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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke offers Caroline a designer position at Forrester’s. Her mother, Karen, appreciates that, but thinks it is pretty sudden, not even starting out as an intern. Perhaps Brooke has a hidden agenda. Amber is livid that she has been replaced by Brooke’s hand-picked girl. Rick says he will not say thanks to Amber by dumping her. Marcus teases Thomas about wanting to get to know Caroline better. Rick walks into the office just as Brooke says she looks forward to Caroline working with Rick on his line, not just as his sketch artist but as a real collaborator. He admits no one has asked his opinion on this and his mother is trying to push Amber out of the way. Brooke suggests a party at the Forrester’s where both Caroline’s Aunt Caroline and Ridge grew up and lived. Caroline likes that idea as she’d like to fill in as many blanks as she can about her aunt. Ridge tells Caroline that her aunt was a women of impeccable taste, style and grace and Caroline reminds him of her very much. It will be good to have another Caroline around. Rick talks to Caroline privately and says he kind of likes that they are being set up. He’d like to see her book of work. Ridge has flashbacks of when he told the original Caroline that he loved her and wanted her to marry him. Amber begs Brooke for another chance here. She’s a different person now and she’d like to help Rick. Perhaps this will make up for all the mistakes she has made in the past to the Forrester family. Brooke doesn’t buy this “I’ve changed”, and admits to Amber that she can’t keep her out of Rick’s private life but she can try to divert him. And she can make sure that Amber is banned from Forrester’s so she might as well go back to Furnace Creek or Timbuktu, wherever, just out of Los Angeles.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Stefano let Princess Gina and the pawn know that it was 2012 and that they were in Alamania.  Gina wanted to know what happened to them during the time they were not there.  Stefano said it wasnít important.  He told them to be happy that they are back thanks to him.  He wanted them to do him a favor.  John wanted to leave, but Gina wanted to hear Stefano out.  Stefano told them about the valuable egg that they stole from him.  He said they were going to use the egg to fund their escape from him.  Gina said if that were true, they wouldnít be there.  Stefano told them they were going to tell him where they hid the egg or else.  John wanted to know or else what.  Stefano said he would make them disappear forever.  EJ got an apartment for Sami in his building.  Sami thanked him, but she wasnít going to forget that heís the reason why her marriage is over.  She wasnít going to let him buy her.  He told her to stop being proud and start being practical.  He asked her what her other options are since she hates her mother and the pub is full. He wasnít going to let her live in a car.  He said Lucas would take Allie and Johnny and Sydney would stay with him.  Rafe and Nicole met at the town square.  She wanted his help to get out of town.  She wanted to be in the witness protection program because she was afraid of what EJ would do once he found out about the baby.  He said he couldnít help her.  At the Brady Pub, Gabi and Chad talked about Melanie thinking he cheated on her.  He told Gabi about the earring Melanie found in his bed.  When he pulled it out, Gabi said it was hers.  Abby told Melanie how things got worse for her and Austin when she told him the truth about not sleeping together.  Abby felt she shouldnít have told the truth since everyone thinks sheís a terrible person.  While they were talking, Melanie told Abby that Chad is cheating on her.  Abby couldnít believe that Chad would cheat on her.  Melanie told her about the earring she found in his bed.  Abby was shocked.  Sami thought this was all Kateís idea.  She thought Kate was going to throw her in jail and take her kids.  She thought Lucas would get Allie and EJ would get Johnny and Sydney.  She couldnít believe she liked Kate when she did.  EJ told Sami that she wasnít going to jail because he told Kate not to press charges against her.  Sami didnít believe that.  He said that he gave her custody of the kids because despite everything else, sheís a good mother.  He wants his kids to grow up in a safe environment with their mother.  He said Kate knows that when he wants something he gets it.  Sami thought that he had something on her.  She thought he threatened Kate with something he knows about her.  He said he doesnít have anything on Kate. 

Gina asked if Stefano was going to wipe out their memory if they donít give him the egg.  Stefano said he would.  Gina said that would be pointless because if he wiped out their memory, he would never get the egg because they wouldnít know where it was.  He said if they didnít do what he said, they would never see each other again.  Gina wanted to compromise.  She said to let her and the pawn find the egg.  John said after they find the egg, they would tell him what they wanted.  Stefano wondered if he could trust them.  Gina asked if he had a choice.  She wanted to know if it was a deal.  Stefano agreed.  He told them they had 48 hours to bring him the egg.  Chad and Gabi ran into Melanie and Abby.  Gabi told Melanie the earring was hers.  Melanie thought he slept with Gabi.  Chad said he didnít sleep with Gabi.  He said he loves her and that Gabi knows it.  Abby and Melanie wanted Gabi to explain how her earring got in his bed.  Gabi said it must have fallen off when they were looking at their first publication.  Melanie and Chad apologized to each other.  When they left, Abby wanted to know the real reason the earring got in the bed.  Gabi said that was the reason.  Abby questioned why Gabi didnít notice it missing.  Gabi wanted to know what Abbyís problem was.  Abby said that Gabi is causing problems between Melanie and Chad.  Gabi said so did she.  Gabi said she felt terrible and she fixed the situation.  Rafe said EJ would get suspicious that Nicole was gone and come look for her.  Nicole wanted to know what she could do.  He said he would come up with a plan.  Sami agreed to take the apartment on the condition that she pay EJ back.  He didnít want anything, but she didnít want to have to owe him anything.  Stefano watched Gina and the pawn on the close circuit TV.  He was on his cell and asked if all traces of John and Hope were gone.  Stefano asked if the cameras and microphones were in place.  He told the person to get the egg from Gina and the pawn and soon as they have it.  He didnít care how the person had to get it.  The pawn and Gina held each other and kissed while Stefano watched.  Stefano said no wonder Bo and Marlena didnít want them to leave.  The pawn found the first camera.  Stefano said the pawn is smart, but not like the king.  Stefano switched the feed to another camera.  Gina found a bug and dropped in the vase.  The pawn was sure Stefano had a backup audio/video.  Stefano watched them find the other camera.  They removed the camera.  Stefano was upset and made a call.  He said he lost them.  He told the person not to let John and Gina out of his sight.  Gina wanted to find the egg.  John said why the rush since they where the egg was and how to get it.  He wanted to make Stefano stew a little and have fun.  One of the goons told Stefano that John and Gina were gone.  Stefano wanted the goon to find them or else.  When Nicole mentioned to Rafe that she was pregnant, EJ walked up and asked if she was pregnant.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly is jealous about the lipstick on Johnnyís collar. He tells her one of his employees hugged him. She admits that she briefly thought it was from Kate.  Kate hears the message Johnny left for Connie and is afraid of what Connie and Johnny might have planned.  She calls Johnny pretending to be Connie in an attempt to find out what the plan is. Ewen encourages her to deal with Connie and be honest with Sonny about her condition.  Johnny visits Connie and tells her the deal is off because he is seeing Carly. Connie was really Kate. Kate tells Ewen that thankfully, Johnny called off the plan but unfortunately she still doesnít know what Connie has in store.

Starr finds Michaelís apartment.  He doesnít think it is a good idea for them to see each other, but he lets her in anyway. They talk about Abby.  She hides when John McBain shows up. McBain threatens Michael. Starr reveals herself and tells John to leave Michael alone. She tells him she isnít going back to Llanview until after the trial. Sonny tells Jason to stop John McBainís vendetta. Carly comes to Jasonís house and immediately starts a fight with Sonny. Sonny tells Jason that Carly is sleeping with the enemy. He asks her if she thinks he caused the accident. She says she wants to believe that he is innocent but she canít trust that he is after last summerís events with Jax.

Tracy asks Anthony for a divorce. He refuses to sign the papers. Maxie continues to insist that she killed Lisa Niles and the first Mate. Mac brings in a forger who admits to writing First Mate Briggsís suicide note. Mac asks him who hired him. He identifies Maxie. Mac  releases Anthony and reads Maxie her rights.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Sharon make the most of their time in Japan while their flight is delayed. Cane meets Jill for lunch. Genevieve pays Victor a visit in his office at Newman Enterprises. Eden warns Daniel about Daisy and falling for her sob story. Genevieve cannot believe her ears when Victor tells her that they have gained control of the Mitsukoshi contact. Sharon urges Nick to stay positive about things. Avery keeps Phyllis company while Nick is with Sharon in Japan. Sharon makes a list of all the people who hates them being together. Ricky pays Phyllis and Avery a visit and gives them an update on Daisy. Eden calls Daisy a “loser” and it will eventually catch up with her. At Crimson Lights, Genevieve enjoys a cup of coffee and reads a newspaper article about a Japan exec who bribed a top official and was arrested. Genevieve realizes that Cane was trying to protect her from being arrested. Cane and Jill discuss Genevieve and how Cane reached out to help her while in Japan. Jill gets a phone call and leaves the table. Victor tells Jill that he wants to know what happened while she was in Japan. Nick orders Sharon to put away the computer and he brings out the Rubik's cube. Daniel pays Phyllis a visit. Daniel fears that the judge will not grant him custody of Lucy. Ricky comes to see Daisy and lets her know that Phyllis and Avery are coming after her. Nick and Sharon bet on who can solve the Rubik's cube the fastest. Avery and Phyllis try to boost Daniel’s morale concerning getting custody of Lucy.

Phyllis tells Daniel about their life with their father who never put them first. Genevieve apologizes to Cane for not believing him while they were in Japan. Victor confronts Jill about the picture she took of him and Genevieve in Japan. Victor tells Jill that she didn't know what he was up to while he was in Japan with Genevieve. Victor also lets Jill know that Newman Enterprises gained control over the Mitsukoshi contract. Cane is just about to fall for Genevieve’s line when he receives a text about the Japanese official being arrested for bribery and he knows that Genevieve would not ever have apologized if it hadn’t been for this article. Ricky and Daisy bond over their sad, sad childhoods while Eden listens from outside the door. Daisy and Ricky kiss. Nick learns that their flight is ready for takeoff. Genevieve asks Victor what will he give her for Beauty of Nature.

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