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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy begs Liam not to leave. Hope is not his wife; she is. He says his future is with Hope. Steffy pleads with him not to go, but he does. Meanwhile Hope is readying up Liam’s house and declares to herself that she is ready. Liam walks into his living room with a million candles glowing and Hope walks out in a virginal white see-through teddy and welcomes him home. He tells her how beautiful she is and how appreciative he is of this. He says it is romantic and he can’t wait to see their bedroom. She says it is the beginning of their future, going to bed in his arms and waking up together. Katie reminds Bill that this is not only Hope’s first time with Liam, but her first time period so of course she is nervous. He says Hope may have changed her mind but his hasn’t. He still thinks Steffy is the right woman for Liam. Steffy tells Brooke to leave. She knows all about tonight from both Hope and Liam and it isn’t right and Brooke knows it. It’s not pure; it’s adultery. Brooke argues that Hope wants a good life with Liam and nobody is going to ruin that.

Bill maintains that Liam isn’t going to be happy tonight as Hope is not the sort of girl that can just let go. She wants to be in control. She’s going to drag all that baggage into the bedroom tonight. Katie tells him to just shut up and kiss her; all of them will have a beautiful night. Steffy tells Brooke that no matter what happens tonight, she is not giving up until their divorce is final. Hope notices that Liam can’t take his eyes off of her and she hopes it will always be that way. He guides her to the bedroom where there are dozens of other glowing candles and she reminisces about the first kiss, the first time he said he loved her and the first time he asked her to marry him. He says in his heart and in his mind, she is his wife already and he knows she always will be there for him and from this day forward he wants to be there for her too. She is his wife in every way that counts. No piece of paper or minister can make that more real than it is right now. Fireworks go off…..real fireworks outside but she says she wants to stay right where they are.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Kate was upset to see Sami and Lucas together.  Kate called Sami a b*tch.  Sami and Lucas were surprised by Kateís reaction.  Sami thought that they buried the hatchet.  Kate covered her tracks and apologized for what she said to Sami.  Bo was the town square listening to his message from Hope when Roman approached him.  Roman told Bo that he wasnít assigned to go on the Maroni stakeout.  John and Hope talked about Walsh being dead.  John blamed himself for what happened and Hope let him know that it wasnít his fault.  She also wanted to know the whole story about him being back in the ISA.  Bo was upset that he couldnít go on the assignment to get Maroni.  He started telling Roman about all of the things that Maroni did.  Roman warned him not to go rogue going after Maroni.  Kate wanted Sami to forgive her for the way she reacted to seeing her with Lucas.  Kate, Lucas, and Sami finally agreed to put the past behind them.  John explained to Hope that the ISA wanted him back.  He hesitated at first, but then he decided to do it after he found out that something was going on in the DiMera organization.  John and Hope were suspicious that Stefano was in Alamania instead of with EJ for the election.  Roman wanted Bo to do the investigation by the book, but Bo wanted to look around Maroniís warehouse.  Kate and Lucas talked about Sami working for her.  Lucas wondered if something else was going on for why Kate agreed to let Sami work for her.  Roman reminded Bo of what happened to Abe when he didnít follow the rules.  He didnít want Bo to end up losing his job.  Roman did end up telling Bo that he had a warrant to search the warehouse and asked Bo if he wanted to go with him. 

While Bo and Roman were going toward the warehouse, a few guys approached them and hit them on their heads.  Kate warned Lucas that Sami isnít looking at him like a friend.  She reminded Lucas that Sami just got separated and sheís lonely.  Kate told Lucas to be careful around Sami.  Bo and Roman were unconscious on the ground.  Boís face is badly beaten.  Roman woke up and saw Bo lying on the ground.  Roman wasnít sure if Bo was alive or dead.  John believes that there something bigger going on for why Stefano is in Alamania.  John thinks that Stefano is paying him back for stealing Gina from him.  Hope thought that Marlena wouldnít want John to be back in the ISA.  John told her that he didnít tell Marlena that he was back in it.  Kayla and Sami talk about Lucas being back in town.  Kayla also told Sami that the kids miss Rafe.  Sami changed the subject and told Kayla that sheís happy for Lucas.  Sami wanted to know if she could make good changes in her life.  John didnít want Hope to tell Marlena that heís back in the ISA.  Hope felt that Marlena had a right to know.  John thought it was too dangerous for her to know.  Hope offered to help him out.  John didnít want to take that chance because Bo would never forgive him if something happened to her.  Roman managed to get Bo to the pub.  Sami rushed to call 9-1-1.  Sami prayed for Bo while waiting for help while Kayla tries to help Bo.  John told Hope that he didnít want her help him.  They begin arguing because Hope wants to help him.  The paramedics are on their way to the pub to help Bo.  Bo had a seizure. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Mac puts Dolores on the case to discover who shot out Anthony Zaccharaís tires. Dante finds a gun in Kateís office. Ballistics confirms that the same gun shot out Anthonyís tires. Mac wants to know whose gun it is. Carly asks Sonny if he did something worse last night after he left Johnnyís apartment. He tells her that Johnny is only with her to get back at him. She points out that they are no longer married and Kate is his girlfriend so he should stay out of her business. Each says the otherís relationship is doomed. Michael listens outside the door as Starr remembers the accident and asks for Hope and Cole. Her mother, Blair tells her they are dead. Sonny swears to Michael that he had nothing to do with the crash. Carly wonders if Kate will stay by Sonny while everyone suspects him in the crash or if she will run again. Connie Falconeri pays Johnny a visit. He offers to take her to a hospital. She tells him that Kate is the one that has the problem. She explains that Kate keeps falling for Sonny and she, Connie, isnít going to wait around of one of the bullets to kill them. He concludes that Kate and Connie are two different people. She asks him to help them.. She concludes that Kate will never break up with Sonny so they need to get Sonny to break up with Kate. Starrís father, Todd Manning arrives at General Hospital.

Anna wonders where Robert is. Luke stops Robert Scorpio from jumping off a bridge. Robert blames himself for not being able to save Robin. Luke tells Robert about killing Jake. Robert laments that Robin was his only child. Luke says Ethan is Robertís son. Anna asks Elizabeth to help her plan the funeral. Matt goes to see Patrick. Elizabeth tells him Patrick is with Emma and suggests that he go to Maxie and come back later. Spinelli checks on Maxie who is immersing herself in work. He tells her that it is ok to grieve. She refuses his help and tells him to go home and pack. After he leaves, she remembers her purse getting caught on the gas valve. Matt arrives just as Maxie is about to faint.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack goes home early from the hospital after he proves to Sarge he can transfer from his wheelchair into a bed. Paul tells Sharon. Jack, and Nikki that Adam broke Patty out of Wyncliff where she was getting better just so she wouldnít testify against him in the Hightower murder. Sharon listens to Paulís advice, puts Faith first and leaves Adam. Nick comes by to tell Adam he has decided to give him another chance, but after Sharon tells him what Adam did, Nick tells Adam that they will never work together. Phyllis tells Ricky that she doesn’t intend to run the story about Patty but changes her mind when she sees Nick and Sharon hugging. Jack tells Paul that he doesn’t blame Patty or him for what happened to him; he blames Victor and Adam. Paul agrees to help Jack get justice for what Adam and Victor did to Patty.

Nikki tries to get Victor to admit he is partially responsible for what happened to Jack because he brought Patty to town, but once Nikki tells him Adam broke Nikki out of Wyncliff, he tells her that Adam is to blame for what happened to Jack. Adam explains to Victor that he did help Patty get out of Wyncliff but he is ashamed of what he did in the past and wants to make amends. Victor tells Adam that he is no longer his son and he won’t be allowed to work at Newman Enterprises or go near the ranch.

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