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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Amber explains to Hope that she didn’t mean to eavesdrop. Hope tells her that she has been under a lot of pressure lately so she was seeing a doctor. But it was only a couple of pills and she doesn’t need them anymore so Amber can forget what she heard. Amber digs the bottle out of the trash and starts calling to see if she can get a refill. She smiles to herself; help is on the way for Hope. When they arrive, she refills Hope’s bottle. Rick tells Caroline that he has a soft spot for Amber, but he’s glad his mom brought Caroline here. Steffy returns from Aspen and heads straight to Liam’s to see if he missed her. Ridge oversees her hug Liam and tell him that she misses their marriage; she misses him. He confronts Liam. Hope returns to the office and finds the bottle of pills sitting on the desk saying take for anxiety when needed and signed by Dr. Barton. The internet is full of Hope being a fraud, adulteress, hypocrite and reporters are following her and calling on her private number. She pops a pill just as Steffy steps in the office and wants to know what she is doing.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Kate went to Lexie’s house to talk to her about Stefano.  Kate asked Lexie if Stefano ever talk to her about Marlena.  Lexie intimated that he didn’t talk to her about Marlena.  Kate told her ever since John and Marlena have been back in Salem he’s been secretive.  Lexie wasn’t surprised.  Kate said Stefano had nothing to do with the missing money or Basic Black.  Lexie asked if Kate was sure about that.  Kate said she may not know where her husband is, but she knows when he’s lying.  Lexie asked if Kate thought Stefano was going after Marlena again.  Lexie told Kate that Stefano loves her.  Kate knew that.  Kate wanted Lexie to let her know if she hears from Stefano.  Lexie said she would, but suggested that Kate call him.  Kate said that Stefano wasn’t interested in talking to her.  At the Brady Pub, Marlena, Roman, and Abe talked about her not hearing from John or Hope.  Abe and Roman thought they could get a lead on where John and Hope were if they could find Stefano.  Roman told Marlena that he left messages with Shane.  Roman assured her that they were going to do everything they could to find John and Hope.  Marlena realized that it was Abe and Lexie’s anniversary.  Gina told John that he would be there any minute.  John was going to distract him while Gina went for the egg.  Gina wanted John to promise that once they get the egg and sell it, they would not stop.  She didn’t want to end up some miserable couple that never have fun.  John agreed.  They kissed.  John wanted to break in the castle, but Gina said no because it’s been years since they stashed the egg.  She thought the security system was most likely updated.  John thought they could bypass the security.  She agreed they could, but it was better to be invited.  A man showed up.  Gina told Wilhelm that it was good to see him.  Gina told John to excuse them and he did.  She told Wilhelm that she wanted to go back to his place.  Lucas didn’t believe that Sami had unresolved feelings for him.  Sami said she did.  Lucas said she was mad because he was going back to his fiancée and wouldn’t be there for her.  Sami denied it.  He said he knew her better than anybody and knew that it was about EJ.  He thought she was lying to herself if she couldn’t see it.  She said there was nothing going on between her and EJ.  She told Lucas she was still in love with him.  Lucas didn’t believe her.  She insisted that she was.  He said she only thought she was because he loves somebody else and for the first time, she couldn’t have him.

Carrie overheard Rafe, Nicole, and EJ arguing over the baby.  Carrie left after she heard Rafe say that Nicole was having his baby.  EJ wanted to go to the hospital to get a paternity test.  When Carrie left, she ran into Austin.  She was visibly upset.  He wanted to help her feel better, but she didn’t think it could be fixed.  Lucas and Sami argued over whether or not she loved him or was just using him.  He ended up telling her that he was going back to Hong Kong to be with a woman who wouldn’t break his heart.  Rafe and Nicole refused to get the paternity test.  EJ said her life would be much easier if they took the test.  Rafe thought he was threatening them.  EJ said he wouldn’t let Nicole out of his sight until he knew which one was the father.  He said if they were telling him the truth, he would never bother Nicole again.  Rafe agreed to it.  Gina and Wilhelm were in his room.  When he left to get champagne, she let John in.  John asked if the egg was still there.  She assumed it was.  They had to get the Count out of the picture before they knew for sure.  John had a vial of sleep aid so she could put it in Wilhelm’s drink.  EJ, Rafe, and Nicole were at the hospital for the paternity test.  When EJ left to look for Lexie, Nicole thanked Rafe for his help.  She wanted to know what they were going to do.  Rafe tried to calm her down by reminding her that EJ wasn’t going to take her baby.  EJ came back and told them Lexie wasn’t working today because of her anniversary.  Rafe thought they were done, but EJ said there was more than one doctor there so someone could find it.  Lucas told Kate he was leaving.  She loved having him back, but she was glad he was leaving so he wouldn’t be around Sami.  Lucas got a call saying that his secretary canceled his plane reservation.  He wasn’t going to be able to leave until tomorrow.  He left.  When Wilhelm came back, he wanted to have fun with Gina.  She poured the sleep aid in his champagne.  When he was knocked out, she and John started to look for the egg.  John found the bag with the egg.  She told him to take the egg back to the hotel and she would meet him back there.  EJ found out from another doctor that the test couldn’t be done until she’s at least 10 weeks long.  He wanted to take her to see an ob-gyn. Rafe said he would take care of it.  EJ wanted Rafe to take care of his baby.  Nicole and Rafe didn’t know what they were going to do.  While Abe and Lexie were celebrating their anniversary, Lexie was in pain.  She said she was a little dizzy and ended up fainting.  Lucas saw Sami and the Brady Pub.  He knew that she was the one who canceled his flight.  He thought he should have been mad but he wasn’t.  She thought it was because she was still in his head the same way he’s in hers.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Spinelli tells Jason about Maxie confessing to the murders of Lisa Niles and First Mate Briggs. Jason concludes that Maxie thinks that if she can’t be punished for a crime she thinks she committed, then the next best thing is to be punished for a crime she didn’t commit. Jason suggests that Spinelli find the real killer. Spinelli suggests that Jason likewise clear Sonny by finding who really shot out Anthony’s tires. Patrick goes to see Maxie before her arraignment begins. He tells her that the accident that killed Robin was not her fault and that he doesn’t blame her. He says Robin wouldn’t want her to blame herself and she should honor Robin by complying. When the judge asks for her plea, Maxie pleads guilty.

Steve and Olivia make love.  He discloses to her that his mother, Heather is in a mental institution.  He says he was born out of wedlock from an affair his mother had with one of Monica Quartermaine’s former husbands and then sold to another couple. He says she had her mental breakdown after drinking tea containing LSD that was meant for the adoptive mother and was never the same after that. Sam tells Jason that she found out that his birth mother’s cousin, Heather Webber, was in the room when he was born.  He doesn’t see how Heather can help since she is mentally ill. Heather  goes to talk to Sam.  Sam asks her if anything unusual happened during the birth or if she knows what was on the missing page from the birth record. Heather wants to know what is in it for her.  She wants to be reunited with Steven. She gives Sam a letter to deliver to Steve. Sam shows her pictures from the video Franco left and asks her why Franco would want to taunt them with pictures of Jason as a baby. Heather informs her that the baby in the pictures is not Jason.

John McBain reports to Blair Cramer that he saw Starr, that she is safe, and that she is staying with Michael Corinthos until the trial is over. Starr is certain that Sonny will be found guilty.  John McBain visits his old acquaintance, Anna Devane. He asks her to help him put Sonny Corinthos away.  She says Robin wouldn't want her to do that and she wonders if he is capable of being objective.  She asks why he has a vendetta against Sonny. He reveals that Sonny killed his sister.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Genevieve comes downstairs from her room at the Athletic Club when Victoria comes up to join her. Victoria wants to talk about Beauty of Nature, but Genevieve puts her off. Genevieve meets with a lawyer about the lawsuit concerning Jack and the sale of Beauty of Nature. Jack is deep in thought about the possibility of his upcoming surgery. Chelsea comes by to see Anita and finds her gone. Gloria, Jeffrey, Kevin and Chloe come back from their honeymoon. Chelsea comes up to join Jeffrey and Gloria. At the coffeehouse, Harmony gets a cup of tea and calls Devon and also calls Katherine. Harmony checks her messages and sees one from Neil. Michael tells Lauren that the judge had restored Daniel’s parental rights. Daniel stops by Daisy’s to see Lucy. Daniel notices how good Daisy is with Lucy. Daisy begs Daniel not to take Lucy away from her. Jack gets a visit from Genevieve, who asks him not to put her out. Genevieve tells Jack that she has something to tell him that he will want to hear. Chloe visits Victoria and lets her know how worried she is concerning Carmine and the threat that he made. Chloe finds out that Carmine is still in town. Carmine and Kevin have a confrontation. Gloria insists to Jeffrey to have a DNA test, but then Michael and Lauren walk in and it is revealed that Jeffrey is Chelsea’s father. Genevieve tells Jack that she is considering selling Beauty of Nature back to him to right the wrongs that she did. Harmony and Sarge talk. Daniel tells Daisy that he is going after full custody of Lucy. Kevin tries to explain everything about Angelina and Angelo. Jack tells Genevieve about the photo that he saw of her and Victor. Genevieve tells Jack that she wants him in exchange for selling him Beauty of Nature.

Chloe and Victoria come up with a plan to get Carmine out of town. Carmine and Kevin have a heart to heart talk concerning Angelina and Angelo. Genevieve asks Jack to take her back and let her get it right this time. At the Athletic Club bar, Kevin tells Daniel that he talked Carmine into leaving town. Daniel lets Kevin know that he had his parental rights restored. Victoria and Chloe come into Crimson Lights and see Carmine. Chloe lets Carmine know that she wants him gone. After she had her say, he asks her if she is through because now he wants to have his say. Victoria sees Daisy with Lucy. Jeffrey insists that his twin brother is Chelsea’s father. Sarge tells Harmony about his life. Chelsea calls Anita and lets her know about Jeffrey telling her that his twin brother is her father. Anita thanks Jeffrey for her trip around the world. She tells him that they are still legally married. Carmine insists on staying in town because Chloe wants him gone so badly. Jack insists to Genevieve that he does want Beauty of Nature. Jack tells Genevieve that he wants this deal in writing, an iron-clad agreement.

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