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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy sees Hope take a pill and asks what is it for. Hope minds the inquisition, but tells Steffy it’s for her allergies. Rick tells his mom that Amber is a new person now; just trust her. Brooke says she is always bad news and she does not want her around. Brooke says Caroline Spencer is much better suited to him. He abruptly leaves and tells Brooke that he’s not ending his relationship with Amber. Dayzee catches Amber hiding something in her purse. It was the remainder of Hope’s pills she got for her. Amber congratulates Dayzee for her engagement. Amber brags that if Dayzee will invite her to her wedding that she will invite her to hers and Rick’s when they remarry. She knows Brooke wants her out, but she has another ally in Hope. Ridge quizzes Liam and tells him that he speaks from experience. Don’t make that mistake of choosing one woman and loving the other. Brooke tells Ridge that Rick won’t drop Amber out of his life so she’s gonna have to have another little talk with Amber and make her wish she’d stayed in Genoa City. Brooke overhears Amber tell Dayzee that she loves Rick and she’s going to be a Forrester again. She really likes it here. Brooke informs her that she is not a Forrester and never will be, and she’s going to have to accept that. Amber begs Brooke to give her another chance. She’s changed and she is trying to make up for things she has done in the past. Brooke tells her to go back to wherever she came from. If she doesn’t, she will make her wish she did.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

EJ wanted Will to do a job for him.  EJ wanted Will to watch Nicoleís every move.  EJ wanted to know if Nicole planned on leaving Salem.  Will thought that sounded like a full time job.  EJ said it was.  Will wanted to know what to do about school.  EJ told him to take a leave of absence.  Marlena overheard EJ and told him to take a leave of absence.  EJ and Marlena argued over what he wanted Will to do.  EJ agreed to work around Willís schedule.  Billie wanted to know when Daniel was going to take Bo out of the medically induced coma.  He wasnít sure.  Daniel said that Boís vitals were getting better and the swelling on his brain was going down.  Billie wished Bo would wake up and have Hope there.  Billie said she left her several messages.  Daniel was sure Hope was doing everything she could to be there.  Daniel said that Bo was lucky that he had her.  Billie didnít think so.  The two eventually started flirting with each other.  Gina had the egg.  John said Stefano would be none the wiser.  Gina thought the egg would be their ticket to freedom.  They tried to celebrate their victory by kissing.  They ended up on the couch.  When John saw a picture of Marlena, he got distracted.  John didnít know who she was.  Gina wondered why he was staring at the picture if he didnít know who it was.  Lucas agreed that Sami was in his head.  Sami was happy, but Lucas set her straight.  He said they have two children together and would always be a part of his life, but his life is in Hong Kong.  Sami asked him not to go, but Lucas felt he had to go.  She told him she needed him.  He said every man that helps her falls in love with her.  He was not going to do that again.  He was okay with being her friend, but nothing else.  Abe tried to revive Lexie.  When she woke up, she wanted to know what happened.  He said she fainted.  He wanted to get some help, but she stopped him.  She said she was fine.  He wanted to take her to the hospital, but she didnít want to go.  Abe suggested that Daniel come to check on her.  While Daniel and Billie were talking, he got the call from Abe to check on Lexie.  When Daniel left, Billie got a call from Agent Spencer.  She told him that she wanted to show him something. 

When Daniel got to Abe and Lexieís house, he examined Lexie.  He didnít find anything wrong with her.  He wanted her to clear her schedule and get a physical.  He wanted to run some tests on her.  Billie showed Spencer pictures.  She said that their boy is dealing illegal weapons.  She thought that the DiMeras would get rid of the evidence once they find out that she is in ISA.  They noticed that the dates on the invoices were around the time the Basic Black fund was drained.  Spencer asked if Kate suspected anything.  She said no.  She said Kate didnít know where Stefano is.  They started talking about John and Hope being missing.  John thought the woman in the picture looked familiar.  When Gina said she was going to take a shower, John had flashbacks of Marlena.  He went back to the picture and said ďDocĒ.  Sami tried to talk Lucas into staying in Salem for the kids.  While they were talking, EJ approached them and told Sami that Rafe and Nicole were having a baby.  She didnít believe it at first.  Sami said how Nicole couldnít have kids and recapped about Nicole taking Sydney.  EJ said that Rafe and Nicole told him that she was pregnant.  He told her that he wanted Nicole to take a paternity test.  Sami couldnít believe that Nicole was pregnant.  EJ assured her that the baby didnít have to be Rafeís.  She thought it didnít matter.  The fact that it could be Rafeís mattered.  They continued to talk about Nicoleís baby.  Spencer wanted to get more evidence against the DiMeras because the evidence she found was too easy.  Billie realized that and she was going to get it.  John told Gina that they had to be careful about their next move because the other people they care about could get hurt.  Gina didnít know who John was talking about.  When he mentioned Bo, she didnít know who Bo was.  He asked her if she remembered anything from the last 10 years.  She said she didnít.  He said it was because she was living in another town called Salem with a man named Bo Brady.  She didnít believe him.  John wanted her to remember because Stefano would win if she didnít.  She wanted to know who Hope was.  Sami asked Lucas if he talked to his fiancťe.  He said he did and that she wasnít happy about him staying in Salem.  Sami was happy that Lucas decided to stay.  They also got a shock when they found out EJ was going to be living across the hall from Sami and the children.  While Lexie and Abe were talking about the tests she was taking, Celeste rushed in and told her that was in terrible danger. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

John McBain reveals to Anna that Sonny killed his sister. Anna advises him that he is letting his personal feelings cloud his judgment in Sonnyís current case. He says murderers belong in prison. She concludes that he wants Sonny to pay for his sisterís death by going to prison for a crime he may not have committed. She asks him what he is prepared to do if the evidence in the case leads to someone other than Sonny. She agrees to help him go over the evidence. Kate figures out that Johnny knows she has an alter-ego. Ewen suggests that she confront Johnny. She asks him to hypnotize her again to find out what Johnny and Connie are up to. Connie tells Ewen that the plan is off because Johnny backed out.  She reveals that she is aware of Kateís imitation of her. Ewen asks her if the gun in Kateís office belongs to her.  Connie storms out and crashes into Steve in the corridor. She invites him to go have a little fun before Ewen drags her back into his office. Steve tells Olivia that Kate hit on him. John Zacchara asks Steve if he has the information that he asked for. Steve says he doesnít want any part of it. Johnny threatens to turn him in for killing a patient in Memphis. Steve gives Johnny a list. Olivia goes to Sonny about Steve. She tells him that Johnny Zacchara is putting the screws to Steve and asks him to help stop Johnny. Carly gives Luke a bill and tells him she never agreed to comp a roommate. He asks her to have a little sympathy for Anna since she has just lost her only child. Carly asks why she should even continue to comp his expensive perks when he sold Sonny the information about Johnny that he was supposed to give her as his end of the deal. Luke surmises that Carly is falling for Johnny. Carly tells him it is none of his business.  Luke says she is delusional if she thinks Johnny isnít using her to get something on Sonny.  Carly tells Johnny what Luke said. Johnny asks her if she believes him. She says they know each other better now. He asks her to have lunch with him in public. They run into Olivia and Sonny on the metro court restaurant. Sonny asks Carly how Michael feels about her going out with Johnny. When Carly doesnít answer he surmises that Michael doesnít know. Starr overhears Jason talking to Michael about the possibility that Johnny framed Sonny in the accident case. Jason tells Michael that he can tell from Sonnyís eyes that he isnít lying when he says he didnít cause that accident. Michael asks Jason if Sonny sent him there to warn him away from Starr. Jason says that Sonny didnít send him. Sonny stops by and asks Michael to stay out of contact with Starr.  Sonny tells Jason that he is going to bring Johnny down. 

Heather Webber tells Sam that the baby in the picture is indeed Susanís child, but it is not Jason. Itís Jasonís twin brother whom Susan never knew she gave birth to and whom Heather sold to the delivery nurse, Betsy Frank. Sam recognizes that as Francoís motherís name. Sam walks out without taking the letter that she had promised to deliver to Steve in exchange for the information. Sam realizes that despite the DNA test, her baby could still be Francoís.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

While Neil visits Katherine, they discuss Devon then Neil coming back to Chancellor Industries. Michael visits Victor and lets him know that Victoria wants Beauty of Nature just as badly as he does. At home, Victoria makes plans to sell some stock in order to have some money on hand. Sofia calls Victoria and tells her that they need to meet. Nikki visits Ashley and informs her that Jack wants to have surgery. Genevieve visits Jack with the papers to sell him Beauty of Nature in return for him marrying her. Victor visits Victoria and accuses her of trying to steal Beauty of Nature from her. Tucker and Sofia put their plan into motion for him to gain control of Beauty of Nature. Katherine tries to coax Neil into coming back to Chancellor, which proves to be not too hard of a job because Neil decided to come back. Ashley pays Jack a visit to talk him out of having this surgery, but to her surprise finds Genevieve there. Victor accuses Victoria of blaming him for having Anita and Chelsea in Genoa City. Jack insists that everything that he has ever wanted is within his grasp.

Genevieve and Nikki meet at Crimson Lights and argue as usual. Nikki is quite beside herself when she finds out that Genevieve was with Jack that morning. At the Athletic Club, Tucker and Sofia put their plan into motion when Sofia sees Victoria enter the room. Tucker fires Sofia for Victoria’s benefit. In talking to Victoria, Sofia asks her for a job at Beauty of Nature. Jack refuses to listen to Ashley’s pleading for him not to have the surgery. Neil listens to Sofia and Victoria talking. After Victoria leaves, Neil approaches Sofia and asks her what is going on. Tucker finds out from Ashley that Beauty of Nature is on the market again. Victor finds out from Michael that he no longer has the funds to buy Beauty of Nature. Nikki tells Victor that Genevieve paid Jack a visit earlier that day. Jack calls Genevieve and lets her know that he will marry her.

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