Wednesday 3/7/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy paces her office thinking back on happy times with her wedding with Liam and their good times. Brooks gets ready for bed, but Ridge has a long face. He says he got R.J. back to his textbook, but he’s not the one that he’s worried about. Brooke knows he is worried about Steffy, but now that Liam and Hope are getting together tonight, Steffy will be able to move on with her life. Ridge says Hope may think she feels like she is married, but she isn’t and on some level that will bother her. Stephanie discusses the night with Taylor, and Taylor calls Steffy to leave a message for her. She tells Stephanie that she thinks this might be healthy. She knows more than most what a dream is like. It is not fun to hold out for a man that isn’t going to return to her so after tonight Steffy can really begin the healing process.

Brooke tells Ridge that she does worry about Hope…..over the years seeing her mother displayed in her lingerie on various billboards around the city, and finding out who her father was and how she came to be in this world. All that is behind her now plus all of Brooke’s craziness and she hopes that she will be okay with the love that she and Liam share. Liam slips the straps off of Hope’s shoulders and kisses her. She is willing but keeps hearing Steffy words – tawdry and adultery over and over in her head. Steffy reminds her that she is stealing her husband and committing adultery. Liam stops at least three times to be sure she is okay and ready. Each time she smiles and says she is; this is their night. Still Steffy’s words reverberate over and over in her mind. She breathes heavily but pulls away. Afterwards, she says she was probably too nervous. Liam says it was beautiful and the good thing is that it’s just their first time; they still have the rest of their lives.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nicole was in her hotel room and she thought about Daniel telling her that she was pregnant.  EJ showed up at the hotel to see her.  She didnít want to see, but he wanted to talk to her.  Kayla continued to work on Bo when Daniel arrived to help him.  EJ wanted to talk to Nicole about what happened with Sami.  He insisted that they get past what he did.  He was determined not to lose her over what he did.  Boís at the hospital and Kayla said he was doing fine, but she canít promise that he will continue to be okay.  Roman blamed himself for what happened.  Kayla wanted to know how to get in touch with Hope.  John and Hope saw Stefano at the cafť.  John told Stefano that Agent Walsh was killed.  Stefano wanted to know if he was the one John was meeting.  Stefano wanted to meet with John privately, but John didnít want to do it.  Stefano pulled a gun on them and insisted that they meet him privately.  Will showed up at the townhouse to see Marlena.  He wanted to play Scrabble.  She wanted to talk about the conversation they were having before Sami interrupted them.  She reminded him that he kissed a guy.  He didnít think it was a big deal.  Daniel told the Bradys that he had to transfused blood for Bo.  Daniel also said that he was holding steady for now.  Kayla said they were trying to avoid performing surgery on Bo.  Daniel said that they are waiting for the swelling in his brain to go down.  Roman went to Boís room and begged him to wake up. He also apologized to Bo for getting him mixed up in that mess.  Stefano wanted to talk to John and Hope in private.  Hope informed him that they were not going to fall for one of his traps so he may as well kill them now if he was going to do it.  Marlena and Will continued to talk about his kiss.  Will let her know that he hasnít seen the guy since it happened.  Marlena warned him that the sooner he realizes what the kiss means the more comfortable he will be about whatís happening to him. 

Nicole continued to tell EJ that he humiliated her by being with Sami.  He tried to convince her that it meant nothing and that he loves her, but she wasnít having it.  She wanted him to leave her hotel room, but he wouldnít do it.  He sat down on the bed.  She finally decided to leave herself and walked out of the door.  Stefano informed John and Hope that he had no intention of killing them yet.  They wanted to know why he had the gun.  The gun was for Stefanoís protection.  John reminded him that he programmed him to kill.  John remembered all of the training that Stefano gave him.  Daniel told Roman and Kayla that the swelling on Boís brain is under control, but he slipped into a coma.  Daniel said that Boís body needs to cope with the injuries.  Stefano wanted to know why heís always blamed for everything bad thing that happens.  Stefano reminded Hope that he was the one who got John out of jail.  Hope wanted to know why he followed them to Alamania.  Stefano reminded John and Hope that they fell in love on their own even though he manipulated the situation a little. Will told Marlena that he thought he was going to get married and have kids.  Marlena told him that once he figures out who he is, he will be able to fall in love.  While Marlena was talking to Will, Roman called to tell her about Bo.  Daniel told Roman that the test results will be ready tomorrow.  Marlena and Will showed up at the hospital and Roman told them what happened to Bo.  Roman mentioned to her that he has been trying to reach Hope.  Marlena let Roman know that she canít get in touch with John either.  EJ followed Nicole to the town square in an effort to finish their conversation.  She wasnít willing to listen to him.  Rafe was there too and got in the middle of their conversation.  EJ didnít want Rafe to butt in their conversation.  Rafe wanted to beat EJ up again.  Hope thought that Stefano was responsible for why she and John had to be in Alamania alone and why they couldnít keep their passports.  Marlena continued to try and call John.  She was worried about him.  Marlena wished that Hope was at the hospital because she thinks that it would make a difference.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Michael goes to see Starr. She’s upset with him for not telling her about Hope and Cole. Starr asks him about the accident and if Michael saw their faces. Michael tells her how sorry he is for failing to save her family. Blair enters and tells Michael that Starr needs to rest. Starr thanks him for trying to save her family. Blair calls John McBain and asks him to track down Cole’s parents. Todd approaches Carly at the Metro Court. He wants to get a room for an indefinite time period. Carly explains that it was her son who save Starr and tried to save her family. Todd wants to meet and question Michael.

Sonny is still being questioned about the shooting of Anthony’s car by Dante. Alexis enters and wants to know why they think Sonny is guilty. Dante leaves and Alexis asks him if he did shoot out Anthony’s car. Sonny swears that he didn’t do it. Michael stops by the PCPD and Dante explains how they found the gun in Kate’s office and how it matched the one that shot out Anthony’s tire.

Robert tells Anna that he’s Ethan’s father. Anna and Mac have doubts about the claim, but Robert assures them that it’s true. Mac urges him to get a DNA test to confirm Holly’s story. They talk about Robin’s funeral. Luke tells Holly and Ethan that he told Robert that he’s the father of Ethan. He explains that he did it to save his life. Ethan reluctantly goes along with the plan.

Lulu catches a crying Maxie outside her loft. Maxie confesses that she’s done something bad, she admits to entering Robin’s lab before Robin died. She believes that she’s responsible for Robin’s death. Lulu tells her that she didn’t do anything wrong. She tries to help Maxie, but Maxie just keeps talking in circles. She calls Mac to come and get Maxie.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy tells Jack and Ashley that he is going to LA to talk about a possible reality show about Restless Style. He also informs them that Victoria is the new CEO of Beauty of Nature. Jack tells Billy that Victoria is the perfect person to run Beauty of Nature but purposely decides not to tell him that he intends to challenge Genevieve’s ownership of the company. Ashley thinks Jack should warn Billy so that Victoria doesn’t get caught in the middle of his fight with Genevieve. Jack wants Victoria to run Beauty of Nature so the company will be in great shape when he takes it over. Genevieve apologizes to Jack once more and tells him she still loves him and wants a second chance with him. Jack tells Genevieve he understands that she wanted something to feel independent and he would have supported her in that pursuit, but he will never forgive that she purposely went after Beauty of Nature when she could have chosen any other company. After Jack tells her they are done, later Genevieve visits Ashley and tells her that she will not give up on Jack, because she loves him. Jack hires Avery as his lawyer to challenge Genevieve’s ownership of Beauty of Nature.

Victoria offers to testify for Daniel to help him get his parental rights reinstated. Daniel tells Chloe he is scared he won’t be a good father to Lucy. Lauren gets upset when she discovers that Daisy is living in her building, so she and Michael decide to send Fenmore to visit Scotty in Canada until they settle the Daisy situation. Daisy tells Lucy that she and Daniel will be together soon. Avery plans to use Daisy's love to Daniel’s advantage in the custody battle for Lucy.

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