Thursday 3/8/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke wakes up in a tizzy; she just remembered that it’s Stephanie and Eric's big anniversary and she’s gotten them nothing. Ridge reminds her they aren’t married so he doesn’t know if they even want to celebrate this. Brooke laughs that she can’t believe his mother is living in sin. Ridge quips he doesn’t think there is much sin going on. And now Hope is living with a married man, so they are all a bunch of degenerates. Brooke does get him to agree for her to plan a party or whatever Eric and Stephanie will let her do. Gladys, Sally’s old friend, shows up at the door as their new landscaper. She learns they are not married anymore; just shacking up. Gladys has just what they need; she has diversified and is a legal marriage officiant. Despite Stephanie’s protestations, Eric tries to convince Stephanie to marry him right here and now. Liam and Hope wake up and he looks dreamily at her and she at him, but can’t help but think she might disappoint him all over again. He claims that she did not disappoint him last night. It was their first time and sometimes they get images in their heads that don’t turn out the way they expected. Today is a new day. She asks him not to hate her right now, but it’s hard for her to believe she just slept with a married man. He explains this is not the ultimate peak experience of their lives; that is still coming. He leaves a dejected Hope at home while he goes to work. Brooke shows up as any good mother would the morning after to make breakfast. Hope tries to make it sound like the happiest day of her life, until she starts crying.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Kate and Lucas talked to Gabi and Chad and Kate introduced Billie as the Co CEO of Countess W.  Brady visited Madison and told her about a divorce attorney that she could use.  Madison told him that she had to talk to him about something.  Billie explained to Lucas that she missed working at Countess W.  She and Chelsea had a long chat about it and she’s fine with Billie being back there.  Chelsea stayed with Max.  Carrie was offered a free massage so she left her room.  After Carrie left, Abby showed up at the door to see Austin.  Ian showed up at Madison’s hotel room while she was there with Brady.  Brady told Ian that Madison is divorcing him.  Ian wanted to know if that was true and wanted Madison to tell him that she’s leaving him.  Abby pretended to be room service to get Austin to open the door.  He wanted to know what he was doing there.  Abby told Austin that Carrie will be gone for an hour.  Austin asked Abby if she was the one who arranged for Carrie to have the massage.  She admitted that she did it so they could have some time together.  Austin told her to stay away from him.  Madison let Brady know that she has no intention of leaving Ian.  Abby didn’t understand why Austin was treating her so badly.  He reminded her that what happened between them was a mistake.  She reminded him that he cheated on Carrie and that he feels bad about it.  Abby told him that they can be good together.  He reminded Abby that he’s committed to Carrie.  He told Abby that if she cares about him then she will walk away from him.  Abby didn’t like that response and slapped Austin.  Brady wanted to know what was happening because he thought he and Madison were going to be together.  Brady didn’t believe that Madison loved Ian.  Madison said she loves her husband very much.  Madison lied to Brady and told him that she just needed a distraction since Ian was ignoring her.  Brady didn’t believe her and demanded to know what was really going on between Madison and Ian. 

Abby thought that Austin cared about her.  He let her know that he cares, but only as a friend.  He told her that he was not in love with her.  He didn’t mean to mislead her.  He thinks she’s an amazing person, but he’s not in love with her.  Abby reminded him that they “made love”.  He told her again that he didn’t remember being with her.  Abby believed that deep down he did remember being with her.  Brady wanted to know if Ian was blackmailing Madison so that she couldn’t leave him.  Brady told her that he could protect her if Ian is blackmailing her.  Madison said that she was not being blackmailed and that the time they were together was nice.  Madison told Brady again that he was a distraction to pay Ian back for ignoring her.  Brady didn’t like the idea of being used.  Austin continued to let Abby down easy, but she wasn’t getting the message.  She still insisted that they belonged together.  Carrie and Melanie were on their way back to the room, but Melanie stopped her from going in there.  Lucas and Billie were catching up when Will called him.  Lucas and Billie found out that Bo was beaten up and was in the hospital.  Billie wanted to go to Bo.  After Brady left the hotel, Madison let Ian know that she hates him for making her end things with Brady.  Austin sat on the bed with Abby and told her that she’s special.  He’s convinced that she will meet a special guy and will be happy.  He hugged her and wished he could make everything go away.  Melanie tried to keep Carrie in the hallway, but she wanted to go in the room to see Austin.  Carrie walked in and saw Austin and Abby hugging and wanted to know what was going on between them. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly and Todd Manning go to General Hospital dressed as orderlies so they can sneak in to see Jason and Starr. Epiphany catches Carly and tells her those scrubs are hospital property. Carly takes them off right there at the triage station.  Starr tells Todd to get out; she wants nothing to do with him. He refuses to leave her side. She tells him about the accident and remembers the other driver telling her to blame Sonny Corinthos. She realizes that is Michael’s last name. She wants to go to the police station but he tells her to rest and he will take care of everything.  Lulu suggests that Dante take himself off his father’s case. Dante asks Lulu to upload and print the crime scene pictures from his phone but they are mysteriously deleted before she can upload them. She tells Dolores that the pictures couldn’t have deleted themselves. Dante determines that someone deleted them intentionally.

Dr. Keenan checks on Kate to see if she is ok. He tells her to expect her blackouts to increase in frequency and duration. He says that since her usual psychiatrist is in Chicago he would be happy to help her. She tells him about Connie. He explains dissociation to her and suggests that she may be suffering from it Dissociative Identity Disorder. She rejects the idea that she could have multiple personalities. Dante asks Kate if she recognizes the gun that he found in her office. She doesn’t. He asks her if she can think of anyone other than Sonny who could have stashed it in her office. She says no. he tells her about the tragic accident that occurred because of Anthony’s tires being shot out. He tells her that if she is lying to protect Sonny, she could end up in a cell next to him. Anthony encourages Johnny to take Connie’s offer to arrange for Sonny to catch them sleeping together so that he will break up with Kate. Johnny doesn’t want to take advantage of a mentally unstable woman and he doesn’t want to blow it with Carly because of a mentally unstable woman’s half-baked plan. Carly goes to Johnny’s place and tells him about the hospital fiasco. He tells her that she will be able to see Jason when he wakes up. Robert goes to Wyndemere to talk to Holly and Luke before embarking on his mission to save Ethan. Holly insists on going with Robert.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane successfully settles an argument between Ashley and Jill on his first day back to work for Jabot. Ashley is pleased with his new ideas for the company. Tucker accuses Harmony of going after Neil. He once again makes it clear to her that he will not allow her to destroy Neil and Sofia’s marriage. Harmony tells Tucker that she isn’t after Neil but if he sees some of the things that attracted him to her years ago, that is his problem. Sofia and Lily discuss motherhood and work. Lily notices that Neil and Sofia’s marriage is a little strained. When they argue at Gloworm, Chloe uses Daniel to make Kevin jealous. Kevin tells Daniel that he is terrible friend for making a move on Chloe shortly after he left town with Angelina. Kevin tells Daniel about the picture that was sent to his phone of him kissing Chloe. Chloe tells Kevin that she made the first move on Daniel and being with him has been great. Kevin and Angelina planned to make Angelo think that she wanted to get out of her marriage, but once Chloe tells Kevin that being with Daniel has been great, Kevin changes his mind about trying to end his marriage to Angelina. Kevin gives Angelina a very passionate kiss with Chloe and Daniel watching, and it leaves Angelina saying wow.

Devon decides to have both of his ears done at the same time instead of one at a time and waiting a month between each surgery. The doctor asks Devon if he is sure that he wants to do this, because it means he will be totally deaf until his ears heal enough to put in the implants. Devon insists he wants to get this over with and not wait a month between surgeries. Neil, Tucker, and Harmony wait nervously for news about the surgery until the doctor finally arrives and says the surgery went well. Devon awakens and is startled because he doesn’t remember that he won’t be able to hear for a while. Neil sits by his bed and uses sign language to tell him that the surgery went well and the deafness is to be expected until his ears heal.

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