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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline meets all the Forresters and thinks their home is lovely. It means so much to her to spend some time here so she can picture Caroline Sr. there. Stephanie tells Ridge it’s almost like having Caroline back here. Despite not being invited, Amber stops by with Rosey and introduces herself to Caroline. She insinuates herself into the family by calling Rosey a Forrester and offering cheers to Caroline to not let her relationship with Rick intimidate Caroline. She’s new and inexperienced, but she knows she will learn the ropes soon. Brooke cringes as she watches Amber take over. Caroline says she feels Caroline’s presence here and she feels welcome. She shows a short video of Caroline for the Cancer Foundation bearing her name. Ridge puts the final kibosh on Amber being a part of the company. He tells Rick that he can pay her out of his own trust fund if he wants to continue working with Amber as his sketch artist. Brooke puts in her two cents one more time. Rick should consider Caroline or someone like her to work with and kick Amber to the curb, out of working with her and out of his life personally. Thomas admits to Ridge and Taylor that he is smitten with Caroline. He’s the designing son and it should be he that is working with Caroline. He knows he screwed up in the past, but he feels those mistakes have been more than paid for and he’d like a new start. Ridge says he’d like that too. They can’t set a timetable right now but soon.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the hospital, Nicole and Rafe were waiting for Daniel.  Nicole told Daniel that EJ knew about the baby.  Daniel thought she wanted to keep the baby a secret.  He wanted to know how EJ took the news.  She told him that she and Rafe said Rafe was the father.  Daniel asked if EJ believed them. Nicole told him that EJ wanted a paternity test.  Daniel asked if they thought about that detail.  Nicole said the only thing that mattered was that they were all the only ones who knew the truth.  There was no way she was going to let EJ near her baby.  Daniel asked if Rafe was okay with his family and friends thinking he was the father of Nicoleís baby.  Rafe felt he had no other alternative because he didnít want EJ to raise the baby.  They all continued to talk about the baby.  They also talked about the paternity test.  Rafe suggested that they get Daniel to switch the results.  Nicole didnít want Daniel to switch the results because heís done enough already.  She suggested that they find a way to switch the results themselves.  Marlena and Will talked about him being gay.  She reassured him that she loved him no matter what.  Lexie asked her mother what Celeste meant about her being in danger.  Celeste told Lexie that she consulted her Tarot cards and they revealed that her life was in danger. They didnít believe the cards, but Celeste said they are never wrong.  Celeste asked how she was doing.  Lexie said she had headaches.  Abe said Lexie fainted earlier.  Lexie said Daniel told her that she was okay.  Celeste was worried that she was wrong.  Abe wanted Celeste to stop with the predictions because she was upsetting Lexie.  Lexie was used to it.  Celeste wanted Lexie to take it seriously since she knew she was sick.  Celeste wanted her to get checked out today.  She didnít want Lexie to put it off.  Abe wanted her to stop, but Celeste was worried that Lexie could die.

Lexie mentioned how they havenít seen Celeste in months.  Celeste said she has been busy.  Abe thought she was busy reading her Tarot cards.  Celeste warned him not to dismiss what she was telling them.  Celeste declared her love for Lexie and she knew that Lexie was in danger.  Lexie thought Celeste was getting ahead of herself because she hasnít taken the test yet.  Celeste said Lexie had to get the test done tonight.  Celeste said she couldnít wait.  Lexie finally caved and took the test.  At the hospital, Lexie introduced Celeste to Daniel.  Daniel wondered why Lexie wanted the test done tonight.  Lexie told him her mother insisted she get it done.  He said the lab was set up.  Carrie ran into Rafe and Nicole at the Brady Pub.  Carrie told him that she was going to make her marriage work.  She said Austin is the man she loved and she regretted what happened between her and Rafe.  Rafe wanted to know if she thought what happened between them was wrong.  She considered it a mistake.  She wrote it off as a reaction to the tension in their marriages.  Rafe said he was happy for her.  Carrie hoped things worked out with him and Nicole.  Nicole wondered what happened.  He said he wanted to tell Carrie the truth about the baby.  Nicole was upset.  Rafe said he didnít tell her.  He told her that Carrie said what they had was a mistake.  He said how she loved Austin and that he was a distraction.  Nicole apologized to him.  Celeste told Abe and Lexie that she had a secret that she wanted to come clean about.  Just as she was about to tell the secret, Daniel said he had the results and they werenít good. 

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick sits on the couch at the Athletic Club and is on the phone with Victor when Genevieve walks in. Genevieve gets a call from Jack letting her know that he will marry her, but they need to keep it quiet for the time being. Victor tells Nick to try to find out what Genevieve is up to, but before Nick can approach Genevieve, Victoria tells her that she is ready to make her an offer for Beauty of Nature. Harmony pays Katherine a visit and finds out that Neil is returning to Chancellor Industries. Tucker is quite surprised when he finds out from Ashley that Beauty of Nature is up for sale again. Neil tries to persuade Sofia to tell her what is going on between her and Tucker. Devon walks up to join them. Neil tells Sofia and Devon that he is going back to being CEO of Chancellor Industries. Harmony and Katherine discuss if Devon is still angry with her. At the Athletic Club, Neil lets Devon know that Katherine is sorry for the things that she did. Ashley soon regrets letting Tucker know that Beauty of Nature was up so sale again. Nick interrupts them before Genevieve can accept Victoria’s offer. Nick calls Victor and lets him know that Genevieve is up to something but he doesn’t know what. Nikki lets Victor know that she is going to visit Jack, but she will not spy on him for Victor. Jack is on the phone making plans for the honeymoon when Nikki barges in. Victoria and Nick discuss Beauty of Nature. Nick warns her that she had better know that this was what she really wants. At the Athletic Club, Tucker makes Genevieve an offer for Beauty of Nature.

Victoria and Victor discuss her talk with Nick concerning Beauty of Nature. Victoria tries to talk Victor out of promoting this new product line, but he refuses. Nick visits Ashley in her office and lets her know that Genevieve is going about town sparking an interest in Beauty of Nature. Katherine goes to see Devon at the studio and tells him that Neil is coming back to work at Chancellor. Devon is surprised by Katherine being able to talk to him in sign language. Genevieve barges in on Nikki and Jack which takes Nikki by surprise. Nikki lets Genevieve know about Jack’s surgery. Genevieve tells Nikki that she will try to talk to Jack about the surgery. Genevieve tells Nikki that she will continue to be a big part of Jack’s life. Nikki insists that she will keep an eye on her that she doesn’t do anything to hurt Jack again. Harmony suggests to Neil that Sofia may want to come to work at Chancellor. Katherine and Devon make amends and decide to start over. Sofia lets Tucker know that she wants out of this deal, but Tucker refuses to let her back out. Jack, Nikki and Victor gather at Gloworm as do Tucker and Victoria.

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