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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick coos to Amber that her drawings make him look like a genius. He grabs her and plants a big kiss on her……it’s a fantasy. Rick thinks he is seeing double when he starts to enter Ridge’s office and finds both Donna and Pam manning the reception desk. Pam offers him lemon bars; Donna has some hockey puck brownies. Amber barges in and both Brooke and Ridge have to tell her that she is not welcome. She is not part of this line. Thomas has the answer. Amber can continue with work with Rick and he can work with Caroline. Brooke won’t hear of that. Amber is history. She tells Rick that Amber is nothing but trouble and he has to let her go. Rick thanks Caroline for taking up for Amber and then he asks Caroline out for a dinner date….at a real restaurant not just at the office while they are working. Thomas is not far behind and also asks Caroline out. She has to decline for tonight with other plans but takes him up on the offer for tomorrow. Amber manages to grab a dress off the rack and goes about doing her special thing; she has a plan with her super magic on the computer. Caroline tells Amber that she did not come there to take over her job. She feels badly that Amber is being pushed out. Amber brings Rick into the conversation and implies that she and Rick still have old feelings and act on them occasionally. She makes sure that she gets the word across that Rick really feels his designs; she shows Caroline an image of Rick wearing one of his dresses. She blurts out that Rick occasionally likes to dress like a woman. Brooke tells Ridge that it very important that Rick gets Amber out of his life so Ridge should not encourage Thomas to be with Caroline but leave clear space for Rick and Caroline. Caroline can’t get over the photo of Rick in a dress and immediately tells him that she suddenly has other plans for tonight and will have to cancel their dinner. Amber can barely stifle her giggles.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the coffeehouse, Will and Gabi talked about him being gay.  She blamed herself for why he was gay, but he reassured her that it wasnít her fault.  She felt something was wrong with her because another guy she liked in high school told her he was gay.  At Madisonís office, Madison told Brady that she was going to get Sami for running Countess W.  Madison told Brady that he could leave if he was going to side with Sami.  Brady said he was there for her.  While they were reminiscing, Ian showed up.  He wanted to talk to her alone.  When Madison said she would be all right, Brady left.  EJ wanted Stefano to tell him what the files meant.  Stefano didnít want to talk about it in front of an enemy (Kate).  She said she wasnít the enemy.  She was his wife and he loved her. He said that wouldnít last long.  He was willing to accept that she was a hooker, but he wouldnít put up with her still being in the business.  EJ said he wasnít leaving without answers.  EJ wanted to know why Stefano was sabotaging everything he tried to do.  Stefano said he wasnít the man he thought he was.  EJ said he doesnít recognize him either.  Stefano would have been willing to talk to him about the files, but not in front of Kate.  Kate tried to plead with him, but it didnít do any good.  He considered her dead to him.  He told her to get out or he would have her thrown out.  When she tried to plead her case for them to be together, he wasnít hearing it.  She told him she wasnít going to lose her livelihood even though she lost him.  She told him how she built both businesses by herself.  He reminded her that it was his now.  She said he wasnít responsible for the success of the companies because he was only a silent partner.  He cracked about it being sad when a partner betrays you.  She said he was leaving her with nothing.  He screamed at her to get out.  Gabi told Will about going after Chad when Chad and Melanie showed up.  Will told Gabi not to go after Chad, but she didnít want to listen. 

Ian told Madison that he sees how much she loves Brady.  Ian didnít want to stand in the way of them being together.  He said he wanted a divorce.  He wasnít going to hold anything over Bradyís head.  He wanted to let her go.  She was happy about the decision.  She thanked him and went after Brady.  EJ said that while he was setting up John, Stefano did everything he could to undermine him.  EJ reminded Stefano that he rigged the election so he could lose.  Stefano wanted to know why he was upset when he is the mayor.  EJ wanted Stefano to tell him why he would try to ruin him.  Stefano threw up in EJís face that EJ acted as if he didnít know him when he ran for election.  Stefano said EJ didnít tell him that he was setting up John.  EJ said he did those things to prove that he was ready lead the family.  Stefano said he failed.  EJ said it was because of Stefano that he failed.  Stefano said EJ would never lead the family.  EJ questioned what Stefano said.  Stefano didnít know how long he had to live, but there was always Chad.  EJ thought that Chad was a stupid choice since he doesnít want to talk to Stefano.  EJ thought Stefano was threatened by him.  Stefano laughed.  EJ said he is his son and have stood by him through everything.  EJ felt he had a right to know what he did to deserve all of this.  Stefano said he didnít want to know.  EJ wanted to know what Stefano was going to tell the children.  Stefano said he wasnít going to tell them anything.  Stefano told EJ that his failure wasnít his fault.  Stefano blamed himself for not being careful enough.  Kate went to Madisonís office to see Ian.  She told him what Stefano did to her.  Ian was furious that Stefano would destroy her like that.  Ian told her that he was getting a divorce from Madison.  He said he loved her and wanted to be with her.  She said she was broke and her life is a mess.  He told her he was filthy rich and could give her a job at Titan.  He suggested that the two of them get revenge on Stefano.  She thought Stefano would come after him.  Ian didnít think so.  Ian said Stefano was going to regret the day he hurt her.  EJ felt that Stefano was hiding something from him.  EJ intimated that Stefano hasnít felt like a father to him in a long time.  When EJ left, Stefano pulled out Aliceís letter.  There was a birth certificate with the letter.  Stefano said to himself that EJ wasnít his son.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael comes home and finds Starr packing. He suggests that his father really didnít cause the accident and that the person who did is still out there, so she should stay. She doesnít buy the idea that Johnny framed Sonny. She leaves. Johnny is angry that Carly asked him if he set up Sonny. He swears that he didnít and canít believe that she would ask him that when she is his alibi. He asks her why she has changed. She apologizes and says she shouldnít have doubted him. Later, Starr shows up at Johnnyís door. Ewen has made all the arrangements for Kate to check into Shady Brook.  Kate attempts to tell Sonny about her condition, only to be interrupted by Olivia and Max.  Max tells Sonny that he found out the connection between Johnny Zacchara and Steve Webber. Kate tells Olivia that she isnít interested in Steve. Olivia badgers her enough for Connie to start talking to Kate so Kate runs upstairs where she sees Connie in the mirror. Sonny tells Olivia that this time tomorrow Johnny wonít be bothering Steve anymore. Sonny and Olivia wish each other happiness in their respective relationships. Connie takes control and tells Sonny that she isnít going to see Dr Keenan anymore. She says she wants to throw him a party at the Metro Court for his birthday. Ewen calls Kate to confirm their appointment to check into Shady Brook in the morning. Connie says she will be there, then she tells Kate in the mirror that she wonít make it because she has a party to plan that Sonny will never forget. Carly goes to see Sonny and tells him that Johnny didnít frame him and warns him not to do anything to Johnny.

Steve tells Ewen that Heather has agreed to have a session with him, but only because he said it was a condition of her release from Fern Cliff. Maggie catches Heather reading a medical chart, but Heather refuses to give it to her. Maggie asks her if she is crazy. Heather warns her not to ever call her crazy. Maggie, who is now pinned against the triage desk, yells for security. Steve and Ewen run out and Steve removes Heather from Maggie. Ewen takes Heather to his office. Heather stonewalls him. Steve apologizes to Maggie for the misunderstanding. Maggie assures him that it was no misunderstanding and that his mother made it clear that she does what she wants. After their session Ewen tells Steve that he canít tell whether Heather is sane or a good actress. Maggie apologizes to Heather for misunderstanding. Heather tells her that she will regret it if she ever calls her crazy again. Johnny calls Steve and tells him he wants the information by the end of the day. Olivia tells Steve that she doesnít think Johnny will be a problem for much longer. Sam tells Jason the story of his birth and his twin brother whom Heather sold to Betsy Frank.  Jason wants to believe Heather made that story up. Sam shows him the hospital bracelet that she got from Francoís mother and tells him that the baby in the DVD wasnít him; it was Franco. Jason realizes that he killed his own brother. He then wonders if the fact that Franco was his brother makes a difference to the DNA test. She tells him that she had another test that determined that Franco is the father.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor and Genevieve surprise everyone by appearing at Billy and Victoria’s and letting them know that Victor has once again gained control of Beauty of Nature and that they spent the night together. Victor and Genevieve are equally surprised to find out that Nikki and Jack hooked up. Sharon bumps into Adam at the Athletic Club and commends him on his rescuing Chelsea from the river and then delivering her baby. Adam is not impressed by Sharon’s remarks and thus tells her that she didn’t believed him until she talked to Chelsea and found out the truth. Tucker arrives at Victoria’s and sensing the tension in the room, he asks what is going on. Jill informs Tucker that Genevieve sold Beauty of Nature back to Victor. Nick asks Victor the terms of the agreement between him and Genevieve. Billy takes charge of the situation, ends the party, and orders everyone to go home. Billy pulls Abby aside and asks her for a favor. Victoria asks to talk to Victor alone. Genevieve reluctantly decides to leave. Victoria tells Victor that she knows that he conspired with Chelsea to try to end her marriage to Billy by having Chelsea seduce him. Victoria orders Victor out of their home and not to ever come back. At Crimson Lights, Jill points out all of Genevieve’s faults to Tucker, but all his mind is on is watching Genevieve, who just arrived. Tucker confronts Genevieve about her recent actions concerning Victor and Beauty of Nature. Nick calls Sharon to tell her to get to the office fast because Victor gained control of Beauty of Nature. Sharon lets Adam know that Hope would be proud of him for saving Chelsea’s life. Victor confronts Adam about not telling anyone that he saved Chelsea’s life.

Jill bumps into Katherine, who is just on her way to Billy’s, but Jill lets her know that the party ended. Jill explains everything to Katherine about how Victor and Genevieve hooked up and also about Nikki and Jack. Tucker is more than a little surprised by Genevieve’s recent actions in selling Beauty of Nature back to Victor. Victor upsets both Nick and Sharon by telling them they would now be answering to Genevieve. Tucker calls Sofia to let her know that Victor once again controls Beauty of Nature. Nikki visits Victor and they argue as usual which results in Nikki moving out, but not before she lets him know that Adam was the one who told Victoria about his connection with Chelsea. Genevieve visits Jack to try to make amends, but he lets her know that their marriage would have been a mistake. At the bar at the Athletic Club a woman commends Adam on his saving Chelsea’s life. Chelsea walks up to join Adam. Reed arrives to surprise Victoria. Abby tells Jill and Katherine about Victor’s connection to Chelsea.

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