Tuesday 3/27/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope sees Dr. Barton again and would like her to prescribe more pills so she can be normal and relaxed around her husband when all these accusations from the press are hurled at her. Dr. Barton says she will help her, but she is not saying she will give her more medication. Hope says she can block out all these other people’s disappointment in her, but not Liam’s. She is not going to let him down. She wants to go home and be normal and loving for him. Dr. Barton is shocked to find that Hope has not told Liam about these visits. She tells Hope the medication only treats the symptoms, not the underlying cause for the tension and she needs to be honest with Liam. Some of this anxiety is coming from her own idea of being less than perfect. Hope says Liam is waiting for her at home and wants her there. She doesn’t have time for more sessions. Bill grills Liam of where Hope is after they left the Forrester party. Liam can only answer that she is under a lot of pressure now and had something to take care of. Bill claims nothing is going to change. Now Hope is being called a hypocrite; later it will be home-wrecker and she won’t be able to handle that. Their lives will always be this way. He wants Liam to call Steffy but Liam nixes that. Ridge calls the troops together after the party and says they need to do something to save the Hope For The Future campaign. If Hope won’t distance herself from Liam, then they have to do something else. They need a plan. He likes Marcus’s approach and says they will meet tomorrow and flesh it out. Madison advises him that the paparazzi are at the gates and will not leave even if they tell them that Hope is not there. Hope arrives at home and Liam finds her shaking and asks what does she need. She tells him that she has not been completely honest with him. He rattles on and won’t let her get it out. He says she is exactly who she is supposed to do. She has done nothing wrong and he will always be there for her. There will be other people who turn her principles upside down but she does not have to listen to that. She clings to him while she says she wants to be the woman that he wants her to be.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the police station, Abe found out that Lexie bailed him out of jail.  He was grateful that Lexie bailed him out of jail.  He thought she had every right to turn his back on her after everything heís put her through.  She couldnít let the father of her child be in jail.  They talked about Theo and how he was doing.  Lexie apologized to him for the way she has been treating him.  Abe reminded her what he did during the campaign.  Lexie reminded Abe that her life hasnít been blameless.  When she saw him get arrested, it made her realize how wrong she has been.  She said he was a good man who made a mistake.  She realized that she should have been on his side.  She apologized to him and hoped he could forgive her.  He said there was nothing to forgive.  He wondered what they were going to do since heís no longer mayor and canít be on the force because of the charges.  She wanted to help him move back in the house.  At the coffeehouse, Billie and Kate talked about Bo being in a coma.  Billie mentioned that she thought Stefano was behind what was going on with John and Hope being missing.  Billie asked Kate what Stefano was up to.  Kate didnít want to talk about Stefano if Billie wasnít going to show him respect.  Kate said Stefano was away on a business trip that had nothing to do with John and Hope.  Billie realized it had something to do with Marlena.  Kate wanted to know what that was supposed to mean.  Billie said that Marlena came back to Salem and Stefano made sure Marlena was left alone and vulnerable by making sure John was gone.  Kate denied that Stefano had anything to do with John and Hopeís situation.

Nicole and Rafe talked about Carrie and how he saw Carrie with Austin.  They talked about EJ thinking they slept together.  EJ showed up and taunted them.  The three got into an argument.  Rafe left so EJ and Nicole could talk.  They had an argument over the misunderstanding that she and Rafe slept together.  She told him that she filed the divorce papers she made him sign.  She walked away from him.  Sami saw Carrie at the Brady Pub.  Carrie wanted to talk, but Sami didnít.  Sami blamed Carrie for stealing her husband.  Carrie denied trying to steal Rafe, but Sami didnít buy it.  They ended up arguing over Samiís accusation.  While Carrie and Sami were arguing about Carrie stealing Rafe from Sami, Carrie told Sami that Austin didnít cheat on her.  Sami wondered if Carrie was going to string along two guys.  They continued to argue about Carrie have two men after her.  Sami said she hated Carrie and left.  EJ caught up to Nicole and was shocked that she was divorcing him.  He threw up in her face that she had an affair with Rafe.  She reminded him about his affair with Sami.  Nicole said she was never going to take him back.  EJ said it killed him to see Nicole with Rafe because he pushed her to do it.  He said he loved her and she was the only one he loved.  He tried to express his feelings for her, but she didnít want to hear it.  She told him that once the divorce was final, she wouldnít have to deal with him anymore. She walked away from him.  Sami came up to EJ and wanted to know what was going on.  Billie apologized to Kate for going off on Stefano.  Billie would feel better if Kate had someone to watch her.  Billie wanted to move in with Kate.  Kate agreed to let her stay at the mansion.  EJ told Sami that Nicole and Rafe are sleeping together.  Sami didnít believe it.  He told her how he caught them together at Nicoleís hotel room and that he caught them together again at the town square.  Sami couldnít believe that Rafe would be with the woman she hates so much.  She couldnít believe Rafe hated her that much.  While Abe and Lexie were home, she experienced a pain in her head.  Billie told Agent Spencer that she was in the DiMera mansion.  The agent asked if she knew what to do.  She said to prove that the DiMeras set John up and stole the pensions.  She said she would find it and get her mother out of there.  When she started looking through files, EJ walked in and asked what she was doing in the house.  Rafe went to the pub and saw Carrie.  She told him that Austin didnít sleep with Abby.  Rafe thought she and Austin were going to work things out.  When Carrie was about to tell him something, Sami walked in and asked how many women he was stringing along.  Rafe didnít know what she was talking about.  She told him how he had sex with Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Llanview PA police lieutenant John McBain catches Carly breaking into Kateís drawer in her office and tells her that he wonít tell Kate if she tells him what he needs to know. She tells him to go ahead and tell Kate. She guesses that he wants information about Sonny and that he has a grudge against him. Sonny arrives and wonders what the two of them are doing in Kateís office. Carly says she needed Kateís signature. McBain says he wanted to ask Kate how that gun ended up in her office. Sonny suggests Johnny planted it there and tells him to get out of Kateís office and out of Port Charles before he regrets it. Carly tells Sonny that Kate is with her new boyfriend, Ewen Keenan. Ewen hypnotizes Kate and gets Connie to come out. He asks her what she wants with Kate. She informs him that she is the real personality and Kate is the phony.  She says she is going to make Kate remember what happened because of Sonny so that it never happens again. She tells him she is going to end Kateís romance with Sonny but wonít reveal her plan. He asks her how the gun got into Kateís office.  Connie says she doesnít know anything about it but suggests Sonny left it there. She tells him that her only motivation is keeping Kate and herself safe from Sonny. Sonny walks into Ewenís office, interrupting their session. Kate emerges. Ewen asks Sonny to wait outside while they finish their session. Ewen tells Kate that Connie wants Sonny out of her life and has a plan to make Sonny break up with her.  She wants him to get rid of Connie.  She wonders how Sonny found her there. Sonny tells him that Carly suggested it when he saw her in Kateís office.  Blair Cramer calls John McBain and tells him that Starr is missing.

Anna and Elizabeth bond over having lost children. Patrick goes to scatter Robinís ashes at the site of their new home. He doesnít feel as if she is really gone. Robin wakes up in a hospital bed and calls for Patrick. She tries to get up but she canít walk. She stumbles to the door and finds that she is locked in. she bangs on the door until someone opens it. A nurse comes in and sedates her.  The nurse reports to someone that Robin woke up and was asking questions but has no idea that this person is behind it. Patrick goes home and watches the Christmas video and observes that he can still feel Robin.  

Dolores goes to see Johnny and asks him what he wants in return if he helps her find her sisterís killer. He says he wants information about Sonnyís case. She agrees to his terms. Ronnie hears Dante and Lulu discussing Dolores would tamper with evidence. Ronnie suggests that she is protecting her husband.  Dante says it could be a domestic violence case. Ronnie suggests that Eddie Padilla may be the person that has been attacking the dancers.  Ronnie decides to check into Doloresís husband.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jeffrey proposes to Gloria and she gladly accepts. Kevin proposes to Chloe and she accepts. Angelina watches nearby. Lauren starts to make wedding plans, but Jeffrey insists that they get married right now. Angelo just shakes his head and leaves. Daniel calls Katherine to let her know that Kevin and Chloe are getting married. Lauren calls Phyllis to come to the wedding despite Phyllis saying that she needed to change. Adam and Chelsea come downstairs and head straight for the Athletic Club bar. Lauren, Chloe, Victoria and Gloria prepare for the wedding. Gloria admits that Jeffrey is the man for her. Jill tells Katherine everything that had been happening at Gloworm. Jill tells Katherine to “just let the good times roll.” Daniel and Michael help Kevin to prepare for the wedding. Daniel admits to Kevin that this was all Angelina’s idea to get him and Chloe back together. Kevin goes over to have a talk with Angelina and thanks her for her help. Tucker and Devon discuss Angelina’s new soundtrack. Devon lets Tucker know that he trusts his input in this matter with this soundtrack. Sharon and Nick come into the Athletic Club bar and see Adam with Chelsea. Sharon asks Nick who is with Adam. Chelsea questions Adam about Sharon. Jeffrey and Michael question Angelo about the money which he stole from Gloria and Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells Angelo that they will forget this matter if he promises to go away for good. Eden arrives at Gloworm and sees Daniel. Phyllis also comes in, wearing her exercise outfit. Jeffrey asks Jill to be his best man. Katherine tells everyone that she is an ordained minister and she will marry the happy couples. Angelo and Angelina cannot believe their eyes. Chelsea and Adam discuss finding her father and the consequences that it would cause. Nick tells Sharon that they are going to Japan. The wedding ceremony begins for Chloe, Jeffrey, Kevin and Chloe. The happy couples are married.

The reception follows the wedding. Chloe has a talk with Angelina and thanks her for her help. Sharon talks to Adam about him recovering his sight. Chelsea is quite put out by Sharon’s lack of concern. Tucker and Devon arrive at the reception. Phyllis informs Tucker that Jeffrey, Gloria, Kevin and Chloe were married. Devon gives Angelina the soundtrack of her new song. Angelo plays Angelina’s soundtrack while everyone dances. Angelina tells Devon that she is moving to Los Angeles. Nick calls Phyllis to talk to her about their trip, but she puts him off until later. Adam lets Chelsea know he has something for her. Angelo and Angelina tell everyone good-bye. Chelsea interrupts the reception and lets Jeffrey know that he is her father. Carmine interrupts and tells Kevin that he had stolen his girl so he was going to steal his.

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