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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam is impressive even according to Bill at a sales meeting with stockholders. He gets a call from Hope who leaves voicemail that she wants to hear from him the moment he is out of the meeting. She has made a decision that will change the rest of their lives. She tells Brooke that she is not going to let Steffy hold her back this time. She wants to get on with her life. He is going to take Steffy’s power away and it happens tonight. Bridget tells Jackie and Owen that this is what she wants; the two of them together being a family. She hugs them both and says she knows Owen will always be a fantastic father and be there for her. Bill has another talk with Liam about staying with Steffy. He finally relents and says he can accept Hope if Liam really has.

Hope is ecstatic; she can’t wait for Liam to call so she can tell him. Owen tells Jackie that he wants to get back with her so badly, but there is something she needs to understand….otherwise this will be the shortest reunion on record. He doesn’t want her to interrupt. He never resented her being the cougar and him the boy toy. That worked for them. She wore the pants in the family. She sent him away that night as if he needed his son more than he needed her. He should have said something, but he didn’t. That will never happen again. She can continue to wear the pants and him his Speedos if that is what she wants, but when it comes to important decisions that affect their lives, they will make that together. She thinks this new side of him is a real turn on and they will be forever. Hope pops in at Spencer’s and teases Liam for not returning her call that she left hours ago. She spills that she has made a decision that will make him the happiest man ever. He can’t believe she is serious when she says she does not want to wait anymore….tonight she is ready to be his wife in every way. She believe her followers will be happy for her in that she is following her dreams and commitments. Tonight will be their wedding night.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nicole was in her hotel room taking several pregnancy tests.  Daniel showed up at her hotel room.  She thought that it was going to be EJ.  Daniel wanted to see if she was okay.  Nicole couldnít believe that she was pregnant.  She would be happy about it if EJ hadnít cheated on her with Sami.  She was determined not to fall for EJís act again.  EJ ran into Lexie at the town square.  Lexie didnít acknowledge him and EJ approached her about it.  They started talking about Abe.  Lexie told EJ that Abe did what he did because of EJ.  EJ was shocked that Lexie defended Abe.  Sami showed up at Rafeís office to see if he could watch her kids.  She told him that she is going to have to travel for her job.  He wanted to know why she didnít go to Marlena.  Sami claimed that Marlena was too busy to do it.  Rafe assumed that she didnít ask Marlena.  Sami wondered if he missed the kids.  Rafe told her that he does miss the kids.  Sami told him how the kids miss him and she does too.  Lexie reminded EJ that Abe is Theoís father and she didnít want him talking about him the way he did.  EJ apologized and had a proposition for her.  Hope and John have flashbacks of being together as Princess Gina and the pawn respectively.  Hope didnít understand why that was happening.  John suggested that they talk about everything that happened between them.  Hope didnít see the point in doing that.  John thinks they can beat Stefano at his own game because Stefano is counting on them avoiding talking about their past.  John thought that what happened between them wasnít real and that their feelings for Bo and Marlena are what matter.  Daniel thought that Nicole wasnít going to have her baby, but she let him know that she intends to have the child.  Sheís afraid that she will lose the baby like she did the last time.  She didnít want to lose the baby.  She talked about EJ again. Nicole thought she was going to spend the rest of her life alone, but now she wonít have to do that with the baby.  Lexie wasnít interested in working with EJ, but he continued to explain to her that he had a new health care plan and needed her help with it.  He wants to make sure that everyone in Salem has health coverage. He wants to help the people who canít afford to get it.  Lexie wanted to know if EJ was asking her for her support.  Rafe decided to help Sami out with the kids.  Sami told him he could stay at the loft if he wants.  He didnít want her pushing anything because nothing has changed between them.  He didnít want the kids to get confused by anything.  Sami thought it was tough knowing that she didnít believe in her family enough.  Rafe said he would always love their family.  Sami asked him if she were included in that.

Daniel warned Nicole to avoid stress and told her that she and EJ have to find a way to work together to make sure that nothing happens to the baby. Nicole let Daniel know that she has no intention of telling EJ about her baby.  Lexie was suspicious of EJís offer and wondered if he was just trying to stick it to Abe that he won the election.  Sami and Rafe talked about what happened between them.  Sami let Rafe know that she lost him as well as Will.  Rafe was convinced that Will is going to come around.  She didnít think that was going to happen.  Rafe let her know that she didnít lose him because she was with EJ. He might have got over that, but she continued to lie to him and thatís why he canít get past it.  Sami thought that Rafe didnít mean what he was saying.  She wanted him to give her another chance, but he said he couldnít do it.  She wanted to be better for him.  She wanted to change, but she canít do that without him.  Rafe told her that he canít give her what she wants and walked out of the office.  She watched him leave and started crying.  Lexie told EJ she would think about his offer.  EJ talked to Lexie about what sheís going through with Abe.  He knows how hard it is to forget when someone lets you down.  EJ didnít want Lexie and Abe to have problems and he knows what she is going through now.  Lexie wanted to know how he knew and he told her that he lost Nicole.  Nicole wanted Daniel to promise that he wouldnít say anything about her pregnancy.  Daniel wanted to know how she planned on keeping it from EJ.  John and Hope were sightseeing and she noticed that something was going on with John.  Hope was determined to find out what was going on with him, but he wouldnít tell her anything.  He didnít want her to be in danger so he wanted to keep her from it.  Lexie wanted to know what happened between EJ and Nicole. He didnít want to tell her everything, but he did tell her that it was his fault.  She was sorry to hear that EJ and Nicole were having problems.  They were talking when Sami showed up at the town square.  Sami and EJ didnít want to run into each other.  They both told each other how they lost everything because of their mistake.  John told Hope that he is still working for the ISA.  John told Hope that he had to meet Walsh at the cafť when it closed.  She wanted to go with him.  Sami and EJ started fighting because Sami claimed that her loss was worse than his loss.  John and Hope continued to have the flashbacks of being together and didnít understand what was happening.  John told Hope to shake the memories off because they donít mean anything.  Hope couldnít shake them because they felt real all of a sudden.  Hope started to feel guilty about the flashbacks.  John said it was a long time ago and that those feelings donít exist anymore.  John opened the door to the cafť and was shocked to see someone other than Walsh there. 

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Ethan begs Holly to tell the truth and she insists that she is -- he is Robert’s son. Helena doesn’t believe Holly and Luke asks her to explain it. Holly says that she always love Luke and wanted Ethan to be his. Helena says that she has a lab that can verify Ethan’s paternity. Ewen apologizes to Elizabeth for not going to the benefit. Lulu calls and tells Elizabeth about Robin’s death.

Michael sits besides Starr’s bed. Epiphany is trying to find her family. Michael doesn’t want Starr to be alone when she hears about the death of Hope and Cole. Starr wakes up and becomes agitated. Dante regrets leaving Sonny alone. He accuses Sonny of going after Anthony. Dante tells him about the accident. Sonny is horrified by the deaths of the driver and the little girl. Michael is upset when he hears that Anthony is the one who crashed into Starr’s car. Sonny denies any involvement in the accident.

Olivia stops short when she sees Kate wearing her bloody wedding dress. Kate gives her an excuse about wanting to use the designer again, but Olivia doesn’t believe her. Sam is waiting and says that she knows how difficult things are for Patrick, but he isn’t interested in what she says. He insists that she doesn’t understand his grief. Patrick has done all he can for Jason, but they won’t know the results until he wakes up. Robert arrives at Robin’s and Anna greets him. He enjoys a reunion with Emma. He refuses to believe that Robin is dead. Robert goes to the morgue and remembers when he first met Robin.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sarge and Jack are involved in their first therapy session. At home, Victoria and Billy are happy that Chelsea signed the papers giving the right to adopt the baby. At Crimson Lights, Victor and Genevieve bump into each other and resume their conversation about Beauty of Nature. Since she has no CEO, Victor urges her to sell him the company. Harmony, Neil, Tucker, and Devon meet for an evening of fun. Tucker lets them know that he has tickets for them to see the ďBlack Keys.Ē Everyone is impressed. Sarge works with Jack with hand weights. Nikki visits Victoria and informs her that Victor was behind bringing Anita and Chelsea to town in order to break up her marriage to Billy. Victoria insists that she doesnít want anything else to do with Victor. Noticing Harmonyís upbeat behavior, Neil accuses her of having used something, maybe drugs. Harmony becomes upset at Neil’s attitude and goes on the offensive. Nikki and Genevieve meet briefly at Crimson Lights. They exchange pleasantries before Nikki receives a call from Victor who urges her to come to the ranch.

Sarge has Jack try to walk on the bars, but he fails miserably. Sarge orders Jack to do as he says from now on. Neil apologizes to Harmony for his attitude toward her. Nikki visits Victor but is quite put out when he comes out with two glasses of sparkling cider and candles lit. Victor refuses to apologize for having tried to break up Billy and Victoria but tries to make amends with Nikki so she will come back to him. Nikki places a condition on them getting back together, he will never lie to her again, then they hug. Genevieve asks Victoria to be the new CEO of Beauty of Nature.

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