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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy remarks to Thomas that for the first time in her life, she feels like she is drama free. It is now more about Amber, Caroline and Hope. If she just holds her ground, she believes Liam will come back to her. The divorce will never happen. Hope calls Liam and is so excited about going out to dinner tonight. Bill warns him that might not be a good idea of them acting like a normal couple in public. That didn’t go so well for her the last time. Rick is dismayed. He feels like he is missing something. Caroline explains to him that she likes him and respects his choices, but it’s a working relationship and she is not interested in anything more. So she called off the dinner date. Although she turned him down before, Thomas is convinced by Steffy to give Caroline another call to meet him at the Bikini and she agrees. Liam shows up first and is waylaid by Steffy. They happen upon the fact that they both will be in Aspen for their companies at the same time for Aspen Fashion Week. Hope is dressed but looks at the internet and ends up seeing images of her - fraud, hypocrite, adulterer. She hyperventilates until she rushes to take a pill. She become sluggish and sleepy and lies down on the couch. Thomas shows Caroline a very secluded spot at Bikini where they can have a private dinner and get to know each other better. Liam calls Hope, but she is passed out and doesn't answer. He tells Steffy that Hope should be here by now. Steffy says she knows that Hope is not going to stand him up. Steffy's just going to concentrate on them being in Aspen and she will have her memories……for now. She gives him a kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the town square, Kate told Ian that it was all over the Internet that Stefano took everything from her and that he gave Sami Countess W.  Ian told her that Stefano rejecting her was the best thing that ever happened to her.  Kate didnít see it.  Lucas walked up on them while they were talking.  Lucas couldnít believe that Stefano kicked her out for Ian.  Kate wanted to explain, but Lucas didnít want to hear it.  Ian introduced himself to Lucas.  Lucas realized that Kate cheated on Stefano with Ian.  Kate and Ian tried to explain what happened between them.  Ian told Lucas that he was in love with Kate.  Lucas realized that he knew Ian.  EJ went to Samiís office at Countess W to talk about Stefano.  EJ reminded Sami that she was given a great opportunity and she shouldnít blow it.  He told her that Stefano gave her the company to stick it to Kate.  She said she was going to make the company more successful than Kate did.  EJ thought Stefano didnít care if she ran the company into the ground.  EJ was going to help her because he did care if she ruined the company.  Carrie had a dream that she made love to Rafe.  When Austin came in the room, he was happy that they were making their marriage work.  They talked for a while until he left.  When he left, she called Rafe and told him they needed to talk.  Ian reminisced to Lucas that they met when Lucas was a kid.  They went on a skiing trip when Lucas was a kid.  When Ian left, Lucas told Kate that he hoped Ian was worth it. 

EJ and Sami talked about what Stefano has been doing to him for months.  They also got on the subject of running the company.  He wanted to help her, but she didnít need his help.  Carrie and Rafe met at the town square.  She told him that she still has feelings for him.  She told him that she has loved Austin for years, but she doesnít have those feelings for him anymore.  He told her that she hasnít done anything wrong, but she didnít agree.  She told him that she keeps thinking of him when sheís with Austin.  She said she still loved Austin, but she canít get Rafe out of her head.  Kate told Lucas why she slept with Ian.  They got on the subject of Sami and Kate said she is going to get revenge on Sami.  Sami offered to be friends with EJ even though they wouldnít be working together.  She apologized to him for what Stefano is doing to him.  Rafe and Carrie talked about the baby heís having with Nicole.  Rafe tried to tell her that there was something she didnít understand about Nicoleís baby.  She thought that they could have a chance if they were honest with each other in the beginning.  He thought there might still be a chance.  She wanted to know the story between him and Nicole and he said he would tell her everything. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick is wallowing in depression at home when Epiphany goes to see him because he didnít show up for his shift. She sees that the place is a mess with empty alcohol bottles and take out containers and tells him that he canít live like that. She tells him to go ahead and wallow tonight but she will be back for him in the morning. Spinelli and Matt investigate the party boat where Lisa Niles was killed. Spinelli is confident that he knows who it is. Patrick. Matt wonít accept that theory. Spinelli reveals that Patrick didnít turn his clothing over to the police for a full month after the event, giving him plenty of time to dispose of incriminating evidence. Spinelli wants to confront Patrick. Matt wants Patrick to have time to mourn Robin. Spinelli wonders if Patrick could have blocked out the incident from his memory. Matt says Patrick would never forget doing something like that. Matt says he is the one that got hammered and doesnít remember most of that night.

John McBain goes to visit Anna. He laments that Sonny has again gotten away with murder. Anna says it is possible that Sonny really is innocent in this case. Johnny says the prosecution messed up and now it is his turn. Anna tells him that he has to trust the system. She asks him what will happen to Natalie and Liam while he is off chasing Sonny. She encourages him to go home and not miss time with his son the way she missed time with Robin. He insists that he owes it to his sister. She gives him 60 days to investigate Sonny. She tells him that he needs to tell Natalie what he is doing in Port Charles all this time. He agrees to go home and tell Natalie what is going on. Sonny goes to see Michael. Michael tells him that Starr is gone. Sonny said he came to tell him that Kate is planning a party for his birthday at the Metro Court. Michael says he will be there. Michael says he is glad that Sonny was acquitted. Sonny asks Michael if he has any doubts about his innocence. Michael says he believes Sonny and wonders if Johnny will try to come after Sonny again. Sonny is sure that Johnny will try but is confident that Johnny wonít be able to do anything to him. After Sonny leaves, Michael listens to Starrís demo CD. Starr goes to see Johnny at his penthouse. He tells her that he is sorry for her loss and that Sonny was acquitted. She asks him if she is sorry because Sonny is guilty or because he is guilty and wanted Sonny to take the blame.  Johnny says he knows Sonny caused the accident. He tells her about Sonny shooting Dante and setting up the car bomb that nearly killed Kristina. He tells her about Michael getting caught in the crossfire and he tells her about Sonny revealing the secret about Claudia being his mother in front of a room full of people. He explains that he knows what it is like to have Sonny ruin your life and then laugh in your face.  She tells him that she came to Port Charles with nothing and now she is leaving with less- she doesnít even have a job to go back to because her record deal financing fell through. Johnny knows of her producer Rick Powers and says he is a sleaze. He offers to help her, gets her out of her contract with Rick, and offers to sign her. She asks him why he is helping her. He tells her that if she has talent then it is a good investment for him. He says if she stays in Port Charles, she might be able to see Sonny get whatís coming to him. They make the deal.

Sam shows Jason the DNA results that show Robert Frank is the father of the child she is carrying.  Jason wonders how Sam got Francoís DNA. She tells him she had a contact at the FBI. Jason figures out that her schedule mix-up with Dr. Lee wasnít a mix-up at all, but she was there for the DNA test and Dr Lee covered for her. Sam admits that is true. Jason concludes that Sam lied to him again. She says she was trying to spare him. He tells her he doesnít want to be spared and that he needed to know this information. She says she delayed telling him because she hoped that she would be able to tell him that the baby was still his when she broke the news that the psychopath that has been torturing them was his brother. He tells her that she should have told him so that he could have helped her. He asks her why she kept another secret after they just went through it with Robin. He doesnít understand why she canít talk to him but she can talk to a stranger like John McBain. She tells him she was scared. She asks him if he can still be a part of her babyís life knowing that Franco is the father. He canít answer.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Michael is so distracted by the fact that Lauren refuses to bring Fenmore home that he forgets to file an important motion for Daniel’s custody hearing. Daisy still has her heart set on having a family with Daniel and Lucy, even though Daniel keeps telling her that her dream will never happen. Daisy tells Ricky that she won’t resort to tricks to get sole custody of Lucy but changes her mind after Daniel rejects her idea of them being a family one more time. Daisy tells Ricky to do whatever it takes to make sure Daniel doesn’t get custody of Lucy. Phyllis and Avery have another argument about their father George because despite everything, Avery wants to remember George as a good father while Phyllis thinks that George just pretended to be a good father for the sake of looking good to other people. Avery and Michael share drinks and talk about their complicated families.

Kevin takes Chloe and Delia to see the house. Although Chloe had every intention of not liking the house, she loves it and decides to make the house the Fisher home. Sofia tells Neil the truth that she still works for Tucker, and the distance with her and Tucker was a ploy to infiltrate Beauty of Nature and later Newman Enterprises and find out Victor’s bid for Beauty of Nature. Neil is hurt by Sofia’s lack of trust but a talk with Harmony makes Neil see that Sofia didn’t intentionally break his trust. Tucker goes to Katherine’s to apologize for not letting her know the day Devon had his implants turned on so she could be there. Tucker tells Katherine that everyone was so excited about what happened that they forgot to tell her. Katherine figures out that Tucker was pretending to fight with Sofia so that she could infiltrate Beauty of Nature and Newman Enterprises. Katherine congratulates Tucker on his brilliant business move, but as his mother she isn’t happy that he made Sofia lie to Neil.

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