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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy witnesses Hope being harassed and hounded by the reporters in front of the office. Marcus is first to come to her rescue and makes the reporters scatter. Bill walks in on Liam and nags him for taking another day off from the office and assumes it is because of his worrying about Hope. He’s amazed when he finds out that Amber has been sniffing around….she’s bad news for Hope. Hope calls Liam and he tries to talk lowly without Bill hearing him mention the psychiatrist or meds. Bill hears enough and rags again on Liam’s crazy girlfriend. She must be crazy, otherwise why is she seeing a shrink. Hope says she does not want to run to Dr. Barton every time she has an anxious moment with the press so she will be all right. Dr. Barton calls Hope and apologizes for having to cut short their last meeting. She did not prescribe Hope any more pills so if she has more then she should toss them and not be tempted. Rick catches Amber in his office….and she quickly hides the pills she has been holding for Hope. Caroline needs Rick’s input on a design she is working on. Caroline is grateful for Amber’s help. Steffy drops in on Hope and says she would not wish this media frenzy on anyone. Hope reminds her that if she would sign the annulment papers all of this would go away. She and Liam could get married and everyone get on with their lives. Steffy listens but ends up saying that she will sign nothing. This will all play out in time. Hope stares at the pills in her purse; Amber stares at the laptop while investigating the pills online. She discovers her pharmacy has been shut down. Finally unable to stand it any longer, Hope runs to the pills and takes one. Liam shows up and she is glad for his support. He’s glad to see that he has that smile back on her face. Steffy stops in to see Liam, but only finds Bill. She’s surprised to hear Bill say that not only is Hope seeing a shrink, she is popping pills too. Steffy needs to stick to her guns and stay sane and Liam will come back to her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Hope was ecstatic that Bo was awake.  Bo ended up closing his eyes again.  She willed him to come back to her.  She got Daniel to check on Bo.  Marlena and John met at the pub.  She was still upset that he was working with the ISA and didn’t want to talk to him.  EJ was confused by Lexie’s illness.  He thought she looked fine and assumed that it was caught early.  She told him that it wasn’t caught early.  EJ didn’t understand what she was telling him.  She told him it was inoperable because of where it is.  EJ yelled at Abe and blamed him for what happened.  Abe reminded EJ that he was in jail for something he didn’t do.  Abe thought he might have been able to do something if he didn’t have to go to jail.  Lexie told EJ it wasn’t Abe’s fault and she didn’t want him to blame Abe.  EJ wanted to call a specialist to help her, but she said there was nothing that could be done to change her diagnosis.  Kate went to Sami’s apartment to cause trouble.  Sami had been waiting for her.  Kate was furious with Sami and wished she had thrown her in jail.  When Kate tried to strangle Sami, Lucas walked in and wanted to know what was going on.  Sami said that Kate lost control of her company.  Sami said she was running the company and that Kate was fired.  She told them Stefano gave it to her.  Lucas wondered if Sami could do that and she said she could.  Lucas believed there were strings attached and wondered how she could trust Stefano.  She said she could handle Stefano.  She said Stefano trusted her to do what Kate couldn’t.  Kate thought she was going to ruin the company.  John wanted to talk about him working with the ISA.  He tried to reassure her that she is important to him.  She still expected him to live by his word and not work with the ISA.  EJ tried to blame himself for what happened to Lexie.  He thought he put pressure on her for what he did to Abe during the campaign.  She told him that it wasn’t his fault.  She was happy that he was there for her.  While they were talking, she had a pain in her head.  She said she was fine, but needed a minute to herself. 

When Daniel checked Bo, he said there was no change in his condition.  She told him that Bo opened his eyes.  She said he looked at her and talked to her.  She wanted Daniel to take him out of the coma so he could be with his family friends.  She thought they could help him in a way medicine couldn’t.  He agreed to do it.  Lucas thought there must have been a loophole and that Stefano couldn’t take the company.  Lucas told Kate to reason with Stefano, but she thought it wouldn’t do any good.  Kate said she was going to get a lawyer and get her company back.  She also threatened to get Sami.  Lucas suggested that Kate leave.  When she did, he wanted to know why she wanted to work with Stefano.  She blamed it on Kate.  She thought it was a great opportunity for her.  Lucas was furious with her and left.  Sami celebrated her victory.  EJ wanted to call a truce with Abe for Lexie’s sake.  Abe agreed to the truce.  When Lexie came back, she was surprised to see them shaking hands.  John tried to explain to Marlena why he was working with the ISA (to take Stefano down), but she didn’t want him to do it.  EJ went to Sami’s apartment to see the children.  He wanted to tell them he loved them.  He told her about Lexie’s condition.  She tried to make him feel better about Lexie’s brain tumor.  He noticed the papers from Countess W in the apartment and wondered if she got her old job back.  She told him how she was going to be running the company.  He was upset because he wasn’t consulted about it.  He is a partner in the company.  When he was about to leave, she asked if he was going to take the company from her.  He said it had nothing to do with her.  He felt his father shouldn’t have done this without his consent.  She wanted his help with the company and wondered if she was still going to run it.  When he didn’t answer, she took it as a yes.  Lucas found Kate at the town square.  He offered her and Billie a job at Hearth and Home.  She told him that Stefano took that from her too.  She told him that she signed over Hearth and Home to Stefano when they got married.  Lucas wondered why she did that and she said she was stupid.  Hope willed Bo to open his eyes.  He opened them and spoke to her.  She was thrilled that he woke up.  Bo asked Daniel if he could leave them alone.  They declared their love for each other and kissed. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Another dancer was beaten. Lulu suggests to Ronnie that she pose as a dancer as a decoy. Dante shoots the idea down just as he did when she presented it to him. Padilla catches on to the fact that Ronnie and Dante suspect her husband. She invites them to search her apartment. They return with pictures of all of the women from Vaughn’s that had been attacked which they found in the back of her closet.  John McBain asks Starr if she will be able to handle it if Sonny is acquitted. She doesn’t want to think about that. He counsels her not to seek revenge.  Starr says Michael told her that John has a grudge against Sonny. He denies it. Starr doesn’t believe him. Sonny tells Michael that he knows Starr is staying with him. Sonny wonders if it is only because Michael feels sorry for her. Michael tells him there is nothing going on between him and Starr. Sonny warns Michael that Starr will have a problem with him being acquitted.  He also warns him that Starr is using him. When Starr returns Michael asks her if she is.

Jason goes to see Kate. Kate apologizes for the things Connie said. He starts in with the questions about the gun again. Connie is talking in Kate’s mind. Kate screams at Connie, “Shut the hell up and leave me alone!” Jason thinks he was talking to him. Kate rushes off to Ewen’s office and announces that they have to get rid of her before she ruins her relationship with Sonny. Olivia, whom Kate didn’t notice was in the office, wonders who “her” is and says she hopes it isn’t Carly. When Olivia leaves, Kate tells Ewen that she could hear Connie talking to her, demanding to be let out. Ewen informs Kate that he has filed the paperwork to have her committed to Shady Brook. She agrees to check in voluntarily, but wants to tell Sonny what is going on first. Sonny overhears Jason on the phone discussing Kate’s psychiatric file with Spinelli. Jason tells Sonny that Kate’s psychiatrist thinks she may be a danger to herself and others. Sonny tells him to stop digging into Kate’s life. Kate goes to see Sonny. He tells her that whatever is going on between her and Jason has to stop. She agrees and says she has something to tell him.

Steve takes Heather to meet Dr. Keenan but she refuses to see him so they go to lunch at Kelly’s.  Alexis tells Steve that Edward asks her to file a restraining order against Heather. Heather accuses Sam of telling Steve that she sold his cousin when she sold him. Sam assures her that she did not break her promise. Steve asks Heather what is going on between her and Sam. Jason goes to Kelly’s looking for Sam but she has already left to get her DNA results from the lab. Alexis asks him if everything is ok between him and Sam. He tells her everything is fine. Heather sees him, runs over to him, and tells him that they have a lot to catch up on.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nikki surprises Jack with a kiss in the elevator of the Las Vegas hotel where he is staying. Later in Jack’s room, Nikki pleads with him not to do something Victor would do and marry Genevieve just to get Beauty of Nature. Jack thanks Nikki for being such a good friend, but he still intends to go through with the wedding. Victor arrives in Las Vegas to offer Genevieve the chance to run Newman Cosmetics and Beauty of Nature and assures her that she would be the boss not Nick or Sharon. Genevieve turns down the deal, telling Victor that she intends to marry Jack and give him the company as a wedding present. Victor and Nikki continue their argument because she can’t stand that he hired Chelsea to end Billy’s marriage to Victoria. Victor insists that he was only trying to protect Victoria from Billy because he would only hurt her. Victor insists that everything he has ever done has been to protect his family and Nikki can’t expect him to change. Nikki tells Victor she still loves him but she can’t stand his lies anymore. Victor orders Nikki out of his room.

In his room, Genevieve tells Jack that she doesn’t want a business relationship; she wants a real marriage. She is sure that in time he will love her again. Jack remembers what Nikki told him and sees the look of hope in Genevieve’s eyes, so he is honest with her and tells her that he doesn’t love her anymore. Genevieve tells Jack to leave her room then she cries. Genevieve dries her tears and heads to Victor’s room to sign the contract and they make love. Once Victor and Genevieve are done, he sits in a chair and thinks about what Nikki told him earlier and sheds a few tears. Genevieve also cries when she asks Victor to come to bed and he tells her that he will be there in a minute. Nikki goes to Jack’s room to tell him she left Victor because he couldn’t be honest with her. Jack tells Nikki that he had to be honest with Genevieve, because he couldn’t give her a real marriage. Jack and Nikki also make love. He tells her that her place is with him as long as she wants to be there. Chelsea tells Victoria what Adam did for her and the baby. Victoria doesn’t believe her at first, but then Chelsea tells her exactly what happened. The word spreads quickly to Phyllis, Nick, and Sharon who doesn’t believe it until she has a talk with Chelsea. Billy and Victoria let Adam hold baby John and tell Adam that they will always be grateful to him for saving Chelsea and the baby. Phyllis tells Ricky she won’t publish the story, because she doesn’t want to get fired by Billy. The story does show up in the Inquisitor with quotes from an unnamed source. Phyllis thinks the unnamed source is Ricky.

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