Tuesday 3/6/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/6/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

B&B was pre-empted today.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Days was pre-empted.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke tries to talk Robert Scorpio down from a bridge. He tells him that Holly said Robert is Ethan's Father and only Robert can save Ethan. He lies that Helena has kidnapped Ethan. Ethan prepares to move out of Wyndemere so he can find and kill Helena. Holly tries to talk him out of it. He agrees to wait until he has a plan.  Luke asks Ethan to disappear. 

Todd Manning arrives at General Hospital for his daughter Starr. His ex-wife Blair Cramer slaps him and asks him how he can dare to show his face after he killed his brother and framed her boyfriend. He asserts that no matter how angry she is, he has the right to know how his daughter is. She reluctantly tells him that Starr is ok but her boyfriend and daughter are dead but threatens to call the police and turn him in if he tries to see Starr.     

Anthony listens while Connie suggests that she and Johnny have an affair to make Sonny break up with Kate. Johnny doesn’t know how to process the idea or the dual personalities. Anthony encourages Johnny to take her up on her offer. Alexis tells Carly that sleeping with Johnny will incite a mob war. Carly tells Alexis about the accident that she assumes Sonny caused. Alexis is on her way to see Sam. Carly tells Alexis that Jason will be angry when he discovers that Sam kept Robin's death from him. Maxie remembers her purse opening the gas valve in the hospital lab. She tells matt that she thinks Robin's death is her fault.  She doesn’t want his help and tells him to leave. He changes his mind about wanting Spinelli to move out of her apartment but she tells him Spinelli is already gone.  Kate returns to the office and tells Maxie to go home.  Dante takes Sonny in for questioning. Sonny reveals that he went to Kate’s office when he left the hospital. Dante says that is bad because he found the gun that shot out Anthony's tires in Kate's office. He accuses Sonny. Sonny says it isn’t his gun. Dante wonders if Kate owns a gun. Sonny doesn’t know. Dante arrests Sonny for murder. Sonny calls Alexis and tells her that Dante arrested him for murder.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jill tries to encourage Gloria to forgive Jeffrey and get back together with him because even if she doesn’t want to admit it, she still loves Jeffrey. Gloria refuses to forgive Jeffrey for stealing all her money and is determined to make him suffer and work at Gloworm until he remembers what he did or pays her back the money he stole from her. Anita overhears the conversation that Gloria has with Jill telling her that Jeffrey stole a lot of money from her. Since Jeffrey told Anita earlier that he has amnesia, she decides to make Chelsea think Jeffrey is her father. Daniel tells Phyllis that she and Avery made him change his mind about fighting for custody of Lucy, because he realized that he is the only one that can save Lucy from being raised by a corrupt person like Daisy. When Daisy tells Daniel that they can raise Lucy together, he says not in a million years, but Daisy is determined that she, Daniel, and Lucy will be a family.

Abby tells Billy that a famous reality show producer wants to make a behind the scenes of Restless Style TV show. He tells her that is a great idea, but he can’t leave Victoria alone with Anita and Chelsea. Abby gets an offer from Genevieve to be the face of Beauty of Nature, and she turns it down because she wouldn’t feel right working there with Genevieve as the owner of the company. Billy tells Victoria about the possible reality show, and she tells him to go to LA and meet with the producer, because she can handle Anita and Chelsea for a week. Billy tells Victoria that if she can handle Anita and Chelsea, she can handle motherhood, running Beauty of Nature, and her father at the same time. Victoria thinks that Billy is right and she can handle everything, so she calls Genevieve and tells her that she accepts the job as CEO of Beauty of Nature.

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