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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope calls Amber into her office and says she needs to apologize to Amber. She won’t be going to bat for Amber anymore to Brooke. And she won’t be accepting any more pills from Amber. She knew it was wrong since they were not reputable from her own doctor so she takes full responsibility for those actions. She knows Amber only wants to help, but no more. She is not taking any more pills from anyone. She will deal with the stress on her own and Liam will be by her side. She wants nothing to do with the pills or Amber ever again. Bill questions Liam about last night with Hope. Liam says he is going to take Hope with him to Aspen for Fashion Week. Bill doesn’t think that is a good idea as the reporters will be all over that. Taylor overhears and joins in that Steffy will be there too and she is still in love with Liam and will seize the opportunity. Bill quizzes Taylor about the anti-anxiety pills. Hope is nuts, wacko and ready to crack and she is on pills. He does not want her taking Liam down with her. But Aspen worked for Liam and Steffy before so he needs a plan. Steffy drops in on Hope; wanting to know what happened last night when Hope was a no-show. She understands there is a problem and suggests that Hope’s secret is safe with her. Hope admits she is seeing a psychiatrist, but no big deal. She states that Liam is all the support she needs; she does not need pills So Steffy can bring on all the stress that she can; they will be just fine. Liam is surprised to find them together. He’s there to ask Hope if she’d like to go to Aspen with him. He tells her not to worry about the press; he has a plan. Steffy huffs out and says looks like they are all going to be there together again….will be fun. Liam tells Hope that she needs a break, just the two of them in their own private retreat. She doesn’t even have to leave the house. Bills calls Oliver in Aspen who he’s paid for past favors. He tells him Liam will be there Fashion Week and bringing along his girlfriend, one who will be a problem. He’d like to think that Oliver can take care of this problem. Oliver is not comfortable with it until Bill mentions firing him if it comes to that. Oliver agrees that he will take care of the problem.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

While Bo, Hope, John and Marlena were in Boís hospital room, they talked about the coin.  John said Agent Spencer told him the code on half the coin was heavily encrypted.  They were able to partially crack the code.  The name was Yvette Brown. No one recognized the name.  Marlena suggested that they find out who she Yvette Brown is.  John said they have to find out who she is before Stefano made good on his threats.  Abe comforted Lexie over her illness.  Stefano was on the phone telling someone to get what he wants from John and Hope or else.  Stefano had a flashback of when he was younger.  He was with his dying father.  His father wanted him to continue to do what he couldnít.  His father needed him to find something.  His father said the future of the family depended on it.  Kate showed up at the mansion.  Stefano wanted her out of the mansion.  She wanted to tell him about Lexie.  She told him that Lexie was sick and dying.  He didnít believe her.  He got a call from Lexie.  Lexie wanted him to come down to the hospital so they could talk in person.  When she said it was important, he agreed to go to the hospital.  Kate wanted to go with him, but he didnít want her to go.  She insisted that she go because she loves Lexie too.  The two left the mansion.  Sami offered Lucas a job working with her.  Lucas didnít think it was a good idea working with her.  They talked about the offer until he left.  He let her know that he would be in touch.  EJ didnít think it would be a good idea for them to leave Salem.  Nicole thought it was a good idea.  When EJ kept objecting to the idea of leaving, Nicole thought it was because of Sami.  EJ denied Nicoleís accusation, but she didnít believe him.  When EJ kept coming up with excuses not to leave, Nicole thought he made his choice and chose Sami.  EJ said he didnít choose Sami and that he wanted to raise their baby together.  She said that it wasnít his baby.  EJ got a call and had to leave.  She cried after he left. 

Stefano and Kate ran into John, Marlena, and Hope at the hospital.  John thought he was harassing them about the coin until Lexie showed up.  When Stefano and Lexie embraced, Marlena wanted to know what was going on.  Kate told them that Lexie was dying and she wanted them to leave Stefano alone.  Lexie told Stefano that she has an inoperable brain tumor.  Stefano wanted to talk to the doctor.  Lexie said the doctor was going to tell him the same thing.  Stefano was getting upset, but Lexie tried to get him to face reality.  Stefano told her they were not going to let her give up.  Kate asked if there was anything she could do.  Stefano told her that she could leave.  She left.  Lexie asked why Stefano treated her like that.  He said he couldnít stand her.  Stefano wanted to call a doctor he knew, but she said not to.  She wanted him to accept reality.  When they hugged, EJ showed up.  John and Marlena saw Abe and talked to him about Lexie.  They tried to make him feel better about what was happening with Lexie.  Abe broke down and wondered what he was going to do without her.  Lexie told EJ that the tests were conclusive.  She said there was nothing anyone could do.  Stefano wanted EJ to take Lexie to her office so he could speak to the doctor.  When EJ and Lexie left, Stefano wanted to know what the doctor was going to do to help Lexie.  She said the best thing they could do was palliative care (make her feel comfortable).  Stefano told her the best thing she could do was keep his daughter alive.  He said if she couldnít do it, he would take matters into his own hands.  Lucas went back to Samiís and told her he would take the offer if it still stood.  He warned her that Kate was after her, which was why he took the job.  EJ asked Lexie how much time they had.  She said not enough.  He didnít want her to be strong.  He wanted her to cry on his shoulder.  The doctor warned Stefano that his threats were not going to help cure Lexie.  He apologized.  He wanted to know if what happened to Lexie was genetic.  She said tumors like Lexieís usually result from exposure to a specific gas.  She said the gas could be toxic, even fatal in high quantities.  He wanted to know how she could come in contact with that.  She said anywhere from a power plant or a factory.  She said the gas could be found underground, particularly in old mines and tunnels.  While Stefano thought it could have been his fault that Lexie had a tumor, Abe walked up and asked what did he say.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly gives Luke a bill for his stay at the Metro Court and tells him she never agreed to comp Anna too. She tells him that he put her in the middle of Johnny and Sonny when he sold that information about Claudia to Sonny. Luke wants to know what Carlyís relationship with Johnny is. He asks her to tell him that she isnít falling in love with Johnny. He tells her that she is fixated on Johnny because she canít have the man she is really in love with Jax. She insists that her feelings for Johnny are real. Luke says he wonders what will happen when the relationship is tested.

At Sonnyís birthday party, Sonny and Alexis wonder what is taking Kate so long to come back with the Kate. Olivia thanks Sonny for taking care of Johnny. Michael asks Dante about the stripper attacks. Dante tells him they have a suspect. Michael notices that Danteís demeanor toward Sonny has mellowed. Dante wonders how close Michael and Starr Manning are. Michael says he just wanted to help her. He says he hopes Dante finds the person that really caused the accident and suggests that it was Johnny. Sam keeps about Francoís baby but he doesnít want to think about that at the party because he came there to get away from thinking about it. Alexis tells them to expect nursery design pictures and baby name suggestions from Molly. Alexis suggests Jason Jr.  Jason walks away. Alexis wonders if Jason doesnít want the baby. Jason goes to sit with Michael and Michael talks about the baby too. Jason says he is tired of all the baby talk. Michael says he knows that Jason will be a great father because he stepped in as his father for the first year of his life. He says it takes an awesome man to raise another manís son that way. Alexis advises Jason to talk to Sam about whatever issues he is having so she wonít have to confide in strangers like John McBain. Sonny goes to look for Kate and finds the destroyed birthday cake. Connie shows up at Johnnyís door. He rejects her, but she persists. He tells her he isnít going to sleep with her because he doesnít want to hurt Carly. Sonny calls Kate. Kate connects the line but only says, ďJohnny, no!Ē She then tells Johnny that when Sonny arrives in a few minutes he can either catch them in bed together or she can tell him that Johnny was attacking her. He takes her to bed. Sonny arrives and catches them in the act.

Luke warns Lulu to stay away from Ronnie. Lulu begins her investigation of Ronnie. He looks at her computer and wonders why she was looking at the duty roster. She says she was checking Danteís schedule because she thought he was supposed to be at work. He tells her that Dante left early to go to Sonnyís party. He thanks her for breaking the Padilla case. When Lulu gets back to her search, she discovers that Ronnie was off duty when all the attacks occurred. Ronnie calls Dante and tells him that one of the people they busted for organ trafficking is saying that Steve Webber was the doctor on the inside that was helping them. Dante and Olivia leave the party to go to the police station. Olivia gets a call from Heather saying that the Memphis police department just showed up at their door looking for Steve. Olivia asks Dante to go with her to Steveís house. When Lulu leaves the station, Ronnie follows her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil can’t stop thinking about his kiss with Harmony. When she bumps into him at Crimson Lights, he spills the coffee he got for Sofia on his shirt. Sofia who is sitting at a nearby table notices the sparks and the tension between Neil and Harmony. When she asks Neil what he did last night, he tells her he, Cane, Lily and Harmony listened to Angelina’s new song. When Neil goes to the bathroom to clean his shirt, Sofia reminds Harmony that she shouldn’t keep Neil out late at night, because he has a wife and son at home. Sofia also tells Harmony she loves Neil although sometimes he can be a mess. Harmony sees Sarge and introduces him to Neil and Sofia as her boyfriend. Neil later talks to Harmony and tells her he didn’t buy her act because she wouldn’t have kissed him the way she did last night if Sarge was her boyfriend. Harmony tells Neil to concentrate on his wife and baby, because she will be concentrating on Sarge. Sofia rents a room for her and Neil at the Athletic club and they make love.

Nikki tells Jack what happened with Victor at the stables, and he thinks that maybe they rushed into a relationship, because she is still in love with Victor. Nikki tells Jack that Victor’s love for her is destructive, and she can’t handle that anymore. Victor shows up at Jack’s house telling him that he will be sorry if his relationship with Nikki drives her to the bottle again. Nikki tells Victor that she is fine and her life is none of his concern anymore, then she slams the door in his face. Nikki tells Jack she does want to be with him, and she won’t let him push her away and then they make love. Daniel loses custody of Lucy, because she went missing at the coffeehouse for a few minutes. The judge gives sole custody of Lucy to Daisy and visitation to Daniel whenever Daisy allows him to visit. Phyllis is very upset and fires Ricky after she confronts him about the set up he planned at the coffeehouse. Ricky won’t admit to anything and leaves the Restless Style office. Ricky heads to Daisy’s place where he tells her what happened today is just a small part of his revenge on Phyllis. Ricky plans to write a tell-all book about Phyllis divulging her dirty little secrets. Daniel decides to leave town for a couple of weeks to talk to his art dealer about his finances. Daniel assures Phyllis that when he returns, he will fight for Lucy because he is the only one who should raise her. Avery and Phyllis patch things up after their fight about their father and the Black Beauty book that George left Phyllis. Avery wants to get to know Lucy, and Phyllis agrees to let her be a part of Lucy’s life when Daniel wins custody of Lucy.

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