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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Hope that in the eyes of God and the state she will be committing adultery. In her heart she knows that is wrong. Hope doesn’t want to hear Steffy preaching morality to her. She declares tonight she will share that choice with Liam; Steffy no longer has control over that. Ridge tells Brooke the same thing. If Steffy and Liam don’t divorce after all, then Hope is giving herself to a married man. Tonight might not be as perfect as she is expecting. Steffy wasn’t expecting to see Liam tonight, but he pops in to tell her that he made a decision….well both him and Hope and he thought Steffy should know before she heard it from someone else. He stammers that he doesn’t regret one moment of their marriage. She won’t let him finish. She just wants to be sure that he is ready for this because after tonight nothing will be the same for them again. He tells her about Stephanie and Bill coming to him to give him their advice, but those were things he already knew about her. She still believes that he is going to come back to her because she is in his heart. That will only hurt Hope so she hopes he won’t do this tonight. Bill is in a good mood. He spouts to Katie that tonight will be a train wreck for Liam and she can take that to the bank. He won’t wake up with a smile on his face tomorrow morning. He advises Katie to call her niece and warn her; she’s gonna have a letdown. Both Ridge and Brooke hope that Steffy doesn’t know about tonight. Brooke knows it’s going to be a very significant time in her daughter’s life. Hope waits for Liam and he still wants to explain to Steffy why he is doing this. She cries and begs him to stay. They are still husband and wife; he doesn’t have to leave tonight.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami and Lucas hug and she appreciates that he is there for her.  She kissed Lucas on the cheek and then his phone rang.  Lucas dropped the phone and Sami wanted to know who was calling him.  She assumed it was his secretary and he dropped the bomb that it was his fiancťe.  Sami was shocked.  Abby said that she, Melanie, Austin, and Carrie decided to take a vacation together.  Carrie thought it was a great idea.  Kate met Ian at the town square.  She felt she owed him for giving her the info about Sami.  Kate let Ian know that she didnít tell Sami that she knows yet.  Kate is ready to get revenge on Sami for what she did.  Abby invited Austin and Carrie to go to dinner with her and Melanie.  Austin was uncomfortable, and told her that he wants to spend time alone with Carrie.  Kate told Ian that she planned on getting revenge on Madison, Sami, and Brady.  She was prepared to see all three of them go to prison.  Sami wanted to know why Lucas kept his engagement from her.  He told her that whenever they talk they always end up talking about her.  She didnít really like that.  Sami thought the kids should have found out.  He plans to tell them in person.  Lucas reminded her that she didnít tell him about Rafe so she should just congratulate him.  He also reminded her that he is here for her now.  Kate let Ian know that Titan will suffer a big financial loss when she is finished with Madison, Sami, and Brady.  Ian wanted to know how Kate expected him to react when she said that she was going after his wife.  When Carrie and Melanie left to check out the skis and rooms respectively, Austin wanted to know what Abby was doing at the lodge.  Abby told Austin that he knew why she was there.  He thought what she did was sick.  He also let her know that he loves his wife.  Lucas didnít like the way that Sami has changed.  He couldnít believe that this is the same Sami that he knew.  She let him know that sheís changed and reminded him of all the things that have changed in her life.  Lucas tickled her and she started laughing.  This is the Sami that he remembered. 

Ian told Kate that she could go after Sami, but he wants to take care of Madison.  Kate wanted to know what would happen if she didnít do that.  Ian told her that she can figure out what would happen if she didnít listen to him.  Austin and Abby were by the fire and she was talking to him about being with Carrie.  Austin said that he loves Carrie.  Abby told him that Carrie hurt him by kissing Rafe.  She also reminded him that Carrie cheated on him before and will do it again.  Abby said that they could have what they had before and that she loves him.  Melanie and Carrie walked up on them.  Luckily, Carrie didnít hear what Abby said about her and Austin.  Austin and Carrie went back to their room.  Melanie asked Abby if sheís lost her mind.  Abby told Melanie that she loves Austin.  Melanie told Abby that she used her to get to Austin.  Abby said that Austin has to stop lying to Carrie.  Melanie informed Abby that she needed to stop lying to herself.  Melanie reminded Abby that Austin and Carrie were at the lodge for one reason and it wasnít skiing.  Abby said that is the same reason why she is there.  Sami and Lucas were at the pub having lunch.  They ran into Kayla and she started talking to Lucas.  Lucas talked to his fiancťe and he was flirting on the phone with her.  He told Sami that Autumn (his fiancťe) understands about his situation with the kids.  Kate showed up at the pub and saw Lucas and Sami together.  Melanie insisted that she and Abby leave the lodge.  Abby wasnít ready to leave.  She is convinced that Carrie doesnít love Austin the way she does.  Kate didnít like the idea of Lucas being with Sami.  Kate was surprised that Lucas was talking to Sami about what was going on with Rafe.  Kate was afraid that Sami was going to get her hooks into Lucas again. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny asks Kate if their making love means they are back together. She is afraid to keep making the same mistakes. He asks her not to take out her bloody wedding dress every time something bad happens because she shouldnít live in that place. He asks her to think of last night as a very difficult moment that they survived. He says he wants to spend whatever time he has left with her. She agrees to stay with him. When Sonny leaves, she puts on Connieís lipstick and perfume. Connie says she canít let Kate do that.  Shortly afterwards, Connie Falconeri shows up at Johnnyís door. Dante goes to Crimson looking for Kate and happens to see a pistol under a wardrobe closet

Luke goes to see Anna. Anna tells him that she is afraid Robert is going to do something stupid. Luke says Robert will need time. Anna shows Luke Robertís ďgoodbyeĒ text message and says she thinks they need to find him.   Luke thinks he might know where Robert went so he goes to find him. Luke finds Robert standing on the bridge that Robin liked to spend time on, Carly is shocked by the news of Robinís death. Johnny thought she hated Robin. She says she did but Jason loved her. Johnny asks her what is up with her and Jasonís undying loyalty. She tells him that Jason is her best friend and she has to be there for him. Sam wonders to Monica whether Patrick could have purposely botched Jasonís surgery. Monica vehemently disagrees but says she doesnít know if Patrick has the presence of mind to give an accurate postoperative assessment. She says Robin only made the protocol a few hours before it was given to Jason so they have no way of knowing how well it will work. Monica thinks Sam should avoid telling Jason about Robin. Carly goes to see Jason. Sam tells her to leave because she isnít going to risk having her upset Jason the way she did before his last surgery. Carly thinks Jason must be devastated about Robin. Sam says she isnít going to tell him about it until she thinks it is ok.  Carly says she is going to tell him. Sam says that is why she wonít let Carly see him.

Michael talks to the still-unconscious Starr Manning in the hospital.  He hopes his father isnít the person that shot out the other carís tires causing the accident because that would make him responsible for her family being gone. Blair Cramer arrives at General hospital looking for her daughter Starr Manning. Epiphany tells her that Cole and Hope didnít survive and that Starr doesnít know it yet. Michael tells Blair as much as he knows about the accident.  Blair wonders where the driver of the other car is.  Michael says the police are looking for Anthony Zacchara. Starr wakes up and asks for Cole and Hope. Dante goes to the Quartermaine Estate looking for Anthony. Tracy insists that she hasnít seen him and tells Dante to go after his father. Tracy tells Edward about Robinís accident. Anthony shows up at Johnnyís penthouse asking Johnny to hide him. He tells him that Sonny is after him and that Sonny shot out both his back tires last night and caused him to crash his car. He says he knows that when Sonny finds out that the car didnít go over the cliff, he will be back to finish the job. Johnny agrees to let Anthony hide there.  

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam asks Victor for a chance to make amends and help him get Beauty of Nature back. Victor doesnít think Adam has changed but he gives him anther chance for Hopeís sake.  Victor and Nick both agree to let Adam move in with Sharon.  Patty tells Paul that Adam was the one who helped her escape the hospital the first time. Paul is very angry.  Phyllis is hurt when she sees Lucy with Daisy. After seeing how hurt Phyllis is, he goes to Avery and Michael and tells them he wants to fight to get custody of Lucy.  Phyllis buys a story from Ricky that tells how Adam was the one that helped Patty escape from the hospital the first time.  Phyllis later tells Ricky that she is going to kill the story and he is very upset.  Ricky intends to use the fact that Daisy moved into the apartment across the hall from him to his advantage.  Victoria surprises herself by turning down Genevieveís job offer to be CEO of Beauty of Nature, because she wants to spend more time with her family.  Paul is angry and heads to Adamís apartment to confront him. He almost leaves when he isnít home but then decides there is something Sharon should know about Adam. 

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