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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Brooke that she was tense again last night at first, but she took one of Dr. Barton’s pills and everything was okay. Steffy stops by to see Liam and she proclaims that she hopes his night with Hope was better. He warns her not to listen too much to what Bill says about Hope. She tells him that she is flying out of town today; now he doesn’t have to worry about her being in the way anymore. He can’t imagine her not being in his life as his best friend and wants her to reconsider. She can’t do that. Her heart is breaking every time he sees him. She declares that she will be back. Maybe by then he will have come to his senses and realize he made a huge mistake. She kisses him and cries as she leaves. Taylor stops by to see Ridge but he’s gone for a meeting. She tells Brooke and Hope that they could at least pretend not to be so happy that Steffy is leaving town. She thinks it is a good thing that she is going away to distance herself from all of this. Bill catches Liam being distracted and assumes things are not quite right yet with Snow White; he should hold on to his marriage. Hope stops by Steffy’s office and rags her about going to Aspen. Steffy gives it right back that Hope is committing adultery. Hope says at first that dirty word bothered her. But Liam and her mother and other people that care about her have shown her it is not something to be ashamed of so Steffy has no more hold over her. She can hold onto Liam for as long as she can, but they will be married the second the divorce is final. She gets flustered and drops her purse, spilling the contents including the pill bottle. Hope lashes out at Steffy to go catch that plane because nothing is going to get in the way of her and Liam.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the coffeehouse, Melanie was happy that Abby told Austin and Carrie the truth about not sleeping with Austin.  Abby told her that she didnít tell him the truth.  Abby decided she wasnít going to tell Austin the truth.  Melanie was furious.  Melanie wanted to know what changed her mind.  When Abby started to tell her, she didnít want to hear it.  Melanie reminded Abby that Austin and Carrie love each other and there was nothing Abby could do about it.  Abby told her that Carrie left Austin for Rafe and that Carrie has feelings for Rafe. She said Austin was a mess, but she was going to help him get through it.  Melanie didnít want to believe it.  Abby believed that all of this was happening for a reason.  Melanie asked if Austin told her he was interested in her.  Abby said no.  The two continued to go back and forth about Abby telling the truth.  At the Brady Pub, Austin and Jack talked about the guy who broke Abbyís heart.  Jack threatened to get the guy who hurt her.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ was having trouble writing his speech.  Kate came in and let him know that the speech was bad.  He opened up to her about his feelings for Nicole.  Kate told him that he needed to get over Nicole despite the fact that he loves her.  Kate told him that he needed to focus on his career and his children.  She reminded him that he has been through breakups before and got over them.  Kate wanted to tell him some good news to help him feel better.  She said that he would get his children back.  When the children are back, she wants EJ to get his act together.  She didnít want the kids to see him feeling sorry for himself.  He wanted to know what she was up to, but she said too much already. 

Daniel showed up at Nicoleís hotel room to check on Nicole.  Daniel said that Nicole dehydrated and that was why she fainted.  Rafe wondered if she should go to the hospital.  Daniel said that Nicole didnít want EJ to know about the baby.  Daniel said he would help her at the hotel since he had the IV bottles with him.  Nicole was up and about.  She apologized for having him come over there.  He said it was okay and that he wanted her to call if she felt that way again.  Daniel warned her that she would have to go to the hospital if she loses more weight.  She promised to eat and drink.  He wanted someone to stay with her to be on the safe side.  Rafe offered to stay with her.  When Daniel left, Rafe and Nicole talked about EJ and how Rafe thought she should tell him about the baby.  Nicole thought she was doing the right thing.  They talked about EJ and Sami.  Rafe said even if he could forgive Sami for cheating, he couldnít forget the lies.  Nicole knew what he meant.  She was glad that he left him.  Nicole did miss the children and would go back just to see them.  Rafe told her that he kissed Carrie.  Nicole was glad that he kissed her.  She thought he did it to get even, but he told her that it happened before he found out about Sami cheating on him.  Nicole asked if Rafe was in love with Carrie, but he said Carrie was married.  Later on, Nicole got into her pajamas and went to sleep.  Rafe took off his shirt just as EJ showed up in the room.  Rafe wanted to know what EJ was doing there.  EJ said that was the same thing he wanted to know about him.  EJ wanted to know what Rafe was doing in bed with his wife.  Nicole woke up.  The three got into a huge argument.  EJ accused Nicole of sleeping with Rafe.  He called her a b*tch and a wh*re for sleeping with Rafe.  Rafe punched him.  EJ told him he would regret that.  EJ said she had no dignity or class.  He also warned Rafe to get himself checked out.  He left the room.  Nicole threw a glass and cried.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly tells Jason that Robin is dead and that Sam wouldnít let her tell him. Jason wonders why Patrick did the procedure after Robin had died. Carly says Patrick did it for Robin. Jason wonders why Robin went back in the lab if she was already out. Carly tells him Robin went back in to get his medicine.  She tells him the funeral is today. He says he has to go there.  Sam returns to Jasonís room and finds Carly in there but Jason is gone.  Carly tells Johnny about her visit with Jason. She gloats that Jason will now see Sam for who she really is. Johnny wonders if Carlyís intention is to help Jason or to hurt Sam. She says Sam canít stand the idea of any other women in Jasonís life. Johnny says it seems that Carly is the one with that problem. She says Sam tried to manage Jason and thatís the one thing that he hates the most. She predicts that Jason will never see past it.  He says he thinks she has been spending so much time with him to make Jason jealous.  Jason arrives to the church, but the service has already ended and no one is there.  Sam follows him. He asks her how she could do that to him and why she didnít tell him that Robin was dead.  She says she was waiting for the right time. She says that Patrick told her to keep Jason calm. She tells him that if he had died, Robinís sacrifice would have been in vain. He says Robinís sacrifice wasnít worth it. She says she made the only choice she knew how. He tells her that it wasnít her choice to make. She says Carly only told him to try to prove that she knows him better than she does without regard to whether she was risking his life by doing so. Jason says that maybe Carly does know him better.

Maxie announces at Robinís funeral that she killed Robin because her purse broke the valve handle causing the gas leak. Matt and Spinelli try to calm her and tell her that even under those circumstances, it was still an accident.  Maxie apologizes to everyone for taking Robin away from them. She tells Mac to arrest her. Mac takes her to the hospital. She asks him again to arrest her .he tells her he canít arrest her for an accident. She says it wasnít an accident when she killed Lisa Niles. Mac says the first mate already admitted to the Lisa Niles murder. Maxie says her body count is up to three so Mac should take her in before she kills again. Patrick and Emma fold Emmaís drawing into a paper airplane and throw it off the top of General Hospital as their way of saying goodbye to Mommy. Recalling Maxieís rant at the church, Anna asks Patrick what happened between him and Lisa Niles. He admits that he had a one night affair with Lisa. Anna says he didnít deserve Robinís forgiveness or love. She is angry that Patrick broke Robinís heart. He tells Anna that he and Robin worked through it. Anna threatens to take Emma back to London with her. Patrick tells her not to even think about it.

Kate tells Sonny that she is seeing Dr. Keenan. He thinks it is about him. He tells her that he understands that people tell psychiatrists things they canít tell other people but he assures her that she couldnít say anything that would change the way he feels about her. He tells her to be prepared to be dragged through the mud with him when he goes to trial for the accident he didnít cause. Sonny leaves. Connie emerges. Sonny returns and has his first encounter with the Connie alter ego.  He doesnít understand why Kate is so different. Connie says Kate isnít there and that tonight she is ďCarmen.Ē She asks him if he ever misses Connie. He says Connie made the right choice when she left him on that street corner because Connie didnít have a future, but Kate went to college and made a life for herself.  He tells her that he loved Connie but now he is in love with Kate. She snaps back that he should leave. 

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

After Adam tells Chelsea that he has regained his sight, she asks him for advice on how to handle Nikki. Adam advises her to stay away from Nikki. Chelsea informs him that Anita has found her father but won’t tell her his identity unless she does what Anita wants her to do. Adam tells Chelsea to just pretend she doesn’t have a father out there for her own peace of mind and to keep from getting her heart broken. Phyllis and Nick have a huge argument about Nick working with Sharon and not making her a priority again. Phyllis gets so angry with Nick she orders him to get out of her office. Nick later goes to his office to work with Sharon on a name for the new cosmetics line.

Nikki talks to Katherine about the fact she still doesn’t understand Victor after all these years with him. Katherine assures Nikki that Victor’s relationship with Sharon and Genevieve is just business. Nikki goes to talk to Jack who tells her not to worry about Victor. Of course, she doesn’t listen and asks Abby to move into Victoria’s and baby-sit Chelsea because she wants to move back to the ranch and be there to talk to Victor when he arrives home from his trip. Adam goes to the Restless Style office to tell Phyllis that he is trying to change his ways. He also can’t resist needling her a bit about Nick working with Sharon. Phyllis is surprised when Adam says that he is sorry about what happened with Lucy because it is hard to let go of someone you love. Jill is surprised to see Victor and Genevieve in the same Japanese restaurant. She dresses up like a geisha waitress to take a picture of Victor and Genevieve flirting with each other using her cell phone. Ashley and Tucker work together on helping her get contacts in Japan for Jabot. Later they make love in Ashley’s office.

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