Thursday 4/26/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 4/26/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy throws Liam some knowing glances that Aspen is the most beautiful city in the world. Justin tells Bill that the Forrester jet is about to land. Bill calls Oliver and wants to be sure everything is set in motion; let them see what Hope is made of. Justin tells Bill that it’s not too late to call this off. Bill says he didn’t get this far in this old world just leaving things to fate. Justin must have missed his calling. He should have been a judge in the Miss Congeniality contest. Rick is surprised to learn from his mom that Hope has been under that much stress and has been seeing a psychiatrist and even taking anti-anxiety medication. He says he will be there for her. He just hopes it won’t be that bad with the reporters following her in Aspen. He says good thing he has his own resources. He calls a friend and says he is sitting out this fashion week, but his sister is there. He needs him to watch out for Hope. The man says he will, just like she’s his own little sister. But game on in Aspen as the reporters spy Liam and Hope arrive and take off to the retreat. She tells Liam that she will not go stir-crazy. She will just take a short walk, read a lot and sleep and wait for him and they can go into the village at night when the reporters won’t be around. Rick still feels anxious about Hope being there since it is Bill’s house and he can manage things from a distance. He almost wishes that he was going there himself. Bill explains to Justin that he’s just giving Hope the chance to prove what she is made of. He knows her as a leech that just sucks Liam dry; this trip should tell the tale if she can stave off the reporters. Either way, his son will be better off because of Bill. Steffy admits to Ramona that she did things wrong the first time and it’s killing her that Liam and Hope are in her honeymoon house, but she will get through this. She states that whatever happens that Liam will have to make it back to her on his own. Ramona says she knows it was a magic place and who knows, by the end of the week perhaps she will be back together with Liam. As Liam moves through the house and especially the bedroom, he feels it too. Bill calls Oliver and says maybe he underestimated Hope, but they will know tomorrow when the reporters hit them like bees to a hive.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Billie ran into EJ at the coffee house.  She wanted an answer to the question she asked him the other day.  He recapped how he caught her snooping through DiMera files.  He told her he could have her arrested.  She didnít think he went to his father or she would be in jail.  She said they both knew why he didnít go to Stefano.  Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena were at Bo and Hopeís house.  Bo and Hope got on the subject of getting married.  Bo wanted to know when he and Hope could get married.  She said they couldnít get married right away.  Bo wanted to know what was the holdup since she was in Alamania for two weeks and filed the petition.  John said they did.  Bo wanted to know how long it took for the divorce to be recognized in Salem.  John told him that they were sidetracked by Stefano.  Hope said Agent Spencer was working with the State Department to get the Alamania government to grant the divorce in absentia.  Marlena said they could all get married when that happened.  Bo realized that Stefano used the divorce to get John and Hope to Alamania in order to get the coin.  Hope said the coin was hidden in the egg that Princess Gina and the pawn stole for Stefano.  John said instead of giving it to him, they hid it away and Stefano has been looking for it ever since.  Bo realized that John and Hope didnít have memories of when they were the pawn and Princess Gina.  Bo asked how did Stefano think they could help and how did they know where to look.  Marlena didnít want to get into it because it would upset him.  Bo wanted to know how they found the egg.  Hope told him that Stefano turned them into Princess Gina and the pawn.  Hope told Bo that nothing happened between them.  John said he loved Marlena the same way Hope loved Bo.  Bo said that Stefano turned them into people who loved each other so much that they got married.  John said the mind control didnít work long enough for Stefano to get what he wanted.  Marlena said Stefano hoped John and Hope would never realize who they were.  Bo wondered how they kept the mind control from working.  John said they knew what was happening and prepared themselves.  John said he found a picture of Marlena and was drawn to it.  Hope said John helped her.  She said John kept talking to her about Bo.  John said it didnít take long for her to come back.  John said they had to pretend that they were still under mind control so they could leave.

Bo realized that Stefano was upset because his plan didnít work.  Marlena wondered if Stefano had the other half of the coin.  Hope didnít think Stefano had the coin.  She didnít think he knew what was on the other half of the coin.  Bo thought they were a step ahead of Stefano.  Bo wanted to help with the investigation, but the others didnít think he was ready.  Bo convinced them that he was going to be working on the case. EJ wanted to know who Billie was working for or else she would have to tell his father.  Billie knew that EJ was upset with Stefano and she was too after what he did to her mother.  EJ reminded her that Kate committed the worst crime against Stefano.  They continued to talk about Stefano and Kate until Billie wanted him to help her take down Stefano.  Bo was ready to take Stefano down, but Marlena and Hope thought they should wait because of Lexie. Hope thought Stefano might not be willing to make good on his threats now that Lexie is dying.  John got a text threatening to kill them if he didnít get the coin.  They all talked about what Stefano did while they were in Alamania.  John wanted to keep Marlena, Hope and the family safe.  He wanted them to lay low for a while.  Marlena didnít want to hide behind closed doors, but Hope thought they didnít have a choice.  Marlena suggested that they give Stefano what he wanted.  John thought that would be a mistake.  Bo thought it was the only thing they had right now.  John thought that they could put Stefano away if they could find out why the coin is important to him.  John wanted to get Marlena back to the townhouse and get security set up around the building.  He suggested Bo and Hope do the same thing.  Bo said Ciara could stay with Caroline and Kayla for a little while longer.  When John and Marlena left Bo and Hopeís house, a man came from behind the bushes and followed them.  While Bo and Hope were spending some romantic time together, a man was watching them through the window.  While John and Marlena were on their way home, a man grabbed Marlena and put a knife to her throat.  John wanted to know what the guy wanted.  The guy said to give him the coin or Marlena was dead.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kate runs out of Johnnyís house to go find Sonny and tell him that it was not her in bed with Johnny. Ewen is outside Johnnyís door about to knock when she swings it open. He tells Connie that she has had her fun and now it is time to go to Shady Brook. She corrects him that she is Kate. She tells him that Sonny caught Connie and Johnny in bed together so she has to go to him. He tells her that Sonny will have to wait because they canít risk Connie taking control again. Kate and Ewen go to his office. Ewen asks Kate if Connie manifested herself at the party. Kate doesnít know anything about a party. She asks what day it is. He tells her that yesterday she agreed to check herself into Shady Brook this morning. She recalls Connie taunting her in the mirror yesterday afternoon and concludes that that must be when she took over because she doesnít remember anything else until she woke up in Johnnyís bed. He tells her that it is not her fault. She tells Ewen that no explanation will ever erase the picture in Sonnyís mind of her and Johnny naked in bed together. Ewen suggests that he call Sonny and ask him to meet them at Shady Brook so that they can explain to him that she is suffering from a severe mental illness. He assures her that Connie will not win. Ewen calls Sonny but Sonny doesnít answer. Ewen starts to leave a message for Sonny but Connie hits him over the head with a paperweight and says Kate is not in the building and that she is not going to let anyone lock them up in a loony bin. She takes her case file with her when she leaves. Johnny calls Carly but she wonít answer. Carly wants to have revenge sex with Sonny. Sonny doesnít want to have sex with Carly. He says they need to cut Johnny and Kate out of their lives. Sonny says he doesnít understand why Kate stood by him through the trial if she had wanted to be with Johnny. He concludes there must be another explanation. Carly asks what other explanation there could be. Sonny wonders why Kate got careless on his birthday of all nights. Carly says Sonny went off on Claudia on her birthday so maybe Johnny found the timing poetic. Sonny asks Carly if Kate hates him so much that she would go along with it. He says Kate hasnít been herself for months and that she did things like call him to meet her and then not show up. Carly says Kate was sneaking around with Johnny and that Sonny is looking to excuse the inexcusable. He says he just wants answers.  He says the man she left Metro Court with when she was supposed to meet him wasnít Johnny. Carly wonders who. Sonny wonders if it was Dr. Keenan that Kate left the Metro Court with that day. He recalls Jason mentioning that Kate might be sick.

Tracy tries to trick Anthony into signing divorce papers without his glasses, saying he is signing for stock options, but he can see that they are divorce papers and refuses to sign them. Luke hears Tracy saying to herself that she gives up; she will be stuck in that miserable marriage forever. He says that doesnít sound like the Tracy he knows. She tells him that she would prefer prison to being shackled to Anthony for the rest of her life unless someone bumps him off. She opines that the person that shot out Anthonyís tires might try to do it again. Luke tells her that all she has to do is wait. Tracy says that if some unfortunate accident happened to Anthony, the obvious suspect would be the person who shot out his tires and the actual perpetrator would never be found. Luke asks her if she is asking him to kill her husband. She says she is merely suggesting that he has resources at his disposal. She says he owes her. He says it is time for him to go and that she will think of something. Anthony comes to Johnnyís door and tells him that he heard an anonymous tip foiled his operation at General Hospital. Johnny says it wasnít so anonymous; it was Sonny. He tells him that he got his revenge by sleeping with Connie. Anthony is thrilled. He says they should muscle in on Sonnyís business while he is distracted. Johnny sees the parallel between Claudia and Kate. He regrets taking advantage of a mentally ill woman and he fears that he may have lost Carly because Carly walked in on them too. Anthony says Carly might prove to be a problem.  He tells Johnny that he always gets soft when he gets the advantage over Sonny. He tells him not to sabotage himself with misplaced remorse; he can always find another woman. Johnny tells him to go to hell and tries to call Carly again. He leaves a message telling her that he needs to explain because it is more complicated than she knows.  

Jason returns to the Metro Court to get Sam. He tells her that they are falling apart. She says they can get through anything together. He tells her that keeping secrets from him isnít doing it together. He tells her that he felt bad about her doing everything alone, but he now doesnít believe she was alone. He asks her if she McBain was the guy that Elizabeth saw her talking to at the hospital. She says yes. He asks her why she wanted McBain there for her paternity test. She tells him that he was only there to give her his sample of Francoís DNA. He asks her how McBain knew she needed a sample. She says it just came out when she was at her motherís house an hour after finding out that Franco was Jasonís twin brother and the original DNA test was meaningless. She needed someone to talk to and he was there. She admits that she needed John McBain. He asks her to tell him about other encounters with McBain. She tells him that she ran into McBain on the pier when she got her test results. He asks her to tell him that she didnít open the results in front of McBain and share the results with him. She admits that she did. He concludes that John McBain was the first person to know that Franco was the father of Samís baby. She tells him that she also talked to McBain tonight about her fear that Jason wonít be able to love her baby because it isnít his. She concludes to him that that is what this is really about. He tells her not to turn it around on him. He says it isnít about the baby; it is about her lying to him, shutting him out, and confiding in the person that he specifically asked her not to talk to. He walks out, leaving her stranded alone at the Metro Court. McBain goes to Lukeís hotel suite to see Anna. Luke says John reminds him of a vampire. Anna says John looks like an old soul that has lived many lives. He says that maybe that is how he and Sam know each other. She says she thought they agreed that it was a bad idea to talk to Jasonís wife. He says he seems to run into her a lot. She tells him he should walk away. He says Sam seems to think they know each other from somewhere and he has to admit there is something familiar about her eyes. Anna doesnít like the sound of that and she knows Jason wonít like it either. He says he feels for Sam and wants to help her. Anna asks what Natalie thinks about it. He tells her that there is nothing between him and Sam and that he and Natalie are solid. He says that after telling Natalie about his sisterís death, she understands why he has to go after Sonny. Anna asks McBain to tell her what Sonny did to his sister. He shows her a newspaper article about his sisterís death. She asks him how he plans to build a case after all these years. He says he is going to make Sonny confess.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jill explains to Cane and Lily how Lauren pulled a gun on Daisy and now has been arrested. Genevieve interrupts and Jill lashes out at her as usual. From his office, Victor tries to call Michael, but with no luck. The SEC visits Jack with quite a few questions about Beauty of Nature and Genevieve. Nikki visits Victor to invite him to accompany her to the courthouse for the hearing to adopt John, but he refuses. Reed, Victoria, Billy, Abby and Little John are at Crimson Lights when Chelsea walks in. Billy pulls Chelsea aside to have a word with her before they go to the courthouse. The Abbotts leave but Chelsea watches them as they go. Chelsea starts to leave and bumps into Adam. She hugs him as she sobs on his shoulder. Chelsea pours out her heart to Adam about giving John up for adoption. At home, Victoria worries that Chelsea will change her mind, although Billy tries to offer her encouragement. Genevieve explains to Cane why she attempted to sell Beauty of Nature back to Jack with certain conditions attached. Avery, Billy, Victoria and Nikki arrive at the courthouse for the adoption hearing. At Jack’s home, he and Jill discuss how Victor used Chelsea to break up Victoria and Billy. At the police station, Michael listens to his messages from Victor. Victor is on his way out of his office when the men from the SEC arrive and demand that they talk now.

The adoption hearing begins with Chelsea giving up all her parental rights to her baby. At the police station, Michael and Lauren are reunited. Michael calls Jill to come to Lauren. Victor explains to the SEC how he obtained Beauty of Nature. The SEC asks where the money came from that Genevieve used to buy Beauty of Nature. Cane asks Genevieve why she wants to sell Beauty of Nature so fast. Jill asks Michael what is next for Lauren. Victor finally gets through to Michael and lets him know that the SEC paid him a visit. Victor lashes out at Michael for not calling the commissioner about this matter to keep the SEC from investigating. The adoption goes through with Billy and Victoria getting full custody of John. Avery visits Jack to let him know that Victoria and Billy have custody of John. She finds out that the SEC paid him a visit. Victor tells Michael that the SEC may block the sale of Beauty of Nature to him. Chelsea considers Billy’s offer to set her up wherever she wants to live in the world. The SEC approaches Genevieve. As a result of his rage, Victor fires Michael.

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