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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Hope that his cousin is in town; one he’s never met, but he hears she is very talented. Brooke catches Amber still with Rick and tells her that she is not supposed to even be in the building; she has to leave. She warns Rick this is her call to make, not his. Amber has hurt him too many times before and it won’t happen again. When Amber tries again to change Brooke’s mind, Amber then appeals to Rick to not let his mother make this personal and ruin their working relationship. Caroline is introduced to Liam and Hope. Bill tries to drag up the dirty laundry of Hope preaching abstinence yet living with a married man. No one wants to hear this and they change the subject. Hope is a little uncomfortable and takes the opportunity to say she should be back at work and she leaves. A reporter manages to get into Forrester’s and accosts Hope that she is a hypocrite who slept with a married man. Amber overhears Brooke talking to Hope and knows there is trouble in Paradise when Hope calls Dr. Barton. She’s going out of town and won’t prescribe any more pills to Hope until next week when she sees her. Amber confronts Hope and tells her taking the pills is no big deal, unless it is her little secret and Liam doesn’t know. They are in the same boat; they both are in a position to lose the person they love. She doesn’t want to lose Rick and she doesn’t want Hope to lose Liam. If Hope will help her, Amber will help her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Carrie called Marlena to meet her at the coffeehouse.  They talked about what was going on with Marlena and John. Carrie told Marlena that Austin didnít cheat with Abby.  Carrie was conflicted about it because instead of saving her marriage, she used what she thought Austin did as a way to justify the way she felt for Rafe. Marlena wondered if Carrie still had feelings for Rafe.  John thought he and Gina should have given Stefano the egg right away.  Gina thought they should wait because they couldnít afford to make mistakes when they were close to getting what they wanted.  John said once they sell the egg they would have enough money to be free of Stefano.  Gina said the stakes were too high to be rash or impulsive.  She wanted to have a little fun.  A woman came up to Gina and told her that a man was interested in a high stakes game.  The man was Stefano.  He said he knew that Gina and John spent the money he gave them to get the egg.  Gina realized that Stefano had someone following her and John.  They played a poker game.  Lucas told Sami that she didnít need him because she had EJ.  Sami said she didnít have EJ.  They talked about how EJ gave her an apartment.  She said she would pay EJ back.  Lucas told Sami that she has unresolved feelings for EJ. Sami thought Lucas was crazy, but he didnít think so.  EJ asked if Nicole was having a baby.  Nicole didnít know what he was talking about.  EJ said he heard her say that she was having a baby.  Rafe wanted to know if she wanted him to make EJ leave.  EJ was ecstatic over the news.  EJ said she was going to be a wonderful mother. When he tried to hold her, she stopped him.  EJ thought she wasnít going to tell him about the baby.  She said she just found out.  He asked her questions about her baby.  EJ and Rafe got into an argument over Nicole.  When Nicole wanted them to stop, EJ said he would be there for Nicole. 

While Gina, John, and Stefano were playing poker, they wanted to up the stakes.  Stefano said to put everything on the table and he would match it.  Gina said if they won, they would return the egg when they were ready and for a price that was negotiable.  Stefano wanted to know what he would get if he won.  John said they would give the egg to him tonight and he owed them nothing. John wanted a new dealer because he didnít trust Stefano.  EJ wanted Nicole to move back into the mansion, but she didnít want to. She let him know that she wasnít going back to him just because sheís pregnant.  She said she would be insane to trust him again.  EJ hoped that she wasnít trying to keep the baby from him.  Carrie told Marlena that she still had feelings for Rafe.  She said the feelings didnít go away when she found out Austin didnít cheat or when they tried to work things out.  Carrie continued to confide in Marlena about her feelings and Marlena advised her on what to do.  Carrie thanked her for the advice and left.  Stefano ended up winning the game and wanted John and Gina to get the egg.  Sami and Lucas got into an argument over her screwing up her life and needing him to stay in Salem to help her.  While EJ and Nicole were talking about the baby, Rafe interrupted them to say the baby was his.  EJ didnít believe it.  Rafe reminded him that he caught them together. EJ said he told him nothing happened.  Rafe said they said that because she was afraid of how he would react. Rafe said they found out a couple of days ago.  He said they were talking about what they were going to do.  EJ still didnít believe it.  Nicole said it was true.  She asked why did EJ think she and Rafe wanted to get divorces.  When Stefano left, John and Gina were happy that their plan worked.  They thought Stefano had no idea that things went the way they wanted them to.  They still planned to sell the egg and get away from Stefano.  When Lucas was on the phone with his fiancťe, Sami told him that he was right about her unresolved feelings.  She said the feelings were for him.  When Carrie went to the town square, she overheard Rafe say he is the father of Nicoleís baby.  Carrie was upset.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam goes to New York to investigate Jasonís birth.  The administrator gives her the birth record from the archive. Sam notices that a page is missing. The administrator finds the missing information in another document. Sam is surprised to see who Susan Mooreís birth coach was Ė Steve and Elizabethís mother Heather Webber.

Kate has the locks on her office changed to keep Carly out. Sonny wants to know what is going on between Kate and Johnny. He concludes to her that she must have gone to tell Johnny to back off. She says that is exactly why she went to see Johnny. He asks her to stay away from Johnny because he is a manipulator.  She asks him what if someone other than Johnny planted the gun.  Kate calls Ewen and asks him if Connie could have planted the gun in her office. He tells her that Connie was deliberately evasive when he asked her about the gun.  Alexis tells Ewen about Cassandraís death.  Ewen regrets leaving Cassandra alone. Elizabeth tells him she is there for him.  He asks her to go out to dinner with him.

Anthony encourages Johnny to sleep with Kate. Johnny doesnít want to mess things up with Carly.  He reveals to Johnny that he has a cop in his pocket to help bring down Sonny, but he will not reveal who.  Dolores comes to work on her day off to cover someone elseís shift. Lulu tries to waylay her while Dante and Ronnie talk to Ewen about the possibility that her husband is the stripper attacker. Lulu Dante and Dolores discuss Sonnyís case.  Dante says Sonny is not careless and would not have left a gun that would tie him to a fatal accident in his girlfriendís office. Dolores photographs Sonnyís case documents and sends them to Johnny.  Steve returns to Port Charles after his trip to Memphis. Olivia tells him that she made a deal with Johnny to keep him quiet. Johnny informs Olivia that Anthony turned himself in so he now has his leverage back. Jason asks Carly if she really is sleeping with the enemy.  She changes the subject to Sam lying to him. He tells her that he and Sam are fine. Jason tells Carly to end it with Johnny. She refuses. He insists.  She goes to see Johnny, but not to break up.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sarge and Nikki discuss Jack and his therapy. Jack reads the newspaper about Newman getting the Japanese contract. Avery and Jack go over their plans to sue Genevieve. Victoria assures Billy that Beauty of Nature will be just fine. Genevieve tells Victoria that she is considering selling Beauty of Nature back to Victor. Sharon surprises Victor in his office. When Chelsea approaches Adam at the Athletic Club bar, he warns her that he will probably not be good company. Daisy gets a cup of coffee at Crimson Lights before she goes to court to fight for custody of Lucy. Eden remembers seeing Ricky and Daisy kissing. Eden calls Daniel before he goes to court. Phyllis fixes Daniel’s tie. Nick surprises Phyllis with a visit before they leave for court. Adam and Chelsea sit at a table and discuss Victor. Sharon and Victor walk in and sit down at the bar. Victoria cannot believe her ears that Genevieve would sell Beauty of Nature back to Victor. Eden and Ricky talk about her seeing him and Daisy kissing. Ricky tries to explain everything to Eden about the kiss between him and Daisy. Phyllis, Daniel, Nick and Michael arrive in court to find Daisy and her attorney already there. The court hearing begins with the judge not being so lenient on Daniel as everyone thought. The judge asks Daniel a lot of questions about why he gave away his parental rights and why he wants those parental rights reinstated. Victoria asks Genevieve to sell Beauty of Nature to her. Victor and Sharon celebrate Newman getting the Mitsukoshi contract. When Adam approaches them, Victor asks him what he wants.

While having lunch together, Jack tells Nikki about a new stem cell research that would help him walk again. Nikki tells Jack that she will drive him to his therapy. Jack arrives for his therapy with Sarge. Victor arranges for a relaxing massage for Sharon and gives her the rest of the day off. Adam tells Sharon that he is proud of her success at Newman. Sarge assures Jack that he is getting stronger all the time. Jack tells Nikki he is going to have the operation to help him to walk again. Sarge overhears and asks what operation. Daniel gets his parental rights restored, but then tells Michael to file for custody of Lucy. Daniel informs Daisy that he is filing for permanent custody of Lucy. Victoria confronts Victor about what he is doing to Genevieve. Genevieve gets served with papers informing her that she is being sued by Jack. Michael, Phyllis, Daniel, Nick, and Avery celebrate. When Ricky visits her, Daisy says she is afraid that she will lose Lucy for good.

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