Thursday 3/22/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The staff at Dayzee’s congratulates Dayzee and Marcus on their engagement. He promises he will take good care of her. Everyone feels awful that the woman lashed out at Hope. At home, Brooke calls and then Stephanie gets on phone too and asks if she is okay. Hope assures them that she was upset at first and did not like it. It wasn’t fair, but she is home alone now with Liam and just trying to focus on themselves and not let this bother them. Liam can’t believe that Hope is so calm and is not freaked out over what the woman said. She says she is not going to let women like her ruin what they have. She if fine; great even because of him. She knows she has a responsibility to her fans, but she also has a responsibility to herself. Living together is right; they can forget about the whole world and just be in love. Liam says he is so impressed with her. She is amazing. She says her secret is him (while she thinks about the pills). She starts giggling and can’t stop.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

John told Stefano that Stefano wasn’t going to kill anyone because he wouldn’t be able to get what he wants.  John said that Stefano needed them alive.  Sami asked if Kate thought she was the mole.  Kate asked Sami if she wanted to see the evidence.  Kate said she knew all along the mole was Sami.  Kate enjoyed watching Sami squirm, but now the fun was over.  Abby apologized.  Austin said he wanted answers.  Carrie was listening.  Abby said this was the worst thing she’s ever done.  Abby said she and Austin never slept together.  She said she made him think they did.  Carrie wanted to know what was going on.  Abby told her she was telling the truth.  Carrie asked if Abby slept with Austin.  Jack and Jennifer were still there.  Jack answered Carrie’s question.  Abby said she told a lie.  She and Austin are not in love and are not supposed to be together.  Abby said it was all in her head.  Abby said they did kiss because Austin was drunk and upset over the fight he and Carrie had over Rafe.  Abby said it didn’t go any further.  She said Austin passed out.  Jennifer asked Abby why she didn’t leave.  Abby said she didn’t want to.  Abby said when Austin woke up, he assumed they made love because he remembered them kissing.  She wanted everyone to stop blaming Austin because none of this was his fault.  Jennifer said it wasn’t going to help if Abby was lying.  What if it happened to another student?  Abby said he wouldn’t do that.  Abby was surprised that no one believed her.  Stefano said Bo’s pain would be in vain.  Hope reminded him that he said he wasn’t responsible for the attack.  Hope wanted to know why he lied.  Stefano wanted to send them a message.  He wanted them to help him or suffer the consequences.  Hope called him a b*stard.  Stefano told them to have it their way and not to say they weren’t warned.  Kate told Sami that she never thought Sami would be stupid enough to ruin an opportunity.  Sami said it was just an act.  Sami told her that she didn’t know the whole story.  Kate said she knew Sami came to Countess W to spy on her for Madison. Sami blamed it on Madison.  Sami said she quit working for Madison months ago because she liked working for Kate.  Sami said she has been loyal ever since.  Sami said she was on her side and hoped she believed it. 

Abby wanted Carrie to believe her.  Austin wanted to know why Abby is saying something now.  Abby felt terrible and couldn’t lie anymore.  Carrie reminded Abby how she came to her for advice about the guy she slept with.  Carrie asked if Abby was sorry when she asked her what to do and how to get the guy she wanted.  Carrie said Abby was asking her how she could steal her husband.  Abby said she knew what Carrie must have been thinking about her.  Carrie said that she didn't. Sami said Kate had every right to be upset with her, but she had the chance to take down Countess W, but she didn’t.  Sami chose to work for Kate instead of Madison.  Kate thought that was smart of Sami, but it wasn't enough to keep her out of prison.  Sami asked if Kate called the police.  Kate said she didn’t.  Kate warned her to look over her shoulder.  Sami said not to do this because she’s a good employee.  Kate said that Sami had a lot to more to worry about than her job.  Kate is going after her freedom and her life.  Kate warned her to go home and hug her children because she wouldn’t be able to do it for long.  Abby said she lied before, but she was telling the truth now.  She said Austin is a good man.  Abby knew she never had a chance with him. She wanted him to have the same feelings she did, but he never did because he loved Carrie.  Abby said Austin didn't deserve this because he didn’t do anything wrong.  Abby wanted Carrie to believe her.  Carrie did, but she called her a b*tch and slapped her.  When Sami went home, Rafe was there.  They talked.  Sami asked if there’s a chance for them.  Rafe said no and that it’s over.  Hope called Stefano a coward.  She said he would be a dead man if he told her he was responsible for what happened to Bo.  Stefano said he needed John and Hope.  Hope wanted to know why she should help him after what he did to Bo.  John said Stefano wasn't going to stop until they gave him what he wanted.  Stefano hated to resort to drastic measures, but he would.  He showed them a picture of Marlena.  Sami wanted to talk to Rafe, but he thought there was nothing to talk about.  He recapped about Sami sleeping with EJ.  The two went back and forth about what happened, but Rafe didn't change his mind.  Jack told Carrie to keep her hands off of Abby.  Carrie yelled that Abby is a pathological liar.  Jennifer wanted to know what Carrie was doing.  Carrie asked what about what Abby did.  Jennifer apologized for what happened.  Carrie said Abby’s lies destroyed her marriage.  Jennifer said she knew, but Abby apologized.  Jennifer wanted to know if hitting Abby made her feel better.  Carrie said it did.  Abby said she would do whatever it took to fix things.  Austin asked Abby how could she.  John told Stefano this was between him and Stefano.  John said Marlena is innocent.  Stefano said that John should cooperate with him.  John said Stefano wouldn’t hurt Marlena because of the way he feels about her.  Stefano said it wasn’t an empty threat.  He showed them Marlena on the TV screen.  Austin was upset with Abby.  Carrie ran off while Austin went after her.  John said he would make Stefano pay if he hurt Marlena.  Stefano said he would never hurt Marlena, but he couldn’t say the same for the man going after her.  The man gave Marlena a flower.  Carrie went to her office.  Austin wanted to know if Abby’s confession changed things for them. Stefano told John and Hope that Marlena wouldn’t know she was in danger until it was too late.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth asks Olivia why Steve went to Memphis. Matt tells Elizabeth about Maxie’s confession. Maxie’s confession to Lisa Niles’s murder is headline news.  Mac asks Alexis to represent Maxie. Spinelli asks Dante to quickly discount Maxie’s confession as false. Spinelli asks Maxie what her association with Anthony Zacchara is.  Alexis goes to the station to get a statement from Maxie, but she won’t cooperate. Olivia pays Johnny a visit and tells him that he saw Anthony there the other day talking to Tracy.  Dante arrives looking for Anthony. Olivia tells him to go check the Quartermaine estate. When Dante leaves, Olivia tells Johnny that the deal will be her silence about Anthony in exchange for his silence about Steve.

Patrick’s father, Noah Drake, offers his condolences to Robin’s mother Anna. Then he berates her for brow beating his son on the day of his wife’s funeral.   Anna apologizes to Patrick.  She says she would like to stay in Port Charles for a while. Patrick says he would like that.  Matt goes to Patrick’s house. Noah thanks Matt for letting him know about Robin.  Jason returns home after being out all night. He tells her he was on Robin’s favorite bridge with Elizabeth.  She explains why she didn’t tell him about Robin’s death.  He tells her that he will decide what he can and cannot handle. She asks him if he can forgive her. He does. She tells him she has learned her lesson. Just when they are about to go upstairs, Spinelli knocks on the door. He tells Jason that after a detailed analysis of the DVD that Franco left, he has concluded that he may have left it as a clue.

Luke pays Coleman to change the name of his bar from Jake’s Roadhouse to something like “The Floating Rib” because the name “Jake” is a reminder of little Jake’s death. Lulu is appalled to find Luke in a bar on the anniversary of his accident that killed Jake.  Luke shows her that he is drinking club soda.  He tells her that Ethan isn’t her brother. He explains that Holly said Robert Scorpio is Ethan’s father just before Helena was going to kill Ethan. Then he tells her that Robert isn’t really Ethan’s father but that they have to pretend that it is true and that she can’t tell anyone – especially not Dante.  Anna and Elizabeth go to Jake’s looking for Luke to ask favors.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon and Tucker work on Angelina’s new song. After Tucker leaves the studio, Devon admits to Lily that he enjoyed spending time with Tucker. Angelina loves the new song Devon wrote for her but wants to make a few changes to the lyrics. Devon doesn’t want her to do that but finally agrees. Angelina loves Kevin and is heartbroken to let him go because she loves him but she wants him to be happy. Angelina tries to tell her father she made a mistake by marrying Kevin, but Angelo thinks it's Kevin’s fault. Angelina decides to use the lyrics to her new song to tell her father and the whole world the truth about her marriage to Kevin. Delia invites Kevin to her dance recital then he asks her and Chloe out for ice cream. Delia tells Kevin that she misses him coming to see her every day like when she was in the hospital.

Cane breaks up the meeting between Genevieve and Mr. Yoshida by pretending to be drunk and telling Yoshida that his mother tried to steal his business deal. Once Yoshida leaves, Cane tells Genevieve that Yoshida is a government agent trying to trap her into giving him a bribe. Genevieve doesn’t believe Cane and thinks that he is just trying to make sure Jabot gets the deal so Beauty of Nature fails. Cane tells Genevieve he saved her neck because she is his mother, and he didn’t want to see her go to jail. Jack gets angry with him when Sarge tells him he needs to learn to be more independent and do things for himself, because it could take years for him to walk again, but the reality is he probably won’t ever walk again. Jack defends Victor to Nikki by telling her that Genevieve will do anything to get what she wants, even use Victor. Jack explains that sometimes a picture doesn’t tell the whole story and she could talk to Victor to get his side of the story. When Victor arrives home from Japan, Nikki hugs him and asks how his trip was.

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