Friday 4/13/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke calls Hope all concerned about yesterday with her fainting and falling off the springboard. Hope assures her that she’d been checked out and feeling fine. Dr. Barton has been a big help but she doesn’t feel she needs her any more. She’s told Liam everything and he is being super supportive. Pam slips past security and cries to Stephanie that she doesn’t think she ever truly grew up. There was always someone to tell her what to do and she is afraid now she has turned Stephanie into that person. Stephanie assures her that she does not want to be that authority figure. She does recommend that Pam get out of the apartment and do something besides bake lemon bars. Pam kindly asks if she might have her old job back. Stephanie is not over the moon on that but says he will speak to Eric and Ridge about it. With far too much time on her hands and nothing to do, Donna drops in on Brooke. She practically begs for a job and Brooke thinks the receptionist job would be perfect. She will just have to run it past Ridge first. Both Donna and Pam meet at the desk for their first day on the job. Pam takes a roll of tape and divides “their” desk. Amber stops by to see Hope, finding only Liam who is not happy to hear that Amber has been bonding with Hope. Hope sees Dr. Barton and explains to her that she told Liam the truth. She feels like she was a person that always had to be poised and collected. Growing up, her mother got her heart broken a lot and Hope was the one who had to be strong for her. She knows now she is not more mature or grown up than other people and suddenly that feels great. And she realizes she can not do things now that she would have to lie about. Dr. Barton is surprised when Hope mentions the pills again and informs Hope that she did not change her mind or prescribe her more pills. Whatever Hope has, she needs to throw them away.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the town square, Stefano set up a table for two for him and Kate.  He showered her with compliments.  He wanted to make up for testing her patience.  She didnít think she deserved all of that.  He thought she did after everything sheís been through and everything sheís done since heís been away.  She wondered what he meant by everything sheís done while heís been away.  He said taking care of the house and putting up with EJ.  She said she missed him, but she was fine.  He brought up how Sami was the mole at Countess W.  Kate was surprised he knew about that.  He said he knew everything that goes on no matter where he was.  EJ asked Billie if she was looking for the file he was holding.  He asked her why she was going through his fatherís things.  She lied and said she was looking for a pen.  She said she moved the inkwell and the secret panel opened.  She said it was an accident.  He asked if it was an accident that she was snooping through his things earlier.  He said he saw what she was doing.  They continued to talk about her snooping around.  He thought she was looking for information about his father.  She said if she was, it wasnít her fault that she found something.  She said they should have found a better hiding place.  He wanted to know what she saw.  She said she saw ledgers and spreadsheets pointing to one thing.  She said someone stole a lot of money and now itís gone.  She believed he didnít know where the money was.  She realized that they both wanted answers.  When EJ sarcastically said that they should work together, she thought it was a good idea.  She promised not to tell anyone what his family has been up to.  He had doubts about trusting her.  Billie threatened him if he went to the cops.  She said if he does go to the cops, she was going to spread rumors about him laundering money.  He said she wouldnít do that.  She said it was up to him.  She was going to give him time to think about it. 

Hope asked Bo if he could hear her.  She told him to wake up.  Daniel came in and asked what happened.  Hope told him that Bo moved his hand.  She asked if he was waking up.  She wanted Daniel to tell her that he was waking out of the coma.  Daniel said there was no change in his condition.  She said that Bo moved his hand.  Daniel said it was a good sign, but he had a long way to go.  She wanted to know if she could tell people about his hand moving.  Daniel said she could.  When Daniel left, she continued to tell Bo to fight for his life.  While Stefano and Kate were celebrating, he dropped the bomb on her that she would no longer be welcomed in his home.  She wanted to know why.  He said did she really think he didnít know that she betrayed him.  EJ went to see Lexie to talk about free health clinics.  While there, he opened up to her about Stefano trying to sabotage him.  Lexie told him that Stefano was going to push him until he was ready to take over the business.  EJ thought it was some kind of test.  While they were talking, she grabbed for her head.  EJ wanted to know if she was okay.  While Hope was willing Bo to come back to her, there were flashbacks of when they were together.  Kate wanted to know what Stefano was talking about.  He told her how she slept with Ian.  Kate denied it, but Stefano knew the truth.  She confessed to what she did.  She claimed it meant nothing to her and she regretted it.  He said she disgusts him.  She said she didnít mean for it to happen.  She said he disappeared and she didnít know where he was.  She couldnít reach him.  She said she was vulnerable.  He thought she was trying to blame him.  She said that she wasnít blaming him, but she loved him.  When she grabbed his hand, he snatched it away.  She begged him to forgive her, but he refused to.  He told her she was out of his life and she was dead to him.  Abe rushed in to check on Lexie.  EJ wanted to know what was wrong.  She told him that she has a brain tumor.  Before Stefano left, he threw an envelope down on the table so Kate would have something to remember him by.  When she read the document, she screamed.  While Hope was talking to Bo, he opened his eyes.  She was thrilled.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam runs into Heather at General Hospital and wonders how she escaped from Fern Cliff. Heather tells her that she was released and that she is disappointed that Sam didnít keep up her end of the bargain to give Steve a letter after Heather told her everything about Jason and his brother. Sam asks her to lower her voice. Heather concludes that Sam hasnít told Jason about Franco. Sam apologizes for forgetting the letter and asks how she can make it up to her. Heather tells her to tell Jason that he has a famous brother. Sam turns to leave, but Heather grabs her arm, causing her to drop the paper in her hand. Heather picks up the paper and after looking at it, asks Sam why she needs a DNA test. Sam vaguely says there are all kinds of reasons to get a DNA test. Heather concludes that Sam must have slept with Franco and threatens to tell Jason about it. Sam tells her that if she does, she will tell Steve that Heather didnít just sell him, but his cousin too.  Heather agrees not to tell Jason, but says she is keeping her fingers crossed that it is Francoís baby.

Carly and Johnny go to Carlyís house after leaving Sonnyís trial early. Carly introduces Johnny to Josselyn. Spinelli goes to the court house to find Jason and tell him that he has not yet discovered the nature of Kateís mental issues.  Kate states her name for the court as Constanza Falconeri and states that she has legally changed it to Katherine Howard. The prosecutor asks her if she has ever seen the gun. She says Dante showed it to her when he questioned her. She admits that Sonny was in her office the day after the accident. He badgers her into admitting that she and Sonny made love in her office.  Alexis objects to the line of questioning. The judge agrees.  The prosecutor holds the gun close to Kateís face and asks if it is hers. She says no. Alexis asks her the same question she asked all the other witnesses; if she saw Sonny shoot out Anthonyís tires. Kate says no. The prosecutor wants to enter Anthonyís statement to the police as evidence, but Alexis objects because she has the right to cross-examine. The judge agrees and throws out the document. Starr has an outburst saying it isnít fair. Anthony unexpectedly enters the courtroom. The judge allows him to take the stand. He testifies that after Sonny left his house, he too, left and headed straight toward the airport on route 115. He says he noticed that he was being followed so he looked in his rear view mirror and saw Sonny with a gun. He then testifies that his tires were shot out and he swerved into oncoming traffic.  Alexis casts doubt on Anthonyís ability to identify the driver of a speeding car 50 feet behind him in the dark with the headlights glaring into his rear view mirror. Anthony says he has great eyesight. Alexis writes something on her legal pad and holds it up asking Anthony to read it. He cannot. She brings it closer. He still canít see it. The prosecution rests. Sonny and Jason are shocked that the defense has no witnesses to call. The defense rests.  Jason observes Kate about to have a meltdown. Spinelli goes to see Maxie, but Matt is already visiting her.  Spinelli turns on the speaker and listens to their conversation. He hears Matt tell Maxie that he loves her and that his life is worth nothing without her.  She thinks it is a trick. He assures her that he is in love with her and that Robin would want them to be happy. Maxie says it is too late.  Matt tells her that all she has to do is tell them that she was lying about killing Lisa Niles and First Mate Briggs.  Spinelli literally falls into the door and hits the floor. Maxie calls the guard to come get her. Matt tells Spinelli that he has the worst timing. Spinelli tells Matt that even if Maxie recants now, she would probably still have to go to jail for the false confession so the only way to ensure her freedom is to find the real killer. 

Tracy runs into Luke and Anna at Kellyís and concludes that the two of them are a couple. Luke tells her that Heather Webber has been released from Fern Cliff. Tracy worries for Edward. Luke tells her that Edward is probably safe because Heather has her site set on Luke this time. Observing the ice cream that Anna is wearing, Tracy says that one good thing about not being married to Luke anymore is not having a psychopath thinking she is in the way. Anthony sarcastically says Tracy is happy with Anthony. Tracy complains about already being called as a material witness in a murder case after only three months of marriage. Anna asks her why she doesnít get a divorce. Tracy says Anthony wonít let her. Anna informs her that she doesnít need Anthonyís permission to get a divorce. Luke says Tracy doesnít need Anthonyís permission; she needs his silence. He asks her what Anthony has on her.  Only after Anna leaves does Tracy reveal to Luke that Anthony will send her to prison if she divorces him.  Luke concludes that Anthony wants to gain control of ELQ. Anthony goes to Kellyís to take Tracy home.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nikki stands outside of Chelsea’s door and listens to their conversation which reveals that Victor and Chelsea planned to break up Billy’s and Victoria’s wedding all along. Meanwhile at Crimson Lights, Michael and Lauren argue over the fact that Michael wants to bring Fen home, but Lauren is dead set against the idea as long as Daisy is in town. Lauren watches as Daisy and Daniel talk about Lucy. At “Restless Style,” Phyllis is there alone when Avery pays her a visit and holds up a brown envelope with words “For Phyllis”. Jack readies for his trip to Las Vegas to marry Genevieve. In her hospital room, Chelsea reveals everything to Adam about how things happened between her and Billy. Victoria and Abby blast Adam for leaving Chelsea alone in the pond. Harmony runs into Devon at Crimson Lights and is glad that he can hear what she is saying to him. Tucker comes in to join them. Harmony cannot believe that they are all together and getting along. Adam remembers saving Chelsea’s life in the pond and then delivering the baby. Victor tells Chelsea she is to leave town never to be heard from again. Nikki comes to see Jack to let him know what Victor did to her. Victor calls Nikki just as Jack leaves to go to the airport. Nikki lets Victor know that it is over between them. Michael defends Daisy to Lauren which infuriates her to no end. Phyllis believes that the book that her father left her was just to get back at her. Victor bumps into Genevieve, who lets him know that she is on her way to Vegas to marry Jack. Michael reveals to Daisy and Daniel that the custody hearing is the 23rd day of April.

Abby and Victoria spend time with the baby. Daniel and Lucy spend time with Phyllis at Crimson Lights. Daisy watches from around the corner. Daisy calls Ricky to see what he is going to do so she can get back at Phyllis. Adam walks up to the nursery window to check on little John. Victoria orders him away from her son. Chelsea walks up and reveals to Victoria that Adam pulled her out of the lake and then delivered the baby. Nikki gets on the elevator with Jack and then gives him a kiss. Victor surprises Genevieve by arriving at her hotel room. Tucker, Devon, and Harmony listen to Angela’ s new song.

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