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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope explains to Brooke that she was upset when the woman stranger confronted her and called her an adulteress, but she really can’t blame her so she’s not going to let it ruin her life. Perhaps not, but Ridge walks in with a rag magazine splashed with the photo of Liam and Hope kissing and branded hypocrite. The same at Bill’s office as he shows it to Liam. Bill tells him there will be repercussions so they don’t have time for anything else. They need to move and move fast; put out their own spin on the story in their own mainstream publications. Sitting alone in Aspen, Steffy sees the photo from a link Bill sent her. Hope apologizes and says this never should have happened; they should have been more discreet (you think?) Ridge says this is gonna affect the company so they need to rally the troops. The first thing Hope needs to do is move out of Liam’s house. Brooke and Ridge are at odds with this; she doesn’t think this is fair. Maybe Hope should have thought about this before going public with kissing a married man. She’s taken an open stance and the public is not going to accept this hypocrisy so there goes the Hope For The Future line right down the drain. Hope says they will have to go into damage control because she is not going to move out of Liam’s house or apologize for loving him. Liam interrupts the meeting and adds his side. Ridge wonders if he has considered at all what this is doing to his wife. All due respect aside, Liam says he needs to talk to Hope alone. He tells her that she has done nothing wrong. Madison pops in and says she can’t hold the press off much longer; Hope needs to make a statement. Liam tries to convince her that she is still the same woman that she was last night, so she can’t worry abut what other people think. They are committed and that is all that matters.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Daniel met Billie at the Brady Pub.  Daniel reminded her that Kate wanted her to stay away from him.  He said he was ordered not to be near her.  Billie was upset.  They continued to talk about Kate and what Daniel did to her family.  Billie got a call from Agent Spencer.  He was outside and needed to see her.  At the coffeehouse, Kate told Will that sheís known about him for a while.  Will didnít know what she was talking about.  He said whatever she was talking about, she was wrong.  She noticed that he was uncomfortable when Lucas was talking about gay people.  Will kept trying to interrupt her when she was talking, but she reassured him that she would love him no matter what.  She didnít care about his sexual orientation.  She asked if he wanted to know how she knew about him.  She said she works in the fashion industry so she senses these kinds of things. She told him he could go to her about anything.  Will didnít know what she was talking about.  Kate wanted to go somewhere private to talk, but Will had to meet someone.  Rafe went to Nicoleís hotel and told her that he was getting a divorce from Sami.  They talked about their marriages ending.  Nicole intimated that Sami would move on with another guy.  Nicole wanted to know if he would move on.  He said he wasnít ready to move on. He eventually left.  Austin reminded Carrie that he never broke his marriage vows.  He wanted to know if knowing the truth would change anything between them.  Carrie reminded him that when Abby said that he and Abby slept together, he didnít deny it.  She said it was the worst moment of her life.  He apologized and said it was the worst moment in his life too.  Austin said that they know Abby lied.  Carrie was furious.  Austin wondered if she was angry because she didnít see this as a second chance for them.  He hoped that he wasnít too late.  He wanted to know what she was thinking.  She didnít know.  Austin and Carrie talked about their problems with Abby and Rafe.  Rafe was listening to them.  When Austin and Carrie hugged, Rafe left.  Austin and Carrie talked again.  She admitted that she didnít know what the future held for them. 

John asked Stefano if his goon was still tracking Marlena.  Stefano showed him the footage again.  The guy was still behind Marlena.  John wanted Stefano to call the guy off.  John agreed to do his dirty work.  John would do it on two conditions.  Stefano had to stay away from Marlena.  John wanted Stefano to tell the goon to never go near Marlena again.  The second condition was to let Hope go back to Salem so she could be with Bo.  Stefano was willing to do the first condition, but not the second.  Stefano needed both of them to do what he wanted.  John said no deal.  Stefano was sorry to hear that.  John threatened to kill Stefano if anything happened to Marlena.  Hope appreciated what John did, but thought they were in no position to negotiate.  She thought they needed to do whatever it took to keep Marlena safe.  Hope agreed to help Stefano.  Lucas met with Kate at the coffeehouse to talk about Sami.  Kate wanted to make Sami pay for what she did, but Lucas wanted her to back off.  After their fight, Kate told her that she is going to get custody of the kids.  Lucas wanted to know why sheís going to do that.  Kate said itís the only way to keep him from Sami.  Billie met with Agent Spencer.  Agent Spencer said the agency wants her to take on Stefanoís case.  Agent Spencer said everything that Billie found out about Stefano since sheís been in Salem could put him away for good.  Agent Spencer wished he could have gotten John and Hope out of Alamania, but after what happened to Agent Walsh, he had no choice but to go underground.  The agent wants to concentrate on getting Stefano.  The agent believed Stefano had something to do with setting John up for embezzlement.  Billie agreed.  She hadnít gotten to the end of the money trail, but all signs pointed to EJ.  She said that EJ benefited the most from Johnís indictment and arrest.  EJ exploited the case during his campaign.  Agent Spencer wondered why EJ didnít just go after Abe.  Billie said he did go after Abe.  The agent wanted her to up her game.  He liked her theory about EJ, but they needed proof.  She said she didnít have anything else.  He said that might all change once sheís in the house.  He said she would have all access to the DiMera files.  Billie didnít like the idea of being in the mansion.  He said that she would be living there for as long as it took to get the information they needed.  Stefano told John and Hope that when John was his pawn and Hope was Princess Gina, he gave them an assignment to steal a valuable item for him.  Hope asked if they did.  He said they stole the item, but they never gave it to him.  They kept it for themselves.  They hid it and it hasnít been found.  Stefano told them that they stole a collection of priceless Anastasia eggs. He is one piece of completing the set.  He wanted John and Hope to bring him the egg.  John said they couldnít do it.  John said the plan wouldnít work because they have no memory of the egg.  They didnít remember stealing it or where itís hidden.  Hope said they wouldnít know where to look.  Stefano thought the picture would help, but he had another solution.  Will ran into Marlena at the town square.  They talked about his problems.  He ended up admitting that he thinks he might be gay.  Stefano was going to get someone to transform John and Hope back into the pawn and Princess Gina so they could remember where the egg was. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante gives Sonny a heads up that John McBain was asking questions about him. Sonny tells Dante that McBain is bitter about a case from years ago. Dante says he can tell that John has the patience to wait as long as he can until Sonny does something that he doesnít get away with. Sonny tells him that this case isnít the one because he really didnít do it. Sonny goes to visit Jason.  They discuss Robin and Samís decision not to tell Jason about Robinís death. Jason tells Sonny they need to discuss his case. He tells him that he knows that if Sonny were responsible for the death of a child, he would have turned himself in. Sonny says Jason is the only person that believes that.  Sonny tells Jason all the details. Jason concludes that someone is trying to set Sonny up. Sonny asks Jason to look into a cop named John McBain. Lieutenant John McBain goes to the Quartermaine estate to talk to Tracy about Anthony. He tells her that if Anthony can identify Sonny as the person that shot out his tires, it would strengthen the case against Sonny.  He mentions that she was also the widow of Gino Soleito which makes her wonder if he is really investigating the accident.  Olivia tells Steve that she wonít tell the police that Anthony is at his apartment as long as Johnny never breathes a word to anyone about Steveís secret. If he doesnít agree to her terms, she will turn both him and Anthony in to the police. Johnny tells Anthony he is more trouble than he is worth. Anthony says he is going to fix everything and goes to the police station to find Dante. Sonny goes to see Johnny.  John McBain goes to see Jason. Sam opens the door.

Elizabeth thanks Luke for a letter he sent her and for starting the Jake Spencer fund. She asks him what the Floating Rib sign at the bar means. He tells her that he asked Coleman to change the name of Jakeís Roadhouse because he didnít think the dive bar was an appropriate way to remember Jake.   Anna and Luke discuss choices and consequences. Tracy sees Luke and Anna holding hands. Spinelli tells Jason that it appears Franco chose that particular video clip as a clue. He noticed a partial code on the babyís ID bracelet indicating the name of the hospital was Our Lady of Mercy in New York City. Jason wonders if Franco was trying to lead him there. Sam offers to go to Our Lady of Mercy to get some answers.  Spinelli tells Jason that Maxie is in trouble and gives Sam all the details. Spinelli asks Elizabeth to help prove Maxie didnít kill Lisa Niles.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Angelina finally tells her father the truth about tricking Kevin into marrying her. Although she still loves him very much, she has to let him go because he loves Chloe. Gloria has a sudden cancellation of a wedding reception, which leaves her with Gloworm all decorated, so Angelo gets the idea to ask Gloria to marry him tonight. The shock of hearing Gloria say yes makes Jeffrey remember that Angelo kidnapped him and sent him to that Jersey Shore island where Kevin and Angelina found him. Angelo won’t have anything ruin his wedding to Gloria, so he ties Jeffrey up and locks him in the basement of Gloworm. Gloria asks Chloe to be her maid of honor while Angelo calls Angelina and Kevin to come to the wedding.

Devon has a bonding moment with Tucker while taking a dinner break. Devon tells him that he likes mayonnaise on his fries instead of ketchup. Tucker admits he does too although everyone thinks it is strange. Tucker goes to Katherine’s and tells her that he may have a chance at a relationship with Devon. She is happy for both of them. Katherine also tells Tucker that his father loved music and wanted to make it his career, but his parents didn’t think that music had a future so they made him be a lawyer. Tucker is so happy he calls Katherine Mom before he leaves, and she calls him son and asks him to be careful. Nikki confronts Victor and shows him the picture of him and Genevieve. He tells her that he only flirted with Genevieve and went back to the hotel alone. Mr. Yoshida calls Victor and tells him Genevieve almost bribed him but never actually did, because Cane interrupted them.

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