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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dayzee warns Amber again – do not buy drugs online. You can not control what goes into them. Amber sighs when she remembers what she did to get Hope’s medication. Liam suddenly misses Hope and sees her floating face down in the pool. He dives in with Thomas and Rick in tow. Hope feels foolish but insists she is all right. She refuses to go to the hospital. She thinks they over-reacted and wants the party to get back on track. While Thomas runs back to the house to get some sandwiches for Hope’s low blood sugar, it gives alone time for Rick and Caroline to get to know each other better. She smiles when he tells her that Amber is not the only one. Hope walks out on Liam as he is questioning her. She tells him just to chill out. Steffy stops by to see her grandmother and Stephanie tells her she should be outside with all the other young ones, but warns her Liam is also there. Steffy tells Stephanie that she has no plans, but she is still wearing her ring and she is not giving up on Liam. Steffy goes to the deck so she can look down on the pool area but does not see any of them, so she reminiscences about Liam when he slips up on her and automatically gives her a hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Stefano told Francisco that John and Hope tricked him.  He found out that they were going to Salem.  He realized they have been deceiving him all along and know who they are.  He wanted them detained and brought to him so they could take care of them himself.  John and Hope were denied permission to get on the plane.  Rafe and Nicole went to the same building Sami and EJ live in so Nicole could find an apartment.  They all saw each other and got into an argument over Sami and EJ’s affair and Rafe and Nicole’s “affair”.  John and Hope talked to the man at the airport so they could board the plane.  He said he would try to get them on the plane when John gave him their passports and money.  When Spencer (the guy at the airport) returned, he told John and Hope that they weren’t going anywhere.  While EJ, Sami, Nicole, and Rafe were arguing, the subject of Nicole’s baby came up.  Nicole let it slip that the baby was EJ’s.  EJ was relieved, but Nicole and Rafe insisted that the baby was Rafe’s.  When Nicole left the apartment, EJ went out to talk to her.  Sami wanted to talk to Rafe.  The guy at the airport told John and Hope that he was trying to keep them from getting arrested.  He had heard about them being princess and the pawn.  He said they were spotted at a casino.  The guy wanted to know what happened.  John said he would tell him about it on the flight home.  The guy told them they had to go to intel first and maybe he could get them back home.

Sami and Rafe noticed that they both took off their wedding rings.  Rafe thought it was past time to move on.  They got into an argument over their “affairs”.  EJ apologized to Nicole for everything he did.  Spencer wanted to know why John and Hope were pretending to be the princess and the pawn.  John thought Stefano was on to them.  A guy came there to take John and Hope with him.  He pulled out a gun while the guy at the airport watched.  Spencer asked if there was a problem.  The guy said they were unruly passengers.  Spencer knocked him out.  John told Spencer why Stefano turned them into the princess and the pawn.  Hope showed Spencer the coin.  EJ tried to express his regret for being with Sami and lying to Nicole about it.  He wanted to know if he could have another chance.  Hope gave Spencer the coin.  He wanted to see what he could find out about it.  EJ said he would be willing to raise the baby if it were Rafe’s.  Nicole was shocked.  He said he would have been willing to raise the baby because she did what she did because he drove her to it.  Spencer told John he couldn’t be apart of the team investigating his own case.  John said he wanted Stefano and EJ in prison for what they did.  Spencer said the agency would nail EJ and Stefano.  Nicole wanted to believe what EJ was saying.  EJ told her to believe it.  She wanted to believe it, but she couldn’t.  Spencer told them that the ISA got them a private jet and they would be back in Salem tomorrow.  Stefano was furious that John and Hope disappeared. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Steve’s mother Heather Webber sneaks out of his apartment and goes to see Luke with reconciliation on her mind. He isn’t happy to see her.  He tries to call Steve, but she stops him. She gets jealous when she sees Anna’s coat. Anna comes out of her room and Heather tells her that she is getting in the way of her and Luke getting reacquainted. Steve recalls his mother’s fixation on Luke Spencer so he tries to call Luke, but Heather has Luke’s phone and won’t answer it. Heather asks Anna to read a letter that she wrote to Luke, concluding that after she does, she won’t want to stand in the way of them being reunited. Luke reminds her that they were never together. Steve arrives, apologizes to Luke, and takes Heather away. Luke is about to rip up Heather’s letter, but Anna advises him not to discount anything that Heather has to say. Anna reads the letter and believes Heather is harmless.  Luke doesn’t believe Heather will ever get better. 

Dr Keenan makes a call to commit Kate Howard against her will to a mental health facility. Spinelli and Matt suspect Dr Keenan in Lisa Nile’s murder.  Matt finds an excuse to get Ewen out of his office and Spinelli goes in to snoop. He finds the partially filled-out commitment paperwork and concludes that Ewen is trying to have Maxie committed. Spinelli finds Ewen and accuses him of hypnotizing Maxie to get her to confess to a murder that he committed. He asks why he would kill someone he has never met and encourages them to call the police so he can report them for breaking and entering. Spinelli wants to know why he is having Maxie committed. He tells them that Maxie is not his patient and the papers have nothing to do with her. Matt apologizes to Ewen and explains that they are desperate to help Maxie. Spinelli realizes the Crimson employee being committed must be Kate Howard. He calls Jason to tell him he was right about Kate’s mental state. Kate and Sonny talk about Johnny and Sonny who are sitting near them at the Metro Court.  Johnny suggests to Carly that they take it down a notch because he doesn’t want to cause any problems between her and her son. She tells him that he doesn’t have to try to be noble for her sake. They admit that they care about each other. Carly tries to give Kate a bill for the locksmith changing Kate’s office locks. An argument ensues. Carly insists that Kate is hiding something. Johnny and sonny each accuse the other of planting the gun in Kate’s office. Carly invites Kate to take it outside. Johnny finally tells Carly that it is enough. Sonny says Johnny can’t control his woman. Johnny says Sonny should talk. Sonny wonders what he means.  Carly and Johnny go back to his place and make love. Olivia confronts Kate about coming onto Steve. Kate doesn’t know what she is talking about. Olivia says she knows Steve isn’t making it up. Sonny and Kate go to Sonny’s place and make love. Connie emerges, calls Johnny, and says her offer still stands.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor stops Anita from going to see Chelsea at the hospital then he gives her some money and orders her to leave town and never come back. Sharon and Ashley discuss when Adam switched their babies. Sharon tells Ashley she thinks Adam is trying to change his ways and become a better person, but she left him because he helped Patty escape from the mental hospital. Victor and Nikki have a very heated argument where he tells her that he is sure the situation with Victoria and Billy’s baby will end badly, and he doesn’t want her attached to the baby. Nikki wonders why he is so worried about her getting attached to the baby. Victor tells her its because if things end badly, he is worried about losing her to the bottle again.

Genevieve confronts Jack about the conversation she heard him having with Nikki. He tells her that he only told Nikki those things because he didn’t want her telling his family about their marriage. Jack tells Genevieve that he didn’t want his family trying to persuade him not to marry her because he really wants to be her husband. Genevieve pretends she believes Jack and later goes to a bar to drown her sorrows. Ashley figures out that Jack was talking to Genevieve about Beauty of Nature. Jack happily tells Ashley that Beauty of Nature will be a part of Jabot by the end of the day. Chelsea tearfully says good-bye to her baby boy saying him that she wants him to be a good man and have a good life. Chelsea then hands the baby to Billy and Victoria who have a hard time figuring out what they should name him. When Adam goes to check on Chelsea, she remembers that he helped her deliver her little boy, and he asks her to let that be their secret.

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