suggesting they get far away from all the press by going to Italy, a very romantic spot. Bill is not happy to hear that Steffy gave Liam the signed annulment papers, but then happy when Liam tells him that he tore them up. Bill reminds him that a woman like Steffy is not going to wait around forever. He wants to know what is really going on with Liam. He states that he believes Liam is finally realizing that Steffy is the woman for him; let Hope go. Hope walks in at that moment as Bill is leaving. They hug and she apologizes for leaving him in Aspen. She realizes she has said this before and there is no reason for him to believe it, but she is done with the pills. She didn’t stay true to herself by moving in with him before marriage. She feels she has to move out. She knows she will disappoint him, but they have been tested and made it through. Now they can concentrate on their wedding just around the corner. The dark days are behind them and she wants to hear him say that he believes that. She needs to hear him say that he still wants to marry her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Brady and Madison walked in the pub while Roman was telling everyone that they didnít make it.  Brady wanted to know what Roman was talking about.  Roman said there was an explosion.  Shane said that John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Rafe, and Carrie were in the safe house.  Will thought there must have been a mistake.  Brady didnít want to believe Roman.  Roman said it was true.  Gabi walked in and wanted to know about Rafe.  Nicole walked in while Roman was answering Gabi.  Nicole grabbed for her stomach when she asked if Rafe was dead.  Everyone in the pub reacted to the news.  Sami blamed Roman for them being in the safe house.  She screamed at Roman that he was supposed to protect them.  Shane tried to defend Roman, but it didnít do any good.  Shane said it wasnít Romanís fault.  Sami asked whose fault it was.  Will ripped into Sami for crying over Rafe after she broke his heart.  Lucas tried to stop him, but Will wanted to know what right she had to blame Roman when she was the one who should feel guilty.  Roman reminded Will that Sami is his mother.  Will wondered if that was why Sami got to act as if she was the only one who lost someone.  He wanted to know if that was why she got to treat Marlena like crap.  He wondered if that was why she cheated on Rafe.  Lucas told him to stop it.  Will refused to stop.  While Jack and Jennifer were walking in the town square, Abby came up to them and told them that Bo and Hope died in an explosion.  They couldnít believe it.  Stefano flashed back to when he was a kid and his father wanted him to continue what he was doing since his time was up.  Stefanoís father needed Stefano to find the Anastasia egg and get what was inside.  Stefanoís father said the future of their family depended on it.  Stefano didnít understand what was so important about what was in the egg.  Stefanoís father died.  EJ walked in and asked what Stefano did.  Stefano didnít know what EJ was talking about.  EJ told him that everyone in the safe house was dead.  EJ told him that they were all hiding in the safe house from him when a bomb exploded and killed them all.  Stefano couldnít believe what he had done.  EJ was surprised that he admitted it.  Will lashed out at Sami again until Austin stopped him.  Will apologized to Austin.  Lucas told Sami that Will didnít mean the things he said, but Sami thought he did.  Brady was determined to make Stefano pay for what he did.  Madison, Roman, and Shane went after him.

Stefano said he never wanted the people at the safe house to die.  EJ wondered what kind of man Stefano was.  EJ said that Stefano chased after things he canít have, but pushes away the people he should focus on.  The two of them got into an argument about Lexie and Kate.  When Stefano brought up how it broke his heart when he found out EJ wasnít his son, EJ said to pretend that he didnít find out.  Stefano couldnít do that.  EJ warned him that people would be coming after Stefano when they found out what he did.  Shane, Roman, and Madison talked Brady out of killing Stefano.  Stefano denied killing the people in the safe house.  EJ said he heard that John was received a text from Stefano earlier.  Stefano wanted to know if there was any evidence.  EJ said he knew Stefano better than anyone even if heís not his biological son.  EJ recapped how Stefano terrorized the people in the safe house for years.  EJ wanted to know why he did it.  Stefano said it was persona and it had to do with his family.  EJ realized that he wasnít privy to that information anymore.  Stefano said he was an outsider who he couldnít trust anymore.  EJ eventually told Stefano that he was on his own now and left.  At the town square, Roman approached EJ.  EJ offered his condolences for Romanís family.  Stefano called Agent Harmon over to the mansion.  Stefano was furious that Harmon killed the people in the safe house.  EJ made a statement about the death of the people in the safe house.  EJ said that the crime would not go unpunished.  He said if there was any chance that the person responsible was watching, he stood fully warned.  Stefano was watching the conference.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Johnny tells Anthony that Starr Manning is going to try to kill Sonny with a gun she stole from his penthouse. Anthony tells Johnny that Tracy is trying to kill him. Johnny wonders why Tracy doesnít just divorce Anthony. Anthony tells him that in their situation, divorce is not an option; killing him is Tracyís way out. Tracy goes to see Alexis to ask for help in obtaining a divorce from Anthony without his knowledge. Alexis suggests that she go to the Dominican Republic. Tracy says it is more complicated than that. Alexis concludes that Anthony must be blackmailing Tracy.  Tracy blames Luke for divorcing her and making her available for Anthony to pounce. Alexis thinks Luke believed he was setting Tracy free. Tracy says if she canít get rid of Anthony by legal means, then she will be forced to take drastic action. She laments not letting Sonny kill Anthony when he tried.  Tracy has an epiphany. She asks Alexis what would happen if Anthonyís incriminating evidence implicated Anthony as well. Alexis tells her that if the evidence reveals any RICO violations, then the Federal Government could confiscate Anthonyís assets. Tracy concludes that Anthony is bluffing. Alexis tells her that she isnít taking her case. Tracy tells her that she already has and that confidentiality applies. Michael goes to the scene of stars accident to stop her from shooting Sonny. He tells her that he knows what it is like to live with the regret of killing someone. He successfully talks her down and she runs away. She goes to Johnnyís penthouse and returns his gun, unused. She tells him that she almost used it to kill Sonny. Johnny tells Starr that the first step on her road to recovery is to forget about Sonny and when she feels better they can talk about her music. Sonny thanks Michael for saving him.  He wonders how Michael knew about the situation. Michael says Johnny told him that Starr stole his gun so he looked at the security tape at Sonnyís house.  Michael concedes that Sonny was right when he told him to stay away from Starr and that he shouldnít have trusted her. Sonny says Starr is just coming from a place of anger. He says that likewise, he thought he could trust Kate, but he only saw what he wanted to see. When Starr leaves Johnnyís place, she encounters Michael and two police officers who arrest her for attempted murder.

Ronnie holds Sam and Lulu hostage at the Haunted Star. McBain and Dante are also at the Star waiting for an opportunity to make a move. McBain makes his way around to position himself behind Ronnie. Dante reveals himself in front of Ronnie and attempts to negotiate. Sam loosens her and Luluís bonds while Ronnie is distracted. Ronnie says the women at Vaughnís are whores just as his wife turned out to be. He admits that he framed and killed Donofrio. He also admits to be the shooter in the Metro Court parking garage when Sonny was hit instead of Dante. He concludes that there is no way out of this. Dante says Ronnie can take an insanity plea due to post traumatic stress.  Once free, the woman take cover and McBain comes out shooting. Ronnie dives behind the bar and returns fire. He hits Lulu in the arm. Dante and Lulu get out, but Sam canít make it before Ronnie grabs her. She feels sick and falls to the floor. John McBain takes the opportunity to shoot Ronnie. Ronnie falls to the floor. John assures Sam that he wouldnít have fired if he didnít have a clean shot. She thanks him for saving her and the baby.

The police tell Elizabeth that they were unable to find Kate Howard at her home or office but that they are certain that she is Dr. Keenanís attacker and is dangerous. The police officers want to talk to Dr. Keenan but Elizabeth tells them that he is not in any condition to talk. She assures them that Dr. Keenan wonít die. Jason intercepts Kate at the airport, tells her he wonít let her leave, and calls her ďConnie.Ē  He tells her that Johnny and Carly told him about her D.I.D.  He concludes to her that she was the one that slept with Johnny, not Kate. She screams for someone to call security. A woman that had made a call to tell someone that Kate Howard was arguing with herself watches with interest.  The woman tells Kate that she is glad she is getting the help that she needs.  Connie pulls away from Jason and falls onto a chair. Kate emerges, terrified. She wonders what Connie did and where she was going. She asks Jason to take her to Dr. Keenan. When they arrive at the hospital, Elizabeth tells them that Dr. Keenan is in the ICU after being attacked. Seeing how shocked Kate is to hear that news, she is very gentle when she reveals that Kate was the attacker. Kate concludes that Connie did it. Elizabeth notes that Kate is speaking as if Connie is another person. Jason asks Elizabeth to go get the on-call psychiatrist. He tells the police that they will have to wait until the doctor sees her before she can answer any questions. Jason wants to call Sonny, but Kate is too embarrassed. Jason assures her that Sonny understands that people can do all kinds of things when they are not in their right mind. He calls Sonny and asks him to come to General Hospital immediately. Dante and Lulu arrive at General Hospital. Dante tells Jason that Ronnie has Sam hostage at the Haunted Starr.  Jason immediately leaves to go there. Sonny arrives at the hospital and sees Kate but not Jason. As Elizabeth examines Luluís arm, Dante tells her that Ronnie has Sam, too, but that John McBain is there watching out for her. Jason arrives at the Haunted Star and finds McBain holding Sam.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis fears she is losing the baby because she is having some spotting, so Nick takes her to the hospital where the doctor runs tests and tells her the baby is fine. Nikki interrupts Victor kissing Sharon, but she doesn’t see them kissing. Victor wants to forget about the two kisses he and Sharon shared, but she is tired of caring what people think, and she tells Victor they should talk about what happens next in their relationship. Jack and Nikki say goodbye to each other because they can’t be friends or have a romantic relationship because they don’t want to hurt Kyle. Kyle and Eden have a date and later he sneaks her onto the ranch and they make love in his room.

Ashley tells Jack that Tucker lied to her again and he and Genevieve are friends from their youth. Ashley decides to stay at the pool house and talk to Tucker tomorrow. As Tucker drowns his sorrows, Harmony sees him and drives him home because he is drunk. Tucker is tired of pretending to be something he’s not to please Ashley, and Harmony wants to forget about Neil so they make love. Ashley is shocked when she walks into her bedroom and sees Tucker and Harmony in bed together. Tucker is surprised that Ashley came home early and just looks shocked. Sofia asks Neil if he has feelings for Harmony and asks him to be honest with her. Neil is honest and admits to Sofia he has feelings for Harmony, which makes Sofia cry.

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