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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy holds the annulment papers and tells Ramona that now it is done. That is the end of her marriage; now Liam and Hope can jump into wedded bliss. Ramona thinks she is making a huge sacrifice. Steffy says all this competition will only get worse and has to end, so she is giving Liam his freedom. Hope says again that Liam needs to take the pills; she is done with them. He doesnít want to have this conversation and he doesnít want the high school version of it. He loves her and he will forgive her, but thatís really not the pointÖ.the way sheís been acting lately like this fragile, insecure little girl. If she canít handle a few weeks of annoyance by the press, then maybe she will not be able to handle being Mrs. William Spencer III. He doesnít want to spend his married life coming home to find her self-medicating. She promises she will never use pills to solve her problems ever again. She gives him a hug and tells him to go back to Steffy as she shouldnít be alone. She is going to do what she has to do. Liam shows up at the hospital just about the time Dr. Meade releases Steffy in a soft cast. Liam insists and will not take no for an answer; he is taking her back to the house with him and Hope. She jokes that she is a weak cowgirl right now so he will have to throw her over his shoulder to get her out of here. Ridge gets a text from Steffy - sprained knee, no surgery. Brooke gets a call from Hope who tells her she is on the jet just waiting to come home. Brooke is surprised to hear that it is without Liam. She is concerned just what that means. Taylor offers that Aspen is a very magical place and after all that has happened there, maybe it is bringing Liam and Steffy closer together. With her arm around Liam and him guiding her, Steffy hobbles her way up the path to the cabin.  He tells her no more snowboarding; she will have to settle for making a snowman. They find a note on the door from Hope. She tells Liam that she let him down, she loves him and will see him back in L.A. Liam takes Steffy to a beautiful spot by the river where they have their hot toddy. She muses that she is sorry that Hope left him and she knows he is worried about her. It seems like all they have been doing is worrying what the next step is gonna be and whose turn it is to be happy or sad. Thatís no way to live and itís up to her to stop the madness.  She pulls out the papers from her jacket and hands it to him. Heís stunned when he sees that she has signed the annulment papers and she tells him that now he is free.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami was talking to Lucas on the phone when there was a knock at her door.  She thought it was Lucas, but it was EJ.  Roman asked Shane why no one left the safe house.  John told them the timer was activated and the bomb was going to go off.  EJ wanted to see his kids.  He reminded her that his apartment was across the hall and wondered when he would be able to visit the kids.  She noticed something was wrong with him and asked what was wrong.  She thought he was upset about Lexie.  She went to comfort him, but he pushed her away.  She told him to stay strong for his family.  Shane wanted to know what happened. Hope told him the timer came on and was activated.  Shane said the bomb was wired to go off no matter what line you cut.  Hope told him that there was 40 minutes left on the clock.  Kate called Madison and told her that someone tried to hack into Mad World.  Ian talked to a guy that gave Ian a brown envelope.  The guy said it was potent stuff so Ian had to be careful.  Brady got a call.  Brady met Ian at the pub.  Ian said he wanted to offer Brady reassurance about Madison.  Brady wanted the games to end.  Brady wasnít going to believe anything Ian had to say.  Kate and Madison were at the office and questioned whether or not Sami had something to do with Mad World getting hacked.  Sami wanted EJ to stay at her apartment and spend time with the kids since he needed to be around people who loved him unconditionally.  Carrie panicked that nothing was working to disarm the alarm.  Rafe tried to calm her down.  While he was comforting her, he told her he loved her.  She didnít want to hear that.  She didnít believe that he loved her.  She thought he was just saying that to make her feel better.  He said he was in love with her.  She said she was going to leave Austin and be with him.  She told him that he didnít want to be with her or he wouldnít have slept with Nicole.  He said he didnít sleep with Nicole and the baby wasnít his.  He said the baby was EJís.  Rafe said that was what he was trying to tell her.  She was happy. 

Kate and Madison declared war on Sami.  Brady and Ian talked about Madison and Kate.  When Brady went to get some air, Ian took out the envelope that the guy gave him earlier.  While Brady was talking to Madison, Ian was putting the stuff from the envelope in Bradyís drink.  Carrie asked why Rafe would say that Nicoleís baby was his.  He said he couldnít stand EJ.  Rafe said Nicole was afraid that EJ would try to take the baby from her.  Rafe apologized for hurting Carrie.  Rafe never thought helping Nicole would cost him Carrie.  Rafe wanted to tell her the truth, but he thought she was trying to make things work with Austin.  She said she loved Austin, but she wanted to be with Rafe.  She realized that they could have been together all of this time and nowÖBo interrupted by calling Rafe.  Shane had another idea.  He tried to short out the clock.  The timer stopped, but it started up again.  John wondered if he had another idea.  That was the only idea Shane had.  There was nothing else Shane could do.  Roman didnít want Shane to tell everyone to give up.  Shane apologized and said there was nothing that could be done.  John apologized to Marlena for getting them in this mess.  He thought they would be protected at the safe house.  Hope and Bo talked about Shawn and Ciara.  He comforted her when she thought they were never going to see Ciara grow up.  Rafe and Carrie declared their love for each other and kissed.  Rafe said they had 10 minutes to build the blast wall, but Bo didnít think it would help.  Carrie thought it was worth a try.  While they were building the wall, Shane wanted to get Roman away from the door.  Roman didnít want to leave.  The bomb went off.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante begs to be released from jail to no avail. He asks Dolores Padilla to help him. Padilla says she is glad he is in jail after framing her husband. He tells her that he was framed too, by Ronnie. He tells her that Ronnie has kidnapped Lulu and he has to find her before it is too late.  Padilla lets him out of the cell so he can use her computer. He is able to locate Luluís cell phone GPS signal.  Luke wonders what Ronnie Dimestico is doing to Lulu. Anna tries to persuade him to not blame himself. Lulu is bound to a bed and gagged in a motel room. Ronnie tells her not to bother watching the door because Dante wonít be busting it down to save her since he is in a jail cell for beating up the strippers. She tells him that the PCPD will figure out that Ronnie is a lying pig. He turns on the TV and throws the remote on the bed while he takes a shower. Lulu increases the volume with her foot. Sam runs into John McBain after unknowingly checking into the same Motel that he is staying in. He wonders if she is looking for him. She reveals that she left Jason because of him. She says she should have listened to him and told Jason everything from the start so they could have gone through it together. She tells him that Jason was upset to discover that she opened the DNA test results with John instead of her husband. He says he didnít intend to cause problems between Jason and her. They discover that Sam has been given the room next to Johnís.  John McBain knocks on the door of a nearby Room to complain about the TV being too loud. Ronnie Dimestico answers and tells him to get lost. Lulu unsuccessfully tries to make herself seen. Sam runs into Ronnie in the hallway. He tells her that he is there responding to a police call. Lulu knocks over a lamp in the room while trying to send a message on her cell phone. Sam and Ronnie hear the noise. Sam suggests that Ronnie should check it out. He says she shouldnít get involved. She says that if he wonít check it out, then she will. He tells her that he canít let her do that. Anna calls McBain to ask for his help. She and Luke tell him about Luluís kidnapping and the stripper attacks. He looks up Ronnie Dimesticoís photo and discovers that it is the man with the loud TV. Luke and Anna go to the PCPD and find Danteís cell is empty. Padilla says she doesnít know where Dante is. John McBain returns to the hotel and is about to go to Ronnieís room when Dante arrives. John points out Ronnieís room and the two of them proceed to break down the door.

Carly pays Johnny a visit. He is happy to see her until she knees him in the groin. Johnny swears that he was only with Kate one time and that it wasnít Kate. Carly doesnít understand. He tells her that Kate has a split personality. Carly doesnít believe him and that it doesnít excuse what he did to her. He tells her the condition is real and that it is called D.I.D. She remembers seeing those letters on a paper that fell out of Kateís purse.  He tells her about Connieís plan to break up Sonny and Kate. She says that might explain Connieís motivation but it doesnít explain why Johnny was willing to sleep with her.  Johnny explains that he turned Connie down many times, but that the last time was right after Sonny wrecked the business venture at the hospital so he was especially angry and wanted revenge. Carly concludes that Johnny didnít care what it would do to her. He tells her that his feelings for her are real and asks for another chance. She leaves. Johnny goes to the box where he keeps his pistol and discovers it is missing.

Starr Manning goes to Sonnyís house with a pistol she stole from Johnny Zaccharaís penthouse. Sonny answers the door himself. He says she thought she was going back to L.A. She tells him that her record deal went south so there is no reason to return to L.A. She says it worked out though, because Johnny Zacchara picked up her contract.  He tells her that it is a mistake to get involved with Johnny because he is most likely the person who really caused the accident that claimed her boyfriend and child. She says Johnny insists that it was Sonny and she believes him. She aims Johnnyís gun at Sonny. He concludes that Johnny must have sent her and tries to convince her that Johnny is using her and taking advantage of her pain. She tells him that Johnny has nothing to do with it; this is about Cole and Hope. He tells her that her life will be over if she shoots him. She says her life ended that night on the highway. She tells him that she isnít going to shoot him in his house; they are going on a little trip. She forces him out of the house at gunpoint.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack meets with Sarge and they make peace and schedule a time to start his therapy again, which makes Nikki and Phyllis very happy since they were afraid of what would happen to Jack if he had the risky operation. Nick and Phyllis tell Summer they are getting remarried, and she is very happy, but Nikki thinks that Nick is rushing things a bit until Nick tells her that Phyllis is pregnant. Nick puts the ring on Phyllisís finger in front of Summer. Later Phyllis sees Jack who notices the ring, and Phyllis tells him she and Nick are engaged. Jack also guesses Phyllis is pregnant because she canít stand the smell of seafood. Murphy and Katherine celebrate their third anniversary by going to the diner where he proposed to her and sharing dinner with their friends who own the diner and then sharing a dance together. Jill tells Murphy and Katherine she has to go to Australia for a while to take care of Philip who is having knee replacement surgery.

Jill stops by Caneís house to give him the news and is surprised to find Genevieve spending time with Cane, Lily, and the twins. The SEC wants Cane to help them put Genevieve in jail the same way he helped them put Colin away. Cane talks the situation over with Lily and then once again tells the SEC that he doesn’t know where his mother got the money to buy Beauty of Nature. Cane also tells the SEC agents he won’t help them put his mother in jail. Jill tells Genevieve that if she truly loves Cane, she won’t get too close to him so he won’t get hurt.

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