Wednesday 3/21/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Katie that Hope had less than a great night on her first night with Liam. She assures her that she went to a therapist and is doing much better now. Still Katie has a bad feeling about this – Hope going to a therapist, taking anti-anxiety medication and not even telling Liam. Brooke assures her this is only a little bump in the road and that Hope will be fine. This secret is only between her and Katie. Hope greets Liam at the office on their way to Dayzee and Marcus’s get together. She reminds Liam that behind closed doors they can be romantic and practice makes perfect, but for the public they need to be more hands off. Fans spot her with Liam and wonder why when they called off their marriage and he is still married to Steffy. They even take a picture of them kissing. Marcus proposes and Dayzee laments that she will be honored to be his wife. Stephanie offers her congratulations. One of the mothers of Hope’s fans dresses down Hope in front of everyone for living with a married man and kissing in public when she is preaching abstinence to the public. Pure and simple she is committing adultery. She’s a fraud and a hypocrite. Hope gets very upset and needs a moment alone. She grabs her purse and heads to the nearest place to take a pill.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Hope was trying to call Salem, but couldn’t get through.  John told her not to give up.  Hope is worried about Bo and can’t be there for him.  She couldn’t tell him she loves him.  John was worried about Bo and Marlena.  Hope wants to do what Stefano wanted, but John wasn’t sure they should do it.  Stefano was talking to someone and told them the element of surprise was crucial.  The man thought they wouldn’t see it coming.  Austin was on a bench.  Abby came up to him and wanted to talk to him.  Jack bailed Jennifer out of jail.  Rafe went to check on Nicole.  They recapped about EJ being there “last night”. She didn’t care what EJ thought as long as he didn’t find out about the baby.  Rafe said he promised not to say anything.  She wanted to know why Rafe was there.  When Sami went to work, Kate intimated that Sami has been keeping secrets and she knew what they were.  Rafe said he was there to help Nicole.  She was grateful for his help.  Nicole warned Rafe that there would be trouble now that EJ thinks that they are sleeping together.  Rafe said he was ready.  Nicole asked what would happen if Sami found out.  Rafe didn’t care if she did because his life is not her business anymore.  Nicole thought Sami is getting what she deserves.  Sami wanted to know what Kate meant by secrets.  Sami said she knew better than to keep secrets from Kate.  Kate said Sami knew what Kate was going to say.  Sami flashed back to when Kate asked her to find the mole.  Kate showed her a folder.  Kate said there was enough proof to blow her out of the water.  Jennifer told Jack that EJ was trying to put all of the law-abiding citizens of Salem behind bars.  She said Abe was still in jail.  She denied rigging the election.  She and Abe did cross the line.  She forced Abe to play dirty and now he’s lost everything.  She’s going to prove that EJ set them up.  Jack said he would be there for her every step of the way.  Abby apologized to Austin for ruining his life.  Austin said he was mad at her and blamed her, but he should have told Carrie the truth.  He apologized to her about Jennifer being arrested.  They both believed that EJ set Jennifer up.  Abby couldn’t believe how nice Austin was being to her after everything she did.  He said they both made mistakes, but he made most of them.  Abby said this was all her fault.  Hope said she wanted to get home, but Stefano had their passports. John said his plan is to figure out what Stefano wants from them.  Hope blamed herself for this mess.  She blamed herself for opening the box.  John told her the truth would have come out eventually.  She said Bo would be safe now if she hadn’t opened the box.  John said Stefano said he didn’t have anything to do with what happened to Bo.  John and Hope wanted to believe that because it would be a matter of time before he went after Marlena. 

Jack was planning on a way to get back at EJ, but Jennifer didn’t want him to get hurt in the process.  Jack said he wouldn’t get hurt.  She said she thought about him while she was in jail.  She thought about him while he was in Afghanistan, but she wasn’t there for him.  He told her that she didn’t know.  She told him how he was there for her.  She thanked him for being there for her.  When John took a tray out in the hallway, the man Stefano was talking to stabbed John and Hope with a needle.  Kate told Sami that she was an asset to the company, but she is a liar.  Abby wanted to talk about the night she and Austin “made love”.  Jack and Jennifer walked by and heard her.  Kate told Sami that she was supposed to find the mole, but she didn’t.  Sami said she needed more time.  Kate said Sami hasn’t lifted a finger to find the mole.  Sami said again that she needed more time.  Kate said she ran out of time.  Austin apologized to Jack and Jennifer for what they heard.  Jack wanted to hit him, but Jennifer stopped him.  Jack yelled at Austin for taking advantage of Abby.  Abby said what happened with Austin was her choice.  Austin wanted to talk about this.  He wanted to take responsibility for his actions.  Kate wanted Sami to tell her who the mole is.  John and Hope woke up in a strange room.  Stefano talked to them through a television.  Stefano had a proposition for them.  If they cooperated, no one would get hurt.  Austin apologized for what happened.  He told them about him and Carrie and how he was drinking.  Jack said he was going to be sorry.  Jennifer wanted to know what kind of man Austin is.  Jennifer is going to make sure that Austin is fired from his job.  John said he and Hope were not playing his game.  Stefano said they were his two favorite players.  When John tried to get out, Stefano’s goon put a gun to his head.  Stefano warned him to behave or else.  John said he could take out Stefano’s goon.  Stefano said all of this could have been avoided if they cooperated.  Hope wanted to know what Stefano wanted.  Sami said she didn’t know who it is.  Kate asked if it was someone who worked for Mad World.  Kate was under the impression that Sami was protecting someone she knew since she was dragging her feet.  Abby told everyone to stop blaming Austin.  She admitted that she lied about having sex with Austin.  Stefano wanted John and Hope to help with a project.  They had to agree or Bo and Marlena would think that they decided on a long honeymoon.  Hope said they would never help Stefano again.  Stefano said they left him no choice.  Stefano’s goon put a gun to them.  Kate let Sami know that she was on to her and she was going to ruin her.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lauren continues to be rattled by just seeing Daisy. Phyllis apologizes once more to Michael and Lauren for bringing Daisy to town. They all agree to work together against Daisy. Daisy warns Ricky to be careful of Phyllis, because she is evil with a capital E. Phyllis wants Ricky to continue to get close to Daisy and tell her what she is up to in exchange for a cover story in Restless Style. Cane arrives in Japan to meet with Kaito Yoshida, a stockholder for the Japanese department store where Jabot is trying to place their product. Genevieve snoops in Victor’s briefcase and finds a card for Kaito Yoshida and sets up a meeting with him. After Ashley tells Jack about Cane’s meeting, he is suspicious and does some research to confirm that Kaito Yoshida works for the government and wants to see if Jabot or any other company will give him a bribe to get the cosmetics contract. Jack calls Cane and tells him everything, asking him not to meet with Yoshida and come home as soon as possible. Cane sees Genevieve meeting with Yoshida and wonders if he should tell her about the government trap.

Jack tells Nikki he can’t stand to see Victor hurt her and wonders why Victor didn’t tell her about his trip to Japan. Victor calls Nikki and tells her that he is out of the country, but he should be home soon and wants to talk to her at the ranch. Jill calls Ashley before she gets on the plane to come home and tells her that Victor and Genevieve’s relationship is more than business. Jack opens Ashley’s e-mail from Jill and sees the picture. Nikki notices that Ashley and Jack stop talking when she walks back into Ashley’s office, so she demands that Jack show her what is on the computer. Nikki is shocked to see the picture of Genevieve and Victor with her hand on his face.

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