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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

After reading online about the dangers of some fraudulent pharmacies, Amber feels badly what she may have done to Hope by giving her the pills. Liam convinces Hope not to let those reporters bother her again like that and she agrees, she is over it now. Rick and Caroline are surprised when Brooke tells them that Ridge is taking the emphasis off of Hope for The Future line so she has chosen them to be the new photo shoot for Rick’s line. Amber looks on during the shooting and can’t stand it. Bill continues on his harangue of Hope. He tells Steffy that something is wrong with the girl if she is seeing a shrink and popping pills and he doesn’t think it is going to get better. Liam walks in before he can say more. He leaves immediately and recommends they talk. Liam realizes that Steffy knows everything. She says she knows Bill’s side; she’d like to hear his. She says he does not have to hide his feelings; she knows he is worried. However her own mother is a psychiatrist and there is nothing wrong in needing some help. He muses that Hope is better now but it surprised him that she did not initially tell him. Steffy glides closer to him and says she has not forgotten…..and she is not giving up on him nor their marriage. They clasp hands. Brooke thanks Caroline for doing the shoot and warns her that yes she is all for the get rid of Amber theme but she does want Caroline to be aware that Amber will do anything to anyone to get what she wants. Amber questions Hope if she is feeling better now and that she really only took one or two pills. Hope assures her all is well; everyone has some anxiety problems. Amber locks the door and confesses that she hopes Hope won’t be mad at her, but those last pills did not come from Dr. Barton; they were from Amber. Hope is flabbergasted that Amber would go to such lengths to sneak her pills. She hasn’t taken that many and she can’t joke about the reporters hounding her, and the pills have helped. Amber tells her she looks like she is handling it well and she doesn’t need to take the pills anymore. She isn’t convincing Hope so Amber finally says well it they really made her feel better, she could get her some more. She too needs help. She really likes Rick a lot but now Caroline is in the way. She just really wants Brooke to give her a second chance. Amber has to hide quickly when Brooke knocks on the door and wonders why it is locked. Hope says she feels really sorry for Amber as she now knows how it feels for the whole world to be against you. She thinks Brooke should lighten up and give Amber another chance. When Brooke leaves, Amber gives Hope six more pills. Hope says Steffy and Liam will not always be married and these conflicts will go away, but until then she needs to get through all of this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Gabi told Will that Chad and Melanie didnít belong together.  She also told him that she wished that she and Chad didnít break up.  She wanted him to help her break up Chad and Melanie.  He didnít approve of her plan.  He didnít want to stab his friends in the back.  Kate went to the mansion to get her bags, but Harold stopped her.  Harold informed her that Stefano had her things removed from the mansion.  EJ came in and wondered if his things were removed too.  EJ barged past Harold.  Kate asked if he got kicked out too.  He said after what he found out, he wouldnít be surprised if he were kicked out.  Kate wanted to know what Stefano was up to.  EJ wanted to know that too.  She wondered why Stefano turned against EJ.  EJ said he didnít do anything.  He told her that he saw Sami and heard about Countess W. When Kate insulted Sami, he told her not to focus on Sami.  He said Sami wasnít the enemy.  Kate couldnít believe what she heard.  EJ was upset that Stefano didnít consult him before giving Sami control over Countess W.  He believed that he was out of the business as well as the family.  John and Marlena went to see Bo at the hospital.  Bo told them that Stefano had his goons attack him.  He wanted to know what happened in Alamania.  He wondered if Stefano went after them.  Hope wanted to talk about it later.  Bo wanted to know where Stefano was.  Stefano looked through Boís window.  John was sure Stefano was back in Salem.  When a nurse came to take Boís blood, everybody waited outside.  When Hope asked John and Marlena how they were going to find out what Stefano wanted, Stefano told them to ask him. 

EJ asked Kate if she knew why Stefano put Sami in charge of Countess W.  When she didnít answer, he realized that she knew.  He figured out that she cheated on Stefano.  She didnít want to talk about it.  Kate wondered why Stefano turned on him.  EJ didnít know.  She thought he was overreacting.  He told her that Stefano has been doing things ever since the election.  He said he found out things that happened when John had problems with the law.  When she wanted to know what he was talking about, he wouldnít tell her anything.  Stefano told John and Hope that they had something that belonged to him and he wanted it back.  Hope said he was wrong.  She said he sent them on a mission and they did what he wanted.  John said it wasnít their fault if he didnít get what he wanted.  While they were talking, Bo interrupted them to threaten Stefano.  Stefano ended up threatening Marlena.  John warned him to stay away from her.  Stefano left the hospital.  While Gabi and Will were talking about breaking up Chad and Melanie, they got on the subject of their relationship.  She said she was a good girl and ended up not being good enough for him.  Will said that wasnít true.  Gabi didnít believe him.  If he thought she was good enough, why did he lose interest in her?  Since she couldnít keep him interested, she felt she wasnít trying hard enough.  He told her that she wasnít the reason why he wasnít interested in her, but she wasnít convinced.  He confessed to her that he is gay.  Stefano walked in the mansion and didnít want to see Kate or EJ.  EJ said he wasnít leaving until he got answers. EJ wanted answers about Countess W, the games he was playing, and the money that he stole.  EJ told him that fun time was over, but Stefano thought it was just beginning.  Hope and John told Bo about the coin they found.  Bo wanted to know why Stefano wanted it.  John said the first thing they needed to do was get the coin back from Spencer. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ronnie tells Johnny Zacchara that they found the man that has been beating up his employees. Padilla is shocked that Ronnie and Dante found evidence against her husband in her apartment. Lulu tells Ronnie that he is being a jerk to Padilla. Johnny privately tells Padilla to keep her cool because she is of no use to him if she loses her badge. She tells him she already kept up her end of their deal and now he needs to keep his. Lulu wonders why Padilla keeps going into the evidence room. Padilla reluctantly tells her that she looks at cold cases to clues into her sisterís murder. Eddie Padilla is arrested. He swears to Dolores that he didnít beat up any dancers and that he doesnít know anything about the pictures Ronnie and Dante have. She believes him. Lulu isnít sure Dolores is wrong.

Michael wonders if Starr got close to him to influence his testimony. Carly stops by and is surprised to see Starr there. She thinks it is great that Michael is helping her. Michael and Carly both get phone calls telling them that the verdict is in. Kate tries to tell Sonny about Connie but Sonny keeps interrupting her and is she is ultimately interrupted by a phone call announcing that the verdict is in. The jury finds Sonny not guilty on all charges. Starr swears she will make Sonny pay. Sonny tells Johnny that his plan to set him up failed, as usual. Jason stops Johnny from attacking Sonny. Once alone, Carly asks Johnny if he had the gun planted to frame Sonny. Dante tells Lulu about the acquittal, and opines that the gun was too easily found in Kateís office so it felt like a plant. He tells her that it seems as though a piece of the puzzle is missing that no one is seeing. Starr goes back to Michaelís place to pack. Sonny asks Kate what she was trying to tell him before they went to court.

Sam runs into McBain on the docks just as she is about to look at her DNA test results. She tells him that she is tempted to forget about the whole thing. He tells her the truth has a way of coming out. She reveals that Heather Webber knows about her situation and canít wait to tell Jason. Heather sees Jason at Kellyís and tells him that he needs to know something about his wife. She begins to tell him about the day of his birth, but Alexis interrupts her with the news that Sonnyís jury has come back. Steve wants to know about the complications with Jasonís delivery. She stops short of telling him about Jasonís twin. Sam reads the DNA results. Franco is the father. She cries in John McBainís arms. Sam tells Jason that she needs to see him so she can tell him something important.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Katherine asks Chloe and Abby to take over the planning of the arts council gala. They are happy to help Katherine with this good cause, but they are not happy to be working together. Abby and Chloe do agree on the fact that Billy and Victoria should be careful with Chelsea, because she can’t be trusted. Katherine thinks Chelsea should leave town once the adoption is final. Adam goes to Victoria’s house to tell her that Victor hired Chelsea to seduce Billy and break up her marriage. Victoria later tells Billy everything Adam said, which doesn’t surprise him one bit. Jack and Nikki decide to take things slowly with their new relationship and not make it public just yet. Jack and Nikki do have a hard time hiding their happiness at the welcome home party for baby John. Billy and Jill both wonder about the looks Jack and Nikki are giving each other.

Phyllis fires Ricky because she knows he is the one who leaked the story about the birth of Billy’s baby to the Inquisitor. Ricky tells Phyllis he didn’t do it and later Phyllis talks to the Inquisitor reporter and finds out the source for the story was a nurse who overheard everything Adam and Chelsea spoke about in the hospital. Phyllis gives Ricky his job back, and later Ricky talks to the Inquisitor reporter and promises to thank her in a very special way for lying to Phyllis for him. Victor arrives at the welcome home party for Baby John with Genevieve, where they both announce that he is once again the owner of Beauty of Nature. Abby wonders if Victor and Genevieve are now a couple. When Victor doesn’t answer Abby’s question, Nikki stands beside Jack and tells Victor nobody cares about his romantic life, because everyone in the room is quite happy romantically speaking. Then she and Jack both smile, leaving Victor looking serious and wondering to himself if Nikki means she is now with Jack. Adam tells Chelsea that he told Victoria that Victor hired her to seduce Billy. Chelsea tells Adam she almost told Billy herself, so she isn’t upset with him. After Chelsea tells Adam about her conversation with Sharon, he tells her that he is honored to be her friend then takes her back to the Athletic Club where Billy has a room reserved for her.

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