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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Liam that it’s good to know she can still get a hug from her husband. She only came to check on Hope since she heard she fell off the diving board. Liam says Hope says she is okay, but he’s not so sure. She passed out and he had to pull her out of the water. Steffy says he’s pretty good at rescuing people. She asks if he wants to talk about Hope; how her mood changes all the time. He admits one moment she is so over the top and the next she is falling into the pool. Then she got defensive and left. Thomas goes back to the office and explains to Ridge what happened. Hope shows up at Amber’s and is all stressed out. She fills Amber in on what happened and they both wonder if it was because of the anxiety pills. She confides that only Amber and Hope’s mother know that she is taking them. She felt she had to and now she is so disappointed in herself that she couldn’t follow her own edict of abstinence and is now living with a married man. She confesses that she is embarrassed by her behavior today. Amber convinces her there should be no regrets. Hope decides she needs to apologize to Liam. She tells Amber that she is going to have to come clean with Liam; be completely honest. Amber thinks that is a good idea. Liam loves her and will understand what she is going through. At home, as soon as Liam walks through the door Hope blurts out that she is sorry that she has kept things from him. Things were so bad that she started seeing a psychiatrist and taking anti-anxiety pills. She just hopes he can understand and forgive her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Daniel met Rafe at the town square.  Rafe apologized for what happened at the office.  Rafe looked at the folder that Daniel gave him and told him that he was out of it.  Rafe couldnít believe that he was switching a paternity test.  Daniel wasnít sure how Rafe was going to pull this off without EJ finding out he is the father of Nicoleís baby.  They talked about Carrie and Nicoleís baby until Rafe left.  Nicole left a message for Stefano telling him that she knew he sabotaged EJís election.  She thought that was valuable information that he didnít want to get out.  She wanted him to call her.  At the DiMera mansion, Billie looked around for information.  She lifted a lid on a bottle and found a button that opened a secret compartment near the fireplace.  She found a file and looked at it.  EJ walked in and noticed what she was doing.  He watched her put the file back.  The two had small talk about work until she left.  He looked at the file that Billie was looking at and was shocked by what he saw.  Rafe met Carrie at the pub, and tried to talk to her.  He told her that he cared about her.  She told him that she was working on her marriage.  When he wanted to tell her something that she didnít understand, Austin showed up.  Carrie gave Rafe papers ending their partnership.  She thought it was important to move on with their lives.  Rafe didnít think that was necessary.  She tried to convince him that it was the best.  He eventually signed the papers.  They three continued talking until Rafe left.  Austin was happy that they ended their partnership.  They declared their love for each other.  When Austin left, Carrie stared at the papers.

Billie called Agent Spencer and told him she found secret files in a compartment.  She told Spencer that she didnít have time to look at the information because EJ caught her, but she was going to look again when she could.  When Nicole went to the DiMera mansion, she ran into EJ.  EJ told her that Stefano betrayed him.  Nicole intimated that she knew what he was talking about.  EJ wanted to know how she knew Stefano tried to undermine him when he was framing John for fraud.  Nicole didnít know about that.  EJ wanted to know why she was so shocked if she knew.  She said she was talking about the election.  He wanted to know what she was talking about.  She didnít want to talk about it anymore.  He wanted her to tell him what she knew.  She told him Stefano stole the election from him.  EJ thought it was Abe that did it.  He said Abe was caught ballot tampering.  He said he won the personal vote.  He said Abe and Jennifer won initially because of fraud, but Nicole caught that. Nicole said that was partially right.  She admitted that she made Abe look like he cheated, but that was after she found out that Stefano was working against him.  She said Stefano rigged the election so Abe could win.  Stefano made sure that he lost.  EJ didnít understand why Stefano would do that when they were on the same team.  EJ questioned why Stefano would do that to him.  They talked about EJ setting up John for fraud.  EJ said he was the one who did that to John and not Stefano.  EJ said he did that so he could prove that he was ready to run Stefanoís company.  EJ was upset, but Nicole tried to calm him down. She told him not to tell anyone that he set up John.  They continued to talk about Stefano and why he tried to ruin EJ.  They also talked about the stolen money from Basic Black.  Nicole wondered where the investorsí money was.  EJ said he put the money in offshore accounts.  The money was supposed to be secure, but it was all gone.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin manages to persuade Chloe to look at his house even though she doesn’t want to live there because he lived there with Angelina. Abby meets Carmine when she accidentally spills a hot cup of coffee on his hand. Abby and Carmine are getting along well until he offends her by saying that she isn’t popular with people anymore since she stopped being the naked heiress and decided to wear clothes. Neil is still mad at Tucker and gets into an argument with him because he fired Sofia. Neil and Harmony bond when she tells him that she has been tempted to use drugs again. I things don’t work with Devon’s surgery, she might use drugs again. Neil tells Harmony she has changed and that everyone who suffers from addiction is tempted to return to it. Neil also tells Harmony that Devon is starting to get close to her again. Devon’s hearing devices are turned on and after weeks of worrying, his family witnesses a miracle when Devon is able to hear more clearly than he could with his cochlear implants. Victoria and Billy’s family and friends come to visit little baby boy Abbott. After struggling and debating about a name for the baby, Billy and Victoria decide to name him John.

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