Friday 3/16/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 3/16/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Due to March Madness basketball on CBS, the show was pre-empted today.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nicole was in her hotel room rubbing on her stomach when Rafe arrived.  Lucas showed up at Samiís office to help her out.  She was looking for the mole at Countess W.  Daniel and Billie met at the spa.  They talked about Boís condition.  Billie thought Bo had a lot to fight for because of Hope and his kids.  Daniel wondered about her.  She told Daniel that she and Bo are just friends.  Abe and Lexie were at the pub and talked about their relationship.  Abe told her how much he missed her and Theo.  Lexie didnít want him to finish.  He apologized again and wanted to know if their marriage was going to end over what he did.  Nicole wanted to know what Rafe was doing at her hotel.  He brought comfort food for her.  They started talking and she went to throw up.  Lucas told Sami that the mole wouldnít be able to cover his or her tracks for long.  Sami told him that if he wanted to help her then he should just leave her alone.  Lexie thought that Abe implied that her wrongdoings were worse than his.  He wasnít trying to say that.  Lexie told him that she talked to Marlena about what to tell Theo.  Marlena advised her to tell him the truth and she did.  Theoís having a hard time at school because of the scandal.  Abe apologized to him.  Lexie informed him that Theo doesnít want to see him.  Lucas wanted to know what he did wrong since Sami snapped at him.  She told him that he is there for Will and that he didnít have to sit with her.  Lucas explained that Will wonít stop working for EJ.  Lucas said that Will liked his job.  Sami thought that her actions screwed up Willís life.  She was very scared for him.  Rafe wanted to know if Nicole was sick.  He also wondered if she was pregnant.  She all but confirmed she was pregnant.  Sami and Lucas continued to talk about how they were worried about Will.  Rafe and Nicole talked about her pregnancy.  They talked about EJís actions.  Nicole didnít want Rafe to tell EJ anything. 

Lucas and Sami continued to search for the mole at Countess W.  After their search turned up empty, Sami finally broke down and admitted that heís the mole.  Lexie apologized to Abe for telling him about Theo.  She told Abe that Marlena suggested that they keep trying to communicate with each other.  Nicole continued to explain to Rafe why she has to keep her pregnancy from EJ.  She didnít think EJ would ever let her go if he knew that she was pregnant.  Sami explained to Lucas how she ended up being the mole for Madison.  Lucas wasnít really surprised that Sami was the mole.  He didnít understand why she didnít tell him about what she did since they talked about EJ, Will, and Rafe all night.  They continued to go back and forth about what she told him.  Sami asked Lucas not to tell Kate that sheís the mole.  He agreed to keep quiet.  Rafe and Nicole were talking about her baby again, but she got sick again.  He thought she should see Daniel.  Lexie wasnít sure if she and Abe could work things out.  He wanted to work things out for Theoís sake.  Lexie didnít want Abe to push things with her right now.  Lexie didnít know if she could trust her.  He told her that he wonít give up on their marriage.  Lucas warned Sami how Kate is when sheís betrayed.  He told her that Kate will be determined to find out the mole.  Rafe called Daniel to help Nicole, but she ended up passing out.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Spinelli tries to convince Maxie to go to Robinís funeral. She refuses. Robinís family and friends gather to remember her. Sonny says a few words and leaves because his presence makes Patrick uncomfortable. Luke reads a letter from Robert in his absence. Patrick breaks down in tears while he is trying to speak. Maxie comes in at the last minute and says she would like to say something. She says she hates herself for what she did to Robin and they are all going to hate her too.  Spinelli stands up and tells Maxie that robin cherished the best in her and that he knows she didnít hold whatever she said in their final moments together against her. Maxie says Robin would disagree because she is dead because of her. She says she killed Robin.

Sam goes into the locker room looking for Carly and gets an eyeful of Ewen instead. She tells him about Carly being obsessed with Jason and asks him to call security if he sees her. He wonders if Jasonís boundaries with Carly are the same as Samís. She says it doesnít matter because Carly doesnít care about anything except getting her way. She tells him that she is afraid Carly will kill Jason if she gets to him.  He asks if she thinks Carly will become violent. She tells him about Jasonís cerebral edema and that Carly wants to tell him something that may be upsetting enough to cause a seizure. He says he can understand now why she is being so protective of her husband. She says she doesnít want to tell him until his doctor says it is ok but Carly doesnít want to wait. Carly sneaks into Jasonís room dressed as a Janitor. She tells him Sam banned her. He stands by Samís choice and asks Carly to go easy on Sam.  Carly tells him that Sam hasnít been honest with him about Robin. He tells her to spit it out. She tells him that Robin is dead.  

Sonny asks Kate why she sent him a text last night asking him to come to her office and then wasnít there when he arrived. She apologizes. He asks her what she wanted but she tells him it wasnít important and they should focus on Robin today. He thanks her for going to the funeral with him. He tells her he doesnít know where he would be if she werenít with him and that he cannot lose her. She assures him that she is not going anywhere. He sees Ewenís business card and asks her if she is seeing another man.  She tells him he is her local psychiatrist. He asks her if she is still upset about him being shot. She says no. he wonders why she is so tense. She tells him it makes her nervous when he asks her so many questions.  

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Due to March Madness basketball on CBS, the show was pre-empted today.

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