Wednesday 4/25/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 4/25/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke pops in on Steffy and warns her that Liam and Hope are gonna be at Aspen Fashion Week too and she doesn’t want any trouble – stay away from them. Steffy says she has been planning this trip for weeks and Hope only got on board overnight. She does not wish anything bad for them, but Steffy is just there to work. Brooke hands Steffy a copy of the annulment papers and says when she sees how happy Liam and Hope are then she will do the right thing and sign the papers. Steffy gloats that she will not sign. Brooke will see that Liam is gonna come back to her. Hope and Liam are ecstatic before they realize they are going to be sharing a plane with Steffy. Meanwhile all the preparations are underway in Aspen and Oliver and Ramona talk about being co-hosts and that they have to keep Bill Spenser happy. Bill wants the job done. Bill tells Oliver that besides him and Ramona no one else must know. The reporters have been hounding Hope and he wants that to continue big time. He tells Justin if she can’t handle that then she has no business marrying his son. Steffy boards the plane and Liam and Hope try to pretend that they are all right with this, business as usual. Steffy tells them that she has a bad feeling about this with Hope being surrounded by the press and this will be even worse. She grabs a deck of cards and asks if anyone is up for a game of War. Brooke drops in on Bill to remind him that he always has a hand in Liam’s affairs when he is out of town and that is not going to happen this time. With a smug look on his face, Bill says he is hurt. He was just on the phone talking to his housekeeper to make sure the house is all filled with flowers and the refrigerator stocked and all will be perfect for them. Hope won’t want to leave the house. Oliver fills the reporters in on everything; he wants them to follow Hope everywhere, not let her out of their sight. Liam thanks Steffy for playing nice. She retorts that she’d like nothing better than to go off with him to the place where it all started for them, but all in due time. She just wants him to admit that he still loves her and Hope is just complications. She let him move in with Hope in their home, but she thinks he is beginning to see what she has been predicting all along. Things will work out for them. All she has to do is wait.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Brady Pub, Gabi made Abby think someone was trying to stalk her.  Abby read the note that Gabi had.  Abby asked if Gabi noticed anyone following her.  Gabi said she didnít.  Gabi said this wasnít the first time the stalker tried to come after her.  After the first magazine spread, she got flowers with a note from a secret admirer.  She thought it was a fan at first, but then she received nasty notes.  Abby wondered why she didnít say anything before.  Gabi thought that was something that happened when you are a model.  Chad suggested that they call the police, but Gabi thought that would ruin everything.  Melanie wondered how that would ruin everything.  Gabi said Rafe would find out and make her stop modeling.  At the Mad World office, Madison was upset about working with Kate.  Justin told her there was nothing he could do about it.  Madison thought that Kate would stab her in the back the way she did to Stefano.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ walked in while Stefano was on the phone making sure there was no gas in the tunnels under the mansion.  EJ realized that Stefano was responsible for what happened to Lexie.  Stefano said he did nothing to Lexie.  They got into an argument about what was going on with Lexie.  They talked about Lexie being held in the tunnels.  Stefano said he didnít hold her captive.  He said Andre held her captive in the tunnels.  EJ reminded Stefano that Andre worked for Stefano.  Stefano said if he had knownÖEJ said Stefano should have known.  EJ said he would never trust him again.  EJ reminded Stefano that he stole Johnís money and the election from him.  EJ didnít know what he did to make Stefano turn against him.  Stefano said he wasnít acting like a son to him.  They continued to talk about what Stefano keeps doing to EJ. 

Daniel told Rafe that the test results for Nicoleís baby were fine.  Daniel said that Nicole is going through stress, which is what caused the pain.  Daniel suggested that Nicole tell EJ that he is the father of her baby.  Gabi tried to convince her friends that she didnít need police protection.  She was able to take care of herself.  Melanie suggested that Gabi move in with Chad so she could be safe.  Chad wondered how long Gabi should stay with him.  Melanie said only until the guy was found.  Gabi was thrilled at the idea of staying with Chad.  Nicole didnít want to tell EJ the baby is his.  She didnít want him to steal the baby.  Daniel didnít want to upset her.  He was worried about what the stress was going to do to her.  She thought the truth would be more stressful.  Daniel reminded her that the truth would come out once the paternity tests were done.  Nicole thought EJ wouldnít find out.  She was going to do everything she could to keep the baby from being raised a DiMera.  EJ wanted him and Stefano to focus on Lexie and getting her better.  Stefano said there was nothing EJ could do to help Lexie.  EJ wanted to know what he meant by that.  Stefano wanted to tell him something that was breaking his heart.  When Stefano opened the drawer, EJís phone rang.  EJ wanted to take the call because it was about Nicole.  He found out that Nicole was out of the hospital.  When EJ came back from his phone call, Stefano was gone.  EJ opened the drawer that Stefano was opening, but he didnít find anything.  While Stefano looked at the documents he was going to show EJ, he wondered how he was going to tell EJ that he was not his son.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Spinelli spins his wheels trying to figure out who killed Lisa Niles. He wonders if Matt could have done it but was too drunk to remember it. Standing in front of the theatre where the new Avengers movie is to premiere, he wonders what the Avengers would do. He wonders aloud what Dr. Hunter would do if his theory is correct. Matt asks from behind him where he is standing in line with Elizabethís son, Cameron, what he would do about what. The three of them chat and then Matt asks Cam to give him and Spinelli some privacy. Matt asks Spinelli if he is still considering the ridiculous notion that Patrick killed Lisa and forgot about it. He tells Spinelli that he is way off base and needs to find another suspect. After the movie, Spinelli says he is inspired to right a great wrong.

Sam asks for a sign on the Metro Court terrace. John McBain arrives. He wonders if she told Jason about Franco. She says she did but that he didnít take it well. McBain tells her that it is a lot to process. She tells him that Jason was furious when he found out that she talked to him at her motherís house and she can only imagine how angry he will be when he finds out how she got Francoís DNA sample. She tells him that Jason told her to tell him about every time she encounters McBain but she has not mentioned any of their coincidental encounters. She McBain listened to her and supported her through things that she couldnít discuss with her husband. McBain apologizes for causing problems in her marriage. Sam assures him that the only issue is the babyís paternity and that he is not an issue. She wonders why the universe keeps throwing them together. He tells her that whatever their crazy connection is, it will be broken when his business with Sonny is finished. Jason angrily goes to the roof of General hospital. Elizabeth follows and asks him what is wrong. He tells her that Sam has been lying to him about John McBain. He tells her that McBain is a cop that used to be with the FBI and that Sam got the DNA sample from an FBI contact. Elizabeth wonders why Sam would need a DNA sample. She asks if there might be a genetic problem with the baby. He tells her that the problem is that the baby isnít his and elaborates about Franco raping Sam. Elizabeth tells him that he can still be the childís father and love it. Jason isnít sure that he can. He says the problem is that he and Sam should be having this discussion but Sam is confiding in McBain instead. Elizabeth says it is sometimes easier to talk to a stranger. She advises him to talk to Sam and tell her how he feels. When Jason leaves, Elizabeth asks Robinís spirit to watch over Jason. Jason returns to the Metro Court to get Sam.

Olivia and Dante go to Steveís house after receiving a call from Heather that Memphis police officers were there, but they have already taken Steve by the time they arrive. Dante asks if they said he was involved in a black market organ ring. Heather says no, they said he is a murderer. She wants to go after them. Olivia slaps her and tells her to snap out of it and calm down. Dante says he will handle it. He asks Olivia if Steve killed someone in Memphis. She says no and yes. Heather listens from the next room as Olivia tells Dante the story about Steveís patient whose heart he used to save Maggieís patient. She tells him about Johnny finding out about it and blackmailing Steve. Dante concludes that Johnny must have been using Steve to facilitate the organ racket. Dante makes a call and finds out that Steve is in custody in Memphis. He suggests that Olivia call Alexis Davis. He agrees to go to Memphis and talk to the police. Olivia wants to go too. He tells her that they will not want to talk to the suspectís hysterical girlfriend and besides, she needs to stay and take care of Heather because if she is as volatile as Olivia says she is, then her involvement wonít help Steve either. Dante makes a call to say he wonít be returning to Sonnyís party because he has to go to Memphis right away. Sonny recalls catching Kate and Johnny in bed together. He throws her picture against the wall.  He burns everything that Kate ever gave him. Carly wants to know how Johnny ended up in bed with Kate. Johnny tells her that Sonny pushed him and he pushed back. He tells her that she was never supposed to get hurt. Connie tells him to admit that he is hot for her. He tells her to shut up and calls her Connie. Carly wonders why he caked Kate Connie. He says it is her name. He wants to explain. She says there is no explanation that will ever make it ok. She says the only good thing that came out of this is that Johnny and Sonny now both know what a lying two-timing whore Kate is. He tells her that eh only slept with Kate to get back at Sonny. She concludes that that is why he was sleeping with her, too. After Carly storms off, Connie tells Johnny that this is the end of Kate and Sonny. he says itís the end of Johnny and Carly too. Connie opines that it is no big loss. Johnny tells her to get out. She keeps coming onto him. He shakes her and tells her that she got what she came for and now it is done. Kate emerges and is horrified to see where she is, whom she is with, and that she is undressed. She hysterically asks Johnny to tell her that Connie didnít go through with her plan to sleep with him. He says he canít tell her that. He tells her that Sonny walked in on them. She supposes he is proud of his win. He reveals that Carly walked in on them too so they both lost the ones they love. That doesnít console her. She determines to tell Sonny everything before she loses him permanently. Carly goes to Sonnyís house and tells Sonny that Kate is a slut and that she threw herself at Johnny. Sonny says it was Johnnyís plan. He tells her to admit that Johnny isnít the man she thought he was. She tells him to admit that Kate isnít the woman he thought she was. Carly says they were both betrayed and asks him what they are going to do about it. She suggests that they fight fire with fire and kisses him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Neil pretends to bring some papers by for Katherine to look at, but really all he wants to do is see Harmony. Katherine sees through his plan and leaves them alone to talk. Daisy visits Nick and Phyllis to inform them that Lauren aimed a gun at her, but Nick and Phyllis feel no sympathy at all for her. At the Athletic Club bar, Ashley cannot believe that Tucker will not let this rest concerning Beauty of Nature. At the police station, Michael and Avery find out that Lauren will not be arraigned until the next day. Jill tells Michael that she knew that Lauren had a gun since February and didn’t tell him. Lauren and Michael have a talk before she is locked up until her arraignment. Neil and Harmony discuss their kiss and the effects that it was having on them and their loved ones. Michael blames Phyllis for knowing about the gun, too and not letting him know.

Michael tries to calm Phyllis down after blaming her for not telling him about the gun. Katherine visits Jill at Fenmore’s Boutique and offers to help her clerk. Jill is surprised by the offer. Harmony lets Neil know that she will be spending more time with Devon. She also orders him to stay away from her. Harmony finds Tucker sitting alone at the Athletic Club bar. They discuss how their lives have gone downhill all day long. Tucker isn't sure he can handle marriage. At Crimson Lights, Avery asks Michael what his next strategy is concerning Lauren. Michael reveals to Avery that Lauren told him that she completely snapped when it came to Daisy and her talking about Fen.

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