Friday 5/4/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam looks at the annulment papers that Steffy has just handed him and is dumbfounded. She explains things have changed. Hope is always being pressured by the press and even by her fans and Steffy keeps ending up in the hospital; all this foolishness has to end so why not here? They both laugh when they discover they both are big Bob Hope fans and his Thanks for the Memories. Steffy thanks Liam for so much. Brooke tells Hope that when she found the press was going after her that way that she did call Dr. Barton to try to get her to call Hope and perhaps calm her down and help in some way. Brooke accompanies Hope to Dr. Bartonís session and at every turn Brooke tells Hope none of this was her fault. Hope reminds her that it was no one elseís. She panicked and did not call Liam to avoid the press but hid, took a pill and then even had the audacity to go skiing as if everything was normal. Liam did not know she was medicated. Then when she crashed into Steffy, she just left her there on the mountain without getting help. All of that changes today. She is going to take charge. She says she did a lot of soul-searching on the plane back and sheís ready to make some changes about her past bad choices. Bill talks to Ramona on the phone and she fills him in that Steffy is fine, but being treated at the hospital and Hope is on her way back home. Steffy may be suspicious about how the press got wind of Hope being there in Aspen. Bill confides in his secretary that heís not out to really get Hope, but he does hope Liam will see her for who she is and get her out of his life. He doesnít think there is a shrink in this world that can help that basket case. Dr. Barton tells Hope that she is struggling with her choices now and that in some respects she is beginning to believe what the press and her fans are saying. Perhaps she should not have moved in with Liam and this is something they need to assess. Steffy tears up and tells Liam to be sure and put those papers away safely. It took her so long to sign them. He takes them and tears them up and throws them to the wind, they float out to a stream. Liam takes Steffy in his arms and they kiss without saying a word.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the safe house, the bomb exploded.  Shane was on the phone saying that the bomb went off.  Shane said he needed emergency services right away.  Roman tried to go inside, but Shane stopped him.  Roman tried to talk to them in the safe house, but he didnít get an answer.  Roman thought they were dead.  Shane said they did everything they could.  Roman said they didnít.  Roman wanted to kill Stefano.  At the town square, Lexie and Abe told Cameron and Celeste that Lexie had another scan.  Lexie said at the rate the tumor is growing, she doesnít have as much time left as she thought.  Abe and Lexie made the decision to stop getting treatment.  She didnít want to suffer from side effects from medication that doesnít help her.  She wants to spend time with her family.  Cameron said there were alternative treatments so she couldnít give up.  Lexie said she wasnít giving up.  She was praying for a miracle, but thereís too little time left.  Cameron and Celeste didnít want her to give up if there was still a chance.  At the coffeehouse, Lucas told Will that he and Sami were getting back together.  Will thought Lucas was crazy.  Will warned Lucas that he was making the biggest mistake of his life.  Sami told EJ that she and Lucas were back together.  EJ didnít approve of her being with Lucas.  They argued about her relationship until he left.  Lexie said Dr. Yu said there was nothing that can be done.  Cameron told Lexie that there were different experimental drugs she could take in Phase 3.  Lexie said the chance of the experimental drugs working for her was rare.  Cameron asked Abe if he was okay with Lexieís decision.  Abe said he wasnít at first, but it was her life.  He trusted her judgment.  Lexie said she wanted to live her life.  Lexie didnít want any of them to tell Theo that sheís dying.  They all agreed not to tell Theo yet.  Will told Lucas that he was worried about what was going to happen to Lucas if he got back together with Sami.  When Will called her a slut, Lucas defended her.  Lucas wanted Will to see that Sami made mistakes and she was trying to make up for them.  Will didnít think Sami was being genuine.  Will thought everything Sami did was an act and that the things she does are to benefit her.  He said people end up paying for the things she does.  They continued to talk about Sami until Lucas suggested going to Samiís apartment and talking to her.

Roman was determined to find Stefano and kill him.  Shane said killing Stefano wouldnít solve anything.  Roman didnít agree with him.  Shane wanted to bring Stefano down the right way.  While they were talking, Bo interrupted them.  Everyone in the safe house was out of the house.  Roman was ecstatic and wanted to know what happened.  Rafe said there was a trap door inside.  When Shane wanted to get them checked out, John didnít want him to do it.  John said no one could know they were alive.  Sami was happy to see Lucas and Will at her apartment.  Will gave Sami a hard time.  He demanded an apology from her for lying to him, for being selfish, and for putting herself ahead of her kids.  When EJ showed up at the safe house (everyone in the safe house was gone), he wanted to know if there was any news.  Roman told him that Stefano caused the explosion.  EJ didnít believe that his father would do that.  Roman let EJ know who was in the house.  EJ apologized.  EJ said he didnít know about it.  Roman didnít believe him.  EJ said his father didnít do this.  Roman was livid and threatened to make Stefano pay.  EJ told him to find the proof and bring it to him.  EJ suggested Roman remain impartial.  Sami apologized to Will and wanted him to give her another chance.  Will wanted to know how long it was going to be before she broke Lucasí heart.  She said it wasnít going to happen.  He didnít believe her.  Sami got a call from Shane and she told him they would be right there.  When she got off the phone, she told Lucas and Will that Shane wanted everyone to meet at the Brady Pub. She didnít think it sounded good.  When everyone met at the pub, Shane told them how John, Marlena, Bo and Hope were in protective custody because of Stefanoís threats.  He recapped about John and Hopeís trip to Alamania as well as Marlenaís attack.  Shane said that Rafe and Carrie were at the safe house.  Shane said that the bomb exploded with everyone inside.  Everyone in the pub reacted to the news.  While the coast was clear, everyone in the safe house came out of hiding.  Roman wanted to know if they were sure that they wanted to pretend to be dead.  They thought it was the best way to get Stefano. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante and John McBain find Ronnieís hotel room vacant with evidence that Lulu had been tied up. John sees Samís dragon figurine in the floor and surmises that Ronnie has taken Sam hostage too. Ronnie does indeed have both Sam and Lulu tied up elsewhere. They are at the Haunted Star. Lulu tells Ronnie to let Sam go because she has nothing to do with it. He refuses. Lulu tells him that kidnapping the wives of a cop and a hit-man is begging for a bullet between the eyes.  Ronnie says Jason doesnít know Sam is missing. Sam reveals that John McBain, the former FBI agent knows and that between McBain and Dante, they will find Ronnie. McBain finds a matchbook on the floor and asks Dante if the Haunted Star means anything to him. Dante tells him that the Haunted Star is a floating casino that Lulu owns. McBain concludes that it would be too crowded. Dante tells him that the casino has been closed for months. They both believe that is where Ronnie took Sam and Lulu.  Sam recalls suggesting that the Haunted Star would be the perfect place to take Lulu and leaving the matchbook on the floor as a clue. Lulu and Sam tell Ronnie that he should run because no one knows anything yet; however, John McBain is already watching them through the window. Dante is tempted to storm the room, but McBain tells him to wait until they have a plan.

Carly goes to Jason and tells him to tell her that he told her that Johnny was using her. He tells her that he is sorry that she is hurting. She says Johnny couldnít pass up the opportunity when Kate came on to him. He asks if she is sure that Kate initiated it. She says Kate is actually blameless because according to Johnny, it was Kateís alternate personality, Connie that came on to Johnny with the intention of Sonny finding them so that he would break up with Kate.  Jason says that might be true. He tells her that he has seen two very different versions of Kate and that the apologetic Kate always seemed terrified. He guesses that Kate knows about Connie and is afraid that Connie will try to take control permanently.  He says Dr Keenan must think Kate is dangerous because he was trying to have her committed. He concludes that if the gun in Kateís wasnít Sonnyís or Johnnyís, it might have been Connieís. he wonders if Connie is a good enough shot to have shot out Anthonyís tires. Carly thinks that idea is crazy. Jason says he has to find Kate. Carly says Kate went to the airport. Connie attempts to buy a ticket to Rio de Janiero, Brazil but hands the ticket clerk Kateís passport. She explains that her name is Kate Howard but she travels under a pseudonym to avoid being harangued by fans. The ticket clerk buys her story and issues the ticket. Connie has a verbal conversation with Kate in the waiting area. Another passenger sitting nearby calls someone and reports that Kate Howard is having a meltdown. Connie and Kate continue their conversation in the ladiesí room mirror. Connie says Kate is the alter-ego and that she will never be in control again. Kate remembers being with Dr. Keenan preparing to check into Shady Brook. Connie tells her that she couldnít let that happen and that Dr. Keenan wonít be feeling up to treating any patients anytime soon. Kate says she wonít let Connie hurt anyone else. Connie dares Kate to try to stop her.  Connie returns to the waiting area where Jason confronts her.

Johnny Zacchara calls Starr and tells her that he thinks she has something that belongs to him so he is coming to find her.  Michael appears at Johnnyís door and punches him on his motherís behalf.  He concludes that Johnny will go to any length to get back at Sonny, including framing him for the accident that killed Starrís family. Johnny says he didnít have anything to do with that. Michael says itís no wonder that Starr wanted to leave Port Charles. Johnny informs Michael that Starr is still in Port Charles. Johnny tells Michael that he bought out Starrís recording contract, but he doesnít think her mind is on the music business right now; he thinks she is going to try to kill Sonny. Johnny says he really doesnít care if Starr puts a bullet in Sonny; he just doesnít want her doing it with his gun. Michael tries to call Sonny bur reaches his voicemail. He runs out of Johnnyís door and goes to Sonnyís house. He watches the security footage and sees Starr leading Sonny out of the house at gunpoint.  Johnny makes a call to order his min to find Starr and bring her to him unharmed. Starr forces Sonny to go to the site of the car crash that killed Hope and Cole and holds him at gunpoint. He asks her if she thinks killing him will make her pain go away.  She says it doesnít matter; he deserves to die. He asks her what will happen if she is wrong. He asks her how she thinks Michael will feel if she kills his father. He asks her how her father, Todd will feel if she throws away her life. Michael runs up and yelling for Starr to stop.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick and Phyllis talk about the new baby and share memories of when Summer was born. Sharon and Victor are at Gloworm. When she sees Jack, baby John and Victoria, she persuades Victor that he shouldn’t punish an innocent baby because he loathes Billy. Victor goes to Victoria’s table and can’t help but smile when he sees how happy the baby makes Victoria. Chelsea arrives at Gloworm with Adam and goes to see the baby. While Victoria is changing the baby in the bathroom, Victor tells Chelsea she doesn’t have the right to bother Victoria. Adam thanks Sharon for the birthday card while she tries to hide her jealousy about seeing him with Chelsea. Adam and Chelsea go back to the Athletic Club where she lets out her anger about how Victor treated her; then she and Adam make love. Once they're finished, Victor calls and offers Chelsea ten million dollars to leave town. She tells Victor she will think about it and asks Adam what to do. He says if he had the money, he would turn it into one hundred million.

Billy tries to warn Kyle not to take the job with Victor, but he doesn’t listen and tells Billy he just wants to have fun. When Victoria asks Sharon if she wants to have a relationship with Victor, she feels insulted by Victoria who didn’t even say thank you, because she persuaded Victor to connect with baby John. Victoria later tells Nick that she is worried that Sharon will try and become Mrs. Victor Newman again, just because she feels hurt that he and Adam have moved on with their lives. Nick doesn’t believe that Victor would ever cross that line. Sharon is upset when Phyllis confirms her suspicion that she is pregnant with Nick’s baby. Sharon hides her feelings from Phyllis and congratulates her. Then she heads to Victor’s office and tells him she feels like he is the only one who listens to her and respects her opinion, then she gives him a passionate kiss. Jack goes to Crimson Lights and plays darts with Kyle who tells him that one game of darts won’t change their relationship. Billy later tells Jack that Kyle has taken a job with Victor. Jack thinks Kyle will have to see for himself how ruthless Victor can be.

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