Tuesday 3/13/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/13/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Steffy that she can’t cave now. Hope can’t believe the doctor gave her pills. She doesn’t think that is going to solve anything. Hope apologizes to Brooke for saying some things in front of Dr. Barton. Brooke advises her not to think about Steffy and just keep the pills and use them when she absolutely has to. Ridge finds Brooke with her mind wandering very far away. He asks about Hope; if her first night with Liam went as she expected. She steers his attention to him being the President of France and her the Prime Minister of Australia and they need to settle their differences in some mutual way. Ridge knows just how to do that. Afterwards he says the very last thing he wants to do now is go to war. Brooke admits that Hope saw a lot when she was being raised and she needs to acknowledge that. Her choices affected her children and she should have realized that. Hope returns home to find Liam making the place all romantic again complete with candlelight dinner. She wants to forget last night and just enjoy being together. She says she loved last night, just laying there watching him sleep. He replies that he knows a lot is going on with the divorce on her mind, and he realizes things take time and he wants her to know that he has all the time in the world until she is okay with all of this. Bill shreds the annulment papers and tells Steffy he will not dare let her do anything more. Just hang in there and Liam will come back to her. She says she knows he thinks she is indestructible but she’s not. It is killing her to know that her husband is living with another woman. He advises her to put it behind her for now….perhaps go back to Aspen where it all started and maybe they will end up on that mountaintop again. Liam starts kissing Hope passionately again but Steffy’s words keep reverberating in her head –adultery, adultery, adultery. Hope pulls away and says she does not want Steffy to be between them, but there she is. She excuses herself and goes into the bedroom, takes a pill and tells herself that she will not let Steffy control her life ever again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Abby and Melanie were at the town square.  Abby was looking for Austin and Melanie wanted to know if Abby was nuts.  Melanie advised her to leave Austin and Carrie alone.  Abby said that she didnít mean for Carrie to find out the way she did.  Abby wanted to find Austin so she could talk to him, but Melanie warned her that she was the last one that he wanted to see.  Austin was in his hotel room and thought he was pouring his heart out to Carrie only to find Billie in his bed.  Carrie was in the office crying and Rafe walked in and saw her.  He wanted to know what was wrong and she hugged him.  Stefano ended up being the one that spotted John and Hope at the courthouse.  Stefano was holding on to John and Hopeís passports.  Stefano wanted to know if the passports were what they were looking for.  He dangled them in front of John and Hope.  Hope thought that Stefano was responsible for what happened to Bo.  Stefano informed her that he would have handled him differently from that.  Stefano apologized for what happened to Bo, but he warned Hope and John that they wonít be able to get a flight out of Alamania.  Melanie told Abby that Austin and Carrie might have made up by now.  Abby reminded Melanie that she didnít forgive Philip when he cheated on her.  Melanie said that was a different situation.  Austin told Billie everything that happened with Carrie and Abby.  Meanwhile, Carrie explained to Rafe what happened between Austin and Abby.  Abby explained to Melanie that Carrie was the reason why she and Austin were able to get together.  Abby blamed Carrieís actions for everything, but Melanie was convinced of that.  Melanie informed Abby that Austin didnít have to love her just because she loves him.  Hope and John wanted to know why Stefano was targeting them.  John thought he did it to go after Bo.  Stefano informed them that he was surprised by Boís attack.  Hope begged him to let them go so she could be by Boís side, but sirens were heard.  Stefano warned them that it was too late.  Austin continued to explain to a shocked Billie how Abby fell in love with him.  Billie told him that he blew it big time.  Carrie and Rafe continued to talk about what Austin did.  Rafe thought that Austin might have been with Abby because they almost kissed.  Carrie didnít think that was reason enough to jump into bed with another woman.  Carrie said that she was married to Austin for five years and was with him for most of her adult life.  She feels like she doesnít know Austin anymore.  Carrie hugged Rafe. 

Billie checked on Bo while she was talking with Austin.  Billie said that Bo was holding his own for now.  Austin didnít even know that Bo was in the hospital.  Billie reminded Austin that he forgave Carrie for cheating on him with Mike.  Austin said that it took him years to forgive Carrie.  Abby admitted to Melanie that she didnít like the way Carrie found out about how she ďhad sexĒ with Austin, but they have a chance to be together now that everything is out in the open.  Stefano warned John and Hope that the cops were on their way to the courthouse.  Stefano warned them that they donít believe in innocent until proven guilty in Alamania.  Stefano insisted that they let his henchmen help them before itís too late.  John didnít like the idea, but Stefano didnít think they had a choice.  Rafe talked to Carrie about what Sami did to him.  Carrie wondered how he felt about Sami now.  Itís been really hard for him to get over what Sami did to him.  Carrie thought about it and realized that Austin wasnít completely to blame for what happened between them.  Billie tried to make Austin feel better about ďcheatingĒ on Carrie.  She advised him to fix his marriage.  Melanie continued to advise Abby about how wrong she was for being with a married man.  Melanie warned her that Austin would cheat on her too since he cheated on Carrie.  Abby said that when she and Austin get together everything would be perfect.  Abby said that her first time with Austin was going to be great.  Melanie was shocked when Abby said that.  Melanie caught Abby in her lie and she finally confessed that nothing happened with Austin.  Carrie admitted to Rafe that she already cheated on Austin in her heart.  Stefano, John, and Hope made it back to the hotel room.  Hope thanked Stefano for his help and wanted the passports back.  Stefano said he was going to hold on to them a little longer.  Stefano let Hope know that Bo is doing okay because Lexieís an excellent doctor.  Stefano informed John and Hope that he had a job for them, but he was going to tell them about it later.  John offered to do the job and let Hope go back to Salem to be with Bo.  Stefano didnít want that to happen.  Stefano needed them both to do the job.  Melanie continued to tell Abby about the lie she told Austin.  Abby didnít realize what she was doing and then the lie became real.  Melanie advised her to tell Austin the truth.  Rafe didnít think he should hear what Carrie was saying.  Carrie told Rafe that Austin knew for a while that her heart was torn.  She told Rafe that she has fallen in love with him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Matt and Elizabeth look through pictures to include in Robinís memorial ceremony. Matt is worried about Maxie. He tells Elizabeth that Monica has been trying to contact her to tell her that her suspension I over because Maxie recanted her accusation. The two of them head back to the hospital.  Maxie bumps into Ewen causing him to drop a stack of files. She notices that one of the files has Kateís name on it. She says she will keep it to herself and asks him for information about the explosion.  He tells her that the gas valve was broken and caused a leak. She remembers breaking it with her purse. Ewen asks her if she isnít telling him something. He offers to help her professionally if she wants to talks. She tells him she isnít crazy. He tells her everyone sometimes has things that they need to talk about but canít discuss with friends. She tells him she was in the lab that night and she feels guilty. He advises her that suppressing her grief will make it worse. Elizabeth and matt arrive at the hospital. Elizabeth thanks Maxie for clearing her name. She tells her all the wonderful things Robin had told her about Maxie over the years. Maxie is overwhelmed and has to leave. Matt chases her and holds her.

Todd is holding a gun on Sonny in the courtroom with Blair and Starr begging him not to shoot. Llanview, PA police lieutenant John McBain fires a warning shot, then aims at Todd.  PCPD officers rush in and take over. John advises them that he is there to arrest Todd Manning for jumping bail in Pennsylvania where he is to stand trial for murdering his brother. After Todd is arrested, Starr tells Sonny that the people he killed were her boyfriend and daughter. He tells her he is sorry for her loss, but he wasnít the shooter. She tells him she doesnít believe him and that the only reason she is glad her father didnít shoot him is because he isnít worth him dying for. Blair gets Starr away from sonny and tells her that neither Sonny nor Todd is worth it. Carly observes the similarities between Todd and Sonny. Sonny and John McBain talk about old times when John tried to catch Sonny while working for the FBI. Sonny wonders if John ended up in small-town PA because the bureau kicked him out after too many failures. John tells him that if it turns out that Sonny was responsible for the accident, he will be back to personally take him down.

Olivia asks Steve how John Zacchara knows that he pulled the plug on a patient in Memphis. Steve doesnít know, but Johnny is using the information to blackmail him. Olivia concludes that Johnny is using Steve as his mob doctor.  Steve says that isnít all Johnny wants.  Olivia tells him she is going to go talk to Johnny but Steve asks her to stay out of it. She says she reserves the right to stand up for the man she loves. He says that just saying that she loves him is enough. Johnny goes to Kateís office to see if Connie is there, but Kate is in control. She accuses him of shooting out Anthonyís tires and planting a gun in her office to frame Sonny. He says he didnít do that. She is shocked when he says he is there to talk about the other night when she came to his place and came on to him. Johnny manages to provoke Connie to come out and tells her he isnít interested in her proposition. She doesnít believe him.  She texts Sonny to come over and starts undressing.  She proceeds to seduce Johnny and as she and Johnny are kissing on her desk, Kate emerges, screams, and tells Johnny to get out.  He asks what happened to Connie.  She screams that she is Kate Howard.  Johnny leaves. Kate trembles and cries. Tracy goes to Johnnyís apartment to ask him of Anthony is still alive. Anthony answers the door.  He tells her about the night of the accident and says Sonny will probably try to finish the job if he finds out he survived. She tells him that sonny was only after him because he tried to shoot Dante. Anthony tells her that he already told her he wasnít the shooter in the garage and he didnít shoot out his own tires either.  She asks him when he is leaving town. He tells her he will go when he can do it under the radar. She tells him she will speed up the process by telling sonny where he is.  He tells her to go ahead because when his affairs are completed, the lawyers will find all the information about Tracyís shady dealings and she will end up in a cell. He tells her that if he is going to get whacked, he would prefer it to be for something he actually did.  Tracy tells Anthony that he needs to leave the country for a long time. Anthony says he will have to neutralize sonny first and that he thinks Johnny is going to help him.    Olivia arrives at Johnnyís apartment and listens to Anthony and Tracyís conversation from outside. Anthony suspects someone is there.  Johnny goes home and tells Anthony that he isnít going to sleep with ďConnieĒ because Kate Howard is a nut job.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The battle begins between Beauty of Nature and Jabot. Both companies want to get a contract to put their cosmetics in the largest department store chain in Japan. Katherine persuades Nikki to try and patch things up with Victor by planning a party for his birthday tomorrow. Victor is surprised when Adam tells him he went to Jack and Paul to apologize for helping Patty, and they went to the police and had him brought to the police station to be questioned. Victor thinks Adam is sincere about changing his evil ways and offers to help him out of his legal troubles. The DA informs Adam his questioning will have to be postponed since Vance, his lawyer, is involved in a high profile case and Adam is free to go since he doesn’t want to talk without a lawyer. Victor offers Adam Michael’s services, but Adam refuses because he doesn’t want to owe Victor any favors.

Tucker is happy that Sofia plans to return to work soon, because he has big plans for his company and needs her help. Victoria and Genevieve plan strategy for the Japanese deal they hope to keep. Victoria plans to show the Japanese that it is best to stay with Beauty of Nature, because the company has sold well for them. They plan to keep their business practices honest since Beauty of Nature is not under the Newman Enterprises umbrella. Genevieve wants to go pick Victor’s brain and Victoria tells her that isn’t a good idea since that would ruin their honesty strategy with the Japanese. Genevieve doesn’t listen to Victoria and sets up a meeting with Victor and doesn’t tell Victoria about it. Nikki gets jealous when she sees Sharon giving Victor opera tickets for his birthday. Nikki gets angrier when Victor tells her that Sharon is now going to be working at Newman. Nikki tells Victor he is acting like a crazy person and demands to know what he is up to. Victor refuses to tell her anything and leaves his office. Nikki considers taking a drink but doesn’t do it and also leaves Victor’s office.

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