Thursday 3/15/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 3/15/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Due to March Madness basketball on CBS, the show is pre-empted today.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami was home from her trip and was surprised by Kate.  Sami noticed that her desk looked different and Kate dropped the bomb on her that Billie is using her desk now.  EJ was at the DiMera mansion leaving Will a threatening message.  Will arrived at the mansion to find out what EJ wanted.  EJ told him he had a job for him when Lucas arrived at the mansion and told him that Willís not working for him anymore.  Abby and Austin were walking around the town square.  She decided that she wanted to tell Carrie the truth too, but Austin said it wouldnít happen.  Austin told Abby that Carrie is with Rafe.  Chad and Gabi were eating at the town square. Gabi snuck and turned the ringer off on Chadís phone.  Melanie went to the pub to look for Chad and ran into Brady.  She asked him how he was, but he wanted to be alone.  Daniel also arrived at the pub and Brady started to open up to them about what happened with Madison.  Brady ended up throwing her ring in his drink.  Sami was surprised to see Billie back in town.  Kate told Sami that she brought Billie back to the company that she started.  Sami wondered what was going to happen to her now that Billie is back and at her desk.  Lucas informed EJ that Will is not going to work for him anymore.  Lucas wanted Will to tell EJ that heís not working for him anymore.  EJ also asked Will if he wanted to stop working for him.  Austin let Abby know that he didnít want to talk about Carrie.  He wanted to know what she wanted to tell him.  Melanie tried to text Chad, but he wasnít responding to her texts.  Melanie went off to look for Chad.  Gabi noticed that Melanie kept calling Chad so she sent him to get a latte.  While Chad was gone, Gabi deleted all of Melanieís messages.  Kate let Sami think that her job was secure.  Kate wanted Sami to find the mole in the company. Kate gave Sami a lot of work to keep her busy.  Kate also wanted to take Billie and the kids out to eat.  Sami wanted to join them, but Kate told her that she had to work. 

Will told EJ that he had no intention of quitting his job.  Lucas was outraged.  Lucas tried to warn Will that EJ was going make him commit crimes.  Will loves his job and has no intention of leaving it.  Lucas threatened to go to the media and let them know that the new mayor is involved in blackmail.  EJ told Will that he was free to go, but Will didnít want to quit.  Abby told Austin that if Carrie understood how drunk he was that she would understand everything.  He told her that it doesnít matter anymore.  Austin believed that Carrie will never get over how he slept with her.  Abby told Austin that she loved him and that she will always be there.  Austin told her to stop.  Melanie finally found Chad talking with Gabi.  Lucas continued to talk some sense into Will about why he shouldnít work for EJ.  Will informed Lucas that he enjoys his job and that EJ isnít that bad.  Will also said that EJ was there for him when Lucas wasnít.  Chad thought that Melanie was with Abby so he and Gabi got something to eat.  Melanie told him that she called and texted him.  He checked his phone and saw how it was turned off.  Chad and Melanie left and Gabi looked upset.  Kate and Billie were at the pub eating.  Kate told Billie that Sami is the mole.  Billie wanted to know why Kate didnít fire her.  Kate wants to make Sami suffer.  Lucas was not happy about Willís decision, but he left the mansion.  EJ was proud of Will for standing up to Lucas like that. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Itís the day of Robinís funeral. Robinís apparition convinces Patrick that he is strong enough to go. Mac tells Anna that in lieu of a gravesite ceremony, Elizabeth has arranged for a commemorative brick and rooftop ceremony at General Hospital after the funeral. Sonny offers his condolences to Patrick. Patrick tells him that he has no more right to be there than does that murdering bastard, Jason. Mac, Elizabeth, and Sonny each say a few words remembering Robin. Maxie doesnít go to the funeral. She breaks down at the office. Spinelli goes to her office to get her. He finds everything that should be on her desk is strewn on the floor. He tells her that it is clearly a manifestation of her grief and that she should be at Robinís funeral. She doesnít see the point of going as it wonít undo what has happened. He tries to hug her but she tells him that she doesnít deserve to be hugged. She adamantly refuses to go to the funeral and tells him to leave her alone. He says alone is the last thing that she needs to be and that she might find comfort in the company of others who loved Robin. He says Robin would want her there. Maxie doesnít think Robin would want her there after what she said and did that day in the lab.

Epiphany tells Monica that Carly is banned from Jasonís room on Samís order. Carly, who is hiding around the corner, is disappointed to hear Monica say she will honor Samís decision. She seduces an orderly into opening the supply closet for her. The orderly discovers missing scrubs and immediately tells Epiphany. Sam tries to prevent Jason from going to see Robin but she wonít tell him why. Alexis convinces him to placate Sam by having a doctor check him out before he tries to leave the hospital. Jason then wants to see Patrick. Sam tells him Patrick isnít there. Finally, to keep Jason from going to the front desk to find an on-duty doctor, Sam says she will do it. Molly suggests Heathcliff or Ophelia as possible names for Jason and Samís baby. Jason says he will run it by Sam. He accepts Mollyís offer to babysit when the baby is born. Jason wonders why Molly and Alexis are dressed up, but Alexis says they are going to be late and they rush off without answering.  Monica tells Sam that Dr Morucci said Jason is well enough to be told about Robin, but Sam insists that only Patrick can make that decision. Monica again honors Samís wishes and tells Jason that he canít be released until Patrick signs off on it. Jason agrees to stay one more day. Epiphany tells Sam about Carlyís stunt. Sam goes somewhere to ďput a stop to it once and for all,Ē leaving Jason in his room unattended. Carly goes in dressed as a janitor and tells Jason she has to tell him something that canít wait.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Due to March Madness basketball on CBS, the show is pre-empted today.

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