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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Steffy’s words reverberating in her head over and over, Hope takes a pill and sits down on the bed to let it take effect. Steffy tells her dad that she knows he won’t like hearing this, but she can’t stay in L.A. any more. She’s leaving. He tries to talk her out of it; just go International. Heck they can even all go on vacation, whatever she’d like to do. She says she has already made all the arrangements and he can’t talk her out of it. She’s going back to Aspen. The Spencer Complex is perfect and she can do all her work from there. She found true happiness there once; maybe she can find it again. Brooke tells her that she is taking the right step in the right direction and she is proud of her. She advises her to take the annulment papers with her and think deep and hard about it. Steffy assures her that she is not going to take off that ring until the divorce is final, and anything can happen in six month’s time. In the meantime, whether Brooke likes it or not, Hope is living with a married man. Liam finds Hope and asks her to come back to the living room. He pours wine in hopes that it will make her relax. He feels Steffy must have lashed out and made her feel guilty. But he wants tonight to be enjoyable and lets her know they have the rest of their lives. She says she was just too nervous last night, but she thinks it will be better now. She initiates a kiss. They lay on the couch and she kisses him again. They take each other’s clothes off. She coos that she knows exactly what she is supposed to be doing with the man that she loves.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Brady and Marlena were at the pub.  They started talking about John and Hope.  Brady said that he has been taking care of the company while John is away.  Marlena asked Brady about Madison.  Brady told her that he proposed to Madison only to find out that sheís married.  Abby told Melanie not to say anything to Austin and Carrie about what she confessed to her.  Melanie felt they had a right to know.  Carrie told Rafe that she loved him.  She explained that she tried to deny her feelings for him, but she couldnít escape it.  Rafe didnít know what to say.  Carrie wanted him to tell her how he felt about her.  Austin showed up at the office and wanted an answer to the question too.  Brady told Marlena that he felt played and betrayed by Madison.  Madison told Brady that she loved him, but she decided to stay with Ian.  Melanie told Abby that she understands what Carrie is going through because she had a marriage that didnít last.  Melanie didnít think that Abby should keep lying to Carrie and Austin.  Carrie was shocked to see Austin at her office.  Austin wanted to talk to her, but he realized that it would be a waste of time since he heard her saying that she loves Rafe.  Austin was able to look at Carrie and know that sheís in love with Rafe.  Austin told her that he turned to Abby because he was hurt.  He reminded her that he kissed Rafe.  Austin told Carrie that he slept with Abby, but it didnít mean anything.  Austin and Carrie kept going back and forth explaining what happened between them.  Marlena advised Brady that Madisonís situation was difficult.  Brady finally decided that heís going to fight for her.  He knows that it will be an uphill battle.

Austin walked out of Carrieís office when they didnít come to a solution to their problem.  Rafe wanted to know if Carrie was going to go after him.  Carrie didnít want to go.  She wanted to stay with Rafe.  Carrie reminded Rafe that he didnít answer her question.  Rafe finally told Carrie that she wasnít alone about her feelings for her.  Melanie continued to give Abby tough love.  Melanie told Abby that Austin doesnít love her.  Carrie was happy that Rafe felt the same way about her.  Rafe said that their situation was difficult.  She wanted to know what they were going to do.  Melanie told Abby again that she should tell Austin the truth.  Austin showed up at the town square and wanted to know what Abby was supposed to tell him.  Brady and Madison met up.  Madison tried to let Brady down again easy, but he didnít believe that she didnít love him.  She finally told Brady to find someone else.  He couldnít believe he was so wrong about her.  He walked away from her and she started crying.  Rafe told Carrie that she needed to work things out with Austin.  Carrie wanted to know if he is going to work things out with Sami.  Rafe said that her situation has nothing to do with him and Sami.  He doesnít want Carrie to think about him since they were still married.  Austin wanted to know what Abby and Melanie were talking about. He changed his mind and didnít want to know anymore.  Melanie told him that it was important and said that Abby had something to tell him.  Abby admitted that she did want to tell him something.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon overhears the Newman board members talking about how they don’t want a new cosmetics line because it doesn’t fit in with Newman Enterprises and also because Sharon isn’t capable of running the cosmetics division. Sharon immediately goes to Victor and tells him what she overheard. Victor assures her that she will run the new cosmetics line. Genevieve overhears Victor’s conversation with Sharon and tells him she will tell Davis who works for her to vote for the new cosmetics line if he gives her advice on what to say to the Japanese department store chain owner so that he won’t sign a contract with another cosmetics company. Genevieve also wants Victor’s advice on how to beat Jabot to make sure Jabot doesn’t get the contract with the Japanese department stores. Adam asks Chelsea to help him read the notification of the Newman board meeting and the subject of the meeting. He manages to get to the meeting just before the board vote and tells the board he supports the new cosmetics line and that he only sold Beauty of Nature out of spite not because it wasn’t a profitable company.

Adam starts quoting Beauty of Nature sales figures from last year and the board thinks he should run the new company not Sharon. The suggestion from the board puts Nick in protective mode, and he tells the board he will run the cosmetics division with Sharon. The board approves the new line by a four to three vote. After the meeting, Tucker and Lauren decide to form an alliance because they are tired of being ignored by Victor. Adam starts feeling twinges in his eyes and seeing blurry images. The nest day he calls his doctor who does basic tests in Adam’s room and tells him there is reason to hope, but he will have to do more extensive tests in his office. Adam asks the doctor not to tell his family about the news. After the doctor leaves, Adam decides he won’t tell his family at all if he does recover his vision. Victoria is upset that Genevieve talked to Victor and warns her that if she goes to Japan to meet with the head of the department stores, it could be a set up by Victor. Genevieve doesn’t listen and plans to go to Japan after a brief stop at Victor’s birthday party. Genevieve sends Victoria to LA to meet with marketing people. Victoria asks Nikki to move into the house while she is gone to watch Chelsea. Nikki tries to explain to Victor she is moving out of the ranch, but he doesn’t listen to her reason because he thinks that she is still angry with him. Victor heads to Japan and surprises Genevieve because she thought she was going to meet with the head of the Japanese department store.

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