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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Rick now that Caroline is in town, there is no reason to keep Amber. Just get her out of his life today. Amber interrupts the conversation and says she regrets mistakes she has made in the past, but they get along well now so why can’t that be enough? Amber tells Brooke that she can have her opinion but Rick knows who she is now. Amber watches as Rick saunters up to Caroline and offers to show her L.A. to prove they really do make good pizza and have culture too. Amber waits then catches Caroline alone and fills her head with how Rick is with all his women and how she is just one of them when he is in L.A. Brooke wants Amber to leave, but she refuses. She feels she is part of this family too. Hope has stepped out on the porch; hands shaking she takes a pill. She isn’t sure why she needs it since Steffy is not here. Liam finds her and Hope says she had to take a phone call. She’s beyond giddy and even defends Amber to the dismay of others who think she is a pest. Ridge tells Caroline that he is very impressed with her Foundation and he’d like to show her something about her aunt. He shows her the guest house where he and Caroline lived. He says he usually doesn’t talk about that time; it’s hard for him but he will now. He admits Caroline did not want anyone to know she was sick; she wanted no sympathy or tears, not even from her husband. He shows her a charm bracelet that he gave Caroline….one that you add a charm to every year. When he found out she was sick, he went ahead and gave her all the charms, one for every year they’d never have. Caroline Jr. is deeply moved. He tells her not to waste a moment; life can be so fragile. And Caroline is so much like her aunt. He cries “my sweet Caroline” when she shows him the back of her neck with a small tattoo of the breast cancer ribbon.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the coffeehouse, Jack and Jennifer talked about Abby and how she lied about sleeping with Austin.  Then they got on the subject of their relationship.  Jack wanted to try again, but he was afraid that he would do something to ruin it.  Jennifer didnít want him talking like that.  She didnít want to hear anymore so she left.  In Alamainia, John held a picture of Marlena and told Gina she knew her.  Gina said she didnít.  John said Marlena is one of her closest friends.  He told her she was not Princess Gina.  He said Princess Gina was dead.  He tried to convince her that she was Hope, but she wasnít convinced.  He tied her to a chair and left the room.  She begged him not to leave her there.  One of Stefanoís goons told him that they delivered the package to Kate.  Stefano wanted to know what Kate was going to do with the package.  The goon said Stefano had the package addressed to him.  Stefano said he knew she would open it.  He was interested in what she would do with the package.  The goon said it was just pictures.  Stefano said that it was of another woman who was important to him.  The goon wanted to know why Stefano was trying to make his wife jealous.  Stefano said he had his reasons.  Kate looked at the dossier of Marlena and put it in her briefcase.  When she noticed Ian, she pretended to run into him.  They agreed to talk in private.  Daniel told Lexie that she fainted because of a tumor.  The tumor was in an advanced stage.  Abe couldnít understand it.  There were no signs of the tumor.  Daniel said the tumor was in the third and lateral ventricles of the brain so it was inoperable.  Lexie thanked Daniel and left the room.  Abe wanted to know what Lexieís options were.  Daniel said they had to check to see if the tumor spread.  Daniel said they were facing the worst case scenario.  When Abe found her, she was doing her rounds.  Jack told Jennifer that he was scared of whatís going to happen.  Every time he hears a noise, he gets scared.  He was afraid he couldnít be the man that she and the family needed him to be.  She assured him that he was the man they needed.  They talked some more and then kissed.  Abby saw them and asked if they were back together.  They finally said that they were back together.  Kate and Ian went to his hotel room.  She opened up to him about Stefano not returning her calls.  She also talked to him about how Marlena takes up Stefanoís attention.  She showed him the dossier of Marlena. 

John showed Gina a newspaper.  It was a story on Bo being in a coma.  He tried to convince her that she had a life with Bo.  She didnít remember it at first and then it all came back to her.  She called out Boís name and said she had to get to Bo.  Ian and Kate reminisced about their relationship.  He told her that he was being blackmailed because he was taking over a company and that was why he had to break up with her.  He wanted to protect her.  He told her the blackmailer hired a detective to dig into her personal life.  He wanted to keep her secret from coming out.  He said the person has been taken care of so they could be together.  She asked about Madison.  Ian said his marriage is in name only.  He told Kate that he loved her.  Hope wanted to go home to Bo, but was stuck.  John said the game is over because the pawn and the princess were gone.  He told her they had the egg.  Hope didnít remember stealing it.  She asked if Stefano had any idea that they had it.  John said he didnít because they removed all of the surveillance devices in the room that he used to spy on them.  He thought it would be to their advantage that Stefano doesnít know that they arenít under his mind control anymore.  She asked if they were going to keep Stefano in the dark.  John thought it was their ticket out of there.  Stefano knocked on the door.  John said it was time to put on their game faces.  Celeste had a surprise for Lexie.  It turned out that Lexie has a brother named Cameron.  Lexie was shocked.  Celeste said Cameronís father took him away from her when he was little.  They were recently reunited.  Cameron handed Lexie a picture of them together when she thought Celeste was her aunt.  Celeste told Lexie that Cameron is a doctor too.  Lexie was getting upset and couldnít deal with the news.  Cameron wondered what was wrong.  Celeste handed him Lexieís file.  Ian and Kate talked about him protecting her.  After they talked, they kissed.  Stefano wanted an update on the search.  He noticed the Salem Spectator in the garbage can and wondered what was going on. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jason tells Spinelli that he observed that something is wrong with Kate. Spinelli tells Jason that Kate has a habit of unloading her frustrations on undeserving people. Jason is certain that asking her about the gun is what set her off. Spinelli wonders if Kate knows more than she is saying.  Sonny walks in on ďConnieĒ talking to herself and observes that ďKateĒ seems a little off. Connie, impersonating Kate, tells Sonny that Jason affronted her and made her feel uncomfortable. She tells him that she wants Jason to prove Sonnyís innocence but she doesnít think it is fair for him to accuse her. She tells Sonny that she was afraid of Jason. Sonny goes to the penthouse and asks Jason what happened between him and Kate.  

John McBain irritates Sam with his pseudo-concern for her. He wonít leave. She almost faints while she is trying to be the one to leave. He tells her that stress isnít good for her or the baby. She tells him about Francoís mind games. McBain observes that Franco canít hurt them anymore because he is dead. Sam says that is not true; he can still destroy their lives. She tells him that she received disturbing news in New York McBain says that if Jason is the man she says he is, then he will stand by her through whatever she is going through. She doesnít know what it will do to Jason. He tells her that she is doing the same thing she did when she was ďprotectingĒ Jason from finding out about Robinís death. She asks him how he would react if he found out that Franco was his brother. She tells him the rest of the story about Franco raping her during her honeymoon in Hawaii. McBain hugs her. She tells him that she knew that either Jason or Franco could be the father of her child but that a DMA test showed that Jason was the father. She jumps to the conclusion that fraternal twins have identical DNA and fears that Franco could still be the father.

Lulu offers to pose as a stripper to lure out the stripper-attacker. Dante says absolutely not; she is not a cop and it isnít her responsibility to solve crimes. He tells her they can get a police officer to go undercover if they decide to go that route. She is insistent. He tells her he will blow her audition if she tries. Ewen and Elizabeth finally go on a date. Lunch at the Metro Court. While talking about Australians living in Port Charles, she mentions Jax. Ewen says has heard of him and mentions Jerryís hostage incident a few years ago. Elizabeth observes that he seems to know more about the Jax family than he is letting on. She asks him what his deep dark secret is. In response, he plays the harmonica for her at their table. Connie runs into Ewen at the Metro Court. Patrick returns to work. He advises Matt to do everything he can do to save Maxie because you never know when you will lose someone for good.  Patrick is taken aback when a patient asks about Robin so he leaves work. Spinelli suggests to Matt that they join forces to save Maxie.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Gloworm, Victoria persuades Genevieve to join her at her table to keep the vultures away from her. Genevieve agrees until Victor walks up and asks to talk to her alone. Tucker sends a special drink to Genevieve. Nikki kisses Jack good-bye as she and Victoria leave. Victor urges Genevieve to sell to him. As Victor leaves the table, Genevieve winks at Jack. In the Athletic Club bar, Adam gets a call from Chelsea, who wants to join him for lunch. Abby comes in and wants to know where Chelsea is going. Jack watches Genevieve as she thanks Tucker for the drink and they get a table together. Ashley comes in and joins Jack at his table. She tries to persuade Jack not to have the surgery. Jack makes mention that Tucker is at a nearby table. Ashley immediately gets up and joins Genevieve and Tucker. An argument ensues when Chelsea tells Abby to move out. When Victoria and Nikki walk in, both Chelsea and Abby begin to make excuses as to what they were talking about. Chelsea becomes annoyed when she finds out that Victoria picked up her prenatal vitamins. Victor approaches Adam at the bar and tells him that he is glad that he got his eyesight back. Adam is suspicious about Adam. Ashley finds out from Genevieve that Tucker made an offer for Beauty of Nature.

From a nearby table, Genevieve watches Jack with his therapist, Sarge. Jack fires Sarge as his therapist as he announces that he is having the surgery. Ashley becomes annoyed when she finds out that Tucker made an offer. Genevieve takes Jack home and they talk. Adam and Chelsea meet for lunch and small talk. Adam tells her to do the right thing for herself as well as her child. At home, Victoria wonders where Chelsea is. Nikki visits Victor to complain about his not wanting Victoria to have Beauty of Nature. Nikki is annoyed that Victor is turning against his own child over Beauty of Nature. Nikki urges Victor to let Victoria have Beauty of Nature. Victor insists that Beauty of Nature is his company and he will get it back. Chelsea comes home with Adam right behind her. He lets her know that she forgot her cell phone in the restaurant. Chelsea has a pain and Adam leads her to the sofa. Victoria comes in and wants to know what Adam is doing there. Chelsea claims that Adam is just helping her home. Victoria reminds Chelsea that when Adam got close to a woman he stolen her baby. After Jack reveals his wedding plans to Genevieve, she leaves, and calls Victor.

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