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The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/24/12 Short Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill checks in again with Oliver to be sure he knows exactly what he wants him to do concerning Hope in Aspen. Meanwhile Hope is so excited about going to Aspen. She wants to know what the weather will be like, everything. Although she has been there before, it wasn’t with Liam. She is grateful to his dad for opening this opportunity for them to get away from it all. She promises to wait patiently by the fire and have him a home cooked meal every night…. maybe even invite Steffy over for one of those nights. Maybe Aspen would be a great place for them to start and maybe Steffy would then realize they really are together. Brooke is not so sure Hope going to Aspen is a good idea. Fashion Week is huge in Aspen and the same reporters hounding her now will be hounding her there. Hope says she is not going to be taking any more pills. She has everything she wants right in front of her if she will just stay out of her own way. Bill continues to harangue Liam that Hope is just a dream that is not going to work for him. Ridge starts a meeting without Rick who barges in with Caroline. This is Steffy’s first introduction to Caroline. Justin doesn’t agree with all Bill is attempting to keep Hope out of Aspen. Steffy sets Rick straight that her father is in charge of the company and he’s not going anywhere. And she too is part owner so Rick can claw his way up the ladder all he wants. Bill gets a call back from Oliver who tells him all the plans are in place. Bill says no one will be held responsible except Hope for her demise. It will happen today.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

When Abe asked Stefano what he said (about Lexie’s condition being his fault), Stefano said he didn’t say anything. Abe said his wife was dying and if Stefano was the cause he wanted to know how. Stefano said Abe misheard him, but Abe knew he didn’t. He wanted answers to why Stefano thought he was responsible for Lexie’s condition. Before Stefano could answer, Nicole showed up crying in pain. Daniel was there and wanted to know what was wrong. Nicole said it was the baby. EJ wanted to know what the specialist said. Lexie told him there was no cure. He wanted to know how long she had. She said it is very aggressive. She measured her time in weeks. She comforted him when he was about to breakdown. She talked about the things she’s going to miss. When she mentioned what he did to become mayor, he apologized to her. She forgave him. She wanted to see what good he will accomplish now that he is mayor. She noticed something was wrong with him, but he wanted to focus on her. He told her Nicole was pregnant. He told her how Nicole claimed Rafe is the father of the baby. He didn’t want to burden her with his problems. While they were talking, EJ heard Nicole screaming. EJ went to Nicole to see what was wrong. Nicole yelled at Daniel to get EJ out of there. Lexie pushed EJ out of the room. EJ asked Abe what happened. Abe told him how Nicole grabbed her stomach and was in pain. EJ thought she might have been losing the baby. EJ wanted to be there for Nicole, but Lexie told him not to. Lexie didn’t want EJ to upset Nicole. When a nurse came out, EJ pounced on her and asked if Nicole lost the baby. He wanted to go in the room and check on Nicole, but the nurse told him that Nicole didn’t want him in there. He wanted to know if she could tell him what was going on, but she couldn’t. He felt he had rights because he is the father of the baby.

Rafe showed up at the hospital because Daniel called him. EJ was furious that Rafe got to see Nicole when he couldn’t. Daniel told EJ that when Nicole discovered she was pregnant, she filed papers saying that EJ wasn’t supposed to get any of her medical information. EJ thought she wasn’t thinking clearly. He told Daniel that he was the father of her baby. Daniel didn’t care if he was the father. Daniel was going to follow the rules. Nicole was happy to see Rafe. EJ wanted Stefano to help him get in to see Nicole. Stefano said all he had on his mind was Lexie. EJ reminded him that he was his son. Stefano said there was nothing he could do. When Stefano turned his back on him, EJ yelled at him not to do it. EJ said he would make Stefano regret it if he turned his back on him. EJ told Stefano that he was a cold man. EJ thought Stefano had pleasure in destroying his family. When Lexie wanted them to stop, she had a pain in her head. Abe was upset with EJ and Stefano for stressing out Lexie. Stefano asked if she were okay. She said she was okay, but it would be better if he left. He agreed to do what she wanted, but he wasn’t going to give up. He thought it shouldn’t have been happening to her. While Rafe was sitting in the room with Nicole, Daniel came in to check on her. Daniel warned Rafe that EJ still wants a DNA test. Nicole had a dream that she and EJ were happy together. While she was dreaming, EJ turned into Rafe. Dr. Yu told Abe what she told Stefano about the cause of Lexie’s tumor. Abe told the doctor that Lexie was kept prisoner in a tunnel. Abe said Lexie was held prisoner because of Stefano. Abe threatened to kill Stefano if he caused Lexie’s illness.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ewen leaves yet another message for Kate. Kate’s phone is unattended at Johnny’s house. Sonny goes to Johnny’s house and finds Kate and Johnny in bed together. Sonny concludes that Johnny must have drugged Kate and grabbed her. He promises Johnny that this is the last time he will take anything from him. He tells Kate to leave with him but she says she is where she wants to be and doesn’t need to be saved. Johnny says he may not be able to touch Sonny but he can touch his girlfriend as much as he wants and there is nothing that Sonny can do. Sonny draws his pistol and says he can kill them both. Carly goes to Johnny’s house and hears two gunshots. She runs upstairs and passes Sonny who won’t answer when she asks what he did. She reaches Johnny’s bedroom and finds him in bed with Kate. Carly tells Johnny to explain how he ended up in bed with that. Johnny says Sonny pushed him and he pushed back but Carly wasn’t supposed to get hurt. Connie keeps chiming in. Carly is surprised when Johnny says, “Shut up, Connie!”

John McBain goes to Sonny’s house with a gift and an FBI search warrant. John McBain searches the house. Ewen Keenan goes to Sonny’s house looking for Kate. Max tells him that she and Sonny are out celebrating and won’t tell him where they went. Ewen leaves. Max tells McBain that he is wasting his time. McBain leaves. At Sonny’s party, Alexis advises Jason to talk to Sam about whatever is bothering him. She warns him that if he keeps shutting Sam out, she will keep confiding in strangers like John McBain. Jason wants to know when Sam confided in McBain. Alexis tells him to go ask Sam. He does. Sam tells him that she and John happened to be at her mother’s house at the same time. He wonders why she didn’t tell him about it. She says it wasn’t important; it was just a coincidental meeting. Michael looks for Sonny and Kate and finds the hacked-up birthday cake. Carly jokes that Kate probably found an imperfection in the icing. Michael and Alexis tell Jason and Sam that Sonny and Kate are gone. Michael and Jason go looking for Sonny. Alexis wonders how Jason could leave his pregnant wife behind. Sam asks Alexis why she talked to Jason about John McBain. She says she was just trying to be supportive. Alexis offers to take Sam home, but Sam chooses to stay and wait for Jason to come back. When Michael and Jason arrive at Sonny’s house, Max tells them about McBain’s visit. Jason recalls Sam saying she got Franco’s DNA sample through an FBI contact. Jason asks why Max let McBain search the house alone. Max explains that Dr Keenan came to the door in the meantime. Jason asks Max how Kate has been treating him lately. Max says she has been a little tense, but he has dealt with worse. Jason goes to the hospital looking for Dr. Keenan but he isn’t there. Jason shows a picture of John McBain to Elizabeth and asks if that is the guy she saw Sam talking to the other day. Elizabeth confirms that it is. Michael returns to the Metro Court. Alexis asks him about John McBain and Sonny. Sam goes out on the terrace and talks to her unborn child. She asks for a sign that everything will be ok. John McBain walks out on the terrace behind her. Sonny goes home, throws his jacket, and pours a drink. He won’t listen to anything Max wants to tell him. He tells Max to get out.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Fenmore’s, Lauren and Michael discuss the fact that Fen is safe in Canada, but Michael insists that they bring him home so they can protect him here. Jill walks in and interrupts. Phyllis is upset that Daisy got custody of Lucy. Avery comes in and Phyllis lashes out at her for getting Daisy out of jail. Victor and Genevieve have a meeting over the sale of Beauty of Nature. Lauren insists that Daisy will never be able to hurt her again when who should walk in but Daisy herself. Lauren refuses to sell anything to her, but Daisy begins to talk about Fen and how good he must look in Fenmore’s clothing. Lauren becomes angry and going back in the office brings out a pistol and aims it right at Daisy. At the recording studio, Devon challenges Tucker, Ashley, Neil and Sofia to a dance competition. Frightened by Lauren, Daisy leaves Fenmore’s. Avery becomes upset over Phyllis’ actions toward her. Genevieve is quite concerned over the depths that Victor would go to to get exactly what he wants. Sofia, Neil, Tucker, Ashley, Devon, and Roxie go out to eat, but Neil sneaks away from the table to make a phone call to Harmony. Later, Sofia checks his phone to see exactly who he called. Michael and Avery meet at Crimson Lights and tell each other their troubles. Lauren and Jill are questioned by the police about what happened between them and Daisy.

Avery fears that she has lost Phyllis for good. Jill calls Michael and lets him know that Lauren was arrested. Genevieve meets with Tucker to talk business concerning Beauty of Nature, and if he would tell the SEC that he let her borrow the money in order to purchase Beauty of Nature. Tucker refuses to agree to Genevieve’s terms since he had been working secretly with the SEC himself. Victor stops by Phyllis’ and promises to help her regain custody of Lucy. Phyllis is surprised that Nick would go to his father for help concerning Lucy.

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