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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Before she joins the others by the pool, Hope gulps down a pill. Rick and Thomas are entertaining Caroline. Hope is still intense and calls Liam to join them. He’s not sure Bill will let him go during the business day, but Katie gives him the okay. Hope tells Caroline that she and Liam are so in love; it’s awesome. Liam slips in the door and Hope is feeling more mellow now and coos to him that she loves these mid afternoon pool parties. They need to do this more often. Marcus can’t keep his hands off of Dayzee, even with Amber around. She promises that she will skedaddle if he will tell her where Rick is. Amber confides and boasts to Dayzee that no matter what Brooke does, Caroline does not stand a chance against Amber. She can satisfy Rick in and out of the office, and she thinks she can have Hope on her side. She knows how it feels to have the public scrutinize you and she can help Hope with that. They are already starting to bond. Amber checks out her supply of “allergy” prescription pills online and Dayzee tells her to stay away from that. She’s had friends who aren’t around any more because they took some of these pills who have lead paint in them, all sorts of fillers like rat poison, boric acid. Liam is amazed in the change in Hope and how high she is flying with her mood swings. In fact, he says she is freaking him out and he asks what’s wrong with her. While the others are in the pool, she continues to dance and twirl around on the springboard diving board. She gets dizzy and falls off into the water.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the DiMera mansion, Kate thought about sleeping with Ian.  Ian ended up showing up at the mansion.  She told him he couldnít be there.  If Stefano found outÖIan interrupted her to say that he wasnít afraid of Stefano.  He said he only cared about her.  She said Stefano is her husband and she loved him.  She said she wasnít leaving Stefano for him.  She told him to leave and never come back.  Stefano asked Francesco if Kate betrayed him.  Francesco said yes.  Stefano knew testing Kate was going to be risky, but he thought in his heartÖ.He said he would never forgive for this.  Francesco asked if he wanted him to handle it.  Stefano said he would do it himself.  Hope found a coin in the egg.  John said it was engraved.  Hope wondered if he could make it out.  He said it was letters and numbers.  He thought it might be code.  He thought Stefano went to a lot of trouble to get his hands on it.  John and Hope tried to figure it out, but they didnít have time to do it.  While Sami was unpacking, EJ showed up at the apartment.  He kissed her.  He asked her if she felt anything.  She said no.  They talked about how they didnít have any feelings for each other.  He said that people kept assuming that there was something between them.  She denied having any feelings for him.  He wasnít so sure that there was nothing between them.  He wanted to find a way to co-exist together so they wonít screw things up.  He wanted to be friends without benefits.  John and Hope found a coin to match the one in the egg.  They hoped that Stefano wanted the coin for the code and not the value.  John was going to put any code on the coin.  John hoped that it would fool Stefano enough so they could make an escape.  Hope asked what if Stefano tried to double cross them during the exchange.  John said they had the real coin to bargain with.  He said that it was important to keep up the charade of the princess and the pawn because they would never see their families again if Stefano finds out that they have their memory back. 

Ian understood why Kate didnít trust him.  He brought up how he broke up with her.  He said pushing her away was the biggest mistake of his life, but he realized that itís not too late.  She said it was because sheís married.  He said Madison would be happy to divorce him.  She reminded him that sheís married to Stefano and of what he could do if he finds out that she betrayed him.  She wanted to pretend that what they did never happened.  Stefano called her.  They talked about how long it has been since he talked to her.  He told her that he was keeping tabs on Marlena for leverage.  He was going to use the information against John.  Kate didnít understand.  Stefano said he didnít want her to get the wrong idea about what he was doing in case she looked at the delivery he had sent to the house.  He said that she was the love of his life and he didnít want to keep secrets from him.  He said he couldnít wait to see her.  After he got off the phone, he called her a b*tch.  Kate told Ian that she made a mistake about Stefano.  She said Stefano isnít obsessed with Marlena and that he loves her.  Ian wanted to know why she believed that.  She said the dossier about Marlena wasnít what she thought.  Ian said that only a man obsessed would follow Marlena around for weeks.  She said it was business, which made sense.  She realized that she betrayed Stefano for nothing.  Ian said he wouldnít lose her.  She said Stefano would make sure he lost everything if he found out what they did.  Stefano and his goon went to check on John and Hope.  Hope gave him the egg.  Stefano asked if they had any idea how valuable the egg is.  John said they didnít.  John told him that he had to live up to his end of the bargain and let them leave.  Stefano made them wait so he could open the egg.  Stefano was pleased with what he saw in the egg.  He told the goon to give them their fake passports.  Stefano wanted to know where they were going.  They told him Paris where they first fell in love.  They left for the airport.  When Stefano looked at the coin, he noticed paint on his fingers.  He realized they tricked him.  Stefano told his goon not to let them get on the plane.  He found out that they were on their way back to Salem.  He wanted his goon to stop them from leaving the airport by any means.  Stefano realized that they know who they are.  Kate wanted Ian to leave, but he said he wasnít going to give up on her.  He kissed her on the cheek and left. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

No one remembers it is Tracyís birthday except Luke, who comes bearing a box. Tracy is excited to receive long-stemmed roses, only to discover that the box contains the same riding crop that she refused before.  She declares that this is the worst birthday ever. Anthony enters carrying several packages. Tracy wonders what he got her. He informs her that everything is for him and that he charged it to her account.  He offers to go back out and charge a vacuum cleaner for her on her account. Tracy canít believe she is having a birthday with no presents and no cake. Luke reminds her that he got her a riding crop. She says she doesnít like being hit with foreign objects. He tells her that it goes with the pony he bought her. Luke returns home to find John embracing Anna, who is crying after seeing a picture of Robin. John calls Sam and tells her that he was able to get a sample of Francoís DNA from the FBI.

Olivia knocks on Steveís door and his mother, Heather Webber, answers it, but she wonít let her in. Steve lets her in and introduces them. Heather announces that she will be staying at Steveís house. Heather tells Olivia the story about her spiking Steveís adoptive motherís tea with LSD and then accidentally drinking the spikes tea herself. She then gives Olivia a cup of tea. Olivia refuses it. Heather assures her that she has fully recovered from her mental illness. Steve and Olivia discuss Heather having to stay there. Olivia agrees to give Heather another chance. Heather disappears. She arrives at Lukeís door.

Jason asks Sam about her trip to New York City. She doesnít tell him anything that she learned from Heather. He tells her to let it be over. Jason tells Sam about his weird encounter with Kate. He tells her that Sonny believed Kateís version that Jason attacked her. He tells her that he can understand Sonny choosing to believe Kate because a man would never want to believe that the woman he loves is lying to him. Ewen warns Kate that if she doesnít integrate her two personalities, Connie may take over permanently. He tells her to tell Sonny what is going on with her and then check herself into a mental facility. Ewen makes a call to commit Kate against her will. Carly believes Sonny is innocent. Sonny asks Carly what Michael thinks of her relationship with Johnny. She assumes Sonny already told Michael about it. He tells her he has been to busy preparing for his case. She asks Michael to meet her at the Metro Court for dinner because she has something important to discuss with him. He invites Starr to join him, but she declines. When he arrives, he runs into Sonny and tells him that he believes he is innocent. Carly tells Michael that she and Johnny are a couple. Michael doesnít take it well. He tells her that she is taking the same risk that she warned him against. He leaves without having dinner. Michael returns home and finds Starr is gone. Starr canít wait to testify against Sonny tomorrow. She goes to the Quartermaine estate looking for Anthony.  Anthony assures her that he saw Sonny shoot his tires out.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Abby goes running to Billy and lets him know that Chelsea is gone. Victoria asks Victor for help with Chelsea and her baby, but he refuses. Out in the snow, Chelsea tells Adam that her baby is coming. Ashley goes into Tucker’s office and confronts him about his firing Sofia. Genevieve listens as Jack and Nikki talk about her and Jack finally getting married, but not for the reasons that Genevieve thinks. Victor and Victoria argue as usual over Billy. Abby reveals to Billy the argument between her, Victoria and Chelsea. Billy asks Abby to go with him to find Chelsea. Adam manages to get Chelsea to a cabin out of the cold. Adam holds Chelsea close as she has contractions. Tucker refuses to talk about Beauty of Nature to Ashley. Ashley warns Tucker about what Genevieve might do. Nikki asks Jack why he would marry Genevieve. Jack reveals his and Genevieve’s intentions to marry and then he will obtain Beauty of Nature, but after they are married, Jack will divorce Genevieve. Victor reluctantly, agrees to help Victoria find Chelsea. Victor calls Anita to try to find Chelsea. Adam delivers Chelsea’s baby, but there are complications since the baby isn’t breathing.

Victoria hugs Victor for his help in finding Chelsea. Genevieve and Tucker meet and it is revealed that they knew each other as children. Tucker tries to persuade Genevieve to sell him Beauty of Nature so she could remain as part of the company. Genevieve asks Tucker if he revealed to Ashley that they had known each other as children. Jack finds out that Genevieve heard his conversation with Nikki in which he revealed that he planned to divorce Genevieve shortly after the marriage. Adam goes to call for an ambulance. Victoria finds Chelsea and the baby. Billy follows soon after and is relieved to see his son. Abby calls for an ambulance and finds out that someone already called for it.

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