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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam can’t even wrap his head around Hope’s good news. She says they can start their marriage any time they want….and there is nothing Steffy can do to stop them. Steffy tells her dad that if Liam still wants to marry Hope in six months that she will be gracious. But in the meantime she is still Mrs. Liam Spencer and that’s all there is to it. She is sure that Liam still loves her, but Hope just confuses him. He feels guilty because he promised a future with her and then he didn’t deliver. She feels everything will be right with him again. Stephanie confesses to Brooke that she spoke to Liam about making this mistake. He made the right choice when he married Steffy and he should stay with her. Stephanie reads between the lines and guesses that Hope is going to sleep with Liam tonight and she can’t wait to get out of the office to go do something. Hope tells Liam until tonight….and every night thereafter.

Brooke and Ridge don’t agree on Hope’s land rush decision to move in with Liam. He doesn’t want either of his daughters to be hurt, but one will be. Liam finds Stephanie in his office as she appeals to him to not do this. He says respectfully he can do this. She pleads with him that there is no better person for him than Steffy, so just let Hope go on with her life and he with his. Hope gives Steffy one last chance to sign the annulment papers. When she won’t, Hope gloats that it doesn’t matter; Steffy is not in control anymore. She says they can’t do anything about the waiting period, but she can move in with Liam tonight and be with him in every way. Steffy is surprised that Hope would forego her precious message. She claims that Hope can dress it up in any pretty words she wants, but she is committing adultery.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami was at home when Kate gave her a text.  Someone knocked on the door and it turned out to be Lucas.  Austin and Carrie are away on their romantic getaway.  Austin took Carrie to the Green Mountain Lodge.  Carrie was excited to be there because it was the first place where they made love.  Abby was on the computer and found out where Austin took Carrie.  John and Hope arrived at the cafť and Stefano showed up.  John wanted to know what he was doing there and Stefano wanted to know the same thing.  Stefano didnít think it was just a coincidence that they were there.  He wanted to know why Bo and Marlena werenít there with them.  Sami wanted to know why Lucas was in town.  Lucas reminded Sami that she called him and told him that her life was imploding again and that sheís having problems with Will.  He felt he had to come back.  Sami asked him if he came back for her and he said he did.  Hope let Stefano know that he was why Bo and Marlena werenít in Alamania with her and John.  Stefano said he didnít have that type of power.  John and Hope were about to leave, but Stefano stopped them.  He thought that whoever John was supposed to be meeting might be a little late.  Gabi was at the spa and noticed flowers and questioned who they were for.  She was upset when she found out that Melanie and Chad were dating and that he sent the flowers to Melanie.  Gabi smashed the flowers on the floor.  Melanie saw what happened and Gabi lied and blamed it on a karate mishap.  Abby showed up at the spa and invited Melanie to go on a road trip with her.  She wanted to take Melanie to Green Mountain Lodge and go skiing.  Abby said that Melanie could bring Chad, but he thought that would be awkward.  Gabi tried to talk Chad out of going with them on the trip.

Lucas wanted Sami to talk about what happened with EJ.  She finally explained to him how she ended up being with EJ.  Sami told Lucas that Marlena let her know that Will is in trouble.  Lucas said that Will hasnít reached out to him yet either.  Chad told Melanie that he couldnít go on the trip.  He wanted Melanie to spend time with Abby.  Stefano thought that John and Hope were waiting for someone unless thereís another reason why they were in the room in the dark.  Hope told him it was none of his business.  John demanded to know what Stefano was up to, but Stefano wouldnít tell him.  Stefano told him that he would not reveal the ending of this when they just got started.  Stefano walked out of the cafť.  John warned Hope that they have to get the advantage over Stefano because he thinks he won.  Lucas continued to convince Sami that she needs to work on her relationship with Rafe and she canít do that by leaving town.  Sami didnít care for this advice and thought he was trying to rub it in that her life is a mess.  She told him to go back to Hong Kong. Austin and Carrie are making out in the lodge as Abby and Melanie arrive there.  Gabi wanted to practice massaging on Chad.  Sheís trying to seduce him while Melanieís away with Abby.  Sami continued to yell at Lucas to go back to Hong Kong.  Lucas wanted to know if she was finished yelling and carrying on because they have a lot of work to do.  Agent Walsh never showed up at the cafť so John and Hope went back to their hotel room.  Abby and Melanie saw Carrie and Austin at the lodge.  Carrie said she thought Abby found the place for Austin.  Austin said that he changed his mind.  Abby pretended not to know how they all ended up at the same place.  John and Hope found Walsh dead in their hotel room.  Lucas told Sami that heís in town to help her.  He loves her regardless of what has happened between them.  Sami told him that she loves him too and they hugged.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ethan vows revenge against Helena, as does Luke. Robert looks at Robin's charred body. Robert takes off. Anna asks Luke for help. Patrick and Anna remember Robin. Elizabeth consoles Patrick. He tells her that Jasonís surgery was a success. She thanks him for doing it. She tells him she intends to keep her promise to look after him and Emma. Patrick and Elizabeth tell Emma that Mommy went to heaven and isnít coming back.

Carly admits to Johnny the part she played in uncovering his true birth certificate. Johnny concludes that he would have eventually found out. He tells her that Sonny will pay for his poor choices. Carly stays and they make love. They see the news report about Robin.

Kate tells Sonny she can't have him in her life anymore. He tells her about Robinís death. He says he needs her in his life because he loves her. They make out on her desk.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Newman Enterprises, Victor and Nick discuss Victoria being chosen CEO of Beauty of Nature. On the ranch, Adam and Sharon are in bed together. Adam feels something on Sharon’s finger and asks her if it is his ring. She replies that it is. At Crimson Lights, Ricky is on the computer and remembers his conversation with Patty when she told him that it was Adam who helped her escape from the hospital. At the hospital, Ashley is on the phone in Jack’s room. Traci comes in asks her is Devon is and where Jack is. Sarge and Jack are having their morning therapy session which is a lot harder than Jack thought. At home, Phyllis dreams that she is playing with Lucy, but as she awakens, she looks over at the playpen and realizes that Daisy had Lucy. Summer comes downstairs and asks Phyllis if Lucy will ever be coming back. Phyllis doesn’t know quite how to answer her. Nick tells Victor that Phyllis lost her father and then found out that Daisy got out of jail and has custody of Lucy. Victor gets a visit from Victoria, whom he accuses of only taking the job at Beauty of Nature in order to get back at him. Paul reprimands Ricky for visiting Patty against his wishes. Paul and Ricky argue as usual. Adam relives memories of Hope to Sharon. Adam tells Sharon that he feels he can handle anything that may come his way when they go back to Genoa City. Nick visits Phyllis and finds out about the visit from Daisy and how Daisy didn’t let Phyllis say good-bye to Lucy.

Traci, through tears, asks Ashley if she heard anything about Patty. Traci relives how they lost Colleen due to Patty and now almost lost Jack. Sharon asks Adam if he is really ready to go back to Genoa City, knowing how people there feel about him. Phyllis thanks Nick for coming to see her. Nick and Phyllis discuss a reconciliation, but she makes it clear that in the past he had run to Sharon whenever she needed him, but that that isn’t going to happen this time because she is not going to be abandoned again. Phyllis also makes it clear that if he is going to abandon her again, then he can just walk away now. Nick assures Phyllis that he wants to make a commitment to her. Traci and Ashley meet Sarge. Paul visits Patty and asks about Ricky’s visit and what she told him about who helped her escape from the hospital. Victoria tells Victor that she and Billy are adopting Chelsea’s baby. Victor insists that that is a big mistake. They argue as usual. Victoria lets Victor know that things are over. Victor mumbles to himself “not by a long shot.” Ashley asks Sarge about Jack being able to walk again, but Sarge doesn’t hold much hope. Patty tells Paul that Adam helped her escape from the hospital. Ricky visits Phyllis and lets her know that he has a story that she will not refuse to print.

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