Tuesday 5/1/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 5/1/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As Liam skis the mountain looking for Hope, she and Steffy lay collided on the ground. Hope realizes where she is, grunts and asks Steffy if she is okay. Alison asks Bill if heís heard from the people in Aspen. He replies he is only doing what needs to be done. She canít believe he is trying to save Liam from the beautiful, sweet Hope Logan. He reminds her that Hope is a control freak just like her motherÖ..daughters take on the traits of the mother.  Sheís a drama queen and both she and Brooke use sex to control their menÖ.Brooke eager to give and Hope eager to withholdÖ.or at least until recently.  Alison speaks her mind and says she thinks Bill is being unfair. Sheís done some research and the girl he calls a flake and a nut is very exceptional for one so young. She thinks Bill is not giving Hope enough credit. He keep repeating that Steffy is more suited to Liam. They used to laugh and have fun. And she was always there to help him. He loves his son very much and he only hopes he will open his eyes and see what he has already in Steffy. Rick is working with some models but Brooke seems very distracted and she is worried because Hope is not answering any of her texts. Rick blames Liam for not sticking to her side more even if he was in Aspen to work. Hope apologizes to Steffy when she realizes who she hit and for not paying attention and mowing her down. Then she takes off down the hill leaving Steffy all alone. Rick questions his mother of why she is so worried. Brooke admits she feels partly at fault and responsible because Hope took such a hard line and she encouraged her. Hope only wanted to prove she was nothing like her mother. Rick assures his mother that Hope has made some crummy decisions lately and they have taken their toll but she has not changed. She will get through this. Liam finds Steffy and is stunned when he hears Hope ran into her and then just left her without calling the ski patrol. Steffyís knee is hurting and Liam promises he will call the patrol and not leave her side. Brooke is satisfied when Hope calls her and in almost a giddy tone tells her she is having a great time skiingÖ.and oh yeah, she did run into Steffy literally but she is okay, no big deal. The toboggan arrives and again Liam tells her that he is not going home. He will accompany her to the hospital. Heís very caring and even tells the patrol that heís Steffyís husband.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami and Lucas talked about getting back together.  He didnít think it was necessarily a good idea.  He gave her reasons why he didnít think they should get back together, but he still kept coming back for more.  He realized that there must be something if he kept coming back to her.  She asked if he thought it would be worth getting back together.  He said he was curious and the two started kissing and taking off their clothes.  At the Brady Pub, Roman and Kate talked about Stefano and Sami.  Kate told Roman that Stefano took Countess W from her and gave it to Sami.  Roman thought Sami shouldnít have taken the offer.  Roman warned Kate about Stefano.  He said that he believed Stefano ordered the hit out on Marlena and threatened John, Bo, and Hope.  They continued to talk until Kate left.  Rafe stopped Carrie from leaving the safe house.  Rafe noticed a flashing green light on the security system.  John wondered if there was a problem with it.  Rafe said the light shouldnít have been blinking.  The light should have been solid once it was disarmed.  Bo wondered if John made a mistake when he entered the code.  John said he was careful, but you never know.  Rafe put the code in again.  Hope noticed that the red light was blinking.  Rafe tried it again and the green light blinked.  Rafe noticed a glitch in the system.  Rafe wanted to check it out.  He warned them not to open the door. He said a bombís been wired to the system.  Bo said that if anyone opened the door or windows, the bomb would be detonated.  Marlena said that they would all be safe as long as they didnít leave.  Hope thought that the bomb could be triggered by a remote control.  Bo thought that someone would have set it off by now if they wanted to.  Bo thought that whoever set the bomb was counting on one of them going out the door or opening the window.  Carrie wondered if John would be able to disarm it.  John said he didnít have to.  He was going to call Roman or Spencer.  John wanted them to send the bomb squad.  They all realized that they couldnít call out.  John said their phones were jammed.  Carrie said they couldnít talk to anyone and they were all trapped there. 

EJ asked Stefano if it was true that he wasnít his son.  Stefano confirmed that EJ wasnít his son.  EJ realized that everything Stefano did to him made sense.  Stefano said he had hope that EJ would take over the family.  Stefano said he didnít learn about EJís paternity until the night of the election.  EJ realized that Stefano did all of those things to him because he isnít his son.  Stefano apologized and didnít want him to find out this way.  Stefano said he tried to tell him, but he couldnít do it.  EJ wanted to know who his father is.  Stefano said he didnít know.  EJ wondered how Stefano could know one half of the secret, but not the other.  Stefano said he didnít know the secret long.  EJ wanted to know who knew before him.  Stefano said Alice Horton.  After Sami and Lucas made love, Kate walked in on them.  Kate gave Sami papers that said the logo and name of Countess W belonged to her.  Kate said the company Stefano gave Sami was worthless.  Sami wondered how Stefano could let that happen.  Kate said Stefano didnít care about Sami.  Kate rubbed it in that Sami didnít have much of a company to run.  Lucas showed Kate a copy of a contract that she signed with Stefano when he acquired Countess W.  The contract said that Stefano owned all rights to the company.  Lucas said Stefano could do whatever he wanted with the company.  Kate, Lucas, and Sami ended up arguing over the company.  Lucas and Sami threw her out of the apartment.  Stefano told EJ how Alice learned about his paternity.  She found out when EJ was sick as a baby.  Stefano said Alice promised to keep it a secret.  Stefano said Alice exchanged her secret as a bargain.  He told EJ that Bo and Hope found the key to the safe deposit box and found the papers.  EJ thought Bo and Hope knew the truth, but Stefano said they didnít because it was in a sealed envelope.  EJ wanted to know why he didnít tell him.  Stefano prayed that it wasnít true.  EJ thought it might not have been.  They opened up to each other about their love for one another.  When Stefano thought he lost his son, EJ assured him that he didnít.  EJ wanted to still be his son, but Stefano thought it wasnít possible.  Stefano said blood ties were the only thing that made you family.  EJ reminded him about Tony, but Stefano said that situation was different.  EJ said if he could accept Tony, he could accept him.  They continued to talk until Stefano told EJ not to tell anyone the truth.  Stefano would take care of it.  When EJ left the room, they both broke down and cried.  John, Bo, and Rafe continued to disarm the bomb.  Rafe was worried that the bomb would go off if someone tried to come in before they disarmed it.  Agent Spencer told Roman that he couldnít get in touch with anyone at the safe house.  Spencer suggested that Roman go and check on them.  Roman said he would use the code and get in the safe house. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Johnny is surprised that Carly answers his call. She tells him she picked up so she could tell him to go to hell. Carly goes to the penthouse looking for Jason. Sam says he isnít there and starts to close the door, but Carly holds it open and asks Sam if she is going to tell her where Jason is. Sam says she doesnít know where Jason went or when he will be back. She again tries to close the door, but Carly forces her way in and says she will wait. She observes that something is wrong with Sam and asks her what she did now. Sam suggests that Carly go to her boyfriend Johnny for help. Carly reveals that Johnny is not her boyfriend anymore. Sam asks her what she did now. Carly says she caught him in bed with Kate Howard. She then vents about allowing herself to be manipulated in spite of all the warnings she got about trusting Johnny. She says she is glad it ended before she fell in love with him. Sam thinks Carly did fall in love with Johnny. Carly admits that she has feelings for Johnny and says that Luke thinks Carly only saw Johnny as a good man because she was looking for a replacement for Jax. She reveals that today is her 5 year anniversary with Jax. She wonders why she is even having this conversation with Sam. Sam says sometimes itís easier to talk to the one person that you shouldnít talk to. Carly thinks Sam is now talking about herself.  Sam says she doesnít need to talk. Carly asks her to reveal what happened between her and Jason; after all, it canít be as bad as sleeping with another man. Carly says she thought Jason would break up with Sam after lying about Robin. She says whatever it is canít be that bad. Sam says that everything she did was to keep Jason from feeling as bad as she does, but it only made it worse and now she fears she has lost him. Carly says Sam will never lose Jason. Carly realizes that they just had a girlfriend moment and asks if they can go back to hating each other. Sam says she has already started.  They thank each other for the chat and Carly leaves.  Jason visits Sonny and asks why he and Kate ditched the party. Sonny reveals that Kate slept with Johnny Zacchara. Jason says that doesnít make any sense; Kate loves Sonny. Sonny believes that Kate got him to open up just to set him up to hurt him. Jason doesnít see how that would benefit Kate. Sonny says it is probably payback for almost getting her killed. Jason doesnít believe that is the case. He thinks something else is going on. He reveals that Kateís psychiatrist wanted to commit her to Shady Brook. Sonny concludes that Kate was lying to him when she said her doctor told her she didnít need any more therapy.  Sonny says that on many occasions he thought something was very wrong with Kate and asked her to tell him what was going on, but she always said she was fine. He asks Jason if he knows what it does to him to know that Kate lied to him again and again. Jason says he does. Sonny asks Jason how he is doing. Jason says he and Sam are going through some things. Sonny says they have to work it out because they have a kid on the way. Jason reveals that the baby isnít his. Sonny says Sam would never cheat on Jason. Jason tells him that Sam didnít cheat; Franco raped her. Sonny says Jason and Sam have to work through it. Jason reveals that Sam has chosen to work through it with John McBain. Sonny says he trusts that Jason and Sam will be able to work through it. Jason isnít so sure. He is afraid that the child will always remind him of what Franco did to Sam and that wouldnít be fair to the kid or to Sam. Jason asks Sonny if he can get McBain to go away. Sonny says McBain is squeaky clean; there is nothing they can use against him. Jason returns the conversation to Kate and suggests that Johnny may have taken advantage of her while she wasnít in her right mind. Sonny reveals that Kateís psychiatrist called him last night, but he didnít answer. Jason says Sonny should call him back. Sonny makes the call and leaves a voicemail message. Olivia is concerned that Kate is behaving in a way that she never would. She asks for the truth. Johnny comes into Kateís office and says he thinks he has the answer. Olivia berates him for getting Steve in trouble. She says he is no better that the man he is trying to take down and that she hope he and Kate both get what they deserve.  Olivia throws Kateís dollar at her, says she will never ask her for anything again, and storms out. Kate wonders what Johnny did to Steve but Johnny says it doesnít matter. Kate says he looks like he wants to undo it. Johnny says he wishes he could undo that and what he did with her because he lost what matters most to him. Johnny says he wants to talk to Kate. He recalls that the last time he saw Kate, Dr Keenan was trying to get her into Shady Brook. Connie says she couldnít allow them to get rid of her. Connie says she heard that Kate didnít enjoy their time together. Johnny says he thought Kate was going to call the police and say he raped her. She tells him to take pleasure in his success over Sonny. He opines that Sonny might forgive Kate. Connie thinks there is no way that Sonny will ever forgive Kate. She tells him she has to go because she is leaving town. He tells her that he canít let her leave because she is only half a person and not even the healthy half. He regrets taking advantage of Kate. Connie tells him that he is in the clear with Kate, but if he doesnít get out of her office, she will cry rape and stick to her charges. Johnny leaves, and then Kate leaves.

Ewen tells Elizabeth that Connie hit him over the head. Elizabeth asks him if Connie is the patient that he was going to check into Shady Brook. He says yes.  He begins to convulse and the monitors start beeping. The E.R. doctor rushes in to stabilize him. Heather observes that Maggie doesnít look well. Maggie says she is worried about Steve.  Heather suggests that everyone that knows Steve should write a letter to the Memphis police.  Heather overhears a doctor telling a nurse to make sure a patient understands the dosage of a medication he is giving him because too much will kill him. When the nurse is distracted, Heather takes the bottle and asks Maggie to take her home. She tells Maggie that she knows all about what happened in Memphis with the patients. She makes iced tea and puts the drug in Maggieís glass. Maggie drinks it and gets woozy. She asks Heather what she did. Heather reveals the pill bottle and says she doesnít really know, but she does know that Maggie shouldnít have called her crazy. Maggie loses consciousness. Heather says that now everyone will know that Maggie, not Steve, killed that patient. Olivia goes to the hospital to tell Elizabeth about Steve. Elizabeth tells her that Heather was already there. Olivia calls Heather and is relieved that she answers the home phone. She tells her that she will stop by later. Olivia asks Elizabeth if she has access to Steveís assets to hire a lawyer and post bail. Elizabeth doesnít, but may be able to ask someone for help. Elizabeth says she would go to Memphis but she has to take care of her boys and doesnít want to leave Ewen in his condition. Olivia asks what happened to Dr. Keenan. Elizabeth tells her that a woman named Connie that Ewen wanted to have committed to Shady Brook attacked him last night. She says she checked Ewenís files and there isnít a patient named Connie.

Spinelli stands up at Maxieís sentencing and says he has information that will change everything. He says someone else killed Dr. Niles and first mate Briggs, but he canít bring himself to go against Maxieís wishes and reveal that it was Matt.  Felicia stands up and makes a statement on Maxieís behalf. The judge sentences Maxie to twenty years in Pentonville. Matt begs Maxie to tell the truth. She refuses to recant. The bailiff takes her away.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Michael asks for his job back, but Victor says no. Michael is hurt because he considered Victor his friend. Michael texts Lauren that Victor didn’t hire him back, so she heads to Victor’s office to try and change his mind. Victor refuses to give Michael his job back, so Lauren resigns from the Newman Enterprises board. When Victor offers Avery Michael’s job, she tells him she will think about it, but Victor wants her answer at the end of the day. Michael encourages Avery to take the job, because until Victor comes to his senses, he needs a lawyer who can step in and not tear down everything he has worked so hard to build. Nikki apologizes to Kyle but he says that unless she can bring his mother back, her apology is worthless. Jack persuades Nikki not to leave town. They agree to take things slowly until Jack can persuade Kyle to accept their relationship.

After Victor gives him a job at Newman Enterprises, Kyle decides to celebrate with Eden, since she told him how people reacted when they learned about her father. Gloria gives Carmine a job as bartender at Gloworm, which makes Chloe and Kevin unhappy. Chloe and Abby plan to hire Angelina to sing at the Arts Council Gala hoping that it will spark a reunion between Carmine and Angelina, so that Carmine will go to LA with Angelina. When Kevin decides not to help Jeffrey with the bookie operation, Jeffrey decides to get Carmine to help him do the books, since he did them for his father’s business.

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