Friday 4/27/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 4/27/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope announces to Liam that this is his first day for the fashion week and she is going with him. The reporters will be covering the show, not her. Liam reluctantly hopes so. He gives her a quickie kiss and leaves her hidden in the shadows. With Justin crabbing at him, Bill says he will take this chance in keeping Liam from making the biggest mistake of his life. He will not sit by and watch that happen. Ramona spots Hope and tells Oliver who says the feeding frenzy begins. Ramona tells Steffy that Liam came with Hope, but all that counts is who he leaves with. Rick tells Brooke that he still doesn’t trust Steffy. But the reporters are not out there trolling for Hope, so someone would have to tip them off. He wishes that he had gone too……. Liam looking out for her is not much of a consolation. Oliver points out Hope for the reporters and they surround her and bombard her with questions. She manages to break free and runs away but they follow. Othello calls Rick and explains there must have been about ten of them so he has to get to Hope and get her back to the house. Steffy runs into Liam who says he is glad she is there; Aspen still has it’s magic in more ways than one. Literally running for her life, Hope is quickly picked up by Othello as he orders her to jump in. Oliver calls Bill who wants to hear a good progress report. Oliver says no, Hope managed to get away and then was picked up in a car. Bill suggests she is probably heading back to the house so get the paparazzi there and hold her feet to the fire as they planned. Hope thanks Othello for the ride, but turns down his invitation to come inside and protect her. Liam can’t imagine where Hope is. Suddenly the house is surrounded by all the reporters and they are chanting her name. Quickly she locks the doors and closes all the blinds, trying to drown out the noise, then contemplates what to do as she holds the pill bottle.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

While Sami and Lucas were kissing, Kate saw them.  Stefano was on the phone telling someone to let him know the minute something was executed.  While Bo and Hope were kissing, a man was watching them.  The man with the knife to Marlenaís throat told John to give him the coin.  If John didnít give him the coin, he would kill Marlena.  Roman and Carrie showed up.  He told the guy to drop the knife or he was dead.  Roman couldnít get a good shot.  John signaled Marlena.  She stomped on the guyís foot and he left.  John asked Marlena did she see why he asked Roman for protection.  Hope thought she heard something at the door.  Sami, Kate, and Lucas got into an argument over Sami and Lucas kissing.  Kate made it perfectly clear that she didnít want Lucas with Sami.  Kate warned Lucas not to be with Sami because he would end up alone.  Kate warned Sami that she wasnít going to let her hurt Lucas.  When it was Samiís turn to talk, she reminded Kate of all the things she did that caused Lucas to lose his job.  Kate was furious.  While they were arguing, Sami let it slip that Lucas was working with her at Countess W.  Roman told John and Marlena that he couldnít find the knife guy.  John was worried that Stefano was more dangerous now that he is desperate.  Roman said they couldnít prove that Stefano was behind all of this.  John said they were all going to the safe house.  Agent Spencer was going to send Agent Harmon to take them to the safe house.  Agent Harmon has been assigned to Stefano for years and said Stefano hired professional assassins and had something planned for his enemies. 

Rafe showed up at Bo and Hopeís house to tell them about Marlenaís attack.  Stefano was glad that his fake attack on Marlena worked.  He said they would all know he meant business about the coin.  Hope thought Stefano was behind Marlenaís attack.  Rafe told them that Roman wanted them to go to the safe house with John and Marlena.  Kate wanted Lucas to tell her that he wasnít working with Sami, but he couldnít.  He didnít think he was betraying her, but she felt differently.  She wanted him to find a job where he would be making money instead of losing it.  They continued to talk about it until Kate left.  At the safe house, Agent Spencer let Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena know that they would be perfectly safe there.  Thereís state of the art security, no landlines, and nothing could be hacked.  Agent Spencer wanted Rafe to be in the ISA until the threat is over since he is familiar with Stefano.  Spencer said he had information about the coin.  He said half the coin was being delivered to Stefano.  He said it was an exact replica except for the name Yvette.  The decoy would be indecipherable.  Stefano got a package with the coin in it.  Stefano got on the computer to search for toxic gas brain tumors.  Agent Harmon came to the mansion.  Stefano was expecting him.  After Sami and Lucas talked about Kate, they talked about their kiss.  Sami said she was thanking him for spending time with her and the kids.  Lucas asked if she were sure that was all it was.  They ended up kissing again.  Agent Harmon told Stefano that the coin was fake.  Stefano said they mistook him for a fool.  Harmon told him the real coin says the word Yvette.  Stefano told Harmon to take care of all of them. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu is missing. Ronnie has her cell phone. Ronnie tries to convince Dante that Lulu is off base in thinking Padilla is not the person who has been attacking strippers. He says the pictures they have are all the evidence they need. He suggests that Lulu might be at the courthouse for Maxieís sentencing so Dante goes to the courthouse, but Mac tells him that Lulu hasnít been there. He returns to the police station. Ronnie makes jokes about Dante looking for Lulu. Dante calls Luke and tells him that he canít find Lulu. Luke tells him about Luluís theory that Ronnie Dimestico is the real stripper attacker. Dante tells Ronnie to tell him where Lulu is. Tracy tells Luke that she has poisoned Anthonyís breakfast. Luke rushes over and stops Anthony from eating it. Anthony tells Luke that three is a crowd except in the bedroom, in which case the third party would have to be female. He asks Tracy if she would be interested in a threesome with Lukeís roommate Anna.

Anna worries about Mac because his only surviving daughter is going to prison. Mac tells her that he doesnít know what he will do without Maxie. Spinelli tells Elizabeth that he needs her help. He says he has figured out that Matt really killed Lisa Niles. Elizabeth says that is ridiculous. Spinelli says Matt admitted that if anyone blocked out events of that night, it would have been him because he was so drunk. Spinelli asks Elizabeth if she thinks Matt was drunk enough to have had a blackout. Matt tells Patrick about teaming up with Spinelli to find Lisa Nilesís real killer. He tells him that Spinelli suspected Dr. Keenan but that was a false lead. He says Spinelliís latest suspect is Patrick. Patrick calls Elizabeth and asks her to pick up Emma and keep her for the night. Then he resumes wallowing in his sorrow alone. Elizabeth goes to leave a message for Ewen and finds him bleeding on the floor in his office. Matt goes to Maxieís sentencing. Maxieís mother, Felicia shows up for the sentencing. Matt has a flashback to being drunk on the party boat. Spinelli goes to the courtroom and tells Maxie that Matt killed Lisa. She counters that her boyfriend wouldnít let her take the blame for a crime that he committed. Spinelli says that presenting Matt as a viable suspect would make the judge rethink the case. Maxie insists that Spinelli must not say anything to the judge. Maxie tells Spinelli that he must not do anything to cast suspicion upon Matt because he really did do it. She saw it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria and Billy are so blessed by Little John that they decide to have him christened. After Chelsea and Adam arrive back at the hotel, he senses that she is pondering accepting Billy’s offer to leave town, because she has no reason to stay. Nick and Phyllis cuddle together on the sofa in her condo. At the coffeehouse, Chloe and Abby share small talk along with Kevin, who joins in their conversation about Carmine. Carmine surprises them by coming into the coffeehouse. Nikki tells Jack that Sarge called. Ashley voices her concern about Jack having this surgery. Jill, Abby, Chloe and Kevin join Billy and Victoria along with Little John. Victoria and Billy announce that they are having John christened that very day and they are all invited. Victoria and Billy ask Chloe and Kevin to be John’s godparents. Adam asks Chelsea to stay in Genoa City. Phyllis wonders what she will tell Summer about Lucy. Ashley lets Jack know that this surgery is only experimental. Jack receives a call from Billy inviting him, Ashley, and Nikki to John’s christening. Chelsea wonders if her real father is Jeffrey or his brother. Victoria calls Nick to invite him and Phyllis to the christening, but he declines the invitation. Gloria offers her sentiments concerning Daisy having custody of Lucy.

Kyle surprises everyone by coming home for the christening. Everyone welcomes him home just as the christening begins. Kyle notices the closeness between Jack and Nikki when she places her hand on his shoulder. Sharon also offers her condolences to Phyllis about Lucy. Sharon is jealous when she sees Adam come in with Chelsea. Sharon walks over to their table and wishes Adam a “Happy Birthday.” Chelsea reprimands Adam for not telling her that today is his birthday. Chelsea is taken aback when she sees Victoria with John. At home, Phyllis tells Nick that she may be pregnant. Jack tells Nikki and Ashley that he is cancelling the surgery. Kyle asks Abby if Jack and Nikki are dating. Chelsea and Sharon congratulate Victoria and Billy on adopting Little John. Sharon reminds Victoria that today is Adam’s birthday. Kyle makes a scene by lashing out at Jack for dating Nikki after she killed his mother. Chelsea and Adam kiss. Outside the door, Sharon arrives with a birthday card for Adam. Nick asks Phyllis to marry him. Phyllis finds out that she is pregnant. Nikki decides to go away for a while. Kyle visits Victor and asks him to let him live with him.

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