Monday 4/30/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 4/30/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope is locked up in the retreat house with photographers pounding on the doors demanding answers. She has to take a pill. Meanwhile Steffy runs into Liam and tells him that Hope was recognized and she saw her running away. He calls and determines that Hope is inside the home but all is not right. He says he will be right there. Brooke confides in Stephanie that Hope is very fragile and she‘s in real trouble now. She’s even seeing a psychiatrist but also self-medicating pills found on an online pharmacy. Brooke says Hope only wanted to go to Aspen with the man she loves but now she’s worried that this has gone public. She’s called Dr. Stacy Barton to see if maybe she can call and get through to Hope. Dr. Barton tells both Brooke and Stephanie that the side effects of some unknown online pharmacy pills could be devastating. It could impair Hope’s judgment and heaven forbid she should be behind the wheel of a car. They need to get in touch with Hope and convince her to throw those pills away. Liam makes it home, the reporters are gone. Hope wants to get out and go skiing and feel the wind in her face and blow all of this off. Bill is in touch with Oliver who tells him that the photographers caught Hope taking a pill. Bill wants that photo. Hope is caught up in the moment and races ahead of Liam. Without paying close attention, she smashes into Steffy who is on the slopes alone.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

EJ saw Sami and Lucas kissing.  Sami and Lucas noticed EJ standing there.  EJ wanted to talk to Sami about the kids.  Brady went to see Nicole at her place.  She told him that she was pregnant with Rafeís baby.  Stefano wanted Agent Harmon to take care of all of them (John/Marlena/Bo/Hope).  Stefano said they trust Harmon and thought that he was on their side.  Stefano wanted it to end today.  When Agent Harmon was on the laptop, he found the link to the safe house.  He accessed a remote receiver he set up in the woods to jam all cell phones and signals from the house.  Stefano wanted to know what was next.  Agent Harmon said they had to wait.  After a little while, Agent Harmon left.  Rafe wanted to leave to check in with Agents Spencer and Harmon, but Carrie didnít want him to leave.  Rafe showed everyone (Carrie included) how to operate the security system.  Agent Harmon was on his phone and said that the bomb would explode whenever anyone opened the door or window.  John/Marlena/Bo/Hope all adjusted to being in the safe house.  They talked about Stefano and bringing him down.  Bo and Hope talked about what he thought about while in the coma.  He told her that he saw Zack and he was at peace.  Brady was upset that Nicole was pregnant with Rafeís baby.  After they talked about the baby, they talked about Madison.  Nicole hoped that Madison didnít hurt him the way she did.  EJ and Sami talked about him spending time with the kids.  He thought it was inappropriate that she would be spending time with Lucas before she was divorced from Rafe.  She was upset with his comment.  After they talked about Lucas, EJ asked her if he knew what information Rafe and Carrie had to clear Johnís name.  She told him Rafe didnít say.  After they talked, EJ left. 

When Rafe was ready to leave, Carrie stopped him.  They talked about things ending the way they did.  Carrie brought up how he got Nicole pregnant.  Bo opened up to Hope about his experience with Zack.  Bo didnít want to leave Zack, but Zack told him he had to go back.  Zack told Bo he would see him again.  After that, Bo opened his eyes.  Hope suggested that they continue their therapy with Marlena.  Bo was willing to do it to make their marriage better and stronger.  When EJ went back to the mansion, he wanted Stefano to show him what he was going to show him.  Stefano didnít have time to show him.  Stefano had to take care of something.  EJ brought up how Johnís name was cleared.  Stefano wanted to know why he brought that up.  EJ said Stefano stole Johnís money and got him out of jail.  Stefano said a father would never betray his son the way EJ is accusing him of doing.  EJ said he did betray him by stealing the money and taking the election from him.  Stefano said those things were lessons.  They talked for a little while until Stefano left.  While Sami and Lucas were talking about EJ asking about Johnís trial, she got a text saying that Countess Wís biggest clients were canceling their summer orders because Kate was no longer in charge.  Lucas said they would fix the problem.  Rafe and Carrie continued to talk about Nicoleís pregnancy.  Carrie wanted to know what Rafe wanted to tell her about the baby.  She said it was his last chance to say something.  Lucas was able to save the day with the Countess W customers.  While EJ was searching through drawers, he found an envelope taped to the bottom of the drawer.  He read the letter and was in shock.  Rafe told Carrie that he never meant to hurt her.  Carrie didnít want to listen to him anymore.  Carrie was ready to leave the safe house.  John stopped Carrie from leaving because they didnít disarm the system.  Agent Harmon was on his phone and asked if everything was all set.  He was happy that it was.  While John was keying the code, Agent Harmon could be heard saying that the next time a window or door was opened, everyone in the safe house would die. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Connie goes to Kateís office and takes the money out of the safe. Olivia comes in and asks her if she can loan her some money for Steveís bail and to hire a lawyer. Connie refuses. She says she needs the money for travel expenses because she is leaving town on birthday trip with Sonny. Olivia asks her why she isnít using her credit cards for the trip. Connie says she canít use her credit cards. Olivia asks her what is really wrong because nothing she says makes any sense. Connie says she isnít really going on a trip with Sonny because Sonny dumped her after finding her in bed with Johnny Zacchara. Olivia is surprised to hear that Kate slept with Johnny. Connie says they have been sleeping together for months. Olivia says Kate isnít acting like herself and suggests that she make another appointment with her psychiatrist. Connie recalls hitting Dr. Keenan over the head and says she doesnít think he is available for a session. Kate says she is going somewhere to be away from Sonny until it blows over. Olivia says it wonít blow over; Kate just declared war between Johnny and Sonny so everyone will be in danger. Connie says she has reconsidered giving Olivia money. She hands her a dollar and tells her to go buy a clue. Connie starts to walk away but Olivia grabs her by the arm and tells her she isnít going anywhere. Elizabeth finds Ewen Keenan unconscious on his office floor. She screams for help and Maggie responds. Maggie and the other doctors that transport Ewen assume he passed out and hit his head on the way down. The Emergency Room doctor asks Elizabeth to check to see if Ewenís medical record is on file. Maggie goes to see any prescription bottles in his office might offer a clue to his collapse. She finds the bloody paperweight that Connie hit him with. She asks Elizabeth is she saw Ewen yesterday. Elizabeth says that he was waiting for a patient to check herself into Shady Brook Maggie opines if that patient did this, then she needs to be locked up for life. Heather enters and says she isnít crazy. Elizabeth tells her that no one thinks she is crazy. Heather says Maggie did. Maggie says that was just a misunderstanding. Heather says she just heard her say that she should be locked up for life. Elizabeth says they werenít talking about her this time. She tells her that Dr Ewen was attacked and probably by a patient. Elizabeth recalls that Heather was seeing Dr. Keenan. Heather says she spoke to him once and that hardly qualifies her as a patient. She says she was at home all night worried about Steven. Elizabeth wonders why Steve needs to be worried about. Heather says if Elizabeth cared at all for her brother, she would know that he was arrested and hauled off to Memphis on murder charges. She tells Elizabeth that as Steveís sister, she needs to help him. Ewen regains consciousness. Elizabeth tells Heather to go home and that she will call her later. Maggie tells Heather that she is sure it is a misunderstanding and that Steve will be alright. Heather remembers Olivia saying that Maggie was one of the people that knew about the patient Steve sacrificed in Memphis. Elizabeth tells Ewen that he is in the emergency room because someone hit him over the head. He says it was Connie. .

Anna encourages Mac to stay strong for Maxie because she needs her family now. Maxieís mother, Felicia arrives and agrees. Mac wants to know what she is doing there. She says she is there to support Maxie. Mac says it is a little late and Maxie wonít want to see her. He reminds her of Maxieís reaction when she came for Georgieís funeral. He refuses to allow her to go into the courtroom. She tells him it isnít his call to make; itís Maxieís choice whether to see her or not. Matt has a flashback to the night on the party boat. He tells Alexis that he wishes he could remember something what could clear Maxie. She encourages him to continue to try to change Maxieís mind. Maxie tells Spinelli that he cannot tell anyone that she saw Matt kill Lisa Niles. He says he wonít let her sacrifice herself and tells her that if she doesnít tell the truth, he will. She tells him that Matt doesnít remember doing it and that he got so drunk because of her. Spinelli says Mattís drunkenness is no excuse. Maxie insists that Matt cannot find out that he killed Lisa. She says Mattís life is more important than hers is. Spinelli disagrees and tells her that he loves her. She tells him that if he means that, he will keep her secret. He says he doesnít care about Matt; he is worried about her. She tells him that she is doing it for Patrick because she took his wife and doesnít want to take his brother too. Matt enters the courtroom and wonders if everything is ok. Maxie says Spinelli is just worried about her. Felicia enters the courtroom. Maxie tells her to go away. She asks if her father is there too. Felicia says no. Maxie concludes that he is off doing something important and suggests that Felicia go join him. She says Felicia is a terrible mother and she is a terrible daughter so they shouldnít pretend otherwise. She tells Felicia to leave. Felicia refuses. Spinelli and Matt fear Feliciaís presence will only make things worse. The bailiff announces that court is n session. The judge enters. He asks Maxie if she understands that she waived her right to trial when she pled guilty. She says yes. He asks her if she is prepared to receive sentence for two counts of murder. Alexis tells the judge that Maxie pled guilty against her advice and that she doesnít believe she is actually guilty. The judge asks if Maxie is reconsidering her plea. Maxie doesnít speak. Alexis says apparently not. The judge is about to pass sentence when Spinelli stands up and says there is something the judge should know. Luke goes home looking for Anna to ask for her help. He finds Heather in his room. She tells him she is looking for Anna too because Steven is in trouble. He tells her to take a number because Lulu is in trouble too. He starts looking into his duffle bag. She aims his pistol at him and asks if that is what he is looking for. He tells her that he doesnít have time to play games with her because he has somewhere to go. She tells him that it must be nice to come and go as he pleases something she had forgotten about since he sent her to Fern Cliff for eight years. He tells her that she was sick and needed help. She tells him that if he and Anna wonít help her, then she will have to go to Memphis and take care of it herself. He tells her that she will go back to Fern Cliff if she is caught crossing the state line. He suggests that she orchestrate her plan from Port Charles and have Olivia, Elizabeth, and Audrey do the legwork. He assures her that nothing bad will happen to Steve in the next few days. She gives him his gun back and asks him if they ate friends again. He tells her that they always were. He suggests that she contact Olivia to see if she has any news. Luke calls Anna to leave the sentencing because he needs her help. When she arrives at their hotel suite, he tells her that Lulu is missing. He gives her the short version of Lulu suspecting Dimestico of attacking dancers and then going missing. He tells her that he canít reach Dante either. She tells him not to panic. Dante demands that Ronnie tell him where Lulu is. Ronnie plays dumb. Dante tells him that he knows he is the person who has been attacking the Vaughnís dancers. He says he knows Ronnie planted the evidence to implicate Eddie Padilla and he knows that Lulu suspected Ronnie and that Ronnie needed to shut her up before she could tell him. He again demands that Ronnie tell him what he did with Lulu. Ronnie says he doesnít know anything about it. Dante recalls that Ronnie was with him when he took the pictures in the alley where Dolores was attacked that mysteriously disappeared. Ronnie says he will do Dante the favor of not reporting this to Internal Affairs and he will walk away as if none of it ever happened. Dante pins him against the wall and tells him that he isnít going anywhere until he reveals where Lulu is. Another cop comes to break it up. Ronnie accuses Dante of being a dirty cop. Dante says Ronnie is the dirty cop. Ronnie tells the cop to check his desk and get the photos he took in the alley where Padilla was attacked. The cop recalls that Ronnie said the photos were deleted. Ronnie says Danteís pictures were deleted, but he took his own. The cop finds pictures of footprints and a pair of boots with matching tread. Dante says it is obvious that Ronnieís pictures and Ronnieís shoes match, but the pictures could have been taken anywhere. Ronnie claims to have seen Dante dump the boots behind his apartment complex. The officer draws his sidearm and tells Dante to stand down. He then handcuffs Dante to Ronnieís desk. The officer leaves to respond to an assault call at General Hospital. Dante asks Ronnie why he is doing this. Ronnie says he know that it was only a matter of time before Dante put the pieces together. Dante tells him that if he hurts Lulu, he will rip his heart out of his chest with his bare hands. Ronnie leaves. Anna and Luke go to the police station and find Dante handcuffed to the desk. Dante tells them that Ronnie is out trying to cover his tracks and that they have to find Lulu before it is too late.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis tells Nick she will marry him and decide that they will only tell their children about Phyllis being pregnant. Sharon interrupts Adam-kissing Chelsea to give him a birthday card. Once Sharon is in the hallway, she shows how hurt she is by what she just saw in Adam’s room. Chelsea is also affected and decides not to share a piece of birthday cake with Adam, because she doesn’t feel like celebrating, since she had to give up her baby. Adam asks if Sharon spoiled the mood, and Chelsea says no; but once she is in the hallway, she shows how hurt she feels, because Sharon stopped by to see Adam. Chelsea is in her room and calls herself an idiot for thinking that Adam or anyone would want to be with her. Adam reads the card from Sharon, which says that she hopes that he will find happiness. He goes to Chelsea’s room with his birthday cake, so they can share it. Nick tells Sharon that he is marrying Phyllis, because he loves her. After she saw Adam moving on with his life, Sharon feels very alone. Avery asks Phyllis for a chance to form a new relationship with her, but Phyllis says no and Avery leaves Phyllis ‘s house. Avery overhears Ricky talking to a book publisher about writing a book about Phyllis. Avery warns Ricky he won’t get away with the stunt he pulled to get Lucy away from Daniel.

Victor agrees to let Kyle move into the ranch just to hurt Jack. After Abby informs Jack about Kyle moving in with Victor, Jack tells him that he won’t allow him to take Kyle away from him. Victor tells Jack that Kyle sees the man he really is and doesn’t want to be near him. Jack pleads with Kyle for a chance to make things right, because he loves him, but Kyle thinks that isn’t true or he wouldn’t be with Nikki. Kyle tells Jack that he used up all his chances with him and walks out of the house. Victoria assures Reid that she will always have time for him, even though he has a new little brother. Nick proposes to Phyllis properly and gives her a beautiful engagement ring.

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