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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Slowly the facts of Hope's first intimate night with Liam is revealed. Brooke, who is sitting in on the sessions, wants to answer more questions than Hope does. Dr. Barton has to remind her she needs to hear this from Hope. Hope explains that her mother was a sex symbol and Hope chose to not ever be that. It may be coming back to haunt her now and Liam deserves better than this. She doesn't want another night like last night and needs to fix it. She explains there is an ex or almost ex-wife and she is still controlling things. Bill grills Liam more on what was supposed to be his night of bliss. Steffy learns that Liam is at work but Hope isn't. She finds Liam alone and asks him about last night. She is disappointed to find that he and Hope are truly now a couple, so she will sign the annulment papers now. Alone she starts to sign when Bill comes back in and advises her not to. He wants her to stick to the original plan and wait the six months to give Liam time to realize what he is doing and will come back to Steffy. Despite that she doesn't ask for them and is not sure she wants to take them, Dr. Barton gives Hope a bottle of anti-anxiety pills to take when she tenses up.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Hope was on the phone with Billie when she overheard Billie screaming that Bo was dying.  Abe and Roman arrived at the DiMera mansion to see EJ.  EJ told them that he heard what happened to Bo.  EJ apologized to Roman because of what happened to Bo.  Abe wanted him to get to the point and tell them what he wanted with them.  Hope screamed to Billie, but she didnít hear her.  The line went dead.  Lexie arrived in Boís room and used the paddles to revive Bo.  Billie tried to call Hope back, but she couldnít get through to her.  John told Hope that he had trouble getting through to the States too.  Hope started crying.  Hope told John that Bo was dying.  She said that she heard the alarms going off.  John wanted to know why Billie was there, but Hope didnít know.  John and Hope hugged.  Lucas and Will met up with each other.  Lucas asked Will about Roman and Bo.  They started talking about them as well as Billie and Kate.  They also started talking about how Lucas was back in Salem to help Sami.  Will was upset because he thought that Sami wanted him there to save her.  Kate met up with Billie at the hospital.  Kate wanted to know how Bo was doing.  Kate advised Billie not to tell Hope if Bo dies.  John tried to comfort Hope and told her that he was going to get her home.  Kate told Billie that she knows that she still cares about Bo.  Billie admitted that she does care about him.  Kate reminded her that she left town because of Bo.  Billie wasnít in the mood to answer questions.  Kate asked Billie if Bo was the reason why she came back to Salem.  Billie assured her that he wasnít the reason why sheís back.  Hope believed that the only way to get out of Alamania is to break into the courthouse.  EJ told Abe and Roman that he is willing to give Abe a pardon for election tampering.  Abe didnít want to give in to him.  EJ tried to convince Abe that he should think of his son before deciding that he didnít want to do what he wanted.  Abe wanted to know what the catch was in order to get EJís help.  EJ said there wasnít a catch.  EJ said that Abe needed to let things reach the inevitable conclusion.  The inevitable conclusion is that Abe lets Lexie go. 

Lucas and Will continued to talk about Sami.  Lucas wanted to know if there was something going on that he doesnít know.  Will let Lucas know that he has blinders on when it concerns Sami.  Will let Lucas know that he doesnít have blinders on anymore when it concerns Sami.  Lucas wanted to know if Will feels that way because of what happened between Sami and EJ.  Lucas tried to defend Sami to Will.  Will was starting to get upset that Lucas was defending her.  Will wanted Lucas to promise him that he wouldnít fall in love with Sami again.  Lucas let Will know that heís engaged.  John and Hope prepared to break in the courthouse.  Will was surprised that Lucas was engaged.  They continued to talk about Lucasí engagement.  Abe was shocked that EJ wanted him to leave Lexie.  EJ reminded him that Lexie left him already.  EJ wanted him to accept that Lexie has left him.  During their conversation, Abe was ready to lunge after EJ and Roman stopped him. EJ and Abe went back and forth talking about what happened between Abe and Lexie.  Lexie told Billie that they are doing everything they can for Bo.  Billie told Lexie that she is going to be there for Bo since Hope isnít around.  Billie said that Bo needs someone around who cares about him.  Lexie assured Billie that they care about Bo.  Roman wanted to leave the mansion.  EJ warned Roman that his job isnít secure.  EJ told him that crime is up in Salem and that he may have to replace him.  EJ let Roman know that heís already looking for someone more competent to replace him.  John and Hope broke in the courthouse and prepared to get their passports.  EJ and Roman continued to fight over Romanís bad job as commissioner.  Lucas wanted to know why Will was working for EJ.  Will told him that he likes his job.  Lucas told Will that he wants him to quit working for EJ.  Will told him that he couldnít quit.  Will dropped the bomb that Lucas didnít shoot EJ and that he did.  Lucas wanted to know how EJ found out that Will shot him.  Lucas wanted to know what EJ had him doing and Will let him know that he hasnít done anything to him.  Will told him nothing, but he had no intention of quitting.  Will likes the power he has working for EJ.  Lucas reminded Will about how he worked for Tony and it was the biggest mistake of his life.  Will told Lucas that EJ wonít corrupt him.  Abe refused to take EJís deal so he and Roman left the mansion.  John got the case where the passports were open so he and Hope looked at their files.  They didnít notice that the light in the office came on while they were reading. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Steve confesses to Olivia that he deliberately killed a patient in Memphis.  He tells her that the patient was a comatose prisoner serving a life sentence for serial murders and he killed him to transplant his heart into Maggieís patient who was a child with a congenital heart defect.  He rationalizes that even if the patient had eventually come out of the coma, he wouldnít have had a life worth living.  He asks her if this knowledge means the end of their relationship.  She tells him it isnít for her to judge; it is between him and his conscience.  She tells him that his secret is safe with her.  He tells her that unfortunately, someone else knows about it: Johnny Zacchara.

Dante wonders why Lulu and Dolores are arguing at the station. Dolores tells him that Lulu accused her of destroying evidence in her own case. Dante asks Dolores to file a folder for him.  She does it, but tells him that they will need to discuss who among them the file clerk is and who the cop is. Dante wonders who Dolores would destroy evidence to protect. Johnny goes to the station and gets in Danteís face about his baby-killing father making bail.  Johnny says Sonny will pay one way or another. Johnny waylays Dolores in the hallway and suggests that she do something for him in return for him finding out who murdered her sister. She tells him he can forget about it if he is asking her to manufacture evidence against Sonny.  Kate calls Ewen for help.  She tells him the circumstances of the accident and Sonnyís subsequent arrest based on a gun that was found in her office.  He asks her if she is afraid that Sonny may have done it. She says she is afraid that he didnít. She asks him if it is possible that she did something that she doesnít remember.  She says she knows nothing about guns and has never handles one so it isnít possible that she could have shot out Anthonyís tires.  Kateís theory is that Johnny shot out Anthonyís tires knowing that Sonny would be blamed for it thereby eliminating two enemies at once.  Johnny goes to Kateís office and Connie emerges.

Blair tells Carly that she is Toddís ex. Carly reveals to Blair that she is Sonnyís ex.  Carly tells Blair that Sonny was arrested.  They bond over stories about things their exes have done.  Starr blasts Michael for pretending to care when he knew all along that his father caused the accident that killed her family. He says they canít be sure Sonny did it. She says she is sure v=because the other driver told her that Sonny Corinthos shot out his tires. Michael explains that any number of people could have wanted to shoot out Anthonyís tires.  The two of them bond over having terrible fathers that they love anyway. Starr reveals that her father said he is going to make Michaelís father pay for what he did. Michael tells her that his father has already been arrested so her father wonít get the chance. When he tells her that his fatherís arraignment is today, she insists on going so she can tell the judge what Anthony told her. Michael offers to drive her there.   Blair receives a call from the hospital alerting her that Starr checked out and is going to an arraignment. Carly offers to take her to the courthouse.  Todd confronts Sonny in the empty courtroom after the arraignment and tells him he is going to make him pay.  Todd pulls out a gun. Sonny tells him it is insane to fire a gun in the court building; itís crawling with cops and he would never get out. Todd says it doesnít matter if he gets out as long as the man that killed his granddaughter dies.  Sonny tells Todd that even if he kills him, the real killer will still be free.  Blair, Carly, Michael, and Starr rush into the courtroom. Blair and Starr ask Todd not to shoot Sonny. Todd says he is doing it for Starr. He tells Michael to say goodbye to his father.  A shot is fired.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria is worried when she sees Chelsea talking to Adam. She asks Chelsea several times to stay away from Adam, because he is an evil man. When Chelsea agrees, Victoria is relieved because that is one less thing for which she needs to worry. Jack and Paul have Adam brought down to the police station for questioning about him helping Patty escape from the mental hospital. Adam refuses to talk without a lawyer and then is very surprised when Victor arrives at the station and offers to help him. Nick tells Sharon and Victor he doesn’t want to work on the cosmetics division because he doesn’t want to compete against Victoria. Once Victor leaves them alone to talk, Nick also tells Sharon that Phyllis needs to know she can count on him right now. Nick encourages Sharon and tells her she is very capable of starting the new cosmetics division at Newman Enterprises without his help, and she will do a great job.

Daniel bonds with Lucy during his scheduled visitation with her and Daisy at Crimson Lights. Phyllis calls Daniel, hears Lucy making babbling noises over the phone, and rushes over to Crimson Lights to see her. Daisy sees Phyllis holding the baby then calls the social worker who tells Phyllis that she is getting a restraining order against her so that she won't interrupt Daniel and Daisy’s bonding time with Lucy. Phyllis is angry with herself for walking into Daisy’s set-up even though Daniel told her not to go to Crimson Lights. Daisy talks to herself while holding Lucy and smiles because Phyllis looked so mad. Daisy thinks that Daniel is warming up to both her and Lucy and soon all three of them will be a family.

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