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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope reveals to Dr. Barton that Steffy’s words were still in her ears that she was committing adultery. She wanted to be everything to Liam that she wasn’t on their first night, so she reluctantly took one of the pills and now she is glad she did. It made everything all right. Steffy is out of town so she feels like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders. Brooke tells Ridge that Aspen isn’t on the other side of the world, but that it has to hurt to see his daughter go away. Stephanie and Eric make the announcement to Brooke and Ridge that in a moment of weakness that he proposed and she said yes. They are now married. Brooke wants to throw an anniversary party for their milestone. Stephanie finally relents but demands no cooking on Brooke’s part. Liam doesn’t want to be grilled by Katie or Bill about his relationship with Hope or Steffy. Bill reminds him that Hope has a bundle of issues and he won’t be able to hide all of them. Hope is asked about prior boyfriends and she has to tell Dr. Barton about the whole Oliver/masked graduation party where Oliver and Brooke ended up having sex outside on the terrace. But they broke up and it led her to Liam. She just wants to marry him and have a healthy, normal life. She feels like she and Liam are on track. She panicked at first but she is feeling so much better now. She has not told him about her appointments with Dr. Barton or the pills.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the town square, EJ was getting sworn in as mayor.  Abe and Jennifer were there.  Jennifer told Abe that they would prove that he was set up.  Jennifer said they wouldnít get away with it.  At the Brady Pub, Lucas and Austin reunited with each other.  Sami was there as well.  They talked about Carrie.  Sami wondered where Carrie was since she wasnít at the hospital for Bo.  Sami also noticed how Rafe wasnít there either.  Carrie was at the town square.  Rafe ran into her.  Neither one of them wanted to deal with their spouses.  Carrie needed a friend right now.  Rafe thought dealing with him might make things worse.  They decided to go get coffee.  Lexie showed up at EJís inauguration.  Abe was happy that she was there for him.  Lexie said she wasnít there for him.  She was there for EJ.  Jennifer was surprised that Lexie was there for EJ.  Abe understood why Lexie was upset, but he didnít think she should be there for EJ on the day that he is replacing him.  Lexie said she was upset with Abe, but she was there because EJ gave her an offer she couldnít refuse.  Abe wanted to know what offer EJ gave her.  She told him it was a position on his staff.  He wanted to know what she was thinking accepting EJís offer.  She thought she could make a difference as health commissioner.  He apologized to her, but she wasnít ready to talk about it.  When Rafe and Carrie were at the pub, Sami told Carrie that everyone was at the hospital for Bo except for the two of them.  Sami thought they were together.  Carrie denied the accusation. Sami asked Austin how he could stand to be in the same room as Carrie.  Austin said Sami didnít know the whole story.  Sami said that Carrie and Rafe showed up together.  Carrie said she wasnít the one having an affair.  Austin didnít want Carrie to go there.  Carrie let everyone know that Austin had an affair.  Everyone was shocked.

Sami asked if Austin cheated on Carrie.  Marlena thought this wasnít the time to talk about that.  Austin said he made a mistake.  Carrie said he was drunk.  Austin said he didnít mean for it to happen.  When he realized what he and Abby didÖ. Sami was surprised that he was with Abby.  Lucas was surprised that he slept with Abby.  Austin said he wasnít proud of what he did, but he wasnít the only one who broke his vows.  He said he didnít have feelings for Abby.  He said that he only loved Carrie and asked her if she could say the same.  Rafe tried to interfere, but Austin wanted him to stay out of it.  Austin wanted her to answer the question.  He was upset that Carrie embarrassed him in front of everyone, but he wasnít supposed to say anything about it.  Sami was upset that Carrie fell in love with Rafe.  Sami reminded Carrie that she asked her if she was in love with Rafe and she said no.  Marlena told her to back off.  Jennifer told Abe that EJ will show his true colors and would be responsible for his downfall.  Marlena reminded everyone that Bo is in the hospital and all they could think about was themselves.  Marlena thought they should all be ashamed of themselves.  Rafe apologized and said he was praying for Bo.  Carrie told Kayla that she didnít mean for any of this to happen.  At the inauguration, EJ introduced Lexie as the new health commissioner.  He reminded everyone of what happened to Bo and Roman on Abeís last day as mayor.  EJ said he had evidence that one of Salemís notorious crime organizations were responsible for the attack, but they havenít been caught.  EJ said he could bring an end to the corruption in Salem.  Lucas, Sami, and Austin talked about Abby.  Austin said he didnít remember what happened between him and Abby.  Austin recapped that Sami drugged him years ago.  Sami didnít like that.  Sami went to Rafe and asked if he loved Carrie.  Rafe refused to answer Samiís question after what she did to him and their family.  He walked away from her.  Sami was convinced that Rafe loved Carrie.  Sami blamed Carrie for ruining her life again.  Rafe and Carrie talked about Sami and Austin.  Abe was livid with EJ and told him to come after him.  Abe wanted EJ to leave Lexie out of it.  EJ told him the town and Lexie would be better off without him.  Abe wanted to hit EJ, but Jennifer stopped him.  EJ called for an officer who arrested Abe and Jennifer for ballot tampering. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna is angry with Patrick for hurting Robin. She says she wonít forgive him. Luke finds Anna at Jakeís Roadhouse. She tries to buy him a drink but he declines. He asks her why she is on a bender. She tells him she just destroyed her son-in-law. She tells him about finding out about Patrickís affair with Lisa. Luke thinks Anna is actually upset with Robin. Patrickís father Noah Drake shows up at his door. He apologized for not making it in time for the funeral. Patrick tells him that Robinís father couldnít make it either. He tells him that Anna is furious about him cheating on Robin. He tells him about Maxieís meltdown. Maxie tells Mac, Matt, and Spinelli that she killed Lisa Niles and got Anthony Zacchara to cover it up in return for her saving his life.  No one believes her. Matt wants to admit her to General Hospital and have Dr. Keenan evaluate her. Maxie insists that Mac arrest her. Matt asks her why she would kill Lisa. Maxie says she did it for Robin. Reluctantly, Mac takes her to the station.

Jason asks Sam if the doctors told her to lie to him about Robinís death. She tells him it was her decision not to upset him by telling him about something that he couldnít change. She thinks he should still be in the hospital. He tells her he is not going back. He concludes that she rationalized that it was ok to lie to him because it was for his own good. He tells her he is going to go say goodbye to Robin and forbids Sam to follow him. He goes to the bridge where Robin went to be close to Stone. Elizabeth also goes to the bridge. She wonders why he is out of the hospital. He tells her he tried to make it to Robinís funeral. He laments that Emma will not remember Robin. Jason asks Elizabeth if Sam asked her to lie to him about Robinís death. She tells him Sam didnít want anyone to tell him, but she was doing it because she didnít think he was strong enough. He doesnít know if he can forgive Sam. 

Not realizing he is speaking to Connie, Sonny says he is in love with Kate. She tells him to leave. Carly sees Johnnyís shirt with Connie Falconeriís lipstick stain on it. She asks him if he is seeing Olivia again. He tells her he isnít seeing anyone else.  Connie knocks on Johnnyís door saying it is about getting back at Sonny. Carly opens the door and, thinking it is Kate, asks her what she means by getting back at Sonny. Sonny and Michael go to General Hospital looking for Jason only to find that he has left.  Michael wonders how Starr Manning is handling the loss of her baby. Sonny tells Michael that he doesnít appreciate her father calling him a baby killer in his newspaper headlines. He says Todd manning has more money than God and he doesnít live by any rules. He does whatever he wants, even murdering his own brother. Sonny asks Michael if he thinks he caused the accident that killed Todd manningís granddaughter.  Lieutenant John McBain of the Llanview PA police department goes to the PCPD to talk to Dante about Sonny. Dante wants to know how the evidence against Sonny is McBainís business.  McBain questions Danteís ability to prosecute his father.  Dante tells McBain to go home. John McBain goes to the church. Sam recognizes him. They have never met before so he suggests she may have seen his face in the paper after the incident at the courthouse.  He asks her if she is ok. She tells him she thinks she just lost her husband. He asks him if he thinks it is ok to lie to spare someone pain. He tells her that he is probably not the best person to ask.  He tells her that his wife lied to him to protect him and that it was like a stake through the heart when he discovered the lie.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Angelina overhears Chloe admit to Daniel that she is still in love with Kevin. Later she talks to Kevin and tells him they should go back to the original plan they had to get out of the marriage without him getting hurt. Devon tells Lily he needs Tucker’s help with Angelina’s new song but he doesn’t want Tucker to think that he is accepting him as his father because his father is Neil. Lily advises Devon to make Tucker a business deal so he will not get the wrong idea about their relationship. Lily asks Tucker to come to Devon’s studio where Devon makes his deal proposal. Just like Devon thought, Tucker is eager to help him but refuses to get paid for his work because Devon is family.

Daisy continues to get under Lauren’s skin. She acts calm around Michael but she is very scared and later goes home and takes out her gun. Phyllis arrives to talk to Lauren. When she sees the gun, she tells Lauren it is a shame she has to wait for Daisy to harm her family in order to use the weapon. Michael walks in and Lauren hides the gun from him, so he won’t see it and get upset. Harmony goes to an AA meeting after a talk with Phyllis about how they have both been bad mothers and are trying their best to make things right with their children. Harmony wonders if she is staying in town for Devon’s sake or if she is being selfish and staying for her own sake. Chloe cries on Katherine’s shoulder because she will never be with the man she loves and have the family of which she has always dreamed.

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