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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dr. Barton is surprised to learn from Hope that her agitation has diminished and everything is all right. Hope wants to thank her and apologizes for being so upset with her for not giving her more pills the last time she was in the office. She’s dealing with that stress now and needs no more pills. Brooke stops by and agrees; Hope was her old self and had a great time at a huge party last night. Caroline is settling in the Forrester estate and intends to enjoy the California sun and pool. Rick calls and offers to put on her sunscreen. He tells Ridge that he is not officially working with Caroline yet. In fact if he plays his cards right, there will be no work today. Thomas is also looking for Caroline and he shows up at the pool too. Looks like everyone is blowing off working today. Amused but wanting no rivalry fighting between the two, Caroline calls Hope and invites her to a party at the pool. Hope accepts, but then her hand begins to twitch. She contemplates taking a pill but puts it off. After getting to the pool and changing clothes, she picks up the bottle again…..and sees the note from Dr. Barton (actually from Amber) to take them when feeling anxiety.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Rafe and Nicole talked about the paternity test and the plan for EJ not to find out the truth.  Rafe wanted Nicole not to stress out.  At the coffeehouse, EJ and Lucas got into an argument over Sami and the fact that EJ is living near Sami.  Brady and Madison talked about Ian.  Brady wanted Madison to leave Ian and be with him, but she didnít want to do that.  She thought Ian would make things worse for him if she did.  Brady was ready to call things off with Madison if she didnít want to work on their relationship.  When Brady was about to leave, Madison stopped him.  Ian declared his love for Kate.  He said he would never let her go now that he has her back.  They kissed and eventually made love.  When they were finished, they talked about their futures together.  When Kate asked about Madison, he said they were finished because he wants to be with her.  Kate said she has been in Marlenaís shadow so long that she forgot what it felt to come first.  John told Stefano that a clerk gave him the article from the Salem Spectator.  John said he thought it was a bill from room service.  Hope asked who is Bo.  Stefano wasnít sure if he believed how they got the article.  John was going to call the clerk, but Stefano stopped him.  Stefano wanted to talk about the egg.  He said the sooner they found it, the sooner they could get back to their lives. 

Stefano asked if they found the egg.  John said no, but Hope said yes.  Stefano wanted to know if they had the egg or not.  John said they didnít, but they knew how they were going to get it.  Stefano said if he didnít have the egg soon, there would be consequences.  John said they would get the egg.  Stefano left.  Hope asked why John didnít give him the egg.  She said he would have given them their passports and they could have gone home to Bo and Marlena.  John thought Stefano couldnít be trusted.  Madison wanted to help Brady with Basic Black.  She wanted to keep Basic Black from going bankrupt.  Brady wasnít interested in her help.  They had a business meeting with Serge to talk about Basic Black and Mad World collaborating.  Kate realized that she made a mistake by sleeping with Ian.  John realized that Stefano let it slip that he would keep them as the pawn and princess forever.  He wanted to beat Stefano at his own game.  John asked her what she knew about the egg.  She said Anastasia eggs are built with a secret compartment with a prize inside.  She thought Stefano wanted what was inside the egg.  John thought that was their leverage.  Stefano talked to his goon about John and Hope.  Stefano said he didnít plan to let John and Hope go back to their normal lives.  He planned for the pawn and Gina to go off into the sunset together.  The goon told Stefano that there was bad news in Salem.  Stefano asked if it was about his wife.  The goon told Stefano that Kate spent hours with Ian in his hotel suite.  Stefano realized that Kate failed the test and betrayed him.  He threw the goon out.  He said Kate and Ian were going to pay for that mistake. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie stonewalls Alexis. Alexis tells her that if she didnít kill those people, the truth will come out despite her. Spinelli suggests to Matt that they join forces to save Maxie. Matt wonders if Maxie could be guilty. After a brief argument, he agrees with Spinelli.  They ask Elizabeth if she remembers anything else from the night of the party boat. The only new information she has is that Ewen fished her out of the water. Spinelli wonders if Ewen may have seen something. Connie tries to use Ewen for her plan to ruin Sonnyís relationship with Kate since Johnny wants no part of it. She texts Sonny to meet her at the Metro Court.  Elizabeth returns to her seat only to find Connie/Kate sitting in it. Connie invites Elizabeth to pull up a chair and proceeds to eat Elizabethís dessert. Elizabeth leaves. Connie tries to grope Ewen. He pulls Kate back into control. The last thing she remembers is Jason asking her about the gun in her office.  He tells her that Connie hit on him and that apparently her plan is to arrange for Sonny to walk in on her having sex with someone else. Kate and Ewen return to his office to have an emergency session. Sonny asks Jason about his conversation with Kate. Sonny says Kate told him that Jason accused her of planting the gun.  Jason says that isnít what he said; he was just trying to get a timeline to determine when the gun could have been planted. Sonny suggests that Jason is having blackouts again. Jason assures him that he is fine and that it was Kate who didnít seem herself. He suggests that something may be wrong with Kate. Sonny asks Jason to stay away from Kate for the time being because she had nothing to do with the gun.  Sonny goes to Metro Court in response to Kateís text, only to be told by an employee that she just left with a man.

Sam tells John McBain that since Franco and Jason were twins, her DNA test was useless. John tells her that is not necessarily so. He explains to her that fraternal twins donít have identical DNA. He tells her to run a second DNA test against Francoís DNA. He offers to see if there is a DNA sample at the FBI. Sam doesnít want to tell Jason about any of it. McBain tells her that is a bad idea. He says secrets like that never end well. She says she just wants to spare her husband her pain. He asks her if it ever occurred to her that maybe he doesnít want to be spared.  John McBain gives Alexis a federal document that nullifies her restraining order to keep him away from Sonny. Jason asks Sam if she got the answers she was looking for when she went to Fern Cliff.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nikki asks Katherine to make Genevieve an offer for Beauty of Nature, because she thinks it is the only way to keep Jack, Victor, and Victoria from fighting over the company. Katherine tells Nikki she can’t do that because she can’t risk her fragile relationship with Devon and Tucker by fighting with Tucker over business. Genevieve tells Victor that she and Jack are getting married and she is giving him Beauty of Nature as a wedding present. Victor tells Genevieve that Jack is only using her to get what he wants, and once he has Beauty of Nature, he will kick her to the curb. Genevieve goes to Jack’s house later and overhears him tell Nikki that he doesn’t love or trust Genevieve, and he will never let her hurt him again. Michael and Daniel are able to get a judge to give him unsupervised visitation with Lucy. Michael is also able to get Phyllis’s restraining order modified so that Phyllis can visit Lucy when she is with Daniel. Daniel surprises Phyllis with the news, and she is thrilled to be able to hold Lucy in her arms again.

Chelsea defends Adam when Abby and Victoria tell her what a despicable person he is. Chelsea gets angry because she thinks Victoria is treating her like an incubator and doesn’t care about her at all. Chelsea tells Victoria that she doesn’t know if she wants her to raise the baby and runs out of the house and drives away in her car. Abby and Victoria search for Chelsea everywhere and so does Adam. Adam finds Chelsea in the middle of nowhere and her car is stuck in a patch of ice. Chelsea is scared because she has fallen in the icy water. Adam gets her out of the water and wants to take her to a hospital. Chelsea tells Adam there isn’t time to go to a hospital because the baby is on its way now. Victoria can’t find Chelsea anywhere so she heads to Victor’s office to beg for his help. Billy comes home to an empty house and asks Keely where everybody is, but he obviously hasn’t checked his cell phone messages that Victoria left for him. Cane and Lily have a romantic date celebrating their seven-week anniversary.

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