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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the hospital, Steffy recognizes her young doctor as Dr. Meade. He tells her they need to do an MRI to assess the damage to her knee. Steffy encourages Liam to go home and find Hope. She could whine and make him feel guilty to stay, but she’s not that person any more. He finally relents and says he will go. Brooke calls Hope again to check in and wants to be sure everybody is accounted for. Hope says again that the last she saw of Steffy was on the mountaintop, and she seemed fine then. Ramona visits Steffy in the hospital and asks if she hit her head or something. She could have gotten Liam to stay with her and not sent him packing. Steffy calls her mom who is with Stephanie in Brooke’s office. Taylor is concerned but glad to hear Steffy say she is all right. Steffy will call again when she gets the results of her tests. Liam arrives at the retreat and is frantic to find Hope. She says she is sorry for losing him on the slope and then she waited for him at the ski lodge but he never showed there either. He tells her he was with Steffy. Hope doesn’t think their bumping into each other was any big deal and thought they’d all meet at the bottom of the hill. Liam explains that Steffy can’t walk so it is kinda a big deal. And while Hope doesn’t seem that concerned about her, Steffy is very concerned about Hope and the way the press are hounding her. Something is wrong with this picture. Hope apologizes for leaving Steffy there. She doesn’t know why she did that. The whole day was so overwhelming with the press and all. Liam hesitates and hates to ask Hope but he needs to know if she took a pill. She readily admits that she did.  She panicked and she hardly knew what she was doing. Liam is so disappointed and points out that she looked him in the eye and promised that she would never take another pill.  She shouldn’t even still have them. She makes excuses that she forgot they were in her makeup case. Even in their house she felt cornered as the photographers were prying through the windows, still taking pictures. He scolds her that they are not terrorists; she could have picked up the phone and called the property manager or the police….or even him. She realizes that now; it doesn’t make sense at all what she did. He wonders what is wrong with her. And he reminds her that he already walked away from his marriage to Steffy because of lies, and now it’s happening with Hope. Stephanie thinks this is not fate, but just one big old joke that of all the people it would be Steffy and Hope who would crash into each other. Brooke reminds them that this almost sounds like déja vu with her and Taylor. When Steffy looks in her purse to get her insurance card, she pulls out the annulment papers. She explains to Ramona what they are. She says love is supposed to be the ultimate feel good drug, but not in her case with Liam. They all keep hurting each other – Liam, Hope and Steffy and it’s time someone said enough and she guesses it will have to be her. She will never give up on Liam, but they will have to find their way back differently. Hope shoves the pills into Liam’s hands and says she does not want them anymore. She loves him and does not need another wake-up call. She is going to turn this thing around. He says she has said that before. She knows…..but this is different. She can not live like this. She pleads with him to forgive her and give her one more chance.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Chad went to Lexie’s office because she wanted to see him.  She said she knew he was keeping his distance from the family.  Chad knew that was why she wanted to see him.  She told him Stefano was going to need him.  Chad said Stefano already has a son he wanted so he didn’t need him.  EJ was listening.  At the safe house, Rafe said they would disarm the bomb.  Carrie reminded him that the bomb was wired to the security system.  Rafe said to trust him.  When they heard a car, Carrie saw how it was Roman.  Carrie wondered how they would stop him from opening the door.  Roman was about to go in the house and found the door locked.  Rafe told him to stop trying to open the door.  They all yelled at Roman, but he couldn’t hear them.  EJ went into Lexie’s office to see her.  Chad wanted to know what was going on.  She told Chad that she wanted to talk to him about her.  The people at the safe house put a note under the door for Roman.  The note said not to enter through the doors or windows because explosives were rigged to the alarm system.  They gave him another note that said the cell phones were out and not to talk to Harmon because he may be in on it.  Roman gave them a note that told them not to worry.  Roman put a walkie-talkie down the fireplace.  Roman was on the roof.  John told Roman that Agent Harmon was involved.  Bo told Roman about the bomb.  Roman asked if they tried cutting the circuit breaker.  Bo said they did, but they didn’t know what would happen.  The timer wasn’t running so if they didn’t do anything, they would be okay.  Carrie talked to Roman.  He thought she left.  Lexie told Chad that the tumor was inoperable so it was terminal.  Chad couldn’t believe it because she looked fine.  She said it didn’t change the fact that she was dying.  She told him there was nothing she could do.  Chad was upset with EJ for letting Lexie talk like that.  Chad reminded EJ that EJ and Stefano had all of the money so they shouldn’t let her give up.  EJ said they did everything they could.  EJ said they contacted every doctor in the country.  Lexie said all of the doctors said the same thing.  Chad was in denial.  He tried to get her not to give up.  She tried to get Chad to accept what was happening to her.  Chad started crying.  EJ tried to comfort him, but Chad rejected it.  He went to Lexie and hugged her. 

Roman let the people at the safe house know that Shane was there to help.  John wanted Shane to talk him through disarming the alarm.  Chad wanted to know what was going to happen with Theo.  Lexie said Theo had Abe, but since Theo has autism, it was going to be an enormous change.  Lexie ended up breaking down.  Lexie said Theo was going to need his family.  Chad agreed to be there.  Lexie wanted Theo to spend more time with Chad and EJ.  EJ agreed.  She wanted EJ to look after Stefano because he isn’t young anymore.  She said Stefano wasn’t used to things he couldn’t control.  She thought Stefano was going to need both of his sons.  Chad said he couldn’t say no.  Chad wondered how she was so together now.  She said when things like this happen, it makes you realize what is important.  Chad wanted to know when he could hang out with Theo.  She told him Theo goes to therapy twice a week after school so he was welcome to come along.  Chad agreed to go.  Chad said Lexie was the only one who made him want to be a part of the family.  He always wanted a sister and thought there was too much about her that he didn’t know.  She said they still had time.  He said he is a mess.  Chad agreed that it was time to come home if he was still wanted.  EJ said he was.  Bo asked Roman if they should tell their families what is going on.  Roman wanted to wait until the bomb was disarmed.  Rafe wanted to make a blast ball by moving the furniture in the corner.  The women should hide behind it.  The women didn’t like that idea and refused to do it.  Shane talked them through disarming the alarm.  When Bo cut the wires, nothing happened.  Shane congratulated him for a job well done.  Everyone was happy and was ready to leave.  When John was about to open the door, the timer went off.  Bo said the bomb wasn’t disarmed.  The timer was activated. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Johnny expects Sonny to come after him. He tells his men to monitor Sonny’s whereabouts. Starr goes to Johnny’s penthouse and asks him if he knows for sure that Sonny caused the accident that killed her family. He reveals that Sonny tried to kill him last night. Sonny tries to contact Ewen Keenan, but reaches the voicemail. John McBain has bugged Sonny’s house and listens remotely. Michael comes by to check on Sonny. He presses Sonny to tell him what happened with Kate. Sonny finally says Kate cheated on him with Johnny Zacchara. Michael wonders if Carly knows about it. Sonny reveals that Carly was also at Johnny’s apartment and that she, too, saw Johnny and Kate in bed. Michael understands Johnny wanting revenge against Sonny, but he doesn’t get Kate’s motivation. Sonny reveals that Kate has been seeing a psychiatrist.  Michael sees a partially opened package on Sonny’s desk that Sonny hadn’t noticed before. Michael remembers Max saying that John McBain had left a framed newspaper article. He asks Sonny what it means. Sonny reveals that John McBain mistakenly blames him for causing a young woman’s death and that it is easier to blame him than find the truth, just like what Starr is doing. Michael tells him that Starr left town and he doesn’t know where she went. Starr goes to Sonny’s house with the gun she stole from Johnny’s apartment.  

As Connie is trying to leave the Metro Court, Carly intercepts her. Connie rambles on with lies about her sexual exploits with Johnny. Carly punches her in the face. A fight ensues. Some staff members break it up. Carly picks up a paper that fell out of Connie’s bag, sees that it is from Dr. Keenan, and wonders what D.I.D. is. Olivia asks Elizabeth if she is sure that Ewen said the woman who hit him was named Connie. Elizabeth says she is sure, but when she went through Ewen’s patient files, there was no Connie. Olivia believes it is Kate and reveals to Elizabeth that Kate’s real name is Connie. Elizabeth agrees that Kate has acting very strangely lately.  They compare stories about things Kate has done. Olivia reveals that Kate slept with John Zacchara. Olivia tells Elizabeth that Johnny is responsible for Steve being arrested. Elizabeth wonders if Kate attacked Ewen because he was trying to have her committed. Olivia suggests that Elizabeth look in Ewen’s files again to see what he was treating Kate for. Elizabeth doesn’t find a file for Kate either and suggests that she took it with her when she attacked Ewen. Olivia concludes that they need to find Kate. Elizabeth alerts the police. The police pass Kate in the lobby without seeing her when they arrive at the Metro Court. Carly goes to see Johnny.

Jason and Sam rehash their argument about her keeping secrets from him and turning to John McBain. He mentions that he told Elizabeth everything. Sam tells him that she hates that he told Elizabeth as much as he hates that she talked to John McBain, but the outsiders are not the problem. She tells him that he keeps avoiding her and refuses to talk about the baby, but their whole life depends on how he feels about it. She demands to know if he will be able to love the child as if it were his own or not. He tells her it is too soon; he doesn’t know. He says he fears that the baby will always remind him that Franco raped her. She tells him that she is moving out to give him time alone to think about it. She goes to a motel and runs into John McBain in the hallway. Jason recalls when he and Sam exchanged the phoenix and dragon figurines when they got married.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ashley talks to Jack about Tucker’s latest lies to her, and he tells her that Tucker reminds him of Victor. Ashley makes up with Tucker after he refuses to be Genevieve’s silent partner. Ashley catches Tucker in another lie when she sees a picture of him and Genevieve when they were younger. She is angry with Tucker for not telling her that they were friends when Genevieve first came to town. Ashley decides to go away on a business trip to New York, because she needs space and time to think about things. Adam tells Kyle that Jack might not have been a good father to him, but Victor is a worse father and person and wishes him better luck with Victor than he had with Jack. Victor wants him to lie and say the sale of Beauty of Nature was illegal, but Adam refuses.

Avery takes the job with Victor and goes to tell Jack who tells her to be careful. Tucker and Lauren tell the SEC that the sale of Beauty of Nature was legal. The SEC also talks to Nick, Adam, and lastly Cane. Genevieve confronts Jack and tells him that her troubles with the SEC are all his fault, but she is confident she will find a way to get through this, and then leaves Jack’s house angry. Genevieve assures Victor everything will be fine because she didn’t say anything to the SEC, and Colin wouldn’t talk because he is in jail. Victor is worried because Genevieve is very naive.

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