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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke urges Hope to tell her why she’s so unhappy this morning. Hope laments that she doesn’t think talking about it is going to help. Slowly Hope tells her that last night started off wonderful with fireworks even outside, but it just wasn’t what she thought it would be. She wanted to say things to Liam, but she couldn’t. She wanted him to stop. Things didn’t feel right; he’s married to someone else. She thought they could overlook that waiting period and they could start their lives together, but it felt so wrong. Brooke convinces her to at least talk to someone else who might give her a better perspective. She introduces her to Dr. Barton for a last minute session. Brooke sits in at Hope’s request. Dr. Barton assures Hope that she is not a freak. She and Liam love each other and whatever problems they have, they will resolve them and she will lead a wonderful life with the man she loves. Bill unexpectedly finds Liam in his office and he too notices that Liam seems less than thrilled on this occasion after the fair maiden is no longer a fair maiden. Bill wants details. Liam explains that things were just fine but Hope was a little too tense so he needs to give her time. With no warning, he opens the desk drawer and pulls out his sword necklace and puts it on. Bill is surprised but proud. It takes a little doing and $30 but Gladys and Eric finally persuade Stephanie to say I do there in the living room with no fanfare. Eric quips that he is glad they are no longer living in sin or shacking up as Stephanie puts it. The kids may feel left out that they weren’t invited, but he doesn’t care. He wanted this wedding; it meant something to him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Hope wants to call home because sheís worried about Bo.  She wants to get home before it is too late.  Billie arrived at the hospital to see Bo.  Billie approaches Daniel and they have a not so warm conversation about his relationship with her mother and Chelsea.  She is willing to give him a clean slate if he can help Bo.  She went to Boís room to see him.  She flashed back to one of their old conversations.  She wanted to be there for Bo the same way he was there for her.  Hope didnít like the idea that her husband could be dying and she couldnít do anything about it.  Hope thinks that Stefano is using her and John to get to Bo and Marlena.  Hope told John that her husband needs her and she has to get home to him.  John said that heís going to make sure that she can get home to Bo.  Carrie walked in on Austin and Abby hugging and demanded to know what was going on with them.  Billie continued to talk to Bo.  She was trying to get him to wake up.  Hope still couldnít get a call to the states.  She told John that she would kill Stefano if Bo dies.  John informed Hope that sheís not going to lose Bo and that he has a guard watching Marlena.  Austin wanted to talk to Carrie alone, but Abby didnít want to leave him.  Carrie realized that Abby shows up everywhere they go.  Carrie thought that Melanie was purposely kept her from the room so she wouldnít see Austin with Abby.  Carrie finally realized that Abby showed up at the lodge to be with Austin. John found out that he and Hope couldnít get their passports back.  Hope thought they could go to the judge and get them back, but John told her that the judge was missing.  Victor and Maggie arrived at the hospital to check on Bo.  Victor sat with Bo while Maggie talked to Billie.  They talked about Countess W and the fact that Daniel is Maggieís son. 

Melanie told Carrie that she and Abby didnít know that she and Austin were at the lodge.  Carrie didnít believe that.  She finally started putting the pieces together and realized that Austin was the guy that Abby was talking to her about.  Austin wanted Carrie to calm down, but she didnít listen to him.  Carrie asked Abby directly if Austin was the one she was crying about.  Abby told her that he was the one.  Victor continued to talk to Bo and tried to convince him to open his eyes.  Billie couldnít believe that Hope wasnít there for Bo.  Victor informed her that Hope is overseas with John.  Hope still couldnít reach anyone in Salem.  John couldnít get any help either.  John promised her that they will get home.  Carrie went off on Austin because he blamed her for what happened to their marriage.  Abby got involved and told Carrie that they are in love with each other.  Austin told Carrie that he doesnít love Abby.  He loves Carrie.  Victor told Billie everything about John and Hopeís situation.  Billie believed that they have to stop Stefano.  Austin tried to explain how his friendship with Abby started.  Carrie wanted to know why Abby thought he loved her too.  John and Hope decide to break into the courthouse so they could get their passports back.  John warned her that they have to be careful because they could go to jail for life if they are caught.  Daniel got Boís test results back.  Boís condition is the same.  Melanie tried to talk some sense into Abby, but she refused to let Austin go.  Austin told Carrie that she was right and that Abby did show up at the lodge to be with him.  He told Carrie that he didnít want to lose her.  Just when it looked like Austin and Carrie were going to make up, Abby burst in the room and told him that he doesnít love Carrie.  He said he did love Carrie.  Abby asked him why did he have sex with her if he loved Carrie?  Carrie was completely shocked.  Carrie slapped Austin and ran out of the room.  Austin ran after her, but Abby tried to stop him.  When he didnít stay with her, Abby sat on the bed and started crying.  Melanie wanted to know what Abby did.  Hope finally got a chance to call the hospital and Billie answered the phone.  Hope didnít know who she was at first.  While they were talking, Bo had a seizure.  Billie screamed that heís dying.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia catches Maggie with her paws on Steve again. Olivia says she isnít going to stand by while the two of them have an affair. Steve admits that they arenít really having an affair. Maggie says Steve is lying. Steve says Olivia needs to know the truth. When Maggie leaves, Steve reveals to Olivia that he killed someone. Todd prints a baby killer article with Sonnyís picture in his tabloid, the Sun. Blair badmouths Todd to Starr. Starr says that at least Todd isnít telling her to get over it and get on with her life.  Blair says Todd is asking for trouble by baiting a known mobster with a headline like that. Starr is certain that Todd can handle himself. She says that if Sonny killed Cole and Hope, then she doesnít care what happens to him. She observes that Michael has the same last name and wonders what Michael was doing on the highway that night. She does an internet search and discovers that Michael and Detective Falconeri are Sonnyís sons. Michael goes to visit Starr and she demands to know why he didnít tell her that his father killed her daughter.

Todd tells Carly that he is going to go after some guy named Sonny Corinthos that shot out Anthony Zaccharaís tires and caused the accident that killed Hope and Cole. He asks Carly to point the police in the right direction. She informs him that Sonny is already being arraigned and that he is her ex-husband. She tells him that there is no proof that Sonny is guilty. She tells Todd to let the court do its job.  Michael stops by the PCPD to see Sonny but he has already left for his arraignment. He notes that Lulu is speaking as if she has already concluded that Sonny is guilty.  He asks about the dancer case. Dolores tells him they have no leads. Lulu proceeds to tell him about the missing pictures.  Dolores tells Lulu that she canít give police information about a case to civilians. Lulu suggests that Dolores deleted the photos. At the court house, Sonny tells Dante to find out who the gun really belongs to.  He swears to Alexis that he is innocent. He tells Kate that someone must have planted the gun in her office.  Sonnyís arraignment begins.  Dante is called to present the facts of the case. The judge officially charges Sonny with vehicular manslaughter and sets bail at $1.5 million, which Bernie posts.  Kate calls and leaves a message for Dr Keenan.  Dante returns to the station and diffuses Dolores and Luluís screaming match. Blair goes to Metro Court and asks Carly if Todd is registered there. Carly says he was there and left. Blair tells her that she thinks Todd is going after a man named Sonny Corinthos. Todd finds Sonny alone in the courtroom.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Paul takes out his anger at Phyllis and Ricky for the article in "Restless Style." He tells Ricky that he is sorry that he wasn’t a good father to him but he is a grown man now and he doesn’t want to get to know him. Ricky tells Paul that he was a journalist covering a story, and it doesn’t matter that he knew the people involved. After Paul leaves, Ricky tells himself that he can’t miss a father that he never had in his life. Paul also tells Adam how despicable he thinks he is for knowing that Patty was in town and not telling anyone so that she could get help. Adam apologizes to Paul for everything he did. Paul tells Adam that he got off easy compared to what Patty has to suffer now because she will never live outside her own mind.

Adam also apologizes to Jack who doesn’t accept his apology either. Jack heads to therapy on a day he isn’t scheduled and channels his anger into his therapy. Sarge tells him that if he keeps using his anger like that, he may actually get somewhere. Phyllis admits to Nick that she published the article because she felt angry with him after she saw him with Sharon. Nick explains to Phyllis that it was just a sympathy hug because Sharon had a bad day, and the only thing that he and Sharon share is their children. Nick asks Phyllis to give their relationship another chance and she says that she is willing to try their relationship one more time. Chelsea demands that Anita tell her the identity of her father but Anita says that she will tell her the name of her father only if she changes her mind about the agreement she made with Billy and Victoria. Chelsea overhears Nick and Victoria talking about how much pain and disappointment Adam has caused the Newman family especially Victor. She decides to get to know Adam. Victor asks Sharon to be the face of the new cosmetics line that Newman Enterprises is developing. Sharon gladly accepts the offer but has second thoughts when Victor tells her that Nick is in charge of the project.

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