Friday 4/20/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 4/20/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy kisses Liam and grins that Hope’s loss is her gain; she will keep him company and not apologize. She is still his wife. After more phone calls of not connecting, he tells Steffy that he’d better go check on her. Thomas dines Caroline and makes no secret that he likes her and wants to work with her. He went all out and even picked some favorites that wasn’t on the menu. She enjoys the shrimp, the candles, the tiki torches, every last romantic detail. The night is perfect. He asks her to dance and he kisses her. She doesn’t want the night to end but she does have work tomorrow. Hope is so apologetic when Liam wakes her up and she realizes she just lay down for a second and then fell asleep and forgot about their dinner date. He sees the pictures on the internet and grabs the laptop and wants to get rid of it. She begs him not to….and then even confesses that she couldn’t breathe so she took a pill….one not from her doctor but from Amber. Liam blasts her for being so irresponsible. She agrees that she knows the pills are not the answer and she doesn’t want to be dependant on them. He tells her that her suffocating sounds like panic attacks. She promises never again; she will just have to pull it together because she has him. She knows she messed up. He can’t stand what this is doing to them just because they wanted to be together and live their lives. She bemoans the fact that Steffy is still wearing his ring and she feels like this house is still Steffy’s. She only wants to be in his arms. He says he will always be there for her, but no more pills. He gets her to promise that. Steffy heads back to the office and can’t wait to spread her news to Brooke and Ridge that Hope was a no show so she kept Liam company. She lets it slip also that they will be in Aspen together and does not think Liam will bring Hope along. That is the last place she needs to be with the hounding of the press.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Lexie, Abe, Cameron, and Celeste went to see the doctor.  Lexie was hopeful about the outcome.  The doctor wanted to check with the lab.  While Kate, Ian, and Lucas were in Ianís office, Kate said there was no way she could work with Madison as CEO of Mad World.  Kate thought they would kill each other.  Ian said he would enjoy watching them work together.  Kate was not impressed.  EJ told Nicole that he couldnít lose her.  Nicole said he already lost her.  He didnít want to accept that.  He told her she was carrying his child so they were going to be connected.  She reminded him that he is not the father.  He was willing to live with her denial, but he couldnít live without her.  He declared his love for her, but she didnít care about him anymore.  Rafe told Carrie that there was something she needed to know about him and Nicole.  It would change everything between them so they could be together.  EJ tried to appeal to Nicole, but she didnít want to hear it.  He said without her he didnít have anything left.  He told her his life was falling apart and he thought he deserved it.  Carrie asked if Rafe and Nicole were in love.  Rafe said they werenít.  He said the truth was complicated.  She thought it was because of the baby.  He said she had to give it time.  Austin and Sami walked up on them while they were talking.  Ian told Kate and Madison they are smart and talented so Mad World would succeed.  He wanted them to focus on their hated for Sami.  Lucas wanted him to leave Sami out of it.  Kate didnít want Lucas defending Sami.  Kate wanted Ian to fire Madison.  Nicole asked EJ about his problems with Stefano.  He opened up to her about his conversation with Stefano.  He told her how much he needs her since Lexie has too much on her plate right now.

Austin said he didnít know that Carrie was meeting Rafe.  Sami wanted to know what they were talking about.  Rafe said it was none of her business.  Sami and Carrie got into an argument.  Kate agreed to work for Ian if he fired Madison.  Ian refused to do it.  Kate agreed to work for him if he hired Lucas.  She wanted someone there she could trust.  Ian agreed to do it.  Lucas said he wasnít looking for a job because he has a life in Hong Kong.  Kate was happy that he was getting away from Sami.  The doctor came back with the results.  The doctor agreed with Danielís prognosis.  The doctor said there was nothing anyone could do for Lexie.  Nicole and EJ went to her place so they could talk.  He unloaded on her all of the bad things he did.  She was there for him to comfort him.  He asked if she could find it in her heart to trust him again.  Lexie wanted to know how much time she had.  The doctor said it was an aggressive growth and said she had a matter of weeks maybe months to live.   Nicole said EJ broke her heart, which is why she canít trust or forgive him.  He thought the baby could help them fix things.  She reminded him again that it was Rafeís baby.  He didnít believe it.  He begged her for another chance.  He kissed her neck.  Lucas went to Samiís apartment and they talked about the job offer he got.  While he was there, he got a call from his fiancťe who ended up breaking up with him.  Nicole wanted to believe that EJ was being sincere.  He thought that she and Lexie were the only ones who loved him unconditionally.  He didnít want to lose either one of them.  Nicole wanted him to prove that she could trust him and take him back.  She wanted to leave Salem for good.  While Celeste and Cameron were talking about Lexie, Kate conveniently overheard them.  Kate asked if Stefano knew about Lexie and wanted to tell him.  Sami had a proposition for Lucas.  EJ wanted to know why Nicole wanted to leave Salem.  She thought there were too many memories there.  He asked about Johnny and Sydney.  She said they could go with them.  She said he had to be willing to raise Rafeís child.  She said if he agreed he would have her forever. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke talks to Ethan. Lulu goes to see Luke and tells him that she thinks the police arrested the wrong man for the stripper beatings. She tells him that she feels responsible because she is the one who first cast suspicion on Eddie Padilla and if he isnít the guy, then she feels like she is helping the attacker get away with it. She tells him that she thinks the real attacker is Ronnie Dimestico, the cop and Danteís friend.   Luke tells her that there is no worse enemy than someone who is violent and has a badge so she will need solid proof.  He suggests that she tell her theory to Dante. Dante tells Ronnie that he isnít so sure Eddie Padilla attacked Johnnyís dancers. Ronnie insists that the pictures in Eddieís closet are hard evidence that he did it.  He gets Dante to agree that no matter what, they will always have each otherís backs. Lulu goes to the police station and begins investigating Ronnie.

Carly is unaware that Kate is having a party for Sonny at the Metro Court. She thinks it is in poor taste to have a party the day after a court case. She says she is really happy that Sonny didnít cause the accident. Michael wonders why she is dating the guy that tried to frame Sonny and asks if she is bringing him to the party. She tells him she isnít planning to attend, but she may come alone so she can hang out with him. Alexis takes Sonny his official statement of acquittal and wishes him a happy birthday. Neither of them has heard from Kristina lately. Sonny figures she is too busy to wish her father a happy birthday. Alexis is still worried about the way Kristina got into Yale. Sonny tells her than only the two of them and Kate know about it so Krissy will never find out. Alexis is appalled to find out that he told Kate. Kate eavesdrops on their conversation and hears Alexis say that she compromised her morals and ethics to get Kristina into Yale. Kate doesnít show up to check into Shady Brook because Connie is in control. Ewen repeatedly calls her but she wonít answer. Sonny is concerned that Kate suddenly stopped her therapy. She tells him that she is feeling more like herself.  Connie calls Johnny but he isnít interested in her offer. Dante and Ronnie pay Johnny a visit to ask him about some black market organs moving from General Hospital that they got a tip about. Johnny denies any knowledge of it. Dante tells him that the fatal accident case has been reopened since Sonny was acquitted and advises Johnny not to leave the country. Johnny makes a phone call to berate someone for their error and then proceeds to throw things all over the house. Carly comes over and wonders what is happening. He tells her that Sonny messed up a big business deal for him. She asks him not to retaliate. After she leaves to go to the party, Johnny calls Sonny and tells him that he knows he is responsible for his guys being picked up on the loading dock. Sonny confirms it. Johnny says Sonny will pay for it. He tells him that he wonít be going after his business; he is going straight for his heart. Sonny tells him to give it his best shot. Dante overhears the conversation.  Jason is too preoccupied with dealing with the fact that Sam is pregnant with Francoís child to answer Carlyís calls. Jason wonders what if the baby turns out like Franco. Sam says Jason is still the babyís father in every way that matters. He is still upset about her keeping it all secret. She says she was just trying to protect him. He tells her that he doesnít want to be protected. Connie calls to invite Jason and Sam to Sonnyís birthday party. Sam thinks they could use the distraction. At the party, Alexis asks Michael if he has heard from Kristina. He has not. Sonny and Michael are pleased to see that Dante could make it to the party. Michael tells Sonny that Carly said she will come to the party and wonít bring Johnny. Sam and Jason arrive at the party. Alexis asks Sam what is bothering her, but Sam doesnít want to talk about it. Sonny asks Jason to talk to Kate to clear the air about their argument. Jason thinks it was more than an argument. Sonny tells him that Kateís psychiatrist said that whatever was bothering Kate is over now. Sonny looks for Kate. Connie destroys Sonnyís birthday cake and then goes to Johnnyís apartment.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane, Lily , Neil, and Harmony have fun in Devon’s studio listening to Angelina’s latest song. The group sings and dances and Lily notices the spark between Neil and Harmony. Cane and Lily talk outside the studio where Cane assures Lily Neil was just having fun and he would never do anything to jeopardize his marriage. Neil and Harmony share one last dance in the studio once Cane and Lily are gone and they get caught up in the slow song and share a kiss. Nikki and Victor have another argument this time in the stables and Nikki heads off angry to ride which leads to her falling from her horse. Victor bandages Nikki’s ankle and they admit their love to each other and that they want to be together. Nikki tells Victor that his kind of love is destructive and she can’t deal with it anymore. Victor tells Nikki he will get his driver to take her home and then he leaves the stable quietly obviously hurt by what Nikki told him.

Daniel takes Lucy to Phyllis’s apartment then leaves when Nick arrives and goes to Crimson Lights with Lucy. Phyllis tells Nick that she and Avery will always disagree about their father and she would be relieved if Avery was out of her life. Nick and Phyllis are making love when Daniel calls to tell her he turned his back for a second and now Lucy is missing. Nick calls Michael and he and Avery rush to the coffeehouse. Nick and Phyllis also arrive and everyone talks to the police. Ricky has Lucy in his car with him giving her cookies. Ricky waits a while and then gives the baby to Daniel telling the police he found Lucy walking alone in the parking lot. Once Ricky is gone Michael discusses how to handle the situation at the hearing tomorrow. Phyllis thinks this situation looks way too covenant and thinks it’s a set up right before the hearing tomorrow. Ricky calls Daisy and tells her he just made sure she would get custody of Lucy tomorrow. Ricky texts Daisy the details so she can tell her lawyer. Daisy thanks Ricky for helping her get custody of Lucy. Lucy being missing for a while makes Daniel realize how important Lucy is to him and that he would die if anything happened to her.

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