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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam is flabbergasted at what Hope is telling him about the psychiatrist and taking the pills. She begs for his forgiveness for not telling him the truth. Liam tells her that she never has to go through something like this again; she has him by her side. He really hates what this has done to her and to them. He’s glad she told him and he gets her to agree that there will be no more secrets. Desperately she asks Liam to please go to Steffy one more time and ask her for an annulment. Then Hope wouldn’t need a psychiatrist or the pills. Brooke catches Amber in the office and admonishes her again that she will call security. Amber advises her that she should be more worried about Hope and fills her in on the accident. Brooke tells Amber that Hope doesn’t need a friend like her. She doesn’t believe that Hope confided all of this in Amber, at least not willingly. She knows she had to be eavesdropping. Amber says she did the right thing. She encouraged Hope to tell Liam the truth. She just hopes that he will understand. Steffy confides in her mother the problems that Liam is going through because of Hope. Brooke walks in and overhears and they confront her as they think she knows what it is all about. Steffy even says that if there are problems now then it’s best they find out before they are married.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

John and Marlena reunited.  While Billie was visiting Bo, Hope showed up at the hospital.  EJ and Nicole talked about the missing money.  EJ said Stefano cleaned out the accounts.  EJ thought Stefano did that to prove that he wasnít ready to run the family business.  EJ thought Stefano wanted to show that he didnít have the confidence and that he was incompetent.  He believed Stefano thought he was a fool.  EJ agreed with that because he was a fool to believe that Stefano believed in him.  Rafe wanted to talk to Carrie, but she wasnít willing to listen.  He wanted to tell her the truth.  She said that she asked if he slept with Nicole, but he told her no, yet Nicole is pregnant.  He wanted her to give him a chance to explain.  Nicole tried to convince EJ that Stefano loves him, but EJ wasnít convinced.  EJ brought up what Stefano did to him during the election.  She didnít understand why Stefano would want him to lose.  He said because it was his achievement and accomplishment.  Stefano had to have all of the power.  When Rafe tried to talk to Carrie, Sami interrupted them and caused trouble.  John told Marlena that Stefano turned him and Hope into his pawns.  He told her that they had to get the egg because Stefano wanted what was inside the egg.  He said they gave the egg to ISA.  She couldnít believe that Stefano was behind Boís attack.  He told her that Stefano had a man following her around town.  They continued to talk about the situation and how he got his memory back based on her picture. 

Hope talked to Bo and told him she was there.  She thanked Billie for being there for Bo.  She told Bo that she wanted him to come back to her since she came back to him.  EJ told Nicole that he wanted to run for mayor to get Stefanoís respect as well as redeem himself with his children.  He talked about his failures as well as his past.  He wondered when Stefano realized that EJ was a failure and why did he care.  Nicole knew why he cared.  John told Marlena that nothing happened between him and Hope.  Marlena wanted to know if he and Hope were divorced.  He said no.  She thought the ISA could help.  He told her that he was back in the ISA.  EJ told Nicole that he was going to prove to Stefano that he was worthy of his name.  She didnít want him to do that because he would destroy himself.  He wanted her to tell him that she loved him.  He tried to kiss her.  While Hope tried to get Bo to fight for his life, Ciara walked in the room.  Sami showed up at the mansion and interrupted EJ and Nicole before they could kiss.  Nicole ended up leaving so they could be alone.  John and Marlena got into an argument over him being in the ISA.  EJ wanted to know why Sami was there.  She said Kate wanted her to return all of Countess Wís stuff.  After a little while, she left.  Billie told Spencer that she was going to look for the files again.  He warned her to be careful.  While she was looking for the files, they were gone.  EJ ended up catching her again. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jason meets Sam at General Hospital where she had told him she had a routine appointment with Dr. Lee. He is surprised when Dr Lee comes out and asks what Sam wanted to see her about.  He says they are there for Samís checkup. Dr. Lee says the receptionist must have made an error in the schedule but that she has time to see Sam now.  When she and Sam are alone in the exam room, Sam explains that Franco is Jasonís brother, gives her Francoís DNA sample, and asks her to run another paternity test. Kelly says she will put a rush on it and have the results tomorrow. Jason comes back in for the sonogram. They donít want to know whether it is a boy or girl.

Steve and Heather go to Kellyís for lunch. So do Luke and Anna, who unsuccessfully try to leave before being seen.  Heather insists that Luke allow her to buy him lunch. Olivia goes to Ewen Keenan and tells him that a family member is crazy and needs to be institutionalized.  He assumes she means Kate, but as she continues talking she concludes she is talking about someone else. She tells him about Heatherís release from Fern Cliff Institution for the Criminally Insane. He tells her that he would be happy to do an independent analysis, but Steve and Heather would have to agree to it.  Olivia calls Steve to suggest that they get an independent evaluation considering that her first day out, she ran away and stalked the man that was previously her obsession.  While Steve is outside talking to Olivia, Heather dumps Annaís plate in her lap. Steve initially says he wants to give heather a chance, but when he looks into the window he sees the mess, watches Anna leave to clean up, and observes Heather getting uncomfortably close to Luke. He agrees that Olivia might be right.  Heather tells Luke that she wants to start over. Luke tells Heather that focusing on him would be a waste of time. Steve returns and tells Heather that he has a consult and that he is taking her to the hospital with him.  He asks her to wait in the lobby while he does his consultation, which is really his receiving a consultation from Dr. Keenan. He gives Dr. Keenan Heatherís files from Fern Cliff.  Meanwhile, Heather sees Sam in the lobby, goes over to her, and asks her if she remembers her. Tracy sees Anna and Luke together through Kellyís window.

Johnny gets dressed up and picks up Carly to take her to the courthouse. He wonders how Michael will react to the two of them testifying against his father. Sonny sees Michael hugging Starr at the courthouse. Sonnyís trial begins. Carly wonders where Jason is. Dante, Johnny, Carly, and Tracy testify about the events of the night of the accident. Alexis asks each of them if they saw Sonny shoot out Anthonyís tires. They all say they did not. The prosecution calls Starr Manning to the stand. She tells her story of the accident. Alexis says she only has one question. Without waiting to hear the question, Starr says she didnít see Sonny shoot out the tires, but that doesnít mean he didnít do it. Alexis calmly says it doesnít mean that he did, either.  The prosecution calls Michael. He asks him if he thinks his father was after Anthony that night. Alexis asks Michael if he saw his father on the road. Michael says no. She asks if he saw Sonny at any time that night. He says he saw his father at the emergency room where he was getting stitches. Alexis asks about Sonnyís demeanor. Michael says Sonny was sad because he had just received the news of his friend Robinís death. The prosecution re-calls Dante and asks him to identify the weapon uses to shoot out Anthonyís tires. When asked where he found the weapon, Dante testifies that he found it in Kate Howardís office.  Alexis asks Dante how he got into Kate Howardís office. He explains that he took the public elevator and walked through the open door.  Alexis asks if it is possible that someone else could have done exactly the same thing and left the gun in the office. He admits that it is possible. Carly and Johnny take that as their cue to leave.  Prosecutor Martinez calls Kate to the stand.  When asked to state her name, she says, ďConnie Falconeri."

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor asks Nick and Sharon to pick out a scent for the new perfume that they will be launching soon as part of the new product line. Victor also tells them that when he gets Beauty of Nature back, they will be very busy running it and launching the new product line. Cane calls Genevieve to have lunch together and he tells Genevieve that he wants to give her another chance. Cane also tells his mother that the way to get over trust issues is with a lot of love and patience. Cane advises Genevieve that if she wants a future with Jack, she must be willing to risk being hurt by him. Jack shares with Nikki his worries that Genevieve won’t go through with the marriage. Nikki pleads with Jack not to marry Genevieve just to get Beauty of Nature, but he tells her all the good women are taken so he has to take what he can get right now. Nikki promises Jack that she won’t tell his family about his marriage to Genevieve. Genevieve tells Jack she has some business to take care of, so she will meet him in Las Vegas for their wedding; but Jack wonders why Genevieve won’t leave with him in the private jet he chartered for them.

Adam tells Chelsea he doesn’t want anyone to know he helped her deliver baby John. She doesn’t understand why he wants to keep things a secret, but she respects his wishes and promises not to tell anyone about his good deed. Sharon sees Adam and wonders if he is using Chelsea or working with her to hurt Victoria. Adam tells Sharon that his friendship with Chelsea just happened because they bonded since the town hates both of them. Adam explains to Sharon that the thought of hurting Victoria or the rest of his family never even crossed his mind. Sharon tells Adam that if he wants people to believe he has changed, he must back up his words with actions. Adam thanks Sharon for the advice and says he will keep that in mind. Victor surprises Victoria by visiting her and baby John at the hospital. Victor doesn’t show emotion when he sees them, but once he is in the hospital hallway, he sheds a tear. Chelsea assures Victoria that she won’t change her mind about the adoption and is willing to tell a judge the same thing in court. Victor visits Chelsea in her hospital room and asks her to sign legal documents that state she won’t change her mind about the adoption. Victor also offers Chelsea money to start a new life away from Genoa City. Chelsea thinks it’s ironic that Victor changed his mind since he was the one who hired her to seduce Billy in the first place. Nikki stands in the hallway with her mouth open in shock over what she has just heard Chelsea tell Victor.

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