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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke convinces Ridge not to do anything rash concerning him trying to keep Amber away from Rick. With Steffy in Aspen, Ridge is willing to let Rick explore his own line aside from Intimates. He’s shocked to hear Brooke say she’s found a new designer that might be able to work with Rick. And even more shocked when she tells him that it’s Karen Spencer’s daughter, Caroline. Ridge admits her sketches are very good. On a jet, Karen spills it to her daughter that she has a meeting with Brooke Logan who liked her designs. Karen calls Bill and invites him and Katie to dinner later. Rick meets Amber in a hidden spot. Then he runs into Oliver, Thomas and Marcus who discuss Rick’s showing. Amber comes back out of hiding to talk to Rick again, only to be discovered by Ridge. He explains to her in no uncertain terms that she is not welcome here. Brooke tells her that she is being replaced. She has found the perfect young, new designer to work with Rick. Amber accuses her of being another Stephanie, trying to control her son. They are in the middle of still arguing when an elegant car drives up and all eyes bulge as Caroline steps out. Amber is not too pleased to see the facial expressions of Rick and Thomas as Caroline sashays forward to meet them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

When Stefano went into the jail cell, John had to hold Hope back.  She wanted to kill him for what he did to Bo.  He warned her to stay back or he would go after his original plan and have his man go after Marlena.  John didnít believe that because Stefano would never hurt Marlena.  Stefano asked if they were sure about that.  Stefano already had a man get in contact with her.  The guy was the one who gave her the rose.  Hope had to hold John back.  Stefano was ready to go over the plan to get the jewel that Princess Gina and the pawn stole.  Stefano asked if they were ready to go back to their other lives.  He wondered if they remembered where they hid it.  John didnít want to do anything without knowledge that Stefano would live up to his bargain and let them go back to Bo and Marlena once he got what he wanted.  Stefano wondered if John was talking about the love they have with Bo and Marlena or the love they have with each other as the pawn and Princess Gina.  John asked if Stefano tried this before with Gina and the pawn.  John said the plan didnít work because he ended up back with Marlena and Hope was back with Bo.  There was nothing Stefano could do to change that.  Stefano said all he cared about was getting his art back.  He could care less about their love lives.  John wanted to know if Stefano would turn them back to themselves once he got what he wanted.  Stefano said they had to trust him.  Marlena and Kate talked about Kate suspicions of something going on between Marlena and Stefano.  Marlena denied the accusation.  Kate believed that Stefano was obsessed with Marlena.  Marlena was repulsed at the idea that Stefano was obsessed with her.  They continued to talk about Stefano until Kate realized that she missed her husband.  Marlena knew the feeling.  After they made up, they argued about Stefano again.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ questioned Billie about why she was looking in the files.  She said she thought they were her motherís files.  She said that Kate told her Stefano was out of town.  She didnít think Stefano would leave files lying around.  She said Kate asked her to look through files for Countess W.  EJ told her to look in CW office for those files.  EJ put the files in a drawer.  They talked until she told him that she was moving in the mansion. 

At the Brady Pub, Carrie, Rafe, and Sami talked about Sami accusing Rafe of sleeping with Nicole.  Rafe didnít know what she was talking about.  Rafe denied sleeping with Nicole, but Sami didnít believe it.  They had a huge argument over the accusation.  Rafe said he didnít sleep with Nicole.  Sami asked why he was naked in her hotel.  Stefano told John and Hope they didnít have a choice, but to trust him.  The hypnotist showed up.  Stefano let them know they were going to be in a receptive state and then the medically safe gas would knock them out.  It was going to open their minds to Princess Gina and the pawn so they could come back.  John reminded Stefano that Marlena erased the triggers he put in his head years ago.  Stefano said there was one Marlena missed.  Stefano showed Hope Princess Ginaís compact.  He told her that if she relaxed, she might recognize it.  Hope didnít want the compact.  She wanted her freedom.  Stefano said there couldnít be interference.  If it didnít work, they would not go back home to Bo and Marlena.  Kate didnít want to talk to Marlena about Stefanoís activities.  Marlena asked if Kate was that cold that she didnít care about what happened to John.  Kate said she wanted John to be safe.  Kate had no reason to believe that Stefano did something to John and Hope.  Kate thought it was Marlenaís hatred for Stefano that made her believe he was responsible.  Marlena said Stefano has hurt her and other people, which is why she believed he is responsible.  When Marlena was finished talking to Kate, she walked off.  One of Stefanoís men followed her.  Sami and Rafe argued about why he was in Nicoleís hotel room.  Carrie tried to salvage the situation, but Sami wanted her to stay out of it.  Sami and Carrie ended up arguing.  Sami left after they finished arguing.  The hypnosis didnít work at first.  The hypnotist said that John and Hope were resisting at first.  After a while, it worked.  They turned into Gina and the pawn.  Billie used a letter opener to open the drawer.  She found a date book that had a million dollars worth of weapons. She took a picture of the page and looked through the desk.  When Gina was about to leave, Stefano told her he forgot someone.  When she saw John, she kissed him.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In Japan, Nick and Sharon meet with their contact to discuss Newmanís new product line. At home, Phyllis is alone when Avery arrives with news about Lucy. At the Athletic Club, Chelsea sits at a table when Adam comes in to join her. At the airport, Gloria suggests to Jeffrey that he has a DNA test to prove he is not Chelseaís father. At the Gloworm bar, Michael and Lauren confront Anita. Behind the bar at Crimson Lights, Eden is upset over Carmine showing up and asks Daniel if he thinks that Carmine is serious about trying to take Chloe away from Kevin. Kevin and Chloe arrive at the airport for their honeymoon unaware that Gloria and Jeffrey are there. Chloe is worried about Carmine and what he will do until he hushes her with a kiss. Kevin tries to convince Chloe that Carmine is not a threat to their happiness. Gloria continues to ask Jeffrey if he ever slept with Anita, but he stalls as usual. Avery and Phyllis discuss the custody hearing for Lucy. Daniel urges Eden to cut Carmine some slack and not be so hard on him. While Michael drags Daniel away for a talk, Lauren and Eden approach Carmine. Michael tells Daniel that his custody hearing is scheduled for the next day. Gloria and Jeffrey see Kevin and Chloe at the airport and realize that they are going to the same place for their honeymoon. Chelsea is upset that Jeffrey denies being her father.

Michael asks Daniel if he is having second thoughts about suing for custody of Lucy. Eden tries to explain everything to Carmine about Kevin and Angelina, but he refuses to accept it. Chloe asks Gloria about Jeffrey and Anita. Kevin asks Jeffrey if he is Chelseaís father. Sharon tells Nick that they got the contract and Newman’s new line will be sold exclusively in the Japanese store. Phyllis lets Avery know that Sharon and Nick went to Japan together. When Avery urges Phyllis to fight for Nick, she wonders why. Chelsea offers Adam encouragement that he is not all bad. Daisy and Daniel have a confrontation over Lucy. Sharon and Nick propose a toast to their success. Nick calls Phyllis and finds out that Daniel’s custody hearing is the next day. Nick makes plans to go home. Carmine begins his search for an apartment in Genoa City. Michael fires Anita from Gloworm. Michael and Lauren find out that Jeffrey is Chelsea’s father. Nick and Sharon’s flight from Japan is delayed.

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