Monday 3/26/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope stares at the photo on the web labeling her a hypocrite. Liam tells her that nothing has changed so she should not let this get to her. She admits last night was wonderful (after taking a pill). But she’s worried what Steffy will do when she sees this. Liam convinces her to forget it; they need to go help the Forrester’s celebrate. Brooke tells the caterer to pay special attention to Eric and Stephanie today as it is their day. The guests of honor arrives and each shares their flashbacks. All the others follow soon – Thorne, Taylor, Felicia, Marcus, Dayzee, Rick, Thomas and finally Hope and Liam. Pam isn’t sure she should have shown up but she does. Stephanie admits they are too old to hold all these grudges so of course she is welcome. Steffy calls and wishes Stephanie her best wishes. Rick and Thomas have an announcement and give cheer to the best years ahead. No one else could get married one day and have an anniversary the next week. Eric gives a speech that all the joy and love in their lives is in this room and Stephanie is the foundation. She reciprocates that he has always been the love of her life. Steffy calls Liam and says she knows it would have been easier had she given him an annulment, but she is glad she didn’t. She reminds him that she loves him. Stephanie tells Brooke that she was right having this celebration. Brooke kisses her and says she loves Stephanie. Eric plays the piano and sings a song about the house and the folks on the hill. He kisses Stephanie and wishes her Happy Anniversary.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Brady Pub, EJ walked in and saw Sami.  He was there to check on the children.  He noticed that something was wrong with her and they talked about Kate and how sheís out to destroy Sami.  While they were talking, EJ realized that Sami was the mole at Countess W.  Will and Marlena talked about him being gay.  Marlena thought it was a good thing that he came to the decision by himself.  She wanted to talk to him some more, but he had to go get some friends.  John couldnít believe that he agreed to work for Stefano again.  Hope didnít understand why he needed someone called Princess Gina.  John said if they wanted to keep Bo and Marlena alive, Stefano called the shots.  John said they had to do whatever it took to get home.  He wanted there to be another way, but there wasnít.  Hope didnít like the idea of Stefano being in their heads.  Hope thought that Stefano just wanted to control them and didnít care if they found the jewel.  Hope thought they were in a no win situation.  Sami told EJ that it was Madisonís idea to be the mole.  EJ thought she was out of her mind for going along with the idea.  She thought it was a good idea at the time.  Since Madison was her boss, she felt she had to go along with it. She told him how Madison chickened out and then she quit.  He told her that it was still espionage.  She knew that and told him that Kate threatened to press charges.  She remembered that he is a lawyer and wanted his advice on what to do.  He couldnít help her without specifics. She needed the name of a good criminal lawyer and she would figure out a way to pay them.  He said he knew someone who would waive the fee. She wanted to know the name.  He told her he would help her.  She wanted to know what was in it for him.  She thought he might have been helping Kate take her kids away from her.  He said he wouldnít do that to them.  She wanted to know if he was a changed man. He said if she werenít the mother of his children, he would care less where she went.  For the kidsí sake, heís going to help her before she makes things worse.  She blamed him for why things were bad.  She would still have Rafe.  She told him that sheís getting a divorce.

Chad and Melanie were in his dorm room.  She was insecure about different women coming on to him now that heís a model.  She was insecure about people saying that he has chemistry with Gabi.  She was jealous that Gabi looks at him as if sheís in love with him.  It didnít matter to him that Gabi looks at him that way.  He assured her that sheís the one he loves.  Hope wanted to know what they were doing.  John said keeping their loved ones alive. He said they had to keep strong.  Hope thought that once Stefano was finished with them, they would never see Bo and Marlena again.  She told him that when she talked to Billie, she said Bo was in bad shape.  She screamed at the monitor and told Stefano that she wanted proof that Bo was alive or else sheís not helping him.  She kept yelling but didnít get a response.  John told her that she saw Marlena on the video.  If Bo died, Hope would have been able to tell from Marlenaís eyes.  He said Marlena would have been with Boís family and not walking around Salem getting followed by Stefanoís goons.  He said that was why they had to do what Stefano wanted.  EJ and Sami talked about how they made love and what it did to Rafe and Nicole.  When Chad and Melanie were about to make love, she found an earring.  She asked him where it came from.  Chad didnít know.  Chad wanted to know what it was. She said it was an earring.  She felt as if there was something he wasnít telling her.  He told her again that he didnít know where it came from.  Melanie had an idea where it came from.  She told him the next time he planned a seduction scene, make sure to change the sheets.  She left.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth tells Dr. Keenan about Maxie confessing to Lisa Nilesís murder. He reveals to her that he pulled her out of the water that night. Robinís remains are delivered to Patrick. Emma wants to know what he meant when he asked the man if Mommy is in the box. He tells her that the box contains what Mommy couldnít take with her to heaven. Patrick asks Elizabeth to come help him. He tells her that he canít keep Robinís ashes there. Elizabeth says she is sure that he and Robin had a special place. Elizabeth has a tea party with Emma and tries to explain the box while Patrick takes the ashes to the site where they were building their new home. Meanwhile, someone who looks exactly like Robin is in a hospital bed.

Dante questions Anthony. Anthony identifies Sonny as the person who shot out his tires, causing the fatal accident. He asks for police protection from Sonny. Dante asks him if he has proof that sonny was the shooter. Anthony says he saw Sonny. Dante doesnít believe him. Anthony tries to leave but Dante arrests him for Lisa Nilesís murder.  Sam is surprised to see John McBain at her door. He is there to see Jason. He tells Jason that it would be best for him to stay out of his dealings with Sonny.  Jason tells McBain that using this case to work out his personal history with Sonny will be a mistake.  Sonny goes to see Johnny to ask him why Kate went to see him. He says Kate wanted to sleep with him. Each accuses the other of planting the gun in Kateís office. Sonny warns Johnny to stay away from Kate.  Carly confronts Kate about her visit to Johnnyís apartment. Kate has no recollection of the event and realizes it must have been Connie. Carly informs her that she told Sonny and that she canít wait for Sonny to cut her loose. Kate goes to see Ewen. Ewen says he needs to talk to Connie so he hypnotizes Kate and Connie comes out. Carly has Kateís keys and snoops in her office while she is out. She finds Ewen Keenanís business card, Connieís lipstick, and a locked drawer.  McBain arrives at Kateís office and finds Carly trying to break into the drawer. He tells her that if she tells him what he wants to know, he will keep her break-in a secret.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

After Angelina tells Daniel the truth about her marriage to Kevin, they team up to get Kevin and Chloe to talk in the Gloworm office. Once Chloe knows everything, she forgives Kevin and they go down to Angelo and Gloria’s wedding. Gloria tells Lauren she wants to marry Angelo because he makes her feel safe, but she can’t stop thinking of the day she married Jeffrey. Jeffrey struggles to get out of where Angelo put him but has a hard time until Jill finds him and gets him out. Tucker and Sofia pretend to be angry with each other and argue. Sofia tells Neil, Harmony, and Devon a story that her father told her about when Tucker started in the music business. Neil gets upset at Tucker. Later he and Sofia pretend to go outside and talk. Sofia feels badly about deceiving her family, but Tucker reminds her that if they want the business world to think they are having differences, then their family must also believe they are having differences.

Michael talks to the same justice of the peace that married Kevin and Angelina and gets her to sign annulment papers. Jeffrey stops Angelo and Gloria’s wedding and tells everyone that Angelo kidnapped him and made Gloria think that he stole money from her when in fact Angelo took the money. Michael gives Kevin the annulment papers. Jeffrey thinks it’s a shame to let the beautiful wedding they arranged go to waste, so both Jeffrey and Kevin ask the ladies they love to marry them.

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